Gran Turismo 5 Races Into Stores Today!

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Christmas has arrived a little early for all you GT fans across the world with today’s release of Gran Turismo 5. That’s right, it’s been five years in the making and it’s finally here — the most realistic and comprehensive driving experiences in one of the most highly-anticipated games ever released. And what better way to spend the 4-day weekend than diving into the world of Gran Turismo 5 head first?

To celebrate today’s release, check out our new GT video with never-before-seen footage of the game.

Not only will you be able to play with over 1,000 licensed cars from the world’s top manufacturers, race on more than 20 tracks with over 70 variations of famous world circuits, city courses, snow and dirt, and original environments popular to fans, but experience new features BRAND NEW to the franchise. These include real-time car damage, dynamic weather effects, kart racing, access to select NASCAR cars, a Course Maker and of course, robust online community features. And did we mention that all of this is also compatible with awe-inspiring stereoscopic 3D right out of the box? The official Gran Turismo website features an incredibly in-depth look at all of the features the game has to offer, and see the more pictures like the stunning ones below taken with nothing more than the in-game Photo Mode feature.

And… don’t forget about GT Academy coming here to the US! For more details on Gran Turismo 5 and GT Academy, click here.

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  • I’m getting dressed to go to the store right now…

  • #GT5 FTW!

  • I am going to get it after work today. Maybe I’ll leave early if possible!

  • I’m picking up my Collector’s edition today.

  • Love this game!

  • disappointed! 6 years and this is what we get?

  • is it available on PSP

  • I’ll be celebrating my big 2-0, with some Gran Turismo today. Not only am I glad to see it finally released, but am just floored by the fact that it launches on my birthday. What are the odds?

  • no replays on 2 player split screen?wtf!!!!

  • To bad I have been spending all my money on all these other games coming out.
    =( Been playing GT since GT on PS, Oh well might have to wait until xmas for this one.

    Dont forget to put out lots of dlc for this game.

  • CE comes in today from Amazon! So Stoked!

  • DId..did…did I just see an all-Prius race?

  • Oh yes!!! GT5 is now out in stores! >_<

  • The reviews are fairly telling but I think they’re detracting points for the wrong reasons. While we are in an age where everything is shifting toward appealing to casual gamers, Gran Turismo stands alone as it has geared up for the most dedicated auto enthusiasts around the world.

    I don’t think the game will sell like it’s predecessors have, and if this is the future of GT, it will be a fairly niche franchise. Sales mean nothing to me and while this might not be in Sony’s favor I think Polyphony Digital is exemplifying what I’ve really come adore so much about PlayStation. I deeply respect the passion that has clearly been a part of making GT5. This is a driving simulator in a league of its own.

  • This game will be a perfect display of the PS3s power. I know at least 3 people who are not gamers that will purchase a system when they see this on my HD screen. They are car fanatics. They build their cars from scrap. Have multiple car magazine subscriptions and computer programs. This will definitely entice them. I’ve mentioned it for so long and now they wil see exactly what I mean when I mention car porn. That’s the thing about GT series. Its a car SIMULATOR. It can achieve a wide audience just for that fact. Just a few more hours before I drive of into the sunset.

  • Can’t wait for this game AHHHHHhhhhh!!!

  • Not good, sony’s flaship game is not what people were expecting……………….What took so long for development? Yes its still good and GT, but there are some big issues with damage (Inexcusable to not have real damage ina sim), AI, glitches, graphics, standard versus premium.

  • only 6 more hour until i can pick mine up!

  • I am in california I have had my copy since last night…dont believe the biased reviews the game is excellent it looks awesome in hd…btw add me if you want to trade some cars or race!

  • This game is getting less than favorable reviews for something that’s been in development for 6 years.

  • The game seems to be good but not great. This is the problem when there is no community manager interacting with the fans and passing feedback back to the developer which is what most Western developers do these days. Kaz and PD seem disconnected from modern gaming, stuck in the past, little clue about how racing games have progressed since the 90s.

    While the game is feature rich and has some excellent car models there are also:

    -800 ugly last gen cars that detract from the game and have redundant multiples
    – inconsistent and poorly developed damage
    – some ugly shadowing and 2D models in the scenery
    – some dumb AI left over from previous GTs, though this has improved
    – clunky, counter intuitive GUI
    – limited upgrades and customisation (no brake upgrades!)
    – no Youtube uploading which was promised
    – poorly implemented online (no matchmaking, limited customisation of races etc.)

    It’s not good enough. If PD can’t do it thoroughly they should work with another SCE studio like Liverpool or outsource. Please have these comments translated and passed on to Kaz and PD.

  • My First Gran Turismo.I’m Buying the Collector’s Edition Today.

  • i have to get one

  • I got this last night at midnight. Totally worth it! Ignore all of the haters, just because it doesn’t have somethings that they want. First off, it’s a game. It’s not a actually racing career. Be happy with what you get, and if you don’t like it, then don’t complain about it.


  • awesome..

  • the only GT game ive played was 2 way back in the day, and i had an XBox so ive been a huge Forza fan, and i cant wait to see what the new pinnacle of racing sims has to offer! anybody have $60 i can borrow?

  • Can’t wait!! Picking up my Collector’s Edition this afternoon on my way home from work… ;-)

  • Just collected CE version from Gamestop, no bonus cars and they didnt even bother to tell me when I collected it. They are saying that I will get the code in about a week or 2. 8gb install and this edition is what legends are made of, well worth the wait Sony.
    P.s this will be my last post ever, sorry to busy playing GT5, oh and if someone can feed the wife during my absence it will be much appreciated. See you all in 6 years time for GT6 lol.

  • I’m gonna go get it in only 14 minutes!!! I’ve been waiting so long for this game!!

  • Im going to use my 25 dollar kmart coupon and get a 25 dollar sears coupon for a net loss of 20 bucks… not bad for the greatest racing game ever!

  • My copy is on its way, but I’m VERY disappointed by the reviews by now. 5 years of development… I was expecting a triple A title.


  • Got my copy.(regular)

  • Will get my copy this week, can’t wait either.

  • FINALLY! this game might not be GAME OF THE YEAR but it will be TOP 3 for sure!! 1. GOD OF WAR 3! man i wish they made a 4th one? darn PSP takes over lol 2. FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS great game over 100 hours and still havent explored half the map yet! and 3. GRAN TURISMO 5! i havent seen any decent titles yet that catches my eye for next year. Forenza can kiss Gran Turismo’s dust! :]

  • Gt5 failed to impress. what did they use all those development years for.. This is more like GT4 HD…

  • A modern sim as big as Gt with virtually no damage? come on PD and Sony. Damage is a critical component of racing. You should not be able to smack into cars all around the track and not be penalized. Sad day.

  • PS, Not a hater, huge Ps3 and Gt fan, got a G27 wheel, swill still enjoy it, but PD really missed the boat with some of the features in this game.

  • I really like the song in the E3 Demo, anyone know where I can download it?

  • I just got mine.
    the opening movie put tears in my eyes, but none drop lol

    gaming heaven

  • Still don’t blevive you Sony I will go to the store and check. But I got $20 says its not even on the shelf. I’m glad I live in an area where they stock games Two day after launch. oh and its a holiday just my luck so it might be awhile:)

  • Waiting for Fed Ex for my GT5 CE From Amazon.

  • Getting ready to go pick up my copy now, See you all on the track!!!

  • hmm do i want to race around the track umpteen times over and over and over again, or do i get something with more action (NFS) hmmm decisions decisions

  • PS Does anyone know if the music used in all the trailers will be in the game, that is some pretty awesome music!

  • ps: PD would like to make a different type of game, please let them, i can’t wait to see what else they can come up with.

  • I’ll buy it some time. I’ll delay my purchase a few times though. But it was expected to be bought day 1 (the original day 1).

  • Thanks Chris! I hope to race with you and Taku soon, on-line.

    GT fans: don’t forget there is a forum waiting for you, for support, good racing and friends.

  • Might as well say bye to my family now, they’re not going to see me for awhile.

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