Alien Breed 2: Assault Hits PSN on Tuesday with Short, Controlled Bursts

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With Alien Breed 2: Assault launching on the U.S. PlayStation Store on Tuesday December 7th, we’d like to share a handy list of things you may not know about the game. If you have questions, ask away in the comments below!

  1. It’s the direct follow-up to the PSN game Alien Breed: Impact. What’s more, it’s the middle entry in a trilogy of downloadable PS3 titles that reinvent Alien Breed, a series which has roots dating back to 1991. The game is an action-packed top-down science fiction shooter where you must conserve ammo, scavenge for gear, and upgrade your arsenal to survive against a vast alien threat.
  2. We’ve added a new Survivor mode. This can be played in single-player or in two-player co-op (online or local), and you must resist endless waves of intense alien horde attacks in specifically designed arena environments. Get competitive and compete on the Survivor leader-boards!
  3. Survivor Mode hits and tips: Before playing Survivor, take some time in the single player mode to learn the layout of the map. It’s also crucial to keep moving, as you’ll be overrun by aliens quickly if you stay still. Good communication is the key to survival: Decide who will focus on what weapons and try to catch the aliens in a crossfire. If you are both very low on health, a “tactical death” may work in your teams’ best interest, especially if you manage to time it between alien waves.

    Alien Breed 2: Assault for PS3 (PSN)

  4. The game’s exhilarating new set pieces will get your pulse racing. Fight the breed through the new vertical climb section and teach those pesky aliens a lesson with the destructive mounted gun. It’s an absolute blast!
  5. The breed have multiplied. Translation: there are new enemies to conquer, amongst them the Webber alien and dramatic new boss battles, although I can’t say much as I don’t want to spoil the surprise.
  6. You’ll need devastating new firepower. Luckily you’ll be able to arm yourself with some awesome new weaponry such as the Hyper Blaster, a highly destructive chain-gun, and the Rocket Launcher, with which you can simply blow the horde away!
  7. Alien Breed 2: Assault for PS3 (PSN) Alien Breed 2: Assault for PS3 (PSN)

  8. Theodore Conrad returns. In the single-player game, you’ll take control of Chief Engineer Conrad as he battles his way through the mysterious spacecraft Leopold – the very same ship that is responsible for the alien menace currently terrorizing Conrad’s own vessel! In this episode, you’ll travel deeper into the dark heart of the alien ship. It’s a pretty unpleasant place to be.
  9. Two-player co-op play also returns. In addition to the new two-player co-op Survivor mode, there is also a two-player co-operative play mode (online or local) in which players must work together to defeat the alien horde. Co-op takes place across specially customised assault maps for two players, with a separate narrative that crosses over with the single-player experience.
  10. Yes, there’s a Platinum Trophy. For those PSN ‘Trophy hunters’ amongst you…..there are actually 31 Trophies available within this game – including a Platinum trophy!
  11. It’s easy on the wallet. “Alien Breed 2: Assault” will be available at a great new price – $9.99.
  12. There’s more to come. If you survive the assault, look for Alien Breed 3: Descent to finish the trilogy early next year!

Alien Breed 2: Assault for the PS3 hits the U.S. PlayStation Store on Tuesday, December 7th for $9.99.

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  • Looks decent. Will give it a try maybe…

  • Soungs great. For $10, I’m down.

  • I liked the first one but haven’t finished it yet. Will there be a PS Plus discount this time?

  • Nothing planned for a PS+ discount at this time sorry.

  • Is there a big difference between the first and second?

    • Hi – it continues the story that begins in the first game, and as the post above describes, the new Survivor mode is a great new addition, especially in 2-player co-op, and the new weapons, enemies and set pieces add a lot too in our opinion.

  • “There’s more to come. If you survive the assault, look for Alien Breed 3: Descent to finish the trilogy early next year!”

    Does that mean there is a possibility of a 3v1 bundle?(;]) If so, then yes please! ^,^

  • Nothing to confirm as yet but agree it would make sense to do a trilogy pack somehow!

  • It’s weird to see this coming out so close together when 1 and 2 took almost 9 months on the 360. I’ve personally played through all 3 and can say it’s a worth while adventure, a bit tedious but spread out they are fun little games.

  • Looks good! Will there be a demo?

    • Thanks – there will be a demo/trial, just trying to lock down when it will go live, will probably be a few weeks after launch now.

  • Now that we’ve learned from Dead Nation that it HAS to be asked (sigh) — voice chat in 2P online co-op? Y or N

  • Hmm i think I still have my amiga copy somewhere….Maybe you could have a secret character like a super frog? Or how about a sheep launcher ? Ahh hell I’ll prob drop some money for the game :)

  • I played enough to beat Alien Breed: Impact and was a little skeptical of the second but since it is $10, I’ll for sure bite!

  • I never had a chance to play Alien Breed at all. I should get this for Christmas, check out the next best thing on gaming ( ) and enjoy :-).

  • It looks nice enough.

  • I’ve played Alien Breed 2 on another console & it is well worth the price. Congratulations on a job well done, Team 17!

  • Alien Breed. One of may favorite games from the Amiga days. Will definitely be buying this!

  • I may just give this ago. I’m a big Aliens fan and this looks to fit the bill just right.Also reminds me a StarCraft a bit.
    Hope we have voice chat.

  • Junk. Pass.

  • Bought Impact so definitely gonna check this one out!
    And, the price point is even better! Even after the PSN+ discount on the first! :D

  • bundle part 1 and 2 together please, or lower the price for part 1. The $15 price point even with my ps+ discount made it not worth it. please.

  • So is the price of Alien Breed: Impact going to drop down to $9.99 as well? I was little surprised to see it come out for $14.99, and ended up not buying it because of that even though I enjoyed the demo.

  • Hey just stopping by to let you know that I LOVED the first game and will definitely be picking this one up on Tuesday… Thanks for the cheaper price point as well! Looking forward to Alien Breed 3!

  • @Teradome

    Alien Breed: Impact had voice chat so it’s safe to assume this does as well.

    Love me some Alien Breed!

  • Wow, that was quick. I could have sworn it was just yesterday when Alien Breed Impact came out. I played Impact and although I did not play any of the Alien Breed games before that, I have to say that this game reminds of Sega’s Arcade Classic, Alien Syndrome which is definitely refreshing in this day and age. I just recently picked up Dead Nation and I noticed that your game plays similar to that. I may just have to pick this one up. Keep up the good work and can we get some PS Home Rewards support for this title?

  • Alien Breed: Impact going to drop down to $9.99 as well?

  • Nice to see this game coming to PS3. Can I ask you a question Team17? Have you guys ever been approach by 20th century Fox or SEGA to do a Alien video game? You guys were influenced by that series and I thought why don’t you guys do a video game based on that series? It would be nice to see an Alien video game from you guys?

  • Looks really awesome, will be getting this and the third entry. I love episodic series that have a overarching arc for the “season”, with good characters, dialogue/voice acting, and story.
    May you could do something similar for an HD re-make of Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy?

    I think it’s great to charge $10 apiece for parts 2 and 3 (and 4, please?), but keep the first episode at $15.

    It would be nice if the third episode onwards used the updated Unreal engine we’ve been seeing in the videos of Bulletstorm. Some of the lighting, environmental, and camera effects are simply amazing.

    Keep up the awesome work!

    PS: when do PS3 players get the original Lemmings levels remade like the PSP version of Lemmings?

  • If you want to stay up to date with all our Alien Breed news and updates, you could follow us on our Facebook page maybe?


  • That was pretty quick. Still haven’t played the first one although I picked it up.

  • Gonna have to buy part 1 and the sequel this month.

  • Can’t believe anyone out there could call this “junk.” The same people probably bought Dead Nation, which is basically just Alien Breed mixed with Zombie Apocalypse, minus voice chat, plus copy-protected game saves.

    I’ll buy this, probably on day one, but I still haven’t finished the first one because I’ve been playing it on Elite difficulty (I usually just play on normal, but something compelled me to start it on Elite, I dunno why) in spurts here and there. I plan to finish it sometime. The Plus discount was appreciated. It reminds me more of an overhead Dead Space (minus limb-stomping and stasis) than even the old Amiga version (based on videos I’ve seen, I don’t think I played it back in the day). And that’s a good thing, too. I liked Dead Space a lot.

    Please don’t copy-protect the game saves on this one, either. Backing up my progress is more appreciated than a PlayStation Plus discount.

    I don’t even know why Sony allows devs to restrict us from backing up the hours/days/weeks we spend in games… Pretty stupid, really.

    Anyhow. I shall buy it.

  • my comments aren’t appearing. I don’t know what’s up with the site today.

  • Nice, I thought the first game was really fun and the sequel for even cheaper? I’m in!

  • @Mark, my comment (#31) did not appear, and I tried to post it a second time, and it didn’t go either, at which point I made the comment in #32. I refreshed the page several times.. It didn’t show up whatsoever, not even with a “Your comment is pending moderation” which is weird. Anyhow, it’s there now. You replied to it. All good. :)

  • PLEASE add a 4 player mode, local and/or online.

  • The first one was a great game and I will definitely be picking this up!!!!

  • Will Alien Breed 2 have trophies?

    • It does indeed, this is actually mentioned in the blog post text above, point 8:

      ‘Yes, there’s a Platinum Trophy. For those PSN ‘Trophy hunters’ amongst you…..there are actually 31 Trophies available within this game – including a Platinum trophy!’

  • I loved the first one and can’t wait to play the next. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  • cannot wait for this one, may not have finished the first one yet but it these types of games are just awesome, they are the closest thing to what i love to play… right now i’m working on dead nation but tuesday marks the day i put dead nation to rest for about a week or so… can’t wait for the 3rd one though!!! i want the trilogy!!! psn needs more of these top down games, maybe some like diablo, more of a rpg element instead of all shooters… but still keep these bad boys coming!!!

  • Your first game was fantastic. Looking forward to this next installment.

  • Any chance we will see Alien Breed 1/2 on a blu ray disc?

    Or any PSN games on Disc. I like my games on disc.

  • please add PSN+ sale 20% discount first week!!!
    and count me on this one too.

  • btw. the video preview when you enter the canon blaster! omg! i cant wait! lol

  • Awesome, I loved the first one and was very curious when the second one was coming. I saw that they are available for Xbox and PC.

  • hey great job on the graphics and the price. i was wandering how long is the story mode campaign?

    • Thanks – the single-player story mode in Assault takes between 5-7 hours to play through, depending of course of difficulty level and player ability.

  • I guess I missed my chance Mark, but if you happen to look at this post again; are there any differences between this version and the Xbox 360 version? Are there modes included in the PS3 that aren’t in the x360 version?


    • Hi, sorry for the delay in responding to your question – the games are essentially the same, and there are no new modes for the PS3 version.

  • Hi Mark, no problem, thanks for responding! I’ve really been enjoying these games. Have a great week!

  • I still haven’t played the first one yet.

  • Hi, Alien Breed: Impact is my fav PSN game, I love it but here in the UK the sequel isn’t released. Any news on when we will get it?

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