The Prince of Persia is Back in HD and 3D, Exclusively on PSN

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The Prince of Persia is Back in HD and 3D, Exclusively on PSN

The Prince of Persia Trilogy will be available for download exclusively on the PlayStation Network, giving you the opportunity to re-live the critically-acclaimed developed by Ubisoft’s Montreal studios. These PS2 classics have been upgraded with HD graphics and are ready for 3D-enabled televisions for the first time ever!

Prince of Persia The Sands of Time PS3

Do you remember fighting the Vizier? Chasing the Dagger of Time? Trying to save Farah? Well, that was 7 years ago… This huge PS2 hit is prettier than ever on your PS3 in 720p, and for the lucky owners of a 3DTV, added 3D effects to immerse you more than ever in this awesome Arabian Nights tale from Jordan Mechner and Ubisoft Montreal. Getting this game on PSN is simpler than reversing time, right? So don’t wait, jump, wall run, solve puzzles and rewind time today on PSN with Prince of Persia The Sands of Time.

Prince of Persia Warrior Within and Prince of Persia The Two Thrones, the 2 other chapters of this epic tale, will be available in December. Each game will be available for download on the PlayStation Store for $14.99. To join the Prince in his quest for total awesomeness – Prince the warrior, not the singer – visit us on Facebook.

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  • Also, how about a date for the Sands of Time?

  • Cool story, Brod.

    Seriously though, will buy Sands of Time today.

  • Well, I’ve got the European disc for this, and I must say I am very happy. The price tag for the European disc-based version is €29,99, which is about $40,-

    However, do not misunderstand, that the disc-based version STILL requires you to install about 3.7GB of data in order to be able to play.

    As far as Trophies, I can say that there are, to be earned:

    – 16 Trophies in “The Sands of Time”
    – 20 Trophies in “Warrior Within”
    – 18 Trophies in “The Two Thrones”

    So in all, you get 54 Trophies in total, of which 3 are Platinums. Good collection, but if you have the opportunity, import the disc-version

  • “this awesome Arabian Nights tale”

    seriously? what is Prince of “Persia” got to do with “Arabian Night”? people at Ubi are so stupid.

  • Oh it’s today? Yeah, your blog post doesn’t really make that as clear as it should be.

  • i have to agree with everyone else. i would have much prefered the disc. i think this will be one i will put on my want list but not get for a bit and see what happens

  • Any chance for a PSTwo Classics section? There’s already God of War, God of War 2, 3 PoP games, MvC2, we need a dedicated section to put these classics on PSN, you can also put non HD versions there as well if it would be too much work to port some of the more niche games.

  • Put them all on one disc for $40 and I will buy it.

  • PS2 HD Remake Store is next, right?

    I hope so, there a ton of PS2 games that i would love to play (i missed the PS2 era and the whle past gen because i had an original xbox, which went lame pretty fast). This is the way to play PS2 games on PS3, in hd glory and trophies!!!!!

  • Will buy if this comes out as a bundle on blu-ray.

    Hate downloadable games, sorry.

  • Good stuff man;)

    I wish someone would do a ‘TimeSplitters’ Trilogy :P [Oh well, nice dream]

  • Eagerly awaiting a Ratchet collection, personally.

  • Sounds great to me.

    Will there be a bundle price?

  • I am getting these! Awesome!

  • Not going to lie, I’m glad they’re doing the HD Upgrades rather than just putting PS2 games onto the PSN.

    Getting a plati for all my efforts in my favorite PS2 Classics and letting my friends know I’m playing these games are much more satisfying than going offline and not getting ‘rewarded’ for playing PS2 games.

    Gotta love Sony and their idea with these PS2 Classics in HD w/3D and Trophy support. Not to mention some will probably get Move support.

    Bought the GoW Collection (Plati’d both), and I’ll be getting the Sly Collection soon, and I’m GREATLY looking forward to the Team ICO Collection. Not to mention I’d buy up that MGS Collection SONY. ;) Did you hear what I said? MGS Collection!?

    Oh but on topic, I’ll probably pick these up sometime soon aswell. Then I might just have every PS2 Classic :)

  • DJKim0701 are you not aware that all new playstation 3 games are REQUIRED to have trophies?

    I’m glad they’re releasing this on the PSN… I was afraid only EU would have access to it, I had read somewhere that it was being released on disc in some collector’s bundle but no US release was planned.

  • Great chance to pick the trilogy, never played in the PS2 era!
    But… my PS3 got yellow led 2 weeks ago, and i can’t play :(

  • I am a bit saddened to see that this is not coming to Disc in the states. I might import my copy like I had to do for Patapon 2.

  • I know a few people who aren’t to happy about this not getting a disc release. I might get these eventually, but I’d rather have a disc myself so I may try to wait this out.

  • I can’t wait for these.

  • So the rumours were true. Dammit.

    Guess im importing the disc. >.< So dumb.

  • Like most people commented, I’d rather have a physical copy. My import copy is already paid for and should be here next week.

    The only positive I see about buying off the PSN would be to progress in the PlayStation Rewards program.

  • I love all three games, but have beaten them all. If Ubisoft has a fire-sale sometime for all three I might have to dive in, but as it stands right now $45 is too much for a digital download trilogy. The sweet spot would have been $30-35 for me. But anyone who hasn’t played these games should definitely get them! They are worth $45 if you haven’t played them prior.

  • What’s really obnoxious is the bland, monotone, “yay Sony” responses the official staff are giving about this. A lot of the responses do nothing but reinforce my anger at this and my decision not to support this digital nonsense.

    “For now, in North America we’ve chosen to offer for each Prince of Persia fan a chance to pick which adventure he wants to re-live in HD.”

    Which makes sense in the short term considering that these are a trilogy set. That’s like expecting players to buy “The Forgotten Sands” without playing the original trilogy.

    “Invoke the Sands of Time to go back to free up some hard drive space… ;)”

    So we should erase our content to free up space that shouldn’t be taken up if it wasn’t for the fact Blu-Ray technology in the system still suffers from forced installs?

    “PSN allows you to play each game right away which is pretty sweet isn’t it ?”

    Yeah, it’s sweet that you’re overcharging me. I’m going to utilize the one feature that never gets mentioned from you guys, region free gaming and just import the UK one same with Siren in UK.

  • I was excited when I first heard of them remaking these in HD but now that it has come completely to light that North America is getting screwed over and is getting digital download versions only I will have to pass. After tax (Ohio=6.5%) to buy all 3 of these it would be $47.89 no thanks.

  • That’s great and all, I loved the the original POP’s.
    However, I wont be interested until it becomes a Blu-Ray collection.

    So maybe, get on that?
    I’m sure many other people would love that too.

  • Excellent News (esp that the first one comes out today). Quick Question however…..

    Do any of these games support custom soundtracks? Thank you, and good luck with sales.

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  • ps1 classics bought on the PSN store, come with instruction manuals (you can access them by pressing the playstation button during play). Is there anyway that we can download the instruction manuals for these games(the ps2 manuals)?

    An answer would be nice. Thank you.

  • Patrick, can you confirm all 3 games have platinum trophies. If so they’re all bought.

  • @78, yeah nothing gets done in america, unlike canada, who has accomplished such great achievements as SNL great Mike Myers, and …, …., Celine Deion?

    …Now having said that, I love everyone from Canada. :)

  • Looks like an import for me also.

    As much as I love digital distribution, my bandwidth is limited, and so is my PS3’s hard drive currently. I also have to say I quite enjoy physical copies of game collections in any form.

    Hope they sell well regardless, PSN can always use more full-fledged games to pick from for those of us wanting a more meaty experiences than the usual $10-15 offering.

  • You guys need to clarify what “HD” improvements there are beyond a simple bump in resolution. If I don’t care about 3D, why would I want these over the PC versions which go well above 1280×720?

  • I play on playing all three, but I’d like to get them all on one Bluray.

  • I’m happy that the series is getting a release in the US, but I do have a question.

    Other than trophies and HD resolution, do the PSN versions have any extras that were included in the previous releases of the games, or any other treats? I’ve already bought Sands of time twice (Once for PS2, once for Xbox) and curious if there are any extras that could get me to buy the game a 3rd time.

  • I agree with #50. Digital downloads nullify the cost of materials, so why does the Prince’s HD collection cost more than Sly Cooper’s retail disk?

    Any word on a PS+ discount? Give me a discounted bundle of all 3 games, like #3 mentioned, then mark that at 20% off for PS+ members like they did with the Red Dead Redemption DLC & I’ll bite.

  • After the last few PoP games, I’ve grown to really miss this series.
    Thank the deities for this wonderful gift

  • ELIKA!!!!!

    Oh woops, wrong game. But I will fully support these remakes if only to show that interest in the Prince of Persia line of games is strong and has a rooted fan base. Sands of Time was a blast, PoP 2008 was an even BIGGER blast (sequel???), and I’ve been wanting to play the other 2 in the series.

  • PSN charges tax for citizens of NY too.

  • …depends on what state you live in

  • This is fantastic!

    But please for the love of God fix the performance issues in The Two Thrones and the audio glitches in Sands of Time that were on the PS2.

  • I learned my lesson downloading the God of War Collection over PSN.

    Digital distribution is a wonderful thing until your file sizes get to be huge.

    And no, my internet isn’t crap.

  • Got to be kidding me, no disk based hard copy?

  • Woo-Hoo! Thanks a bunch Ubisoft. I’m happy to pay $15 for Prince of Persia: Sands of Time HD. I prefer having this as a download on my hard drive ready to play in an instant, my PS3 usually has a Netflix Blu-ray in it. I would also like to have this on Xbox Live if that could ever happen.

    Ironically, I got stuck halfway through this game years ago and never got back to it. Looking forward to beating that darn puzzle this time around.

    • Good luck with that… and remember, it’s not cheating if no one sees you looking at a walkthrough. That is all.

  • Mixed feelings here. While I’m glad I won’t have to go through the hassle of importing the PoP Trilogy on disc to get these games now, I would have much prefered a bundle pricing in line with the retail version of the Sly Cooper collection.

    Though I’ll definitely be buying these at some point, I’ll probably hold out for a PSN bundle or for Ebay to get flooded with the disc version.

  • PoP: The Sands of Time is one of my favourite games ever, so this is totally sweet. My PS2 copy was stolen and I’ve never been able to find a replacement. Finally I can get it again.

    $15 doesn’t seem too bad to me. Some of the bigger PSOne Classics cost $10 even, so a great PS2 game for 15 is ok. I’m sure they’ll eventually bundle the 3 games together for a PSN sale for a little cheaper like $40. I already have the other 2 games in the trilogy though, so I’m happy with the option to get them separately. Looking forward to it!

  • I’d prefer a retail version of the game but well.. I guess its better than nothing.

  • Not really fond of selling them a downloadable games only for North America. I have the collect on pre-order from a store in Europe as I’d much rather have them on Blu-ray.

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  • $15 for each game? Surely, you at least have them all bundled together for a price of $40. Besides, this is a digital download so it should be cheaper than that. I could get the Sly Collection with 3 games for $40 and that comes on a disc so I could keep it in my collection. This Prince of Persia collection just seems like a ripoff. It also doesn’t help that this looks like the worst HD transition compared to the other collections.

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