This Week in PlayStation Home: Spelunker & Konami Game Spaces + Castlevania, Zombie Pets & More!

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Hot off the heels of the highly-anticipated 1.4 core client release (and a long line of massive content publishes) comes yet another PlayStation Home update jam-packed with new games to play, spaces to explore, items to collect, and special videos to watch. This enormous update is the reason why I’m dropping in to formally invite each and every one of you to log in to PlayStation Home this Thursday, November 25th and get hands-on with all the awesome new content we have waiting for you to devour between all the voracious turkey-grubbin’ and football-watchin’ that is the center of a proper Thanksgiving Day celebration.

To start, our friends over at Konami are releasing a rooftop penthouse space filled to the brim with games, new items from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (including a Laura costume as well as an upgraded Gabriel Belmont suit), DanceDance Revolution, and some secret goodies that you’ll have to log in and uncover yourself. Peep the below screens for a sneak peek at what to expect when this huge shipment of Konami content hits your PS3 later this week.

konami billboard

Attn: Film fanatics and budding Hollywood directors. This week LOOT releases their brand new Ultimate Machinima bundle. This bundle – which includes the Modular Stage Set 3 personal space, the LOOT Active Camera, and the LOOT Active Light items – is the ultimate tool for shooting your own movies and TV shows in PlayStation Home.

The Modular Stage Set 3 lets players control over three enormous retractable backdrops, which can be set to different chroma key colors with motion track markers. The stage light system now offers two additional flood lights for defining the right mood of each take and the floor can also be set to different materials and colors. And on top of all the tools included in this hot new personal space, there is plenty of open room for furniture and large props, which gives you the ability to build virtually any kind of environment/set for your next Home-made film. Pick up the Ultimate Machinima bundle (along with the new Talk Show bundle – a collection of props that allow you to dress your personal space like your very own talk show) from the LOOT Store in the PlayStation Home Mall this Thursday.

loot cameraLOOT_Talkshow_bundle

To celebrate the launch of Irem’s Spelunker HD on the PlayStation Network we are releasing the new “Gathering Place for Cave Explorers” game space. A true must-visit for any Spelunker fan, this new space comes complete with Spelunker-themed mini-games, rewards, and plenty of clothing and furniture items to add to your collection. Check out the pics below for a taste of this awesome new game space!


The always-popular PlayStation Home Community Theater receives yet another update this week with a brand new episode of the Hip Hop Gamer videocast. In Episode 2, HHG discusses Call of Duty: Black Ops with a hardcore fan. Also airing in the PlayStation Home Theater this week is a full-on Tester 2 Mid-Season Marathon (Episodes 1-3, along with special t-shirt rewards) as well as a collection of Episode 3 cut scenes and the newest installment of the hit reality show (Episode 4), complete with a brand new reward!

Finally, the PlayStation Home Mall gets an update this week with stylish new clothing items for the ladies courtesy of our friends over at Lockwood Publishing along with two essential additions to your collection – nDreams’ new Zombie Pets, Nipper and Benji. Visit the PlayStation Home Mall this Thursday to pick up these loyal creatures, which can accompany you both in your personal space(s) and also out in public (just be careful not to leave them unattended around any of your friends’ brains…)

zombie pets 2Lockwood skirts

See you in Home!

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  • @PagenZero

    All this content will arrive sometime tomorrow. Every Wednesday Night/Early Thursday morning Home is shut down for matinence. This is where they add all the new content & then sometime usually early Thursday morning Home comes back online and all the new content is ready for the picking.

  • Lame!Lame!Lame! i don’t getting treated like were 5 yr old kids thats what the Wii is for

  • Hi Locust,
    I have missing items and not sure how to obtain them now…
    I played the turkey mini-game several times and have won all the items but for some reason they dont show up for me (im a female) but when i checked the male avatar it has all the items in the wardrobe. how can i fix this? it shows i won the rewards :(


  • @53 check your storage

  • Awesome! Now I can properly record in every personal space!

  • nDreams’ new Zombie Pets, Nipper and Benji. …. I cant find these … can someone give me a hint?

  • i think they were in the kiosk in central plaza , couldn’t find the talk show set for new stage apt. though … anyone know where ?

  • Ive been a PS fan for 15 years and I have never seen seen so much Overpriced DLC. I don’t want $$$ overpriced DLC every week. Gets old And who the H___ is LOOT never heard of them. and If (HHG) yo gets his own PS Home shirt I’m going to Xbox.

  • The 1.4 client update not what you claim Locust. its obvious to the entire world you and your lackluster coworkers have utterly failed again. The massess of bugs remain compounded many times over by all new bugs you’ve introduced. Since your too inept to notice “massive content publishes” are a joke as more programming errors crashing evryones PS3’s obviously doesn’t count. Nor does the dribble of overpriced clothes worn only by lunatics and prostitutes.

  • were is the talk show bundle yo and how do u work the camras does it record so i can look at the play back WTH!!!

  • ARE WE BUYING THESES THINGS FOR NOTHING HOW DO THE CAMRAS RECORD PLEASE TELL ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Why does the Active Camera not work to RECORD? I quote : “the ultimate tool for shooting your own movies and TV shows IN PlayStation Home.” notice the IN playstation home and not On your tv like I have had to do before. if this does not record I would like a refund as the description is misleading.

  • i agree soopergooman187 a refund is in order not fair to mislead people who are spending there hard earned money so unkool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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