Resistance 3 Coming 9/6/11: First Gameplay Footage from the VGAs

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We are excited to bring to you the first gameplay footage from Resistance 3 – coming to you in the form of our trailer for the Spike Video Game Awards (VGAs). You’ll see some more live-action (ala our Cologne reveal trailer), representing two moments from the game: a treacherous boat journey, and a brutal arena battle. You’ll also see gameplay footage during the boat sequence, as Joseph Capelli and Dr. Malikov make their way through a flooded city filled with Grims while trying to avoid Chimeran death squads.

If you missed the post from Resistance 3 Creative Director Marcus Smith earlier this week, you should check it out. It brings you up to date on all the info we’ve released (including the first details about the storyline and our two-player online / split-screen campaign co-op). Click here to find out more.

Resistance 3

If you’re already caught up, you’ll definitely want to check out the VGA trailer above. See if you can spot one of the Rossmore Shotgun upgrades, or my personal favorite, when one of the new Longleg enemies has his cooling-backstacks damaged, the overheat causing a messy mid-air explosion.

Resistance 3 is coming exclusively to PlayStation 3 on September 6th, 2011 in North America. Keep an eye on the Insomniac Games Facebook page and Twitter for more info!

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    • Indeed! 2011 is a killer time to own a PS3.

      Just in from the Insomniac holiday party in downtown LA, which we hit right after the VGAs… i’m sick, and hopped up on Dayquil, but I’m here to answer a few R3 questions!

  • All I can say is….let’s just say words can’t describe it!

  • My eyes were filled with tears as I watched this earlier today. Thank you. You make me complete.

  • I think I speak for everyone when I say: ” Oh. My. God.”

    Everything about the game looks incredible. Things looks VERY grim for poor ol’ Joseph Cappeli.

  • How many ways are there to say awesome in human linguistics? Whatever. They all apply to this trailer.


    Thanks, James!

  • cant wait good animations

  • need a HD trailer

  • I enjoyed VGA’s Only to watch this Trailer. and Uncharted 3 :D

  • you can watch it in HD at gametrailers

  • looks great, any word on the new and improved multiplayer we’re gonna get?? XD

    • It’s new, improved. It’s a more focused experience, progression-based, and takes place in maps located around the world.

      much more on MP to come

  • Looks stunning! Love the detail on new weapon models.

    I can’t wait to see more.

  • Really loving the Half Life 2 look to the environment!

  • If that was gameplay… I’m sold

    • The gameplay section (which obviously wasn’t live action) was all totally in-engine and real-time. Some of it was with a director’s camera, but if the gun was in Capelli’s hand, that’s us playing the game at Insomniac this past week!

  • This game looks great! September 6th is going to seem like forever!

  • will this and other trailers come to the psn? Not next week though.

  • online better go back to basics and be more similar to R:FoM instead of the horrible R2 imo

  • video not available in my country…..

    WHat A JOke!!!!1!

  • Exploding chimera, that’s what’s up.

  • Gun models look way better,that was a problem that needed to be addressed. Steve, when a gun gets an upgrade do they look different?

  • This is crazy (considering that I’m playing resistance 2 right now and looking at this trailer just blows me away), this game needs to come out now. Definitely pre-ordering the collectors edition.

    There will be a collectors edition right?

  • I’m soo excited, I’ve wanted this game for soo long. I love you guys/girls at Insomniac, thanks for creating my favourite FPS of all time!

  • mind is blown! can’t wait to play some co-op in campaign again!

  • Give us 2 CE EDITIONS. Human CE can come with one of the in the in game guns. Chimera CE can come with a wearable chimera helmet. Although it makes sense for chimera head to come w human CE and gun with chimera CE since chimera have crazier guns, definitely want splicer or whatever,the one that shoots blades and is a chainsaw

  • Ahh, my two fav games have new vids. Uncharted and Resistance will crush the competition. PS3’s future is looking bright.

  • This AND Uncharted 3 next year!!! Sweet.

  • Did anyone notice the new Killzone 3 Trailer? Post this on the store as well please. I dont know how will afford the coming year just in exclusives! LBP2(GOTY), Motorstorm Appocolaypse (Best racing game of 2011), Infamous 2 (GOTY), Killzone 3(GOTY), Resistance 3(GOTY), Uncharted 3(GOTY), Twisted Metal (Best and only Car Combat), Ratchet and Clank (Best Platformer), Last Gaurdian(possibly), Ico and Shadow collection, Agent(possibly), Socom 4, DCU, and not to mention move titles such as sorcery and Playstation Move Heroes, oh wait dont forget PSN Pixel Junk Shooter 2, and Journey, and HOME with Sodioum 2 and conspiracy. If you dont own a Playstation 3 at this point I am sorry. Dont get me started on PSP!

  • I’ve bought every single Insomniac made game and this looks like it will be your best yet. You already have my money guys, I can’t wait!

  • there is basically one thing that will make or break this game for me:
    forget realism, leave that to black ops and battlefield. the thing that made resistance 1 SO much fun and resistance 2 so unbelievably boring was the weapon ring (or lack thereof).

    i loved saving up ammo for my favorite guns, using them when i really felt like it, pulling out slo-mo sniping on chimera 5 feet away, etc.
    resistance 2 killed ALL that freedom and even tension by taking out the weapon ring and leaving guns lying around the map. “BTW GOT SOME GRIMS COMING HERE’S A SHOTGUN”

  • I will buy 10 copies if you guys release it on my bday which is September 15 :)

    Man, I love what you guys did with the Rossmore

  • The graphics don’t really impress me. Half the trailer was real video instead of game video so what does that say about the game itself. Wasn’t really expecting much though because Resistance 2 wasn’t that good.

  • Effing Incredible. Preordering tomorrow.

  • To much live action, not enough of a feel for the actual game world. I’m excited, but this trailer isn’t gonna win any awards thats for sure. When do we get something a little more beefer like Hale’s last hours trailers?

    The in game footage did look nice though and I’m glad that Insomniac stepped up their game from Resistance 2 so the title looks like it can hold its own against Killzone. Next year is going to be a rough year of deciding what to buy with SCE taking all of my money right off the bat with 3 of my favorite games getting sequels: Uncharted 3, Killzone 3, Resistance 3. When do we get to see the big reveal though?

    • We will be getting to the beef next year. We figure 2 teaser trailers plus Game informer is a good start though. A lot to show you over the 8 months of next year.

  • Games color and graphics look alot more washed out then R2, WHICH IS A GOOD THING. R2 burned my retinas out with the color saturation. Please guys at IG, either dont do boss battles in a FPS or dont do them anything like R2 boss battles…..they were epically bad. As far as impressions, I can say my opinion didnt go down after that trailer/teaser but it didnt go up either. I will say that I was about ready to fly off the hinges when it started out as a live action trailer for quite some time but I calmed down a little when it got into at least some (not much) in game gameplay/assets.

  • One more thing, the end of the trailer (going back to live action BTW was a mistake imo) show Capelli and what looks like Thors hammer in an arena fighting feral chimera…..he has all these weapons at his disposal and ends up with a sledgehammer…..come on guys.

  • Can we get some hd in-game wallpapers? pretty please :D

  • I appreciate you guys saying that Resistance 3 will be coming out september sixth of next year, but looking back at such popular titles like LittleBigPlanet2 and Gran Torismo5 and their history of fickle release dates it would be best for everyone if you guys announced Resistance3’S exact release date around E3. To spare true fans of this franchise disappointment if you guys decide the game needs to be pushed back. It just seems too early to have a release date right now…

  • Any doubts I had have been completely wiped away. The mood has been restored, going from Army-super-soldier-Summer-movie (Resistance 2) to bleak and hopeless. An alien race not only attacked, they won. Now they’re wiping out anyone and everyone.

    However, this is all trumped by the smoothness of the game, especially the animations. Words can’t describe how improved they are.

    Thank you Insomniac for taking your time. I’ll be thanking you again in about 9 months.

    P.S. The Leviathan from Resistance 2 laying dead in the river at 0:47 is a nice touch.

  • SOOO EXCITED FOR THIS GAME!!! im really glad that the weapon wheel is back and that there is split-screen campaign. i will miss the online co-op mode though. i thought that was a blast.

    i am really impressed with the visual changes as well. greatly improved from R2. everything is looking awesome, now i just need to get this game in my hands :)

  • @36 (JakeRuiner)

    The game has been in development since late 2008/early 2009. They had a planned release of late 2010, but they were given the go-ahead from Sony to take another full year to work on the game. What you’re seeing is two years of work, which is why it looks so good 9 months from release.

    I have no doubt that Insomniac will meet this date.

  • I freaking LOVED Resistance: Fall of Man. I enjoyed R2 but found it far shorter and wasn’t too big on the color changes, but overall it was good – the ending was great! The trailer for R3 looks great – I hope you focus a lot on the campaign. I dunno why, but I just prefer playing solo (or co-op campaign) rather than any other multi stuff. I am really looking forward to this! 2011 is gonna be packed. Unless, of course, all the publishers delay their games into the following year, like usual. But Insomniac are generally on-the-ball in that regard.

  • sweet!! I have 3 months to buy Resistance One & Two after my B-day and before resistance 3 comes out!! (I’m not old enufe to play M games but in July I will be) The game looks so amazing… but are you going to use live action cut seen’s?? Because your tralers so far have a lot of live action in them!!

  • SOLD, just AWESOME!!! 8)

  • i can’t watch it!! can someone post another link for it??
    i loved R1 and R2 and i want to see this soo badly!!!!

  • I can not wait for this game to come out! Going back to the co-op in the story mode and making that online as well sold the game to me already. And bringing back the weapon ring was a very good idea. I will be pre-ordering this one for sure! Now how to afford it…with the new Ghost Recon, Twisted Metal, Killzone 3, Ratchet and Clank, SOCOM 4, and now Resistance 3. Then there are still games out there like Timsplitters, Battlefield 3, and COD: MWF3 that are in the works already too!

  • “we’re sorry, this video is (again) not available in your country”

  • Forgot to add that Borderlands 2 is in the works too. Borderlands was one of the best games this year! Hopefully Gearbox doesn’t screw it up!

  • Wow, lots of jaggies in the trailer.

  • This game going to be epic i can’t wait! 9/6/11 so far away!!!!!

  • Everyone at Insomniac and Sony, I love you guys. I can’t wait.

  • Oook time to pick up resistance2 then

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