Gran Turismo 5 Races Into Stores Today!

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Christmas has arrived a little early for all you GT fans across the world with today’s release of Gran Turismo 5. That’s right, it’s been five years in the making and it’s finally here — the most realistic and comprehensive driving experiences in one of the most highly-anticipated games ever released. And what better way to spend the 4-day weekend than diving into the world of Gran Turismo 5 head first?

To celebrate today’s release, check out our new GT video with never-before-seen footage of the game.

Not only will you be able to play with over 1,000 licensed cars from the world’s top manufacturers, race on more than 20 tracks with over 70 variations of famous world circuits, city courses, snow and dirt, and original environments popular to fans, but experience new features BRAND NEW to the franchise. These include real-time car damage, dynamic weather effects, kart racing, access to select NASCAR cars, a Course Maker and of course, robust online community features. And did we mention that all of this is also compatible with awe-inspiring stereoscopic 3D right out of the box? The official Gran Turismo website features an incredibly in-depth look at all of the features the game has to offer, and see the more pictures like the stunning ones below taken with nothing more than the in-game Photo Mode feature.

And… don’t forget about GT Academy coming here to the US! For more details on Gran Turismo 5 and GT Academy, click here.

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  • Have my copy and it’s awesome. I guess people were expecting something other than what GT has always been. If you loved all the other GT games you will love this. It is basically GT5P with 1000 cars and 70 tracks. Classic GT!




  • On my way out the door!

  • I just got it and the install is killing me… about 20mins to install the games data onto the HD. :(

  • I’m disappointed, very very poor damage, how can this be a real simulator when you can drive bump and smash all other cars and you don’t get slowed down by the damage , limited upgrades (no brakes upgrades?? hhrmm wtf!!!) Really poor online.

    I’m sad.

  • I don’t understand the draw to these games. The cards are so ugly when they’re all covered with the capitalist propaganda of advertisements.

  • gonna get it

  • Amusing that they’re now referring to the car damage as “real-time” rather than “realistic”. Because the damage is anything but realistic. They should have called it “disappointing” car damage. Or “almost non-existent”.

    But then I’m glad I can still bumper-car off everyone around me. It’ll at least pad my online stats.

  • Finally. I’m going to go out and buy the Collector’s Edition, although the reviews are pissing me off. Especially from IGN where they pretty much said that it’s not a game for casuals. When has Gran Turismo EVER been for casuals? Most of the reviews seem halfed-assed. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way.

  • Installing my CE now!

    IT’S GT5 DAY!!!!!! :)

  • Quick update on Gamestop, just received possibly the best ever customer service from Gamestop Canada. Codes are on the way, Sony dropped the ball this time and NOT Gamestop Canada.

  • Well if GT5 is not what you had hoped there is alway some good ol ModNation Racers. It the one game where people actually have mics lol.

  • 5 minutes left on the install…can’t wait!!!

  • Just received it by mail! It’s installing (an option, but I wanted to install it since I’ll play it a lot! lol). 13 mins remaining!! =D

    PS: I love pre-orders (I got it for 53$, lol) =D

    PPS: I’m impressed at everyone who’ll have the trophy, my god, it looks impossible or almost!! :| I’ll try! =D

  • Just picked up my collector’s edition and can’t wait to get home… to install it… then stay up all night playing. The set is so beautiful and really digging the model car.

    Com’on 5 o’clock…

  • Love this game will pick up my copy of the game on the 3rd of Dec good work.

  • I’ve been playing my collector’s edition since yesterday morning, it’s FREAKING AWESOME, 1000/10!!! 8)

  • Let’s hope that the strong reviews and solid 10 scores start to flood in for Gran Turismo 5. This game deserves its credit.

  • LOL 5 yrs in the making and you get backdrops and grass that look like a nintendo 64 game. GG Sony.

  • A demo would be nice.

  • What a meltdown. The previous GT games were 9 all across the boiard,but GT5 we see a lot o 7s and 8s…

    Framerate problems
    Screen Tearing
    GT4 cars straight to GT5 (see PS2 480p cars into a 1080p screen looks terrible)
    Jaggie shadows
    Menu problmes

    and so on…what a disappointment after 5 years!

    I really hope it doesn’t sell a lot as the previous ones to make Kazunori look at his mistakes.

  • Damn. I swear what’s with all the hate on GT5. cause im sorry review of GT5 is horrible. they spend more time complaining about then talking about all the modes and features it offers. and i just love all the people who never played GT5 but act like they did cause of the reviews.

  • ign gives this a 8.5.
    This game is NO COPYABLE DATA.

  • have mine and im enjoying it as i type… while it’s not perfect, it’s exactly what i remember kept me playing the previous 4 in the series… thank you Polyphony for finally getting this game out….
    Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate it…: )

  • Just picked up my Collectors Edition of GT5 and I must say the game is absolutely gorgeous in 3D on my new Panasonic Plasma HDTV!

    Great job Polyphony Digital! You did a damn fine job on creating the next best racing experience available for any console. :) I am very pleased with my collectors edition.

  • After a few hours behind the wheel, I definitely have mixed feelings about GT5. The driving physics feel awesome, and the force-feedback is excellent. The graphics are hit and miss though. In some places they’re pretty average, but where they’re good they’re almost too pristine or sterile. Everything just feels lifeless.

    The whole game seems – well – dated somehow. Like the developers have been living in a cave oblivious to all the developments going on with online gaming, racing simulators, and just gaming in general.

    I wanted to have fun playing this game, and show it off to my friends. But I don’t think that’s going to happen. And I’m honestly sad.

  • Due to snowy weather, I may or may not see my shipment today :(

  • I wish I could afford the 99.99 model :(

  • how do i get my cars from my psp to my ps3

  • CONGRATULATIONS Polyphony Digital!(“Moon over the Castle” playing in the background)

    You’ve finally unleashed Gran Turismo 5 upon the world and we are all really excited to sit behind the wheel of the biggest car-festival extravaganza of all time!

    I just hope you guys will continue to support the GT community with updates, improvements, tweaks to make things work better and faster, perhaps new modes , new cars or tracks. I know in due time you will offer us even more than we ever hoped for just as this game delivers so much content on disc to last for years, but please don’t forget to listen to your fans and keep the community alive and healthy!

    Warm regards and I wish you the best!

  • Have my copy since 10:00 am this morning

  • By what i’ve been reading from people that have bought it and reviews, there seems to be some flaws that after 6 years could have and SHOULD have been fixed. I’m sure its still a great game, but unfortunately it seems it wont be as great as it should have been.

  • i really dont like the background music on that preview video…

  • I already have my copy, gonna play it tonight, thanks Sony and all Polyphony Digital for this fantastic game.

  • this game alone is a good enough reason to buy a ps3.
    i always loved forza on xbox live because of the amount of customization and the quality of damage, but forza cant hold a candle to this.

  • i havent seen any site save for IGN review it… so, im not going on that… while i bought my copy.. and have already played it a few hours, im not going to break down into tears about what it could have been… im just finally glad theres a GT on the PS3.. its certainly not perfect.. anyone who expected perfection needs to take off the rose-colored glasses and get real… the game looks good…it runs smooth… love the sounds and sights… im not graphics whore, but there are aspects that couldve been upgraded… the damage modeling is probably one of those areas..
    the one thing im having the biggest problem with is the load times… even with the game installed, as it prompted(and then waited 20 minutes for), there are still some very very very long load times during the game, most notably on the menu screens… and i mean long… and the music is kinda blah…. can we use our own HDD music with this title or no? i havent checked… but i think thats something that a racing game needs…

    anyway, im happy with my purchase… just please fix the load times… somehow…
    and for those unhappy, then sell the game to someone who wants it…

  • Looks good,I have never played GT looks worth the $65

  • I got some menu weirdness and had to try it again, now it seems to be working better.

    Lots of fun so far, same old GT as always but looks a lot better. I’m happy, can’t wait to try out nighttime and rain driving.

  • PD really needs to get these network issues straightened out. I shouldn’t have to unplug my internet connection just to keep GT5 from freezing up at the main menu. Seriously, it hangs up for over a minute at the main menu. This is bad.

  • AWESOMEEE. One problem tho. I went to gamestop today to pick it up and the employee told me it wasnt out today(o.O?). I asked him when the game would be out and he said January 1, 2011. Any ideas on what to do?

  • Have been playing GT 5 all day and loving it !

    Not sure why there are bad reviews; I haven’t seen anything really to complain about.

    Sure, the loading onto the HDD takes a while, but the game is excellent.

    I pre-ordered from Future Shop Canada a while ago online and received a free racing wheel with the game.

    It’s a wired racing wheel (would love the wireless), but it so much more fun than playing with the controller.

    The wheel gives it more of a realistic feel to the game.

    Keep up the great work and hoping to see DLC is the near future for this game.

    9.5 out of 10 for me as a rating. (heck you even get a trophy just by selecting to play your own music off the HDD ! )

  • Waiting for 5 years & finally it’s here!!! I cant even talk I’m soo excited! Can’t wait to receive my preorder from Amazon and get my SLS Stealth Car!

  • Got in about 5 hours so far.

    The 30 minute install took over 45 minutes to complete. Add the 15 minutes or so it takes to set up your accounts, racers, etc and that initial thrill of a shiny new game gets a little tarnished.

    The navigation is easy to figure out, but occasionally hangs when making selections.
    Truth be told, it looks more like GT4 HD than it’s own creation.
    (Personal rant…c’mon really? Who in their right mind races VW mini buses? My 8 year old daughter even found it silly.)

    Pros: Not too many impressive cars built in the last few years, but those few made it into the game. Thankfully, they have included some classics not in GT4 that are a welcome surprise. (Love the 1971 Mustang Mach 1)
    The License tests are not too tough if you’re a long time fan of the game. Familiar turns and tracks make it a snap.

    NASCAR…nuff said.

    Surprisingly fun are the karts. Not what you’d expect, these little buggies have some snap.

    It’s early on in the career, but I’m hoping to see some surprises as it progresses.

  • Played 2 hours and it froze 3 times already. And tremendous loadings… omg..

  • When is GT6 coming out!!!!???? j/k , ok back to gt5.

  • Just picked up my Collector’s Edition!! I’m not only amazed by the game, but also by the Apex guide. Everything is purely amazing. Polyphony, thank you for your diligent work……I just have one question. Will there be additional DLC cars that aren’t listed? I know you guys worked vigorously, but I love the Subaru Alcyone SVX!!! What do you guys think? Anyway, thanks for making this holiday season even better.

  • Got mine and loving it …

  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • not overly impressed first gt game I think not as real as the forza games

  • i bought GT5 yesterday and did the 133mg update then installed that 8GB thing and now my game doesn’t work i have got 32GB of memoery and the game says i have to free up some space for 32MB…
    does anyone have ideas???? would really appreciate it

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