New GT5 Goodies, Plus GT Academy Registration Starts Today!

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Lots of exciting news in the Gran Turismo world today. First, starting today, you can now register for GT Academy, the ultimate chance to become a real professional race car driver using Gran Turismo 5, now available exclusively on the PlayStation 3. In case you hadn’t heard about this exciting competition, we’re not talking about a weekend racing school here. The GT Academy winner will ultimately go on to train with elite race car drivers in actual Nissan vehicles and race as part of a professional team…the ultimate dream. The actual GT Academy competition, in collaboration with Nissan North America, will start in the US on December 20 and will continue through January 23.

Nissan 370Z

In the case that you just want to have some fun playing Gran Turismo 5 online and don’t think you’ll win GT Academy, all participants will earn free GT digital content just for playing. But if you do have some serious GT skills, you have a chance to win some cool GT prizing, including Logitech Driving Force GT steering wheels, Playseat racing rigs, GT5 posters, and more. Be sure to register for GT Academy first here on the official Gran Turismo web site! For more information on GT Academy, check out the official rules here. You can also join the GT community by following GT Academy on Facebook, and get the latest news and updates on the competition.

In addition to GT Academy, we’re unveiling a new Gran Turismo 5 trailer here on the PlayStation.Blog that showcases all of the many features of the game since there’s so much to show off, including, 1,000+ jaw dropping cars (plus select NASCAR cars and karts), an all-new Course Maker, dynamic weather system, an online racing community and more.

Many of you have seen the Kevin Butler Gran Turismo TV commercial that was unveiled here on the PlayStation.Blog by Peter Dille. Well in addition, this new 15-second TV commercial starts airing today, and features “Planetary (GO!),” the track from My Chemical Romance. If you’ve seen the GT5 launch trailer, or the GT5 opening cinematic, you’ll recognize the song, which is also from the band’s fourth studio album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.

Thank you to those of you who have enjoyed GT5 and also given feedback to us on the game. We definitely appreciate the comments. Polyphony Digital will be releasing a patch soon which will include improvements to damage.

Look forward to seeing you all in GT Academy come December 20!

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  • Always happy to get a bit more digital content… I’ve been having some trouble pulling myself away from GT5…

  • haven’t got the game yet but it’ll be my christmas gift to myself, hope you guys are planning some kind of custom paint and vinyls DLC down the road maybe even take pics with the pseye to put on the cars.

  • it still misses a few things, like just basic mods on standard models and rewind/forward function during replay’s
    i gotta watch a whole race again just to take a cool pic in one of the last rounds
    kinda… tiresome :p

  • Every minute en GT5 is better!

  • Just registered, can’t wait to see what happens.

  • Is there any chance that we could see a GT Academy in Canada?

    • Stephanie Yoshimoto

      Unfortunately, no. SCEA and Nissan really wanted and tried to have GT Academy in Canada as well, but it just didn’t work out this time around.

  • I was getting excited with joining GT Academy, but then found out it is not available in Canada (D’oh). Two similar posts on the same day.

  • Whatever happened to the Mazda 787B Stealth Model pictured here?

    I thought it was a preorder bonus for North America according to that link but no further information was given about it.

  • I enjoy the Kevin Butler commercial but I would love to see some real cinematic commercial that shows the “beauty” of Gran Turismo 5 and the PS3.

    It’s “cute” to play fun and show the cuteness of things but when you show the beauty of will get the response and respect from the world that follows and listens.

    The Playstation brand deserves the respect that it has tried to receive. Not only that…the PS3 and the Playstation brand is a beautiful brand to represent and acknowledge.

    Start showing the beauty of what it offers with a beautiful snippet of music that you paid for for 30 seconds of awesomeness. Yes..I know how marketing royalties work.

    Laughs last as long as the joke is fresh..but after people are done laughing…what is there for them to remember?

    Bring the beauty to of Playstation to the table…that’s what people want and long for.

    Limited Edition Records,

  • I just registered! I can’t wait!

  • Banned from ANOTHER contest for being Canadian :(

  • Greatest racing game ever.

    Way to go Polyphony and Sony, from the early sales numbers GT5 is selling at about a 50 percent higher rate than GT4 did despite the massive smear campaign going on in the gaming media trying to trash this masterpiece.

  • Yet Canadians get the boot once again….

  • GT Academy Registration Starts Today in North America my A**!
    u mean US resident ONLY.
    i just tried to register myself and canada isnt included…
    pffffffffff. :(

  • Can we please get some GT PSP DLC? Since the game has no online nor any career mode, its becoming rather stale now.

  • I’m going to guess you get the GT Academy 370z for doing the time trial? It would go with my GT Academy GT-R from getting all 60 gold licenses…..oh that’s right my PS3 YLOD and I have to fix it so I can transfer the save(can’t copy save data from GT5, yet) to a slim PS3, thanks Kazunori!

    PS. When is the US going to get that Facebook app with the winnable Chrome line Jaguar?

  • Loving this game!

    Keep up the continued support and patches (additions) Sony! This game is well worth it!

  • Registered. As expected, I can’t put this game down. Preordering the Collectors Editon was worth every penny. The bonus cars have been a big boost to my progress in the beginning stages (after earning the proper levels.
    -Any chance we’ll finally see Saabs in the GT series through add-on content? Its a shame a select few Volvos are all that represents the Swedish.
    -Maybe add the sexy Ferrari F50? You gave us the Enzo and F40, so why not the total package?
    -Standard cars cannot get aftermarket rims? Many of them are GT4 carryovers and we could change them just fine in that game? Disappointing. Lack of aftermarket wheel options is also disappointing.

  • sounds cool. no chance in heck ill be winning this but still cool. yes a rewind feature would be very nice, not only for taking pics but seeing where you made mistakes , and getting a better feel on how to correct them.

    other than that my only complaint is if/when I spin out or ram a wall every single car behind me has to continually ram into me until i get so frustrated i just restart. please teach them how to drive around a spunout driver. I dont mind the path driven “A.I.” just dont want to be rammed into 16 times in a row.

  • Polyphony need a Community Manager…

  • could you guys at SCEA teach advertising to SCE in UK?

  • You made a mistake in your blog post, it’s not 1,000+ jaw dropping cars, its really around 200.

  • The other 800 cars are just ports from GT4. Hardly jaw dropping by todays standards.

  • Loving the game so far, it just gets better and better the more you play!

    BUT, I still have the issue of the game saying “Could not establish connection to server” or similar when starting! I have to wait an agonizing couple of minutes 1)When the game first loads, 2)When the main menu first appears, and 3)When selecting GT Life. What is being done about this? I’ve tried putting my PS3 into the DMZ of my router, and my Internet connection is just fine as I’m signed into the PSN as well…Hope someone can help!!!

  • @23

    “kyleh614 | December 6th, 2010 at 12:04 pm

    The other 800 cars are just ports from GT4. Hardly jaw dropping by todays standards.”

    It is when you factor they all have their own unique handling and physics. There is more to a game than just graphics.

    And what are “today’s standards”?

    There is over 200 cars that are premium … and no other racer on the market that detailed inside and out with THAT many cars.

    So I do not know what you hold as “today’s standards”. When there is nothing out there with as many cars just as detailed. If anything, GT5 set the standard for having so many cars 200+ that richly detailed, INSIDE and out. The other 800 are bonus with their own driving characteristics. Another feat within itself.

  • I signed up a few minutes ago, this is going to be epic. So im guessing KB will be there to shows his secret driving moves unless of course he still trying to give the ppl wanting to take his cars away the slip. 8)

  • The game is a 10/10 and don’t let anyone tell you different!!! Great job PD, keep it up!!! 8)

  • Hey Sony, I am loving the game, just a few suggestions for making it better:

    1) Online rankings and money rewards for online races. I’d like the online racing to actually mean something when we win!

    2) Unless I am missing something, I don’t see an option to reverse or fast forward replays of races. I’d really like this so I don’t have to wait 20 laps or so to go take some pictures of something.

    3) HUD options. Some people would like to be able to remove them. I’d like to be able to put the map on the GT Rally events out of the middle of the screen and to the side. I can usually tell what kind of turn to expect just by looking at it.

    4) Let us use standard cars in photo travel.

    5) Add the old NASCAR cars we saw in the older trailers with the wings!!!

    Awesome game overall, been playing the daylights out of it!

  • I want some DLC!!! Now cars & tracks would be great!

  • “NOW” I meant “NEW” cars.. bah… we need an edit button here. hehe

  • I’m not a huge racing fan, but I’m digging GT5. Probably a big part of that has to do with my Logitech DFGT wheel. :D

    Please remove the copy-protection on save files. (Kaz said this is coming, via Twitter, but until it happens, I’m gonna keep asking).

  • It would be nice if you could run a contest like this for Canada as well, even if the prize was somewhat less spectacular…

  • Hey,

    Are you guys putting those two videos on the PS Store Tommorow? Or at least put them on YouTube so I can downloading them and put it on my TV?

    @ #26 EnigmaNemesis:

    Totally agree with you. I’m enjoying the Standard with the new GT5 Physics. Better than GT4 IMHO.

    @ #29 Dalejrfanfreak:

    Totally agree with you on most of your points, especially the HUD. I like the HUD in almost all racing games, just not GT5.
    Like, I can’t see the backfire on most cars (the Best part of any racing game IMHO and the only reason why I race in Chase View)!

  • GT5 has taken the top spot in my gaming priority, but I also have to be honest in saying that I miss some GT4 features/options. Maybe future patches will bring them back???

  • Put more cars pd

  • Dear SCEA please change your name to SCEUS so it is more clear as to which region you actually serve.

  • Absolutely loving this game! Thank you for your hard work PD, I’d be playing right now but the missus has gotten the bug and is working on her licenses. Thanks again, would great to have an international competition for the academy, myself I’m Canadian but all of South America is excluded from this as well. If you wanna see who’s THE best you have to include everyone.

    P.S. I am no where near the best FYI but somebody out there is

  • Today is my birthday! YEAH!!!

  • While I may not win, chances at free content is always welcome.

  • I love Gran Turismo 5, and any extra content is always welcome.

  • Cool whens the patch come out to make this game go from an 8/10 to a 10/10?

  • Match making in online would be nice too

  • Wish GT would had realistic damage. Not a big fan of NASCAR but would have been great to see the cars flip, on fire or explode.

  • GT5 was a big disappointment.

    800 cars from GT4 with no c0ckpit view
    Limited selection of races in A Spec
    Practically no crash damage as promised
    No dynamic weather as promised
    Clunky counter intuitive menu navigation
    Some “standard” tracks with poor textures and 2D trees
    Very limited customisation (can only use paint once, no decals)

    Someone at SCEA needs to convince Kaz and PD to hire a community manager so they’re getting and shown to be responding to feedback and suggestions. They have fallen behind the competition in many respects. If they can’t do it themselves they should work with another SCE studio or outsource. GT5 is currently 84 on Metacritic. It should be 90+ like other Sony 1st party games.

  • @46 Kenshin

    1) you know about this a LONG time ago so….
    2) What do you mean a limited selection? Just in the default screen there’s at least 45 races (there’s a lot more than 45).
    3) Fairly accurate.
    4) There is dynamic weather, proven in the rally special events when it changes from rain to sunshine.
    5) It’s not clunky at all, in fact it’s insanely easy to navigate once you figure it out.
    6) Meh.
    7) Fairly accurate.

  • No challenge and no bonus for canadians???

  • Hey stephanie, is there any attempt to try to update this game with a patch to update it to be a game of today? The online is horrible. I can’t complain bout lag, cause I’ve never really gotten any, but the interface and ease of use is outdated. Was this intended for GT4? No friend invites (whats with the stupid nintendo friend codes?), limited filtering choices, lounge can’t become open to public. I like how I can set up the races, but with no options to put superGT only or other details like that are dumb. Again its outdated. I understand yah were tryin to make this 6 years ago, but you had to consider what its supposed to be like 6 years later. I like the game, but its the same as GT4 and the other GTs. Update it.

  • IS this game going to have DLC? cars or something?

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