Dead Nation to Receive Online Voice Chat Soon

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Dead Nation: Necropolis

We know some Dead Nation online co-op players have requested voice chat functionality. I’m here to tell you that we’ve listened to the fans and are taking steps to add voice chat for online co-op in the near future. To reiterate this point, here’s a note from the team at Housemarque:

We know some of you are frustrated by the lack of voice chat support in Dead Nation’s online co-op mode. We realize many players have been very eager to join up and start taking care of the zombie nation and we greatly appreciate the continued support. Therefore, the team is currently working on the addition of voice chat capability and hope to introduce it as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, we’re keen to get as much feedback on the game as possible so we can further improve what we think is a great zombie game. We’ll be sure to keep everyone posted via the PlayStation.Blog and our Dead Nation Facebook page on when they can expect the voice chat update. We at Housemarque put our hearts and souls into the development of our games with the goal in mind to create thrilling gaming moments for players, so our hope is that everyone enjoys the finished product.

On that note, what are your favorite weapons so far? What upgrade path have you taken? Have you been able to conquer the Grim difficulty mode yet? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll have more to share with you soon about Dead Nation!


Housemarque Team

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3 Author Replies

  • this is good stuff, thanks for listening!

  • too much zombie killing..

  • The only thing wrong with the game is the lack of voice chat. Got a timetable? Looking forward to it! Thanks guys!

    • Look out for a future announcement with regards to when this feature will be available, however we intend to have this available as soon as possible.

  • i did not bought the game because there were no voice chat on the online coop and as you probably know its not like if we have a cross game chat feature with the ps3 (or something like that).

    So… Whats the point of selling us a game without a voice chat feature when there is a “online coop” feature?

    Its like selling a car with 3 wheels, thats f’n dumb!

  • how about adding cross game voice chat? ;)

  • Dead Nation is great! Just wish there was some slight auto-aim lol. the aiming is kinda wonky. maybe it’s just wonky for me cause I have a laggy tv :( I have a question though.

    Is Dead Nation 1080p native?

  • You know, I was on the fence about Dead Nation. Twin-stick shooters aren’t usually my cup of tea. I didn’t even know there was no voice chat online, until this post.

    However, the very fact that you’re listening to your customers makes me more inclined to buy it. Kudos to you, Housemarque! Listening to your customers just got you the sale of someone who wasn’t confident about buying the game, even when I assumed there already was voice chat!

    Just goes to show you that a little respect goes a loooooooong way.

  • Thanks for the quick response. Thats why House Marq, and Creat Studios are my top picks for PSN Developers.

  • Thank you for listening so fast. You guys/gals are great developers and I hope to see a patch for a auto aim option some day possibly =]

  • Nice to hear but i thought when I bought the game that it was already in it so I was a bit disappointed about this but no need now.

    I really love the game, the country leaderboard is a very nice idea! Yesterday evening Canada was in 2nd place!! Yeah! but UK was catching up so I hope we are still 2nd.

    Btw, I know it is still early lol or even conceivable but IF you make a sequel that would be nice if we could enter some building like grocery and stuff like that

  • Awesome no voice chat is the only thing wrong with this game I absolutely LOVE IT!!!

  • ooh boy ..good thing i didnt buy it ..and probably never will..i have DR2 and Black Ops..and RDR Undead Nightmare…(my 2cents have bin deposited lol )so NO THANK YOU..but its good to see that you are rescpecting the gamers requests..keep up the good work! and GOOD LUCK with the game :)

  • Good to hear! At this point I figured every game should have voice chat automatically. Game is awesome so far though! Looks like a fun platinum to go for as well :)

  • ill buy it once it has voice chat maybe and any word on cross game voice chat said few months back that sony is listining if yall r listining give us an update on it

  • Holy crap, that was fast. Good to know Housemarquee is listening. That’s what makes them awesome developers along with actually being awesome developers.

  • i’ve bought it day1 but i havent gotten the time to play it yet , GT5 is too addictive but i will play it 1 of these days , im trying to convince a couple of friends to get it so we can do some online co op , i was in the beta and loved it , thats why i got it day 1 but im a HUGE GT fan so thats what i have been playing since it came out

  • Glad to see they were listening. So many of us were complaining on the forums over here.

  • I made that picture in the post my desktop wallpaper! Awesome! ^_^

  • GREAT news. That is my only complaint with this game.

    Can’t believe it launched without voice chat, but your quickness to address the issue makes me happy.

    Housemarque, you folks rock. SSHD remains to this day one of my top 3 PSN games. Having a lot of fun with Dead Nation. Keep up the quality work, your fans appreciate it!

  • This game is incredible. Graphics and effects are amazing looking. Controls are tight. And gameplay and design is awesome.

  • This game is amazing, I am totally addicted. When I get done I have to play Black Ops or GT5 just to calm down before I go to bed. Haven’t even tried online yet, maybe I’ll wait for chat.

  • And when that voice chat patch comes out me and my friends will purchase.

  • My biggest problem with dead nation is that u always have to upgrade your guns if u want to play with anyone new. why cant your upgraded guns carry over to other modes. instead u always have to upgrade every time which gets tedious very quickly. is there a way u can patch that please or find something to carry some stuff to other modes please.

  • damn, my buddy and i just assumed it was already a part of the game. he bought it last night, i was going to buy it today.

    they need to update this within the week.

  • ok this is why i will buy this game… thanks… waiting for voice chat

  • i played the game all day and i LOVE it.
    but as kane22_ saying, we have to rebuy every guns and upgrades every time we start the online mission whit someone else. anyway
    the game is amazing the way we see the earth and all contry infected and virus eradication LOL very nice concept!!!

    btw, i saw peoples complaining about the controller… molotov yourself!! XDD

  • @nYcFrEeWiLL82

    Poor zombie. :P

  • I’m pretty happy about this! Didn’t even play online yet so didn’t even know there was no voice chat, but as others have said it seems a bit silly to sell a co-op game with no voice chat. How are people supposed to co-operate with each other with no communication lol. I’m shocked at the amount of n00bs asking for auto-aim. Oh how gamers have fallen HARD!! Use skill, get better at the game. This is a good old school style skill based game, auto-aim would ruin the points features. And I’ve noticed A LOT of people playing in braindead mode in number 1 spots on leaderboard. You should get LESS POINTS for playing on easy mode compared to harder modes because then n00bs think they are better gamers with auto-aim and easy points lol..

  • they got my email lol.

  • Experienced some extreme lag playing online coop. It might be my connection, but if not it should be looked at for a future patch.

  • Great news, it’s the only thing that’s missing from this awesome game.

    I’ve made it through the campaign on Normal and am 2 levels into Grim. I’m glad I didn’t start the game on Grim right off the bat, as I’m making full use of the armor that I’ve picked up through my first run and it’s still a bit difficult at times.

    My favorite weapon? The Launcher is probably at the top, followed by the blade gun and the ‘so-so’ Rifle. That is, through my first run. I’m already learning on Grim the the ‘so-so’ Rifle isn’t even that ‘so-so,’ especially when not charged.

    I’d like to see an ‘Endless’ mode and possibly more characters (can we get enough for 4 co-op?).

  • @29 mustbehiggy
    You do get less points for the easier difficulties, but it’s also easier to pull off larger multipliers. IIRC theres a factor of two between each difficulty.

  • This game is crazy fun and this news is very welcomed. Sadly I havn’t been able to spend as much time in game as I would have liked the last couple days, but the weekend is coming!!

  • really wasnt sure if i was gonna buy this game or not but now u made up my mind, its been out for a few days now and you are already listening to ur fans and adding voice chat, that shows u are determined to stand by ur word and look out for ur fans so come when this update drops add one more costumer to ur list. :)
    keep it up guys

  • You guys are the BEST!!! Seriously…you are now my most favorite dev!!! Ive never seen such quick reaction to fans!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

    I absolutely love this game!

  • @housemargue
    Well I was going to get it on day of release do to the PS+ discount, then saw that no voice chat was enabled for the game. Seeing this helped reverse that decision and I’m proud to continue support of housemarques games :-D so I just made the purchase and eagerly await the update. You guys did a splended job with Super Stardust HD and it was my most played game during the gaming drought which made it seem like such a short time to be without good products having such a good game on hand.

    Anyway, I’ve been looking forward to your releases and can’t wait to hear about your next endeavor.

  • Great work! the game is amazing. the lack of voice chat was the only issue as many said. SSHD was EPIC! and you guys delivered again… love the fact you kept the dash in lol

  • This highlights the fact that Voice Chat should be part of the underlying OS and not added on a game by game basis. Everyone knows that today, that is the only feature that puts Xbox Live ahead of PSN.
    If PSN had it built into the XMB experience, there would be less of a reason to continue using Xbox Live.

    Come on Sony, you know it makes sense, so as Jean Luc Picard used to say, “Make is So!”.

  • Great news! Love the game but lack of voice chat was a shock! Had to text by buddy with my cell phone while we played. Great to see the quick support for this title!!

  • go housemarque this is making me want to buy dead nation i love devs who listen to their fans!

  • I bought it day one and was very pleased with the product.
    Voice chat’s not to big of thing for me but it’s a nice feature to have so I’m not complaining!
    One thing I would like to see in it would be a second optional angle with the ability to toggle between the regular camera view to that somewhat over-the-shoulder angle you guys used for the Story trailer. I know it would recquire some tweaking, but I’d buy that for a dollar!!
    Considering the visuals are so great it would only enhance the Dead Nation experience

  • You’re adding voice chat because you “listened to the fans”? Have you not been listening for the last 5 years? It’s almost 2011. To not have voice chat in a game with online play is shameless and you guys should be embarrassed. Is it really too much to ask to simply be current with industry standards?

  • Wow, this should have been included on release. Trying to gouge 15 dollars out of people… you offer no demo and the game is not even complete with no co-op voice chat. Seriously Sony, I won’t support tactics like these from you or your subsidiaries. I’ve seen the Japanese PSN store, they get pictures in the descriptions for games whether there is a demo for it or not. I won’t buy something from you just because you hype it up. I need to experience the game to know if it is a worthwhile investment.
    The rest of the comments on this page must be flooded with Sony employees with the obvious circle jerking of “customers that are so devoted to Sony they are blind to it’s flaws”. Get real most people can tell you’re full of it.

  • The game hangs when accessing the scoreboards between levels every time for me. Is this a common problem?

  • Online voice chat is the only thing Dead Nation do not made right. Great news you guys are working on it.

  • And what does the “cycle” represent?

  • @KwietStorm

    you mean like its take a bit much time to load?
    when acessing world dead nation scores overall?

    for me it take like 30sec when i end a mission to load the scoreboards…

  • Hm, When will this be available on Amazon?

    Still got Video Game credit left over on Amazon. Thinking of using it to buy Dead Nation and Scott Pilgrim PSN but both aren’t up on Amazon. Any reason why? Thanks in advance.

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