MotorStorm Apocalypse: New Track Revealed

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It’s been a while since we’ve shown anything new from MotorStorm Apocalypse, we were planning on keeping pretty quiet while we work like maniacs to get the game finished. But when I was asked to skip over to New York for one last reveal of 2010, I couldn’t resist showing just one more track, and of course sharing a glimpse on the Playstation.Blog.

Let me introduce a track that has presented us with some of the biggest gameplay challenges we’ve ever had: Skyline, AKA ‘the Blockhopper’ AKA ‘Vertigo Redux,’ AKA ‘the one with a race where you get dropped from a helicopter onto a skyscraper that is already collapsing, and are expected to win against a pack of bikes and ATVs on rooftops and in offices that are falling to pieces.’

MotorStorm Apocalypse: New Track RevealedMotorStorm Apocalypse: New Track Revealed

Making the track spectacular but also fun and winnable by all 13 vehicle classes has been a real test of everything we’ve learned.

For obvious reasons there are a lot of jumps and ramps as you pelt from one building to the next, and that means ensuring you can always make those jumps after bailing, even in a Monster Truck. The addition of in-air cooling (you can earn more boost if you release the accelerator in the air) means there’s another new tactical layer to the gameplay, as you can hunt out ramps to maximise the boost available to set world-beating times. It’s been an interesting track to get right!

MotorStorm Apocalypse: New Track RevealedMotorStorm Apocalypse: New Track Revealed

We’re close to nailing it though, and hope people agree that there’s never been a race like this before.


We haven’t blown our load yet – there are a good few more surprise tracks in store from MotorStorm Apocalypse. So keep your ear to the ground for some more news in the next few weeks, I hope you can join us for the party at the end of the world when we launch next year!


Cheers and Happy Holidays.

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  • My god, is this yaer and the next on to come the bes tin the PS3 history or what?! Fisrst god of war, now uncharted, and NOW this! AMAZING! THis is my NUMERO UNO buy!

  • I will finally get a Motorstorm game with thisone. I liked the first 2 but decided to wait and now it’s the time. I hope it’s like the other previous games,i don’t see much trucks yet.

  • I’m really glad you guys are going all out on this game! I never liked racing games before but the First Motorstorm dragged me into liking racing games!

  • So awesome. MotorStorm: PR is my favorite PS3 racer (well, that, MNR, and Wipeout HD). I will buy this on release. New course looks freaking sweet.

  • is this ps3 exclusive?

  • I have found that at time some vehicles have seemed a little too destructible negating a feeling of weight. Still I will pick the game up.

  • YES!!ModNation Racers,UC 1,2&3,motorStorm AP,LBP 1&2,socom 4,God of War 3,sly collection,GT 5,Infamous 1&2,killzone 2&3,Resistance 1,2&3,slam bolt scrappers,Dead Nation,ratchet and clank all 4 one,MGS 4,Dead Space extraction for move,Time Crysis,sorcery,and a better version of portal 2 with STEAM!!

    Makes me proud!!


  • Idea: XMB Status update of what were doing on this game

  • @58

    lol…against galo and hears? i’d say pretty well

  • Ha! I can’t wait. I REALLY enjoyed the first 2 and Arctic Edge and I know this game is going to be loads of fun.


  • I disagree…and i own a 360 hehe

  • All right another new track. I’m so raedy for this game. This will definitly by a first day buy for me.

  • Will Apocalypse have a cockpit view? It would be awesome

  • Anybody want to buy a slightly used Xbox 360, lol!

    This game is going to be insane in stereoscopic 3D! Can’t wait!! Please please please add logitech wheel support to the game. It would be icing on the cake!!!!!!! None of the other Motorstorms have them :(

  • I hope they didnt release this late of 2011.
    I cant wait for this game.

  • hey i have a question , i just saw Mr Matt doing an interview and they were showing the new track , why you guys didnt show gameplay video here ? it looks INSANE !!!!!!

  • awesome ! :)

  • wow i cant wait for it !

  • When’s the game is coming out? I wanna race through an earthquake so bad, its going to be out of my bucket list! :D

  • Am I the only one who wishes you didn’t have to release the accelerator to cool your boost? It just makes the game more complicated and annoying. I enjoyed in PR, you could just constantly hold down one button, and you only had to worry about the boost button. The releasing of the button just makes you uncoordinated, and it just adds a layer of stress to think about it. You could just ignore it, but if you want a fighting chance online, then you will have to do it, and that will be very annoying to play with. Maybe one of the ‘perks’ will allow you to do this automatically. It would be much easier not to think about it. I may be overreacting, but I still think it is an issue.
    Don’t get me wrong, this game looks AMAZING. I can’t wait for it to come out. But sometimes it’s just the little things that ruin a game.

  • After testing it out, I don’t think it will be that bad. Ignore my last comment, I don’t know how to delete it. This game looks fantastic. I’m going to pre-order it and buy it day one. I think the demo is coming out around christmas too, so fingers crossed.

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