This Week in PlayStation Home: Spelunker & Konami Game Spaces + Castlevania, Zombie Pets & More!

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Hot off the heels of the highly-anticipated 1.4 core client release (and a long line of massive content publishes) comes yet another PlayStation Home update jam-packed with new games to play, spaces to explore, items to collect, and special videos to watch. This enormous update is the reason why I’m dropping in to formally invite each and every one of you to log in to PlayStation Home this Thursday, November 25th and get hands-on with all the awesome new content we have waiting for you to devour between all the voracious turkey-grubbin’ and football-watchin’ that is the center of a proper Thanksgiving Day celebration.

To start, our friends over at Konami are releasing a rooftop penthouse space filled to the brim with games, new items from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (including a Laura costume as well as an upgraded Gabriel Belmont suit), DanceDance Revolution, and some secret goodies that you’ll have to log in and uncover yourself. Peep the below screens for a sneak peek at what to expect when this huge shipment of Konami content hits your PS3 later this week.

konami billboard

Attn: Film fanatics and budding Hollywood directors. This week LOOT releases their brand new Ultimate Machinima bundle. This bundle – which includes the Modular Stage Set 3 personal space, the LOOT Active Camera, and the LOOT Active Light items – is the ultimate tool for shooting your own movies and TV shows in PlayStation Home.

The Modular Stage Set 3 lets players control over three enormous retractable backdrops, which can be set to different chroma key colors with motion track markers. The stage light system now offers two additional flood lights for defining the right mood of each take and the floor can also be set to different materials and colors. And on top of all the tools included in this hot new personal space, there is plenty of open room for furniture and large props, which gives you the ability to build virtually any kind of environment/set for your next Home-made film. Pick up the Ultimate Machinima bundle (along with the new Talk Show bundle – a collection of props that allow you to dress your personal space like your very own talk show) from the LOOT Store in the PlayStation Home Mall this Thursday.

loot cameraLOOT_Talkshow_bundle

To celebrate the launch of Irem’s Spelunker HD on the PlayStation Network we are releasing the new “Gathering Place for Cave Explorers” game space. A true must-visit for any Spelunker fan, this new space comes complete with Spelunker-themed mini-games, rewards, and plenty of clothing and furniture items to add to your collection. Check out the pics below for a taste of this awesome new game space!


The always-popular PlayStation Home Community Theater receives yet another update this week with a brand new episode of the Hip Hop Gamer videocast. In Episode 2, HHG discusses Call of Duty: Black Ops with a hardcore fan. Also airing in the PlayStation Home Theater this week is a full-on Tester 2 Mid-Season Marathon (Episodes 1-3, along with special t-shirt rewards) as well as a collection of Episode 3 cut scenes and the newest installment of the hit reality show (Episode 4), complete with a brand new reward!

Finally, the PlayStation Home Mall gets an update this week with stylish new clothing items for the ladies courtesy of our friends over at Lockwood Publishing along with two essential additions to your collection – nDreams’ new Zombie Pets, Nipper and Benji. Visit the PlayStation Home Mall this Thursday to pick up these loyal creatures, which can accompany you both in your personal space(s) and also out in public (just be careful not to leave them unattended around any of your friends’ brains…)

zombie pets 2Lockwood skirts

See you in Home!

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  • First.

  • Great update! Can’t wait to check out the new space!!

  • It’s a Thanksgiving bounty! Nice to see Spelunker finally make its way here–now let’s get the rest of the IREM spaces.

    I don’t know how half of this fits into HomeCast’s five minutes this week.

  • I updated to 1.4, and it won’t let me log into Home! All I get is a black screen with an empty message box! Should I delete it & reinstall it?

    • Hi,

      Here are instructions on how to update to 1.4:

      If you’ve followed these instructions and still encounter difficulties updating the client, you can always delete and reinstall (doing so will not affect your inventory).



  • Will the theaters in the Hollywood Hills house ever be fixed?
    The never played for me since I bought the space.

  • Is Konami space is a personal space or a public one?

  • OMG!!!!!! man u guys are getting better and better wiht this eachweek and WOW Locust this is nuts dude i cant FREAKING WAIT!!! i luv spelunkers!!! i got it lastnight and played the hell outta it! and companions !!!! wowzers!! great job LS and Staff this is another great week for home users bringing them what they want. Geat Job guys really. One Question i had was about the spelunkers cave, will it be haveing the spelunkers pay items in the cave like the colored miners suits? ty dude :)

  • I love to know Locust if you can share any new information about the return of the EA Sports Complex to the Navigator. We poker fans are anxiously awaiting it’s return.

    Please give us some news!

  • Wow, Spelunker, an upgraded Belemont Costume (Does it come with the Combat Cross?), a Castlevania Costume for the ladies plus a new Konami Space? Thats crazy. The Loot update looks awesome also. This is definitely one of the best updates in NA so far. It seems like we are getting at least 1 – 2 Konami items a month since September and its nice to see that they are listening to the user feedback. I know a lot of us ask for IREM stuff but getting Spelunker here in the US is a victory for sure. 1.4 may have been buggy but you and Glass are doing an excellent job of bringing the community to the publishers. As usual, keep up the good work.

  • So this is a New Stageset from Loot then… And not the one we already have… OK.

    The old stageset came with tons of free items. So the question here is does this NEW Stageset also come with some Free items as well?

    I hope so. Loot was always good back then for giving us extras when we bought there apt’s just hope they are still doing this now.

    Do u have any idea if they are indeed giving away Free items with this when we buy it?

    By: DCS

    • The Modular Sound Stage 3 is a new space that is only available in the Ultimate Machinima bundle. Included in that bundle are both regular furniture items and the two active items listed in the post (Active Light & Active Camera).

  • Thanks Locust for an amazing update!

    I cannot wait to get my avatar hands on the new Loot stageset!
    Can you tell us how much for the stageset and the the talk show

    The guys at Loot are amazing!!!


  • Hey? Are you planning on implementing subtitles (or closed-caption) in Home movie theater? I hope so, because it is not fair for you not to implement some, despite the facts that these movies, trailers, episodes may be brief.. Although, by adding that feature would be very nice. PLEASE. Thanx.

  • Spelunker Cave… are ya Kidding me… I thought i’d never see the day that we get the Spelunker Cave here.

    I must be Dreaming… Quick someone wake me up!

    Well now i can get those Free item’s from the Cave then YAY!

    And not to Mention my Indy is gonna have some fun be chased by that big boulder, Run Indy Run!

    Since were getting the Cave now does that mean when IREM updates the cave for xmas time and we also will get the xmas update then as well so we also can get the limited xmas stuff? That be great if we did.

    Go IREM!

    By: DCS

  • Can we finally capture video in Home directly from the PS3 or do we still need additional hardware to be able to do that?

  • The Ndreams pets can come with u outside of ur apt’s… Now that is good News. And here i thought they be limited to our apt’s only and have to stay indoors… Now we can take them with us…

    That alone is some good news indeed.

    Lets just hope that there not to much $ to get them.

    go Ndreams.

    Now if we can only get a STAPLER and to take him with us as well now that would top off the cake… LOL!

    By: DCS

  • Ive been a ps3 owner since june this year. And i must say, home has just gotten better and better. I cant wait to see this new space! GREAT JOB on the update.

  • When will the cantina be finished? And can we please get some jedi robes?! We have the cantina, we have lightsabers, BUT were are our robes?

  • Wow this really sounds awesome I can’t wait to jump into the Spelunker Space, I’ve never played the game but was able to see it in Japan and it just feels and oozes “Classic”.

    I wish the Loot Active Camera was added free though to those of us who already purchased the Stage Set Personal Space but I don’t doubt Loot will make it worth the money since they have been really good about pricing in the past. I’ve got one question though….

    Why is it Stage Set 3? What happened to Stage Set 2? Did I miss something?

    To be Continued…

  • As for the Konami Space it seems very interesting and I’ll definintly be checking it out. I hope you guys will be able to bring the Capcom Airship to North America as well so as that is a great space too & if some updates to the other IREM Spaces (i.e. Beach & Carnaval) could happen as well that would just be great. The most important thing though that could be discussed with IREM though & I think the Community would whole heartly agree with me here is talk to IREM about bringing thier great events to North America (i.e. April Fools day event) One word describes their events “Spectacular”

    Finally it will be interesting to see these Zombie pets, I might just have to pick me up one of those while wearing my Zombie Costume.

    Keep up the Good Work

  • This update gets a 11 out of 10.. THE FAZEONES LOUNGE

  • @Jeff Rubenstien
    Custom Soundtracks will not start playing on The Fight Lights Out. Keeps telling me “it’ll start eventually” or something to that effect and never starts… ever. Is there a patch coming for this, because I really hate the music in this game.

  • nice to see some new improvements

  • It all sounds so awesome.. but I’m still waiting for my PS3 to be sent back after getting repaired…man, 2 weeks of HOME updates, Playstation Plus update, PS Store, so far missed possibly 3 weeks of updates. When it finally comes back to me, I’m gonna be downloading for days. Ok, maybe A day, but still going to be a lot!


  • Wow this update sounds great! I’ve been talking about getting home pets for awhile so I’m glad it’s finally coming out. The fact that they are zombie pets makes it even better.

    Fantastic announcement Locust_Star!

  • Hi Locust quick question??? can we start expecting IREM updates as often as Japan? i LUV they’re content. Great update BTW defiantly looking forward to getting a new zombie pet to eat my friends ^,..,^

  • Super update! Everything sounds fun! Its going to be busy tomorrow since everyone is off.

  • cant wait. more free stuff awesome
    i was just in PSH ;)

  • Awesome THXGiving Update!! So many things to check n get… Can’t wait!!!

  • All right looking good for Home. Keep it up.

  • The update is vague concerning the Konami space. Is it a public space, or is it private?

  • When are more Konami Soccer kits coming?

  • make a gt5 place for home.plz

  • @ Joanna_Dark_ & J-T-W-NY

    I’m betting the Konami Space is a Public Space, because it has all that advertising in the space. It’s just when they call it a “Penthouse” you think of a private space, but it is most likely going to be a public space. At least that is what I think it’s going to be.

  • Goodly update!
    Konami space, Here we come..Anyway…Are we going to get the SingStar space update, 3D Dot Heroes Space (JP have one!) or Capcom Sky Lounge?

  • dump HHG .. please

  • So no SingStar store?

  • Now we’re talking! EXCELLENT UPDATE!

  • Thanks for the answer Locust!

    The Ultimate Machinima bundle is $4.99
    The Talk Show bundle is $1.99.
    Not bad at all!

    Thanks Loot for keeping the price down for
    us starving Machinima Producers.


  • well this one has many great things, be spendin alot of doe this week… lookin forward to all the loot items as now we are able to use loot cameras on any space.. also the konami space looks sweet as well as the spelunker.. and finally we are able to have pets on public spaces (dont care if they r weird lookin)

  • :O

    Looks like you`ll finally be wresting my $6 from my hand, Locust!

    Which Laura costume is it? The nice, rich brown and red gown one? I hope so, I`ll deffo buy it if it is. Any way to get Konami to give everyone on Home werewolf and vampire costumes from the new Castlevania game as well?

    Loving the idea of the virtual pets. How much are they? And what are they? A zombie rabbit and a what?

  • they should make a video to help people with capture video in Home sound stages and what additional hardware you need

  • More cLothes 4 womens? iS ok butt when R new cLothes R coming 4 mans? hmm & i hope u someday publish a backpack with a Sk8board iS not a bad idea.. me & my dudes R thinking bout this!! 8)

  • is the cave space the full one with the speluker type mini game in it

  • @21 Kaze,

    Did you enable the custom soundtracks in the audio menu and are you talking online or off?

  • Amazingggg, cant wait for the Konami space.

  • When will this content drop? I have been looking for the Castlevania and Spelunker place but have yet to find them can you help?

  • GT5 Public Space.

  • great job home team yall are the greatest i own the old loot place so this is a upgrade what hardware do u need to make the cams record on the loot stage it would be great to film my friends and watch us getting down danceing on home i wish u could go to the holywood hills place to watch them please think about this thank for ur time home is the greatest

  • also it would be a good idea to add skates and to be able to ride bikes plus skateboards on home too mabe add more dance moves to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE THINK ABOUT THIS ID PAY FOR THEM QUICK!!!!!!!o_o these i think are good ideas for the future of home

  • Oh I am so looking forward to the Konami space tomorrow!!! :D
    Happy Thanksgiving Home Team!

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