Coming to PlayStation Plus: Our Biggest Publish Yet!

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PlayStation Plus

Hi everyone,

I’m happy to let you know that we’ll offer our biggest PlayStation Plus publish to date coming up in December just in time for the Holidays! We will be giving more than $50 of content over the next two weeks, essentially paying for a full year’s subscription to PlayStation Plus, making December a great month to sign up.

Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse 2 Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves

Kicking things off on December 7 is the LittleBigPlanet spin-off PSN title, Sackboy Prehistoric Moves. Enjoy 10 unique Move-enabled levels on a multiplayer adventure filled romp through the land of dinosaurs. Best of all, PlayStation Plus subscribers get Sackboy Prehistoric Moves free AND a week before everyone else.

Earlier this year, European PlayStation Plus subscribers were given a full season download of Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse, regularly priced at $34.99. We heard the feedback that US subscribers would like the same content and are happy to report that all five episodes will be available to US PlayStation Plus subscribers on December 14 as well.

Along with Sam & Max, we are discounting Marvel Super Hero Squad PSP for those PlayStation Plus subcribers that have a PSP. Gamers can take Blue Tongue’s humorous outlook on the Marvel universe for a spin. Marvel Super Hero Squad PSP will be available for 50% off starting December 14. These three games barely scratch the surface of the upcoming PlayStation Plus content publish, so be sure to check the full release list down below.

As always, here’s a friendly reminder to pick up the content that will be removed from PlayStation Plus, including free downloads of Shatter, DYNOGEMS, Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus, and a discount on Landit Bandit, Hustle Kings, Crash Bandicoot 2, and MAG DLC.

Finally, if you haven’t signed up yet, check out our offer giving new subscribers of a full year of PlayStation Plus an additional three months for free.

PlayStation Plus Highlights for 12/7:

Featured Games/DLC
Sackboy Prehistoric Moves (Free and early access to PlayStation Plus Subscribers, regular price $5.99)
Tron: Evolution: Black Guard Multiplayer Skin (Free and exclusive to PlayStation Plus Subscribers)

Featured Avatars
Hustle Kings Avatar Bundle (Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers, regular price $1.49)

Featured Qore Episode
Qore December Episode 31 (Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers, regular price $2.99)

PlayStation Plus Highlights for 12/14:

Full Game Trial
Prototype Full Game Trial (Free and exclusive to PlayStation Plus Subscribers)

Featured Games
Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse (Episodes 1-5) (Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers, regular price $34.99)
Fieldrunners (Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers, regular price $6.99)
Crash Team Racing (Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers, regular price $5.99)

Discounted Games
Marvel Super Hero Squad PSP (PlayStation Plus price $15.00, regular price $29.99)
Flow PSP (PlayStation Plus price $5.99, regular price $7.99)
Tomb Raider III PS One (PlayStation Plus price $3.00, regular price $5.99)
Galaxy Fight – PS One Import (PlayStation Plus price $3.00, regular price $5.99)

Featured Home Item
Burn Zombie Burn Home Item – Zombie Heads (Free and exclusive to PlayStation Plus Subscribers)

Last Chance, Get Them While You Can – Coming down on December 7:

Featured Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers
Qore November Episode 30

Last Chance, Get Them While You Can – Coming down on December 14:

Featured Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers
Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus

Discounted Games/DLC
Landit Bandit (50% off)
Hustle Kings (50% off)
Crash Bandicoot 2 (50% off)
MAG – Interdiction Mission Pack (50% off)

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  • Sam and Max Season 3! For Free?! YES!!!! Now I can relive my early teens when I played Sam and Max: Hit the Road on DOS!!!!

    Awesome update. PS+ has been improving since early Fall/late Summer.

    I wish I could just say huzzah! but I must ask… Is there any chance Sam and Max will be patched to use the move as the pointer?

  • @94 Jwood87

    They probably won’t respond as I’ve asked similar questions. However, I will say I appreciate that your situation has shed light on another facet of problems with Plus. The fact you can’t buy content you already downloaded for “free”. Maybe that stipulation will vanish when your Plus ends. You might have to be more proactive and e-mail Sony themselves. Otherwise you’re probably going to have to go through if the content is on the site.

  • Wait – Crash TAG Team Racing? Don’t you mean Crash Team Racing (CTR)?

  • @ 75 also add naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm 2

  • Looking forward to this awesome PS Plus update soon! Looking really huge for us!

  • You guys don’t even notice how pathetic it is to complain about 1 Mini that is republished for PS+ after getting 2 (!) PS3 games this month – and probably even the best ones so far, am I right?
    PS+ is the best game rental flat fee for any console out there and if you bought it for the PSN games while already owning 50% it is your and not Sony’s problem.
    There were enough updates that I thought were only mediocre but even so, the sum of all the included virtual items, games and rebates makes this service a worthy one.

    If people complain no matter if Sony does a great or a bad job, they might just stay on a mediocre level and earn still enough.

    I am very thankful and happy about this awesome PS+ month and I will enjoy the stuff I do not own so far! :)


  • Does this mean Prototype is coming to the PSN as a full downloadable game? If so how much will it be?

  • I’ll be interested in Playstation Plus when it’s something other than a discount club.

  • Just wondering if the same people who complain each week “What about MEEEEEEEEEE? I already own (Insert name of game here)!” call up local retailers and insist that something else have its price reduced just for them if a piece of software they already own goes on sale.

  • @100 AlexHo1982

    You’re saying it’s the consumer, not Sony’s fault for offering content the majority of PSN users already have? How does that equate to practical business sense since they need their customers happy and satisfied to gain more revenue from.

    PS+ is great, for cheap people with no money or have this need that they are owed everything for free. Sony has stayed on a downward slope since the service first was came online. PS+ users have every right to complain. We were lied to, made promises that were broken, untimely store updates, mass confusion on what we actually get to keep forever and not. The UK blog is still debating this as we speak.

  • Seriously though…remember earlier in the year when there was a survey sent around from Sony? It had about 3 pages full of ideas for Playstation Plus to make it enticing. Out of those 3+pages of exclusive new features, services and tools the only one currently available is automatic downloads….something I have no desire for. So it’s basically still a glorified discount club. Wonder what happened to all those other services….

  • Well done for chrismas !! No one know if we will get the beta for killzone 3 ???? Please please please and replease ;p

  • I wan’t the fallout add-on like eu got. This is still a great deal worth the money you pay for it.

  • @103 (Charliesdad)

    Well there is a difference here. We are paying for the free stuff and discounts, so to an extent, people have a right to complain. Someone complaining to a store really has no reason to, seeing as how that customer isn’t paying for anything to begin with.

    And really, I don’t see why Sony couldn’t address the issue by creating a pool of alternatives. They don’t have to give us whatever we want, but there is no reason they can’t throw previous free games and some older stuff into a section of the PS Store that we could choose from if we already have the game of the month.

  • cool. the first ps plus publish of the year is on my b day just like DrApollo hopefully therell be a nice present from ps plus that day lol



    I was gonna use the beta for my gaming class as a creator for my game prototype.

  • Grace replied to a post and did not address the duplicity of Fieldrunners again? weird

    I’m not saying this PS+ post is bad, quite the opposite: we’re getting 2 PSN games in one month, and they’re good games. I’m just annoyed by the fact that there is content repetition so early into the Service’s life cycle. this does not bode well.

  • sweet this is awesome

  • We’ve already had Fieldrunners.

  • Not a bad PLUS UPDATE. I will be getting , Sackboy Prehistoric Moves, Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse (Episodes 1-5)and couple of other PLUS stuff. I thought we already got Fieldrunners FREE a while back?

  • As someone who was only able to receive a PS3 this last year at Christmas, I have been loving PS+ for showing me games that I would not have found otherwise (and giving me many for free!!) Critter Crunch and Burn Zombie Burn were awesome, Zen Pinball is great, and I haven’t even touched Mushroom Wars yet. Last update was a little annoying considering I bought Shatter as one of my first downloads. But this…

    I love Sam and Max and Telltale and saved up for a while to get the season at launch. I already own CTR, disc still intact and perfectly running with the rest of the Crash Bandicoot games for the PS1. Fieldrunners was the first mini I downloaded and I don’t yet have Move…

    I’m really not complaining just wanted to congratulate the network team for giving me this argument in the first place.

  • Thank you Grace and the team for providing us with such a great update and listening to us when it came to avatars, it’s much appriciated. =)

    It’s great to see that every week this month except the final Tuesday of the month that we’re getting some sort of content for PS+ subscribers.

    I’m extremely satisfied with my PS+ subscription since day 1, and it’s only going to get better from here…

    Thanks again! =)

  • December is the last of my original 3 month PS+ purchase and I’ll admit I’m pleased. I want to renew & upgrade to a year-long subscription, but I may not be able to use my PS3 for a while. If only the auto-download feature could grab the free PS+ goodies from PSN for me… :(

  • “Earlier this year, European PlayStation Plus subscribers were given a full season download of Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse, regularly priced at $34.99. We heard the feedback that US subscribers would like the same content and are happy to report that all five episodes will be available to US PlayStation Plus subscribers on December 14 as well.”

    Thank you.

  • @#19 DrApollo

    Awesome! Same for me, kind of. My birthday is June 29, which was when PlayStation Plus launched. I got the 1 year + 3 months plan and all the content added up is a great gift indeed!

  • Grace please respond to my post at #100!

  • also. add more old school fighting games to the store. thanks.

  • This is an awesome update for Playstation Plus and I’ll be looking forward in downloading “Sackboy Prehistoric Moves” as well as “Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse”.

    It’ll be fun to put my Move controller to good use with a title from the makers of LittleBigPlanet, should be great.

    Keep the explosiveness coming Playstation!

  • “@Grace: This latest batch of content (SPM, S&M:TDP, MSHS PSP) seems more geared towards kids than adults. Please don’t forget that many adults are PS Plus subscribers too & not all of us care for this juvenile-oriented content.”

    @Grace: Please don’t forget that many of us in the 18+ crowd enjoy a wide variety of titles and play games limited for adults as well as those intended for teens and general audiences.

  • Please put legend of dragoon and legend of legaia on PSN I really miss them. I do have the old 40 GB model w/upgraded HDD of course but I’d much prefer digital.

  • Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Really losing interest in PS+. It’s either stuff I have or stuff I really don’t want.

  • ^^^^ (Me)===> Not complaining since I got into the KZ3 Beta. I’ll see what this whole Sam & Max nonsense is. I’ve never been into mystery-problem-solving-games (played Myst and after clicking around every damn thing to find a key that I was somehow supposed to know was under the folder/mat/whatever, I got sick of it fast– horrid little game– didn’t like the Harvey Birdman PSP game either).

  • Still not worth it for me.

  • Come on now, 2 weeks we wait and all we get is one rather crappy mini and now our free game REQUIRES us to have Playstation Move? Lame. I want that LBP 2 free Beta soon and then I’ll be appeased for the rest of my life with plus.

  • Recycling Plus content? Never thought I’d see this, not cool at all. Very displeased with this.

  • @crazyski108 You are the biggest illiterate moron ever. We are getting the move LBP game AND EPISODES 1-5 OF SAM AND MAX. How did you ignore the pictures for sam and max and the part where she says “regular $33”. We’re getting two games this month, too bad you didn’t read more than the first paragraph of this article and decided to complain.

  • Bro, you’re way too mad, calm down.

  • @milo128smith I think you’re missing the picture about you need a move controller to play the lbp game. Not everyone got it , I got 2 moves , this is likely a free game with the marketing of buying a move or you don’t get to play. im pretty sure alot of kids are still waiting for christmas to get a move as a present , so @crazyski108 there might be one for you under the christmas tree.

  • Definitely a step in the right direction. I would still like to see the Fallout 3 DLC appear at some point as well as other DLC if possible.

  • about time there are some decent free items.

  • Yay a month’s free game wasted because i’m not going to throw my money away on move. Don’t even play my wii and the move is nearly identical so ya.

    Only way i would ever consider getting Move is if there was some super cheap deal on it. But please don’t continue to give us games that require Move.

    Also, Fieldrunners was the freebie given on the first month.

    What a wonderful Christmas Plus update when we only get 1 new thing and the majority of us can’t even play that 1 thing because it REQUIRES Move.

  • I think PSN dropped the ball. I recently had thief take my console and all of my games. I thought that my online presence would have been saved some where on there system. But it was not, why not though. I just think that some kind of security should in place for situation such as this. One good example is Red Dead Rddemption and Rockstars Social Club. I had a ranking of 5×50 with 490,000+ multiplayer xp and now nothing. That is one heck of a blow. I love the game but that is a lot of time and work all down the drain. I am a PS+ member and part of the Rewards Beta. Still nothing can be done. Gamers online identity should be secure it would enhance the whole gaming experience. Fellow gamers make sure to BACKUP YOU GAMES YOURSELF This was a big bummer but I still love my PS. thanks GRASSYLK

  • I get that Plus is not for everyone but this is the sort of thing that makes me glad I subscribed. Sony needs to keep this up.

  • another epic fail for PS+

  • Awesome month for PS+. I’m only disappointed about Fieldrunners that we ALREADY got for free some months ago. A great mini but we ALREADY got it, what next, Wipeout HD again?

    Outside of Fieldrunners, a great month for PS+ (that worth every penny) members.

  • Will Sackboy Prehistoric Moves have trophies?

  • A lot of smoke and mirrors still giving out games people don’t really or truly want smh.

  • to everyone complaining about Sackboy’s Prehistoric moves:

    This is NOT this months free PSN game, the free PSN game is Sam & Max, 12.7 isn’t even supposed to be a plus week.

    we will likely have a 2nd mini later on this month, so Prehistoric moves is a BONUS. don’t like it? don’t own a move? then don’t download it. but don’t you dare complain over something that is FREE.

  • very awesome update… i was on edge about picking up sam and max since the last time i play one of there games it was there first one on the pc AGES ago… great game back then but was kind of scared to see how time would have changed them but hell its free now and i must say THANK you sony for this awesome gift

  • FREE SAM & MAX?!


    Also, Prototype game trial…I’ve actually wanted to try that game.

    Try and do newer games for game trial though Sony ;).

    Otherwise, amazing update.

    Anyone who complains about a free $35 USD game to a $50 USD annual service should be slapped (unless they already bought it, I feel their pain)

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