Alien Breed 2: Assault Hits PSN on Tuesday with Short, Controlled Bursts

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With Alien Breed 2: Assault launching on the U.S. PlayStation Store on Tuesday December 7th, we’d like to share a handy list of things you may not know about the game. If you have questions, ask away in the comments below!

  1. It’s the direct follow-up to the PSN game Alien Breed: Impact. What’s more, it’s the middle entry in a trilogy of downloadable PS3 titles that reinvent Alien Breed, a series which has roots dating back to 1991. The game is an action-packed top-down science fiction shooter where you must conserve ammo, scavenge for gear, and upgrade your arsenal to survive against a vast alien threat.
  2. We’ve added a new Survivor mode. This can be played in single-player or in two-player co-op (online or local), and you must resist endless waves of intense alien horde attacks in specifically designed arena environments. Get competitive and compete on the Survivor leader-boards!
  3. Survivor Mode hits and tips: Before playing Survivor, take some time in the single player mode to learn the layout of the map. It’s also crucial to keep moving, as you’ll be overrun by aliens quickly if you stay still. Good communication is the key to survival: Decide who will focus on what weapons and try to catch the aliens in a crossfire. If you are both very low on health, a “tactical death” may work in your teams’ best interest, especially if you manage to time it between alien waves.

    Alien Breed 2: Assault for PS3 (PSN)

  4. The game’s exhilarating new set pieces will get your pulse racing. Fight the breed through the new vertical climb section and teach those pesky aliens a lesson with the destructive mounted gun. It’s an absolute blast!
  5. The breed have multiplied. Translation: there are new enemies to conquer, amongst them the Webber alien and dramatic new boss battles, although I can’t say much as I don’t want to spoil the surprise.
  6. You’ll need devastating new firepower. Luckily you’ll be able to arm yourself with some awesome new weaponry such as the Hyper Blaster, a highly destructive chain-gun, and the Rocket Launcher, with which you can simply blow the horde away!
  7. Alien Breed 2: Assault for PS3 (PSN) Alien Breed 2: Assault for PS3 (PSN)

  8. Theodore Conrad returns. In the single-player game, you’ll take control of Chief Engineer Conrad as he battles his way through the mysterious spacecraft Leopold – the very same ship that is responsible for the alien menace currently terrorizing Conrad’s own vessel! In this episode, you’ll travel deeper into the dark heart of the alien ship. It’s a pretty unpleasant place to be.
  9. Two-player co-op play also returns. In addition to the new two-player co-op Survivor mode, there is also a two-player co-operative play mode (online or local) in which players must work together to defeat the alien horde. Co-op takes place across specially customised assault maps for two players, with a separate narrative that crosses over with the single-player experience.
  10. Yes, there’s a Platinum Trophy. For those PSN ‘Trophy hunters’ amongst you…..there are actually 31 Trophies available within this game – including a Platinum trophy!
  11. It’s easy on the wallet. “Alien Breed 2: Assault” will be available at a great new price – $9.99.
  12. There’s more to come. If you survive the assault, look for Alien Breed 3: Descent to finish the trilogy early next year!

Alien Breed 2: Assault for the PS3 hits the U.S. PlayStation Store on Tuesday, December 7th for $9.99.

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  • Oh and another question (I’m sure I HAVE missed the chance) Is there any particular reason why last time u changed the name for the PS version “Impact” but kept the name the same as the other consoles this time “Assault”? If u could answer both I would appreciate it :)

    • No problem – the reason is that between the first game being released on XBLA and then released sometime later on PSN/PC, some changes/improvements were made to the game (such as the introduction of the weapons/kit upgrades shop, new alien models, updated trial and some other aspects), it was felt a new name, Impact, was preferable to differentiate.

      With the second game, the game is essentially the same across the platforms, so the name Alien Breed 2: Assault was deemed suitable across the board.

      Hpope this makes sense?

  • Impact is one of the best PSN games ever. Just like DEAD SPACE I get lost in looking at the background and map details. It really takes you into the atmosphere of the ALIEN films. I cant wait for the store update this evening!

  • Yeah I understand :) Thanks. Now I can’t wait to get this game sometime this week

  • I never played Alein Breed before but Imight get the demo to see if I like it (which I kind of do) and may be if there is a third, you could make a bundle pack for all the games. Is there any DLC for the game soon or later after game release?

  • I’m wondering why co-op can’t simply be the single player campaign but with two people, and perhaps just boost up enemy health? My buddy and I bought the original Alien Breed on PSN and were disappointed with how the co-op works. No save points which makes it unnecessarily hard, and you can’t carry weapons or credits over scenario to scenario. Other games do regular co-op all the time on PSN. Any reason why Alien Breed chose not to, and are there any plans to add a more ‘traditional’ co-op campaign to the third game?

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