Updates to PSP System Software, Media Go

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Hi everyone, the next PSP (PlayStation Portable) system software update (v6.35) is coming soon. This is a minor update that prepares your PSP system for the upcoming launch of “Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity” – a new, cloud-based, digital music service from Sony that will give music lovers access to millions of songs stored and synchronized through the cloud. A new icon for the service will be added to PSP’s XMB (XrossMediaBar) under the “Music” category. You can read more about Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity here, and we’ll report back when a launch date is announced.

In addition, the Media Go application for managing PSP downloadable content on your PC will be updated with enhancements to the user interface and advanced photo editing tools.

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  • You seriously need to create a Mac version of Media Go.

  • So another forced update that adds access to a poor service. Seems like a poor way to improve the system Sony, can’t match the competitors by offering mp3s?

  • I should have taken more time to form my post, that much was just bitter gripes. But honestly, adding a feature that sounds like DRM laden music pushed out as a service essentially means adding nothing useful to the system.

    Honestly, I’ve had so many features I hoped to see implemented that clearly never will. Why playlist creation on device won’t be included in an update, or a link to a store that provides music in the form of mp3’s is beyond me.

    I suppose this is another update that just leaves me wondering why I bother updating at all when Sony is just going to keep up the marketing while never managing to appeal to their actual audience.

  • Perhaps Media Go could allow you to actually rearrange playlists? Seems like a sad omission, nevermind that half my music library didn’t carry over from Windows Media Player.

  • Also, during update to 6.35 obtained overair it gave me the error “The update failed. Contact technical support for assistance. (LPTFFFFFFFE)”

    Anyone have a handle on this yet?

  • Cool, I hope we get another default icon that we can’t edit. Now my themes (and everyone else’s) can look even more shoddy and trashy. Awesome. Update tools and edit-able icons, please…

  • Sweet, thanks guys!!! 8)

  • what the new updates here already wow that was fast and unannounced

  • Pretty nice, cloud based music service is pretty nice, Not sure Ill use it though, have 15gb of music with all sorts of genres in there, plus an iPod touch 3rd gen Jailbroken so I think im good on music (unless my iPod touch breaks)

  • i didnt really care about the music but whatever im not updating it just yet… hopefully maybe when crisis core comes out :)


  • PLEASE!!!!!!! MEDIAGO FOR MAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I really like the idea of this. Hope it’s a large library and hope to find music from other countried (doubt it, though). I’m also interested in that Qriocity video service. Don’t know why sony didn’t use it from the start for PS3. Then again, there’s already about three or four video services for the PS3.

  • Thanks for the update. And I don’t know why the Media Go software couldn’t be Mac compatible … we have Sony Vaio and Mac Books in our houeshold & 3 PSP (s)

  • Media go for mac maybe ? please

  • This is a pointless update. They try to hide the fact that they are just TRYING to make homebrew harder to get for PSP users but it doesn’t make a difference and we get this one small thing updates. We need better updates, if you really want to make some updates specifically tailored towards the PSP Go. One that might raise the sells of it if it has exclusive updates and you can try to stop homebrew there since it’s barely getting started.

  • Great, Another Update with a useless app like the comic reader just because I’m north of USA. Thanks Sony

  • Wow, another update just to close a security whole. Don’t get me wrong, I DO NOT support piracy, but with TN-A coming, this is OBVIOUSLY being done so that there will never be a time when there could be 6.31 as the latest fw with a possible HEN for *the highest fw* as then PSN possibly, etc. So, they grab one of the *many* useless things they have sitting around used for cover to again close a security whole. You know, honestly, I would respect you guys more about the updates if you were honest about it. I understand NOT telling about security wholes YOU GUYS found and closed before the scene did, but closing 6.31 Hot Shots Golf without even MENTIONG in 6.35 that that was closed? Why not just TELL US, if nothing else it would get some people to understand WHY piracy is bad; as discussions would form around it and people on here and other psp sites would realize, to keep things going and happy we need to buy our games~~~! Whether you support homebrew or not, still, you need to BUY YOUR GAMES, even if you are running CFW for plugins and homebrew access. BUY YOUR GAMES, so the PSP will be around for a bit while the PSP2 is out!




  • Nice, How about a nice little nugget of goodness for the PS3 now? :D

  • I am very happy to see this update, and like most others on here I am wondering when we will see a music service on the PS3? Things are coming along well with movie and video services but nothing with music yet.

  • LOL, sony fixed the exploit of the game Everybody Golf ;(

  • Finally…all these other updates we have been getting didnt have anything interesting but now one does.

  • Seriously, to everyone complaining about media go not being compatible with MAC OSX needs to STFU and GTFO. Complain about it here:


  • Thanks for the new app and also bringing music to my ears!

  • I just wish the PSP and PS3 would reach feature parity and get equal programs between the two. The PSP has Internet Radio, Skype, and a comic reader, even support for multiple wifi profiles, while the PS3 doesn’t.

  • Eh im not a fan of using my psp for other media aside from games its not really a good mp3 player in my opinion, but i know people were asking for this so its nice to see some support.

    Now hopefully we can start getting games on the psn? there are far too many games not on the psn and no reasons have been giving out as to why! games like Crisis Core:FFvii, phantasy star portable 1, naruto ultimate ninja heroes 3, etc.

  • I don’t mind this but in order to make my psp my primary music player. The music player needs to be more robust in features and intuitive / easy to use. There is no on the fly playlist creation feature. For audiobooks there needs to be a “remember position” feature so I don’t lose my place. I also need to be able to listen to music while visiting websites on the device but I barely use the browser because it is not compatible with web 2.0 standards. Add social networking applications (twitter, fb, etc). Ability to continue listening to music when playing mini’s. step up the multipurpose aspect of the psp. There is no Im

  • ….There is no Im support or dedicated YouTube application. please add t9 support so text entry is easier. :(

  • just music?

  • Sounds interesting…

  • Knowing this music service won’t be available in Canada, I would appreciate it if you mentioned this in your post Eric Lempel. This blog covers US & Canada and all too often you announce a great new feature only to find out later it was US only. Be up front about it and I think you’ll get less ill will from Canadians.

  • Ahhhh! I’m in Latin America and Qriocity is said to not be avaibale for my region .. boo!!! Although it is kinda’ early to judge right?

  • Kudos for releasing a new firmware update and all, but the Qriocity service is not available in my country so whatever. Ill wait for something we all can use.

  • The store works so quickly in Media Go now!

  • Can my PSP-3000(Japanese) can import this “Music Unlimited”?

    pls answer this question..tnx!

  • Becuase when I update my Japanese PSP I have not seen the “Music Unlimited”.

    pls help my problem.. :((

  • There’s still no PSN+ section in the Media Go Store

    It’s always difficult to get to the Free PSN+ PSP games from Media Go.

  • You guys need more synchronization between PSP and PS3. PSP has features PS3 doesnt (Qriocity, LocationFree, RSS, control remapping in PS1 games, the ability to save web pages, Game Pause, Standby mode, multiple stored Wifi profiles, etc) This should not be! PS3 should get EVERY feature PSP has

  • Wow!!! I hav dat update nd itz cool!!!

  • pls feedback our quesions.

  • it has been said before… PLEASE make the MEDIA GO MAC COMPATIBLE!

  • well its a good update but you guys should put in some kinda social networking integration like facebook etc. and how about a youtube app or when we are using the internet browser we can play music. its just some cool ideas to bring the psp alive. Please put some kinda instant messaging or social networking apps pleaseeeee !!!. I would totally give up my hacked psp and homebrew apps.Jus read this and understand please…thanks

  • Mac OS X Media Go… it’s the right thing to do. Please, don’t make me start up VMWare again, please.

  • Its about time you gave us what we were asking for almost 5 years later it took you guys to finally decide to release a music download service! I hope it’s for the PS3 console as well cause what I’m I going to do with it on my PSP? Sure that sounds like a cool idea But I already have over 200 MP3’s on my PSP Sony and on my PS3 400! It would be cool if we could use this application in our games then great!
    if we can’t then this is a useless update!. I rather have this instead still waiting for custom sound tracks in all my games, Cross Game Chat, A better way to communicate when I’m not on my PS3 and the most wanted!–> A longer ban list as well as a longer friends list: That pretty much sums it up! Then you can say that you kick a%% But right now your still trying to catch up with XBL..Try harder SCEA!


  • Will this feature be downloadable on a mac.

  • it would be great if there will be flash support on internet browsing :)

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