Register for Call of Duty: Black Ops $25,000 Online Ladder, Starts 11/22

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Register for Call of Duty: Black Ops $25,000 Online Ladder, Starts 11/22

Call of Duty: Black Ops and MLG

Good News! Black Ops is out, and I’m sure many of you are busy scoring TKs and heaping up the bodies of the n00bs. PlayStation and MLG will make your hours of dedication more lucrative with $25,000 in total cash prizes in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Online Ladder, presented by PlayStation. This is a 4v4 competition — grab a few of your best buds and sign up (it’s free to register).

This is an online tournament ladder, so you don’t even need to leave your house to enter and compete for a shot at your share of the $25,000 prize pool. Round up your posse, join the ladder, and start whatever regiment you need to get into shape for ladder play starting on November 22nd. The top 128 teams move on to a double-elimination tournament on January 24th. The best team will claim ultimate Black Ops supremacy and the $10,000 first place prize.

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  • This may sound weird but, the banner is kind of funny it says COD BlackOps only on PS3

    shouldnt say COD BlackOps Tournament only on PS3?

    thats my opinion

  • @47 wow you just came here to complain? that’s pretty sad :/

  • I want to see MLG have a tournament for MAG. Now that would be beast!

  • Graphics in this game are really not that great, especially in MP.They suck.

  • Some people just never understand that graphics arent what makes the game… its like icing on top of a cake. the games single player and zombies is great! multiplayer lacks a bit but hey we have one thing over xbox! ps3 has mlg for black ops…

  • holaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • I have the version 3.50 but I can not play online when I log that calls an old version
    what I do?

  • You Know before you start a tournament for money you should get the system or network working right first. Black ops is a good gun but the mutiplayer part of the game needs to be fixed. you need to upgrade because right now psn is a garbage system for playing Black ops.75 percent of the time spent on this game is getting kicked because of the server.Im at the point that I am about to put the game away till PSN can get there !@#$ togeather and get the system running right. Ihate to think that I wasted my money on two copies of this game because you cant plat multiplayer half the time.

  • i want to play online but i cant cause when I log that calls an old version

  • man am trying to find out how to get a friends list on psp

  • Say what you want about camper, they are always in the same spot. Been a rush for years and they are just as easy cause campers are the same, too predictable. Hardcore, I find camping worse then ever, if you have to camp on hardcore to get kills you know you need to practice, goes to show on the skill its harcore. You could get an erection and kill someone, come on people. Ballistic knife, knife and tomahawk is all you really need. With a gun this game is way too easy. Non the less it is positive to have some competition, plus it’s nice to work together. Not really a fun of auto-aim either kinda does kill the game a bit, But I am one of those guys that hopes another CS comes out by some act of god, :) Well thats my little rant, thank you all see yeah out there :)

  • Yeah I know my post has horrible grammar, flame me

  • Amazing what a complete disappointment CoD Black-Ops has been to all of us. Speaking for the hundreds of those whom I have shared this disappointment with “TRYING” to play a game that lacks gamemenship/integrity/proper-server systems/connection etc… I’am sure u get the point. Whats even more amazing is how Sony can sign-off on such a game knowing damn well that we have all been waiting patiently for the next big thing from its #1 first person shooter game meca. I thought the idea was to raise the bar not lower it! By the way, this comes from a serious first person shooter player who has over 3,500 hours of game play just between CoD & MW2. Do the math!

  • Oh & for “footballrule” I must suggest as part of my civil service to all of humanity for you to get a shrink because u have clearly lost any working ability your mind has to offer.

  • I am sick of trying to play COD Black OPS. I thought I would play a little this morning, but after about 2 hours, I only was able to complete 1 game without losing connection. I want a refund.

    Don’t waste your money on this game! Bad Company 2 is a far superior game, and you can actually play it.

    I have never written a post but felt compelled after this horrible gaming experience.

    I want a refund!! This should be illegal. I don’t know who to blame, but this really sucks!! You can’t even reply or make a post on the game site to let everyone else know how bad it is.

  • Are you stupid???? This game SUCKS!!!!

  • I would just like to say i am a COD die hard. this is the only game that stays in the playstion 3 unit, i mean it almost never comes out until the next COD game comes out. I am a father of 3 and we all love it. IThe wife came home with black ops as soon as it came home. i logged online right away, which at first took forever to get into a game and that i can see with the amount of people logging in. Sure some the graphics are almost cartoonie and you get disconnected or freeze, but hey are you paying for online play? im 35 i couldnt imagine that on my first system or my 2nd,3rd or even 4th. anyhow I still love black ops, new gear,gadgets, new ways to get pro perks, video share hey what else to say but ty and im sure they are working on the bugs.


  • im blessed to have black ops,medal of honor,and the killzone 3 beta,although i like them all…killzone 3 is game of the yr material…cant wait for the whole thing..i would love to posse up and git dat cash but i dont play much and kinda got behind a little,,git em next time…thx

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