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Here’s a quick look at the news that *didn’t* involve Gran Turismo 5 this week :)
Let us know if you’ve found something good that we missed.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of November 8, 2010)

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  • Is it true that there is comming a PS3 with 750GB for december?

  • Jeff, please tell Susan Panico to give us the ability to change our PlayStation Network Online ID’s. So many people would be willing to pay for a name change.

  • The best thing that happened to me this week was not the GT5 release date announcement, but The Sly Cooper collection!

    The games are so good! I had never played them before. Thanks Sony!

  • Hey Jeff –

    Any FFXIV PS3 beta news?

  • @Jeff

    Who ever is in charge of putting up trophy data on Sony’s servers, can you let them know that The Fight: Lights Out trophies are NOT syncing?

    It’s been almost a week since the game came out and every time I go to my trophy collection it tries to sync but can not find the trophies for that game. It’s not just on my end, because all my other recent trophies (from Black Ops, etc.) show up on my card no problem.

    VERY VERY annoying :(

  • im apart of playstation plus and playstation rewards but im not sure what im suppose to do with rewards so if you’re reading this please help because i read the information on it but im still lost and i really want to be a participant. THANKS!!!! BY THE WAY LOVE PLAYSTATION PLUS!!! I TELL EVERYONE THEY SHOULD GET IT

  • Rachet and clank 4 in 1 game yahhhhh

  • any idea what the update for Sports Champions did?

  • ah come on not putting in the link to the sly 4 teaser trailer found in the sly collection

  • Jeff, please help. Im not getting newsletters or updates from SONY via Email on my Master Account. I did change the email to a new one, and I opted in to get Updates and have SONY and their third party aprtners contact me. But all im getting is confirmations on added funds or that I changed my password or Wmail, nothing else. No Newsletter or anything else. I have another account which is getting these things fine, so why isnt this account getting them? I dont have anything blocked. Please, I dont wanna miss out on Betas sent to me because I have Plus on this account. PLEASE PLEASE Help. I know this is a problem because theres a thread about it on the baords. Img etting very worried

  • I should also say I already contacted support, and they said its something on my end, which its not because everything is opted in over there fine.

  • Jeff,
    how come everytime I try and post an idea on PS share it never goes through? It always tells me there are similar ideas, but they never are actually the same or even close. I’d at least feel better if the idea was published and even if it got negative votes, i’d at least know peoples opinion on it.

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