Dead Nation to Receive Online Voice Chat Soon

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Dead Nation: Necropolis

We know some Dead Nation online co-op players have requested voice chat functionality. I’m here to tell you that we’ve listened to the fans and are taking steps to add voice chat for online co-op in the near future. To reiterate this point, here’s a note from the team at Housemarque:

We know some of you are frustrated by the lack of voice chat support in Dead Nation’s online co-op mode. We realize many players have been very eager to join up and start taking care of the zombie nation and we greatly appreciate the continued support. Therefore, the team is currently working on the addition of voice chat capability and hope to introduce it as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, we’re keen to get as much feedback on the game as possible so we can further improve what we think is a great zombie game. We’ll be sure to keep everyone posted via the PlayStation.Blog and our Dead Nation Facebook page on when they can expect the voice chat update. We at Housemarque put our hearts and souls into the development of our games with the goal in mind to create thrilling gaming moments for players, so our hope is that everyone enjoys the finished product.

On that note, what are your favorite weapons so far? What upgrade path have you taken? Have you been able to conquer the Grim difficulty mode yet? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll have more to share with you soon about Dead Nation!


Housemarque Team

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3 Author Replies

  • Regardless of Lack of Online chat, i’m still going to pick this up next week, I’ve been waiting on it forever!

  • This is a given, you don’t even need the community to tell you. Game has been in dev for so long for such a basic feature like voice chat to not be included on day one.

    Any plans for PS Home content?

  • thanks for listening, the game rocks.

    DEAD NATION 2?!?!?!?!!???!

    or maybe some DLC for Dead Nation?!?!?!?

    PSN Avatars??!?

    Premium Themes?!?!

  • Why make a game with online co-op and not include voice chat, I really don’t understand that. I try and give my playstation equal playtime to my 360 but its things like this that make it difficult.

    I was playing swords and soldiers the other day with a friend and we couldn’t talk and neither of us knew why, I have later found out it doesn’t have voice chat either. I was just as shocked, there should be set standards for PSN games because if Sony was going to add voice chat it would have happened years ago when it first came out. They had a year to implement it after the 360 came out.

    Yesterday I also bought Greed Corp as I am a Playstation Plus member so I got it for £4, instead of £7.99. However I had to boot my 360 up to download a demo as they wasn’t want on the PSN store, I could watch a one minute trailer but how is that supposed to make me decide if I want to part with money.

    Sony you need set standards for PSN and PS3 games, fair enough you didn’t think ahead and make your console ready for internet gaming age, lets be fair it took long enough to get text chat and who wants to do that!

    Its time for action now, fed up to the back teeth of how backwards the PS3 is at coming forwards.

  • Make weapon upgrades permanent, or at least as an option, it’s really tedious to do the same upgrades again and again and again.

  • I will be buying this game tomorrow(12-3). Glad to see that you guys are listening to the community and continuing to show support post launch. Your studio should call Treyarch and give them some advice on post launch support. Great job guys!

  • As much as I love the game, I’m just wondering why they did wasn’t added before. The game even had a beta! How could none of the designers notice that communication was the most important part of team work?

    I know that the answers is that they knew but they didn’t have the time to add it before launch, but then they should just say so instead of saying that they are adding it because we asked for it.

  • I love this game. I play it solo and the lighting, physics and gameplay are so awesome. This is a fantastic game. I am upgrading my standard weapon to max first, I haven’t finished the game once yet so don’t have a lot of armor.

    I can understand that people are disappointed about the omission of voice chat but I also see people overreacting a lot. Look forward to seeing it implemented though as it does make a difference.

    PS. Some people online need to learn some common respect.

  • WHAT?!? A next gen online game w/o voice chat?!? Ps3……

  • @Carnagerover

    Totally agree with you here and then some. Preach it brother!

  • Wow, another top-down-shoot-everything-that-moves game on PSN.

  • Can anytone tell me, who I can contact if I am having trouble downloading the game ? The download gets stuck at 84%.

  • cool my friend was just 8itching about this to me. I dont even have the game. But seems like something that should have been in the game when it came out… o.O

  • Any Chance Of Adding a Closer Cam Option? or even something like
    when you do a power up shot in zooms in, in slow motion so you can see the details in this great graphical atmospheric zombie killing beautiful game?

  • can you remove the copy-protection on the save files, too?

    if you must prevent cheating or sharing or whatever, lock them to our PSN IDs… but let us back it up. please.

  • Looking forward to the game getting better and better over time with your fantastic post release support. Other than voice chat, is there anything else getting worked on to enhance the game further that you can talk about?

  • Do you guys know about the freezing glitch and will that be patched with the voice chat?

  • Wow.. I didn’t know there “wasn’t” VOICE CHAT for this game. Like most said above.. How can you corporate in a Coop Game?

    Glade your giving us what we should of already got in the full game.

    Now all you need is to fix some of the little laggy bugs in the game while playing Coop with private friends room and where set.

    oh and PS “SONY Computer Entertainment” WHEN are we getting CROSS GAME VOICE CHAT..?? that way things like this wouldn’t be to much of a issue with Online Games with no Voice Chat

  • A buddy and I are halfway through grim and it is getting quite difficult. I messed up and thought the shotgun wasn’t great at first, so it was tough going for a while until I fully upgraded the damage.

    I also upgraded the flamethrower and was disappointed, mainly because I was stuck with it and kept lighting my partner on fire. But I should go back and try lighting the big bladed guys on fire to see if it slows them down.

    I have also been thinking that you folks might consider implementing the ability for us to “de-equip” weapons we don’t want to use anymore; for now, I have to skip past the flamethrower for the rest of the game. And if I want to forget about the default rifle, I feel I should be able to. Either that or you could offer us the option to sell weapons and secondaries back at a fraction of their price so that we can get ourselves out of a sticky situation. I think it took me 7 tries to get past the elevator on level 4 because I didn’t have any mines.

    Thanks for a great game and voice chat; I can scarcely imagine how difficult undead must be: I look forward to it!

  • The Game rocks guys! now only if i can get my Playstation rewards program working 8(

  • the best part of Super Stardust HD was Endless mode, which you added as DLC. Do you think you could add an endless mode to Dead nation? That’s what it needs to be complete. I’d rather play a game I can’t beat than one I can.

  • yeah add ENDLESS mode!!!
    for zombies sake! XD

  • all i can say is THANK YOU for adding CUSTOM SOUNDTRACK, makes the games 20x better, even tho it is 20x better, good to listen to some pantera and destroy and how the music goes with the game so it is evenly balance and nothings overpowering than the other, good shyt

  • Beat it on normal, and have to say.. AWESOME!!

    Now, I had to delete 2 friends off my list just to play. There is a bug when you have full Friend list the game freezes. But other then that, Awesome Game! Shooting for Platinum!

  • After buying the game and playing a few hours of it I must say thank you for adding the FMV sequence into the intro of the game. It might not be much, but makes it feel more like a final finished product and I love watching it before the game starts! It’s like old times, only it looks much better in HD. :D

    Also the music in this game is really good! I would love to hear it in DTS though. I can see you guys went the distance with this game and even made the Credits worth watching! I am blown away at the fun factor in this game, and cant wait to review it.

    However there are a few things I believe it needs.

    There are many times I get bodies blown way up into the air and car parts flying around the screen, and every time I see it I think “That would have been incredible in 3D”. Please add 3D support so I can fully immerse myself into the game.

  • Also, I noticed on my Panasonic Viera 3DTV using 100% full screen mode the graphics are tiny and are hardly noticeable. You guys really went all out on the great looking environments, but the zoom is so far out I cant really get to see much of it in detail, and its very hard to see whats going on around me. There are a few buttons that do nothing in the game and are perfectly suitable to be a zoom button. Please add this feature as this game really needs it.

    I decided to max out my main weapon first and my grenades before buying anything else. After maxing them out I had plenty of cash for the flame thrower and to max it out as well. I’m currently on stage 3 I believe and really loving the game. I can’t seem to find all the treasure in any stages yet, you hid them very well. :)

    I noticed when being attacked by a horde of monsters the action music begins to play, but ends before all the zombie horde is dead. Is that normal?

  • Yes , I love the game … and great to hear Voice chat is on the way.

  • Final comments for now:

    Great button setup. I like how I can set it the way I want. Great music and again thanks for the FMV intro, it rocks! I also like the inFamous style cutscenes. Pretty cool stuff.

    The sound effects need serious work though. When people say they can hardly make out what the voice is saying when you switch weapons or get items, it’s true. Even in 7.1 I can’t make out 1/2 of what she is saying in the heat of battle. That needs to be looked at.

    And again ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM needs to be implemented. If I cant see what type of Zombie is attacking me, then how can I defend properly. Many of them look the same on my 50″ Panasonic 3DTV even when sitting only 6 feet away! Please fix this.

  • So checklist is (for me at least): Add DTS, Zoom capability, 3D support, and fix the voices in the game and its a golden release!

  • Please make the controls more sensitive…or at least incorporate a sensitivity for turning/aiming in a 360 degree axis.

  • When I say incorporate…allow some type of slider so we can tweak the aiming/movement controls.

  • Hands down this is my favorite purchase on PSN to date. I’ve played a ton of PSN games and this is leading the pack. I would love to see a Survival Mode where waves of enemies come at you for Co Op and you and your partner try to fend them off as quick as possible. There’s so much more you guys can do with the game, please do so :D.

  • Thanks for the speedy update guys, purchasing this one tonight.

  • This is already the single best downloadable game and it’s extremely fun and addicting adding voice chat will only make it that much more better thanks!!! :D

  • lovin the game!!! fun and addicting!!! gotta love the work/time u guys are doing about voice-chat..thanks for listening!! keep it up!!!

  • Glad to see you guys listening to fans! I’m excited to play with my brother. Kick the sony guys in the butt so I can sell this game to people through the GameStop PSN dlc program that just rolled out to all stores. I’ve been talking about it all week!

  • how about you guys fix the problem where second player in online co-op loses progress. so far every other chapter the second player’s weapons and inventory are downgraded or they are gone altogether. it has happened to me and a few friends and is pretty game breaking.

  • Yeah good to know a patch on its way

  • I’ve been in love with this game since David Bull gave me a tour of co-op at the MLG conference in National Harbor, MD so it was definitely a day one buy and I’m loving it. Housemarque did a fantastic job of creating a beautifully atmospheric game. Love the lighting, sounds… everything.

    The lack of voice chat was the only thing bringing the experience down for my friends and I so it’s good to hear that’s being remedied.

    2 question though:

    Is it normal for it to take over a minute to load when first starting up?

    What is the “Virus Cycle” and what will happen when we get to Cycle 2?


    Please give us a zoom

    Please give us the ability to either sell back guns or stars to reallocate.

    Please allow us to map our guns to the D-Pad and our items to the face buttons hotkey style.

    Otherwise thanks for another great game, I look forward to spending a fair amount of time carving through the horde!

  • I just bought Dead Nation today. I have been waiting for this game since I was at the Gamescom Space in Playstation Home. On my first impression, I was impressed with the atmosphere and I felt like I was playing Diablo again for the first time but instead of swords and shields, we got rifles and grenades. I also like the Smash TV style controls. Graphically speaking, the game could use a zoom feature but everything is rendered beautifully. I’m actually enjoying this more than Zombie Apocalypse because I feel that the campaign mode has more continuity to it.

    So far, I love the game and I will be look forward to the voice chat feature because we need it. Also, if you can please give us a patch that will give this game some Playstation Home Rewards, it would be greatly appreciated since the Sony and the Home community did an awesome job hyping up the sales for this game. I see myself Game Launching this in Home in the future. Thanks for listening to your fans. I always appreciate and respect a developer that actually cares what its customers think.

  • I’m in LOVE with this game. I can’t get off lol. You guys should have future DLC with santa,elf, and dog zombies, and let the snow stick so we can see our footprints…Also survival and a bomber would be a nice addition. You guys did it with SSHD.

    Add me if you wanna coop.

  • I’m in LOVE with this game. I can’t get off lol. You guys should have future DLC with santa,elf, and dog zombies, and let the snow stick so we can see our footprints…Also survival and a bomber mode would be a nice addition. You guys did it with SSHD.

    Add me if you wanna coop.

  • I totally agree with #55.

    The weapons should stay upgraded permanently. I finished the game tonight, and I started a new game and I had all my armor but I had buy all the guns and upgrades again. Kind of unfair to those of us that put all that effort in it to have buy everything over again.

    Also, I don’t like the fact that I have to finish an entire level in order to quit and save. We should be able to have the game auto-save at the checkpoints, and be able to continue our game later from the checkpoints.

    I also read here that the file is copy protected. Are you guys serious? What’s the point of that? Out of the 30 PS3 games that I own, only two are copy protected: Assassin’s Creed 2 and Dead Nation. Please unlock the file.

    The game is very good and other than those few complaints, I’m enjoying it.

  • My brother bought the game so I gave it a try, few issues I came across.

    1)Camera slowly rotates into position when players get into tight spots.

    2)Game is too dark, I’ve almost maxed the in game setting. Theres a difference between dark and IMPOSSIBLE TO SEE Darkness… maybe its my TV (hates solid black, but this is one of the few games I’m having issues with.)

    3)Tips come too late… I never knew you can do X or get by X by doing Y. For instance, I missed so much $ because I never knew you can smash them when you have max health to get more money.

    The game is decent otherwise. I don’t play co-op much but online voice isn’t always required… heck I get maybe 1 person with a mic in games, and maybe I get lucky with a group to talk with in MAG. I’ll play harder difficulty later, at least I don’t have to play through loops to improve.

    PS: Don’t include permanent upgrades EVER, allows players more experimentation each playthrough and attempt to save money for powerful end game weapons.

  • I’m loving the game and i am VERY excited to hear that you will be adding voice chat. This will make the game even better. I cant wait to turn on my PS3 and play the next mission on DEAD NATION. Thank you for listening.I will be looking forward to the online voice chat. GREAT JOB!!

  • Something I wish this game had were purchasable health kits. Definitely could have used them more than once.

  • The save is copy protected? Sony needs to stop this from happening. Just lock the saves to our PSN name but no more copy protect.

  • PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTION!!! i love your game.. best psn game ever!! hands down but beside’s the voice chat problem there is another 1?? it only seem’s to happen on your game,… no players met show UP!!! is it just me? is anybody else having this problem??? will this get fixed soon? and today there was an update” what was that for?? THANK UUUUUU,.. P.S hope to see the voice chat on soon!

  • is it always going to be invite only?

  • and any time you go by a store your health heals when you open the door to the next area.

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