MotorStorm Apocalypse: New Track Revealed

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It’s been a while since we’ve shown anything new from MotorStorm Apocalypse, we were planning on keeping pretty quiet while we work like maniacs to get the game finished. But when I was asked to skip over to New York for one last reveal of 2010, I couldn’t resist showing just one more track, and of course sharing a glimpse on the Playstation.Blog.

Let me introduce a track that has presented us with some of the biggest gameplay challenges we’ve ever had: Skyline, AKA ‘the Blockhopper’ AKA ‘Vertigo Redux,’ AKA ‘the one with a race where you get dropped from a helicopter onto a skyscraper that is already collapsing, and are expected to win against a pack of bikes and ATVs on rooftops and in offices that are falling to pieces.’

MotorStorm Apocalypse: New Track RevealedMotorStorm Apocalypse: New Track Revealed

Making the track spectacular but also fun and winnable by all 13 vehicle classes has been a real test of everything we’ve learned.

For obvious reasons there are a lot of jumps and ramps as you pelt from one building to the next, and that means ensuring you can always make those jumps after bailing, even in a Monster Truck. The addition of in-air cooling (you can earn more boost if you release the accelerator in the air) means there’s another new tactical layer to the gameplay, as you can hunt out ramps to maximise the boost available to set world-beating times. It’s been an interesting track to get right!

MotorStorm Apocalypse: New Track RevealedMotorStorm Apocalypse: New Track Revealed

We’re close to nailing it though, and hope people agree that there’s never been a race like this before.


We haven’t blown our load yet – there are a good few more surprise tracks in store from MotorStorm Apocalypse. So keep your ear to the ground for some more news in the next few weeks, I hope you can join us for the party at the end of the world when we launch next year!


Cheers and Happy Holidays.

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  • Looks awesome. Day one purchase for me!

  • Never liked this franchise…

  • This game is going to be insane! I love this franchise!

  • Looks great! I hear that this is the must have game for 3D as well from all the people in the industry.

    Cant wait to play!

  • happy holidays mr southern.. game looks to be coming along nicley

  • The game looks OUTSTANDING Matt, EVS you ROCK!!! (EVS=EVolution Studios for the acronym impaired lol!!!) 8P 8)

  • My favorite off road racing series BY FAR…..though it does need a few additions like…

    Customization of vehicles – paint, accessories, rims, logos, etc

    Customizable Tracks – I know, it’s a stretch

    Bikes/ATV’s – ability to do tricks in mid-air

    small demands but definitely applicable

    • Vehicles will be fully customizable with swap-out parts, livery creation and of course the ability to scratch, scrape and cover it with dirt to give it a truely personalized MotorStorm look!

      On the Bikes and ATVs you’ll be able to show off crazy in-air stunts – but you’ll need to be carefully timed so that you don’t fall off and make a fool of yourself.

  • Fingers crossed for a Q1 release next year, just in time for my dad’s birthday.

  • Cool Concept for a race, looks like fun

  • i’m okay with this

  • This looks AMAZING!!!

    My favorite arcade-racing franchise of all time by far!

    cant wait to learn more details on the extra features you guys have added.

  • man i cant wait to play it !!! i’ve played the 3D E3 demo and it was spectacular , chaotic , intense , i hope i get to be in the multiplayer beta/demo ASAP !!! , one of my most anticipated titles next year,

  • Really looking forward to this, but I hope the AI is more fair than in Pacific Rift. That was just ridiculously impossible at times.

  • This series kind of the place of ATV Offroad Fury, right?

  • Mr Matt , are you guys planning to release a limited collectors edition ? in the gamescon video presentation i saw a HOME option on the game , is that playstation HOME support or more like a garage within the game ? is there gonna be a Director’s Cut video , i mean the 4 creative directors talking about the Motorstorm franchise ? i love Motorstorm i think you probably already know that lol , LUNATICS UNITE!!!

    • We’ll be releasing videos in the future featuring interviews with members of the team discussing the games exciting features which will hopefully give you a better insight into MotorStorm Apocalypse. Lunatics re-unite. ;-)

  • awww, no vid. :(

    Looks HOT though

  • Just like God of War, Motorstorm teached me again whats make a truly O-U-T-S-T-A-N-D-I-N-G game…

    It was with MOTORSTORM PACIFIC RIFT that I made 6 friends of mine change his minds of other game consoles to PS3… they bought and now they are LUNATICS.

    So… pleeease… I beg you… don´t let us down… make people CRY with APOCALYPSE… CRY FROM AWESOMENESS (silly, I know, but I did cried a little when I started Pacific Rift).

    L-U-N-A-T-I-C-S UNITE!!!

    • I hope you will enjoy racing through an apocalyptic city as much as you did the pacific island – with 4player split-screen and 16 player online races there’s plenty more fun to be had with your MotorStorm friends!

  • “We haven’t blown our load yet”

    Please never publicly “blow your load” if you want me to consider buying your games.

  • 1 more thing please add more Motorstorm avatars and a dynamic theme

  • I have to agree with everything @7 wrote…nowadays you gotta amp up the game…customizations is whats happening in the gaming world. Esspecially with racing..have you seen how many tracks are being made with MODNATION ..its INSANE! Hopefully that the surprise they are going to announce..if not then please let it be customizing the veihicles and pretty sure thats what everyone is looking forward to. Also if your riding a air stunt or two would be would atleast give us something to do while we are up in the air for so long from the huge jumps :p

  • Can’t wait! Pacific Rift still pretty much my favorite arcade racing game of the generation.

  • I love the series and this one looks AMAZING!!! The only thing i would also like is being able to customize my driver and vehicle…and please keep the custom soundtrack in like in the second!!! Thanks :D

    • Custom soundtracks are back again, but we hope you won’t want to use it because we have an exclusive, orchestrated and dynamic soundtrack featuring the likes of Elite Force, Noisia and DJ Shadow… which we’ll go into more detail about later on.

  • Now this looks like a Motor Storm for sure.. looks insane! can’t wait to get in on this!

  • 7# Their will be Customization of vehicles :)

    After seeing this course this game is a must BUY!!!!!!

    • This is just one of the many multi-route courses, and as Matt points out in the blog post, this is only a glimpse of the relentless apocalypse you’ll experience next year.

  • Big fan of Motorstorm games, looking really sweet! however theyre really hard to GOLD complete, please dont make it hard this time!


    Motorstorm is very close to being my favorite racing franchise. Considering GT is so different I can never place either of you above the other but ranking doesn’t matter, i LOVE MOTORSTORM.

    lol I remember playing Pacific Rift and having a really great time and then I decided to visit the forums where everyone was complaining and hating on the game and the dev. Anyway, my point is, don’t worry too much of pleasing the “fans” please. I thought Pacific Rift was monumentally better than the original and I stand by that! I hope you guys get some more exposure this time though, I really think Motorstorm has that widespread appeal.

    • The MotorStormers on the forum are very dedicated and passionate and we have always harnessed their feedback, continually striving to deliver better experiences. Not only does the team here endeavor to improve based on previous games, but also to innovate each time and has ambition to drive the entire racing genre forward! Thanks for your comment and your support, kdiep. :-)

  • I liked Motorstorm, but I get the feeling I’m going to love this.

    Now I’m just wondering, with the ton of PS3 exclusives in 2011, how I’m going to pay for all this gaming madness

  • Release Date?

  • “We haven’t blown our load yet”

    Easily one of the best lines I’ve seen on the PS Blog ever.

  • @Jamie Brayshaw…will there be dynamic weather effects & if so what types of dynamic weather effects can we expect in motorStorm apocalypse?

    • The weather forecast for the apocalypse is extremely volatile. I don’t want to spoil too much (and just talking about it doesn’t do it justice), but at one point a voracious tornado ravages the shore and tears thru the boardwalk – and you’re expected to survive this while attempting race victory with up to 15 competitors battling for position.

  • New Trailer anytime soon? And when can we get a release date?

    • Yes, there are videos coming soon. The release date will be posted as soon as it’s confirmed and officially announced.

  • Thanks for the reveal, This track sounds like loads of fun. Especially dropping down from a helicopter onto a already collapsing building, 2011 is looking like a mighty fine year for us PS3 owners.

  • hey Motorstormers idk if you guys have seen this promo video yet but if you havent then enjoy

  • Is there split screen in 3D due to the massive rendering, and do you guys have a quarter release window for next year?

  • Cool, can wait to see how bad the rubberband AI is in this game. The last 2 MS games make me want to kick a puppy.

  • Pacific Rift is easily my favorite racer this gen. I think it’s very underrated, but my friends and I love it.

    Also, that you for continued split screen support! This is one aspect a lot of games have overlooked this gen.

  • I hope you guys get things right this time so we don’t need to create a huge fix it list again. Please make sure you guys give the game proper DTS sound (and that it plays back properly when selected in the XMB), make sure the game save is not locked so I can always copy it to my mem stick, and please make sure the 3D works perfectly for my Panasonic Plasma 3DTV!

    3D Rift has some strange issues in 3D with crosstalk. The more depth I give it, the more crosstalk there is and it hurts the eyes. Please make sure this game works PERFECTLY in 3D!! Not even GT5 works perfectly in 3D and its a shame! Having to turn the depth down to nothing to get rid of crosstalk is not the answer either.

    Thanks for reading.

  • To be honest, I miss the jungles, swamps, etc… Still looks great though.

    It would be nice to see one in the Caribbean though, maybe some in the swamps of Florida, maybe the spanish forts. All part of a big global tour, so there is a nice mix of environments.

  • So, Uncharted 3 yesterday and now some more Motorstorm footage, followed by a Resistance 3 trailer tomorrow?

    Sony, I love you.

    I can’t wait for this game, a deffinate day one buy for me.

  • Oh and happy holidays Evolution!

  • Pacific Rift was my favorite racing game of all time. I love this series

  • This has a very… Carmagedon look to it (for those that remember it back when). Seems pretty cool :P

    Also, your comment on dropping from a helicopter into the level. That sounds very SSX3ish (great game), does it work in a similar way? Is it just an in game cinematic that runs before the level starts, a change in perspective that puts you into place as if you were driving then it drops you to race, or do you actually take control as you were dropped/when dropping?

    Also will it be focused only with in city environments? What region of the world are these cities?

    Sorry for all the questions but I’m just very curious, naturally :P

  • Rift 3d is my favorite 3d game so far (I have WipeoutHD, StardustHD, Tumble, GT5). It’s crazy fun, I know it’s almost just a demo but could have been improved so much. Let’s hope Apocalypse has:
    -720 resoulution, not sub HD like with Rift3d
    -less vibration effects! It’s beautiful and silky smooth when your flying through the air, but hitting the boost causes the screen to shake. Why? I know it’s supposed to be visual feedback, but the boost’s audio is enough, vibration ruins the 3d experience so turn off boost vibration and maybe let us adjust road vibration.
    -add a sandbox explore mode, where you (and some friends) can just drive anywhere on the track, doing stunts, playing hide and seek, racing if you want to, whatever they want. Maybe have some dedicated sandbox maps just for this to play/stunt in.
    -voice chat

    I’d love to see and would gladly pay for a better version of Rift3D also, any plans on updating this? I’m worried that Apocalypse won’t have the lush forests and cliffs that I love in Rift3D.

  • Are you guys gonna fix the rubberband AI this time around? I bought the first two motorstorm games, but I won’t be buying this one unless the AI is fixed. Thanks for the info!

  • Glad to hear that custom soundtracks are returning because by what you’ve mentioned of the soundtrack, I’ll hate it. I can’t stand electronica, hip hop, and such. I’m a rocker.

    Can’t wait for this game though!

  • cannot wait… simply put!

  • Is this releasing in February?

  • This is going to be so epic. Still my favorite insane-racing game series to date.

  • I may love the lineup next year, buy my wallet wants to break up with you, Sony.

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