New GT5 Goodies, Plus GT Academy Registration Starts Today!

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Lots of exciting news in the Gran Turismo world today. First, starting today, you can now register for GT Academy, the ultimate chance to become a real professional race car driver using Gran Turismo 5, now available exclusively on the PlayStation 3. In case you hadn’t heard about this exciting competition, we’re not talking about a weekend racing school here. The GT Academy winner will ultimately go on to train with elite race car drivers in actual Nissan vehicles and race as part of a professional team…the ultimate dream. The actual GT Academy competition, in collaboration with Nissan North America, will start in the US on December 20 and will continue through January 23.

Nissan 370Z

In the case that you just want to have some fun playing Gran Turismo 5 online and don’t think you’ll win GT Academy, all participants will earn free GT digital content just for playing. But if you do have some serious GT skills, you have a chance to win some cool GT prizing, including Logitech Driving Force GT steering wheels, Playseat racing rigs, GT5 posters, and more. Be sure to register for GT Academy first here on the official Gran Turismo web site! For more information on GT Academy, check out the official rules here. You can also join the GT community by following GT Academy on Facebook, and get the latest news and updates on the competition.

In addition to GT Academy, we’re unveiling a new Gran Turismo 5 trailer here on the PlayStation.Blog that showcases all of the many features of the game since there’s so much to show off, including, 1,000+ jaw dropping cars (plus select NASCAR cars and karts), an all-new Course Maker, dynamic weather system, an online racing community and more.

Many of you have seen the Kevin Butler Gran Turismo TV commercial that was unveiled here on the PlayStation.Blog by Peter Dille. Well in addition, this new 15-second TV commercial starts airing today, and features “Planetary (GO!),” the track from My Chemical Romance. If you’ve seen the GT5 launch trailer, or the GT5 opening cinematic, you’ll recognize the song, which is also from the band’s fourth studio album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.

Thank you to those of you who have enjoyed GT5 and also given feedback to us on the game. We definitely appreciate the comments. Polyphony Digital will be releasing a patch soon which will include improvements to damage.

Look forward to seeing you all in GT Academy come December 20!

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  • Also your addition of custom track mode, is no excuse for the limited tracks. Wheres Seattle, Hong kong, Paris, New york and so many real tracks? Such a disappointment.

  • The seattle track is outdated and has been since GT3. Kingdome no longer exists. Also their are the nascar’s with wings the 1960’s and 1970’s era muscle cars. Dodge Daytona and the Plymouth superbird :). i am loving the entire fact that you can choose between a-spec or b-spec all the way. there are a couple cars that should have been put in the dealerships from the beginning.

  • GT5 so far is pretty good, but it definitely could use a bit of patching.

    I’m glad to hear PD is working on fixing the smoke/dust effects and damage stuff and I hope we get some new premium cars via DLC soon – even just upgrading some of the standard models to premium. :)

    would it be too much to ask to get intercoolers, brakes and wheels (not just rim designs, but different widths and sizes too) in the tuning shop? probably.. oh well.

    still a lot of fun though. great game.

  • @52

    How is the Seattle track outdated? Why would they put the kingdome in when we have safeco and quest field now? You say its been outdated since GT3 but those other tracks from GT1 and GT2 aren’t. Makes alot of sense genius.

  • Is there any way the pre-order cars will be available for purchase?

  • I hope you guys at PD make a Playstation Home Place aswell as a Dynamic theme, i loved the Gran Turismo Holiday Video… A Dynamic Theme like that but not festive, unless thats a seperate one but Home for sure!

  • How can we leave feedback? How about removing the locked game save. I can’t back it back it up.

  • Things that would be much appreciate in a future patch.

    -Remove the cones on the Top Gear Test Track. The whole challenge of the track is not being able to see the corners. Also the lap invalidation areas needs to be lessened.

    -Being able to choose the weather and TOD for enabled tracks in arcade mode. I understand GT Life, but arcade is arcade.

    -Brake upgrades. Really, this puzzles me. If my Alfa 8c has steel brakes I should be able to put carbon ceramics on it. If anything this bugs me the most.

    -I have not driven the LFA but I would check its gearing, I think it may be off. Not numerically but physically.

    Other than those relatively small things… THANK YOU PD for an amazing game. The physics in GT5 are truly amazing and honestly make up for any small error or omission.


    “I like the game, but its the same as GT4 and the other GTs.”

    You’ve hit the nail on the head and that’s the reason it should NEVER change. Gran Turismo is and always has been something unique.

  • I love this game but my only gripe are a few missing tracks that happen to be some of my favorites. El capatan, Mid-field, and Appricot hill, :(

  • good race sim!

  • Good race game!

  • Something that should be addressed in a future patch are the NEXTEL banners on the scoring pylon and around the track at Daytona. NEXTEL has been gone for a long time and I’ll bet that Sprint sure would appreciate it. That seems to be a pretty big oversight for someone who is freakishly obsessive over every little detail.

  • Is it me or did they make all the Asian cars a bit better than anything else.expected i guess also Jeff gorden is so played out my gosh if its nascar its gorden lame. and my freind cant send me a car he got with the 99 dollar version was disapointed. corse maker not time consuming easy but want more. AUDI #1

  • Loving GT5,it will be bad ass once all the updates and dlc will start rolling out.

  • GREAT!!! I dont think I have enough mad skill to win, but i didnt get my Super License yesterday, so id like to think i can win… Maybe

  • @63

    If Nextel paid to have that placed at the track and or in the game, than the Nextel logo will be there for the set agreed time…

    Think back to the days of Comp USA…. Burnout had billboards of that all over, even tho Comp USA was long gone… They paid to have there logo in the game, so in the game it was. Silly Comp USA.

  • I feel let down, this game needs a lot of updates and dlc. I purchased Forza 3 ultimate on the day GT5 launched and compared both the games. It took Turn 10 2 years to improve the forza series on 360, and GT5 just seems to be an HD version of GT4 with some new features. But my main complaint is the cars, GT has 1031 or something like that, Forza is in the 500s, but forza has more in a sense because a lot of GTs are just multiples of the SAME EXACT car. I have been a huge fan since GT2 and have mainly stayed with Sony because of this games series. I just hope this game gets some improving so I will have no need for my 360

  • tried the game at a friend’s house and loved it, one question/ suggestion, for the winter time, would it be possible to add snow effects to some of the tracks? that would be awesome…

  • Kevin Butler Commercials FTW!!

  • If i could get online and play the game at the same time sure would be great I can not even get cars my friends sent me.

  • ok ok ok its a cool game but i have only ONE question how do u play career where im driveing not coaching. It my first time playing GT.and NO im not in Canada lol.

  • any buddy can awaser thanks

  • I want older cars Like the 66 gto

  • I wonder the GT Academy only in US , not in Canada.
    Is it the same as collector’s edition in North America,
    Because I bought this edition in canada but I can’t DL the chrome line car pack, it’s show up wrong code etc….
    Not fair…..

  • WHY is it that Canadians can’t race in a contest stated that it is for North America?Canada and territories are 2/3 of North America!Calling it a North American contest is a lie then and a violation!!This is biassed and prejudiced to all Canadians and could cause a lot of pain and misery to Canadian players who bought the game or the collector’s edition ,as well as to SONY /PS3 in retaliation and feedback against it.I have seen a lot of negative facebook posts already.I have had a PS1, PS2 and now my PS3 since they first came out and I have every PS3 racing game available (even some european),two g25 wheels and a g27 too.I am very much into racing in both real life and my PS3 set-up.I am 56 years old and know that this is very disrespectful to Canadian citizens that have purchased PS3 and this game! I preordered GT5 by 7 months and looked forward to this competition too,only to be told I don’t rate enough to play because I live in Canada.I have spent a lot of money to Sony Playstations1/2/3 to date and now I feel I am getting slapped in the face for it.I’ll bet there are a lot more Canadian players that feel the same way and Sony should immediately figure out a way to correct and remedy this problem.

  • I would like a better explanation as to why Canadians are not allowed to sign up for the comp other then “Unfortunately, no. SCEA and Nissan really wanted and tried to have GT Academy in Canada as well, but it just didn’t work out this time around.” …. This just wont cut it with me … if you want to keep my business i want a better excuse then that….

  • Very Very hurt by this …. waiting waiting and waiting …. then you guys delay …. finally get the game …. and now this ….

  • Gran Turismo 5 is the best racing game ever created. I would love for Kaz Yamauchi to get ahold of some of my ideas for some tweaks that the game needs to make it an unparalleled experience until Gran Turismo 6 comes out, hopefully for Playstation 4. Gran Turismo 5 is the only Gran Turismo that the Playstation 3 needs, since it can be infinitely expanded with dlc and patches. I wish everyone the best of luck and I mean no disrespect, but I hope everyone gets their game face on for the GT Academy, otherwise I’ll be cruising to a guaranteed victory, because I am hungrier for this than anyone on the face of the Earth.


  • These are the world greatest games, GT1 to GT5. Incredible how close to real life gaming can be. Plus, it is unreal how PD could reproduced the physics of cars in that little black box.

    But, i cant hide how disapointed i was when i saw “US citizen only”
    Disapointed, mad, frustrated, enraged, i dont what english word to use. Find to worst one, multiply it by 10, and then you’ll find something close to the feeling i had when i tried to register to GT Academy big fat greasy US.

    And, Stephanie Yoshimoto, what do you mean by

    “SCEA and Nissan really wanted and tried to have GT Academy in Canada as well, but it just didn’t work out this time around.”

    What exactly have you tried?? Was it the lack of support from Nissan Canada or do you guys just think we suck in Canada?

    in almost a month, i connected only once to the server… it sucks

  • how do we register for the academy??

  • Good job GT5 team. You can’t even let Canadians race the GT Academy races without the prize?

    And nice update; not being able to play my own background music and being forced to listen to the wretched game music is super!

    I wonder if maybe you should have waited another 4 years to release the game so you could get it right.

  • It’s too bad this is not available in Canada. Many of the best road racing drivers come from here!

  • I cant believe this…. I have literally spent $4000+ on sony games and i own every single GT, I bought the $250 wheel AND I LOVE THIS GAME!!! why do you hate me polyphony WHY!!???? and ive been practising my ass of for GT academy, this sucks

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