The Prince of Persia is Back in HD and 3D, Exclusively on PSN

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The Prince of Persia is Back in HD and 3D, Exclusively on PSN

The Prince of Persia Trilogy will be available for download exclusively on the PlayStation Network, giving you the opportunity to re-live the critically-acclaimed developed by Ubisoft’s Montreal studios. These PS2 classics have been upgraded with HD graphics and are ready for 3D-enabled televisions for the first time ever!

Prince of Persia The Sands of Time PS3

Do you remember fighting the Vizier? Chasing the Dagger of Time? Trying to save Farah? Well, that was 7 years ago… This huge PS2 hit is prettier than ever on your PS3 in 720p, and for the lucky owners of a 3DTV, added 3D effects to immerse you more than ever in this awesome Arabian Nights tale from Jordan Mechner and Ubisoft Montreal. Getting this game on PSN is simpler than reversing time, right? So don’t wait, jump, wall run, solve puzzles and rewind time today on PSN with Prince of Persia The Sands of Time.

Prince of Persia Warrior Within and Prince of Persia The Two Thrones, the 2 other chapters of this epic tale, will be available in December. Each game will be available for download on the PlayStation Store for $14.99. To join the Prince in his quest for total awesomeness – Prince the warrior, not the singer – visit us on Facebook.

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  • trophies?

  • ah, nostalgia! the first time i met the prince of persia! :D sold!

    • You met the Prince, lucky mortal… :)

      I’ve sweet memories too of my first dive in the Prince of Persia adventures back in 2003. I think I played all night and missed school the next day.

  • Might get the sands of time but the others are too expensive for how good those games were. I think you should do a bundle price as well for all of the content.

    • Thanks for the bundle idea !

      For now, in North America we’ve chosen to offer for each Prince of Persia fan a chance to pick which adventure he wants to re-live in HD.

  • That’s pretty killer news and its exclusive? That’s awesome! I never played the trilogy so I might have to give these a try, I wish it was a retail release though, my hard drive space is pretty limited

    How about trophy support? Does each have a platinum?

    • All 3 of the Prince of Persia HD games will have trophy support.
      And happy to see that we will have newcomers as well !

  • Will there be a three-game bundle on the PSN at some point in time?

  • Pretty sweet. I missed all those last gen so it would be nice to catch up! And great that it’s in 3d! Keep the 3d rolling in please!

  • First game is an absolute pleasure in platforming, will def. pick it up.

  • Is it going to be released in a bundle too? I’d prefer to just have them take up one slot on my games list.

  • so you are gouging people instead of offering the collection together like the EU… weak

  • COOL the best one in the series coming today GREAT

  • Did I read that right? Sands of Time is on PSN today?

    If so, that’s kind of bad timing, considering Brotherhood /just/ came out; it’ll be a while before I buy it, probably when WW/TTT come out next month.

  • Mmm, so will we get Platinum trophies with each game?

  • Disc bundle please. My 60gb is too full and not able to switch in a new hard drive any time soon.

  • @ xulpid – $15 x 3 = $45

    The Trilogy in Europe is going for £30, which is ~$47, so I’d say it’s a deal:

    Sadly, I would /much/ rather have a physical copy as opposed to digital.

  • @ 13

    buy a BIGGER hdd!!

  • This should have been a disc release here in North America too. I’m sure if it was it would have cost $39.99 like the other HD classic collections out there.

    Instead you release them on PSN at $15 each ($45+tax for all 3), if anything they should have been cheaper this way.

    Lame Ubisoft, really really lame.

  • I’d prefer this on a disc… I’m guesstimating that each game will be around 2GB or more. I might just import the disc from Europe…

  • @Caudill: What Tax? PSN cards are Tax Free so you’re paying the same for all 3 games as you would for a Bluray disc.

    I don’t really know about this. Might wait until the games are on sale on PSN store in a couple of months.

  • UK / EU as well tomorrow? Soon? Ever? Please

  • I WANT IT ON DISC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $15 each is a rip… I want all 3 on disc for $40 like the EU’s getting.

  • @14 Poster did say they’re not able to upgrade soon.

    I want to bite but I’ll wait for word of a disc based version or at least a bundle.

    I’m a collector.

  • Oh I see. You wanted another 5 bucks over the established $40 price tag of current HD collections, without the additional overhead of publishing on disc.

    Alright, well played. I may buy the first one.

  • @ 20

    I have 500GB HDD. I can afford to download this game.

    I dont care about disc becz of loading times.

    I like download games becz of less loading time.

  • @17 EdEN_Zardos

    Don’t know about where you live, but I’m in Canada and when I buy something on the store I get charged tax.

    This game will NOT be $14.99 total for me, I WILL be charged sale tax IF I buy it.

  • I can’t support this because the price is $5 too much. Sly Collection has 3 full HD games for $40 yet these are digital version of games that should be sold for $9.99. Where’s the extra cost for manuals, packaging, disc pressing, etc? Plus, I’m disappointed that we won’t get a disc version of this that the UK is getting. Sorry, can’t support being forced to buy my games under a certain format.

  • Sly collection with 40.00 plus TAX!

    PSN always doesnt have TAX.

  • @22
    That’s great, for you. It means absolutely nothing to anyone else but you. So guess how much the size of your HDD matters to the guy who already said he couldn’t atm buy a new, larger harddrive? That’s right, it doesn’t. At all. Remember that.

    For those wondering about whether or not this has trophies, I suggested glancing at this link:

  • @26 DJKim0701

    PSN HAS tax in Canada, I assume they’re not the only place in the world that does.

    Must be good to be where you live, but not everyone else does.

  • I would’ve liked to get the Blu-Ray of all 3 games Europe is getting, but Sands of Time is the only one I’m really interested in.

  • @ #26 The tax depends on the state you are in :P

  • this is only psn? and will you be able to buy these in a bundle pack at some point?

  • People need to shut up about the pricing. 3 games for $45 is still cheap. Especially when people pay $60 for stupid games like Call of Duty.

  • nice… i really only wanted Prince of Persia The Sands of Time. Day 1

  • @ 29

    I live in CA. PSN with tax in CA is free! :P

  • @31 Opinions are not needed, especially considering Call of Duty alone destroys PoP in sales. Whether the quality of the game is there or not wasn’t the issue. The problem is that this is $45 for digital downloads, that won’t be optimized for the HD in order to “lower load times” and what have you.

    Furthermore, without the figure head costs of production, disc pressing, manuals, cases, etc the games should be priced cheaper. In fact, I’d go as far to say where is my PS Plus discount Sony?

  • I will gladly support Ubisoft montreal if you guys put the 3 games on a disc.

  • Is this also gonna be released on Disc?
    I have very little space left on my HDD (for some weird reason)

  • I have a legit reason y I wont buy this, just bought AC brotherhood collectors edition and I’m buying both persona games for my psp go today. Plus I just finished off paying gt5 collectors as well.

  • Hey Ubi, is a Splinter Cell collection also coming?

    You plan to bring Conviction to PS3 a year after Xbox 360?
    Because a timed exclusivity deal expires around that time, right?

  • How is the framerate of the game? I saw a youtube movie of the game and it seemed really choppy. I can only expect the worst if there’s no response.

    • Framerate is great, I’ve played it for 3 hours last night. Stay tuned for the reviews of your favorite gaming website !

  • will this and the other 2 prince of persia games be released on a disk as europe is getting, if so i will definately get it when it is. my HDD is very full and i do not like to put large games in there that i will not play alot

  • I never played a prince of persia game, but why do these ps2 classics come remastered in 720p and not 1080p. I rather play them in a pc emulator since it will look better.

  • To me it sounds like they mean TODAY. That’s pretty darn epic if you asked me. The only problem I have is that I really don’t feel like expanding and backing up my 80GB hard drive. I’ll try and make room for the first game though, for sure.


  • I’ll buy it if it ever comes on a disc, but not as a download.

  • I wish this was on bluray. I heard other places have it on BluRay. Any insight why North America is getting the download versions?

  • Love you guys, but… why aren’t we getting the full package (all in one disc) like they are in Europe? Not even the option?

  • Download? Lame.

    If it keeps like this, more developers will only release these HD classics as DL only.

    I want it on a blu-ray disc. I loved GOW collection.

  • $15 each?

    Seems pricey considering the Sly collection is $40 and that’s retail.

    It Really annoys me when downloadable games are priced so stupidly. You’d think after 4-5 years in this generation devs/publishers/Sony would know what’s up by now but apparently now.

    Games should be $10 each, huge minus if these don’t have plats as well.

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