Register for Call of Duty: Black Ops $25,000 Online Ladder, Starts 11/22

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Register for Call of Duty: Black Ops $25,000 Online Ladder, Starts 11/22

Call of Duty: Black Ops and MLG

Good News! Black Ops is out, and I’m sure many of you are busy scoring TKs and heaping up the bodies of the n00bs. PlayStation and MLG will make your hours of dedication more lucrative with $25,000 in total cash prizes in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Online Ladder, presented by PlayStation. This is a 4v4 competition — grab a few of your best buds and sign up (it’s free to register).

This is an online tournament ladder, so you don’t even need to leave your house to enter and compete for a shot at your share of the $25,000 prize pool. Round up your posse, join the ladder, and start whatever regiment you need to get into shape for ladder play starting on November 22nd. The top 128 teams move on to a double-elimination tournament on January 24th. The best team will claim ultimate Black Ops supremacy and the $10,000 first place prize.

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  • This game is garbage.

    Kiddie shooter
    Massive amounts of auto-aim
    Wii level graphics
    Junk online
    Almost as buggy as a Bethesda game

  • i want the cash, but don’t want to play the game…

  • Whoever wins is the PS3’s besr camper

  • It really does amaze me that a company the size of Sony would partner with a site as jacked up as GB. Read through the boards there and or actually join as a member to see how terrible that community is.

    Why doesn’t Sony host its own ladders, leagues etc?

  • May the best camper win.
    (sorry for double post The Blog needs an edit button)

  • How can i join a Ladder on a game that PURPOSEFULLY LAGS???? it even looks like crap, i mean, its the Inferior version of the game, compared to that other console… you should tell those guys at Activision/Treyarch that were not second class citizens too.

  • Does TK mean something different in Black Ops, or did you get tricked into writing that?

  • @metaly, I’m sure he was simply kidding

  • @7 that’s what i saw as well .. it has to mean something else . purposful team killing is a violation of PSN rules . but any way interesting competition . you cant beat actual prizes . the only concern is since this game has not been out for long , somebody will be able to exploit a glitch or cheat , will this event be sufficiently moderated to catch glitchers/cheaters ?

  • oh the irony

    a MAG avatar on a post for the game that is killing it, yeah MAG players are migrating to Black Ops, my clan is MIA

  • I wish MLG had more support for PS3 exclusives.

  • BlackOps is beast!!!!!

  • This is on my Christmas list. Nice to see a PS3-exclusive to greet me. Can I see some easy trophies to get?

  • Will try to get in i guess

  • @Brian Gauld ok i want more support for the grand theft auto series, Sony made a huge mistake by letting the xbox get GTA4 an then ruined it by the xboxs small disc space, now i don’t think were even get a new one until Microsoft makes a new system

  • This game is utter garbage – CALL OF DOOKIE – BATHROOM OPS; The campaign has good graphics – but the MP is horid graphicly – almost reminds me of a ps2 game – The only people on my friends who like it is the COD die hards – and even there not to happy – make a tourney for Medal of honor and ill be there

  • im in need of a good team.. :/

  • Is there ever going to be playstation party chat im still waiting Sony

  • No thanks….. My copy is getting traded in the day I pick up GT5.

  • Hey Brian, one PS3 title I would like to see have a competition like this is Killzone 3!

  • I think Gran Turismo 5 would be an advocate title to be supported to the MLG. It’s going to be a very competitive online racer considering all the online features and it’s legacy behind it. I know the game hasn’t come out just yet, but i’m sure it would be a deal breaker!

  • Thank you playstion for this great opportunity… sadly I wont be playing black ops because the game is not a good shooter due to lack if servers overpowered knifing, overpowered guns etc… etc… all of which promotes camping over skill. I would like to know if Killzone 3 will have a tournament like this?

  • I really like the picture that you guys choose… “Call of Duty, Black Ops ONLY ON PS3” XD Funniest post of the week!

  • Fix the lag and all the other issues and we’ll care, until then, go screw…Treyarch.

  • Man, talk about a lot of haters. Just reading the first couple of comments had me laughing. Guys, it’s a tournament to win some money that the MLG does on a regular basis. The man is just trying to get the message across. I would love to see more tournaments for money hosted by whatever organization for any PS3 game posted on the blog more. Games for Uncharted 2, Killzone 3, and maybe even Naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm (which would be sooo easy). And I would love to see video of these tourneys too. Also, some SSFIV, and Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and or 3.

  • Awesome game I got some good cheat codes over at clubplaystation

  • I want to leave a message on there wedsite that say that they mess up on the new update. now the zombies game is mess up and not fun to play.

  • i want to change my name how can i do that without making a new.

  • sony ur starting to suck i want to kill myself

  • i dont care about money, money isn’t everything

  • i’m a lvl 13 on my trophies and i think its time to end it with u.

  • @28, I’m sorry but thats one stupid comment. Zombies is still a blast to play.

    Back on topic, I think I may give this a shot. My bro is possibly the best player in the game (without camping). And I typically finish above a 2 K/D every round myself.

  • Graphics arnt bad..

    Wanna know why? They have 14 maps, zombie modes, and other stuff. Graphics has to be decreased a bit. But seriously, multiplayer replay> graphics anyday. Plus its a FREE 25,000 Tournament, and you guys are complaining? Atleast playstation is hosting/sponsoring tournaments like they did with Modern Warfare 2. You guys are pathetic. Stop trolling and be thankful sony is doing something.

    If you want graphics, go play on the pc stupid nerds.

  • Sorry for double post but,

    Its no camping, Its run and gunning. CTF, domination, demolition, and search and destroy. Look at the rules… Camping wont matter.

  • The prospects of a tournament with actual cash prizes seems awesome, but I share some of the same concerns with everyone else. I love this game, I really do, but it lags so bad. Every match I played in yesterday went like this: I empty my entire clip into somebody, and they would die 2 to 3 seconds later, or they would just simply turn and kill me with 2 shots. Skill is one thing, but people getting kills because everyone else is too lagged to do anything about it is major BS. If this tournament is going to be fair, and if you wish to stop the same old complaint from popping up everywhere, I suggest a major server upgrade that is able to support all the players that attempt to play Black Op’s.

  • Will the finals be recorded? It would be awesome to have a pre-recorded spectator mode where gamers can watch/explore a digital replay of the matches. I don’t know if that’s even a possibility, but it would be pretty cool.

    this call of duty without WW2 is a stupid idea!!!

  • I will never complain about the chance to win free money, but i do agree that there needs to be a server upgrade, and some moderation. The lagging is horrible, i emptied an entire clip in someone, they turned and shot me in my toe and i died. %%(&%
    I also got hit with a ballistic knife in nuketown while being in a window, he was in the other window. how the hell does that happened. I saved it and uploaded it, check it out. even in free camera, i cant see where the knife hit me

  • why cant i sign up.. i keep gettin an error code

  • Hey Brian Gauld,

    Is this going to be a “Core” tourney? Is there ever a possibility of “Hardcore” tourneys in the future? Myself and my team mostly play Hardcore TDM.

    Side note:

    What do you guys think about Core vs. Hardcore mode?


  • this game is a joke,so many lag and issues,thats a bad idea buy it think in multplayer

  • Wouldn’t play that P.O.S. game even if you gave me a copy for free.

  • i thought this was free?
    it’s not, you have to buy battle points? which in-turn is spending real money. At the moment i’m broke so i guess i can’t join.
    Note: this game really pisses me off with it’s lag & disconnect errors. i have a love/hate relationship with black ops. (yes my network is perfect) 6 to 8 players not so bad but when you go into the 12 to 18 players sometimes it just goes bonkers.
    anyways thanks for the heads up :)

  • I hope all the people complaining about lag are playing on an Ethernet connection rather than wi-fi in their moms/dads basement.

    wifi = lag

  • Pass. Just like BO

  • Well this sounds good and all, but too bad that you guys (Sony) put out a piece of crap…..You guys really need to take care of the YLOD before you worry about anything else. If you cant take care of it, at least you could start giving us a free replacement system if ours end up having this issue. I mean come on…If you want to keep the player base that you have, you need to start taking care of us better. I had my 40 GB PS3 for a little over 2 years and now it is junk. Sure I can send it off to you and let you fix it for a charge but really why do I have to pay for something that is your (Sony’s) fuk up. Not mine! I will just go by an XBox now. So Sony you can just keep putting out this crap and hopefully everyone that this has or will happen to will do the same. Then lets see what company will be in the top spot for gaming systems. Thanks Sony now that I have a 600 dollar system that is collecting dust now. Way to go……..

  • @Brian yo man.. MLG ps3 exclusives could do MAG, or SOCOM 4 (if its any good) or something…

  • The hate in this thread is a sad reflection of what the internet does to people.


  • Uncharted 2, KZ2 (guess it’s too late?) and KZ3 need some MLG tournaments.

  • Black Ops is by far the best COD ever made. Great job treyarch, you are breaking all sorts of records with this game, and the customization in this game is great! Keep up the good work, and hopefully we’ll get some add-ons soon. :)

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