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Here’s a quick look at the news that *didn’t* involve Gran Turismo 5 this week :)
Let us know if you’ve found something good that we missed.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of November 8, 2010)

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  • can’t wait for The 3rd Birthday as well as the highly likely chance that Parasite Eve 1 and 2 might come to the US PSN, (crosses fingers. Please release a demo or at least give us some samples of The 3rd Birthday’s soundtrack, I made those 2 ideas into requests and quite a few people voted up on those.

  • I meant I made those 2 requests into ideas.

  • Come on Jeff, what did you really think when everyone was spamming the blog with GT5 comments :P

    Also, can the social team take a quick look at a login issue on Firefox 3.6 (Mac)…it won’t log into the Blog and I have to switch to Safari. Cheers.

    • Did you try clearing the cache, or refreshing the page after you logged in? Sometimes that helps with weird browser issues.

      Anyone else having this problem?

  • Hey, I have a question about GT5 that hopefully you can answer;

    Is the Track List on the official PD website the entire list? because it seems so small compared to what we were promised. can you please answer that question?

    Also, Is the YouTube Replay Uploading feature still in the game? And is it possible to UL Videos to 1080p as is the norm on YT?


  • The Fight review you posted is pretty accurate. It took me a little extra time to track that & Sly down this week cause none of my local retailers really had it until 11/10. Some still don’t have either of them as of now.

    Anyway, from the brief time I’ve spent with it (I’m trying to wrap up Black Ops first), I’m liking what I see with The Fight.

    Danny Trejo is a great fit for this game. I enjoyed his lines in the training part.

    My first impressions say it’s a little rough around the edges, but I think if I just get some more time with it I’ll be fine. Why other reviewers are tearing it apart is beyond me. This game has potential to kick start the exercise craze with Playstation Move. I really want to commit to the game because it’s a workout game that I’m not embarrassed to say I play.

  • I’m looking forward to The Last Story. Is it on the PS3?

  • I’m looking forward to The Last Story because Final Fantasy games seem to have – to be modest – lost their habit for being critically acclaimed since Hironobu Sakaguchi left.

    Hopefully Versus XIII can redeem the series.

  • Hey Jeff how about that win a watch countdown gran turismo’s doing, Shouldn’t that be up here? Also it says winners will be notified via e-mail but there’s no place to input your e-mail in the sign-up sheet that’s on the playstation site… a bit confused by this

    Can’t decide what to ask for christmas, Move Bundle & The Fight seem to be on my mind at the moment though.

  • @7 last story and monado are for nintendo.both seems pretty promising rpgs for THAT for the ps3, we have ar tonelico qoga,disgaea4,ffvs13,3rd birthday, nino kuni aka the otherworld by level 5,wkc2 and dogma wars for the playstation platforms and who knows what else? XD

    (oh we also have hyperdymension neptunia by nisa too)

  • Oh wait…. I just read the “that doesn’t involve GT” part but I’m still a bit confused on it

  • Any idea if we’ll be getting any track DLC for it (like old tracks from previous GT’s)? Or any DLC at all?

    If you can’t answer then is there any upcoming opportunities to ask the GT devs about it? Etc…


  • Jeff,can you please give us somemore details on the Black Ops patch(s) thanks alot! (=

  • #5 @Jeff;

    That link you gave me is the car list. I know that’s official. I want to know if the Track List on the Official Polyphony Digital Website is the final list, because it seems like so little compared to what you originally promised.


  • Funny how some still thing offline lag of 116ms is somehow a “reduction” on KZ3, during online play thats pretty bad, in single player mode, well there is no words for it.

  • Are you guys ever going to add the Enslaved trophies to the Trophy server? I’m not able to view them when I log in and look at mine online.

    • Let me talk to the .com team. They keep them hidden pre-release to help prevent spoilers, but it appears they didn’t make this one visible.

  • @8 WoshJills

    don’t expect to much out of The Last Story, Mistwalker hasn’t exactly been bringing back the glory days of Final Fantasy either. Lost Odyssey while enjoyable still pales in comparison to FFX. Blue Dragon was a mediocre game to say the least. I’m not entirely sure if ASH: Archaic Sealed Heat will ever see a state side release, but from what I know of it…. I’m not entirely sure its deserving of one.

    I’m looking forward to The Last Story, but I feel that it and many of the other RPG’s in recent years have been missing that connection between player and characters. Something I think Tetsuya Nomura’s games tend to touch down on better. Since FFvXIII happens to be of his own making, I’d look to that with much anticipation. Let’s just hope both games are testaments to their genre’s as we’re going on 5 years now without a dman good JRPG.

  • @ 14

    Regrettably, that is the full list. 26 tracks and 71 variations, with only nine having either night/day transition or weather.

    Only three are rally (tracks not variations) are rally, and one of them is actually one of the street tracks with a snow sprinkled on it.

    Doesn’t seem like five years progress hu…? Hopefully there is at least some DLC planned, maybe a GT classics pack or something. I really really hope so.

  • Any news on DCUO or when the beta starts? Can we also get some news on any other MMOs coming out for the PS3?

    • I’ve asked SOE to make sure to keep us (and therefore you) in the loop with any news on this. So… hopefully that happens.

  • Ecstatic to see Killzone 3 will retain its identity and keep the heavy weight of guns; a feature that really set the game apart from all other shooters.

    Also info on Mass Effect PS3? Nothing else on that? I’d really love to hear about how developments going for it, and if it’ll be on par with its 360 counterpart.

    • There’s a nice feature on it in the upcoming issue of PlayStation The Official Magazine (starting to show up for subscribers now). I’m also working on getting Bioware on the Blog again to talk it up. I’m confident that we’ll have the best version.

  • Will we see a Kevin Butler commercial for GT5?

  • Thanks Jeff…cleared all the cookies and can log in now :)

  • @ Comment 4 and Response
    I’m having a similar problem, but instead of not being able to sign in on Safari, I have to use Firefox. I am not able to sign in with Safari

  • Oh, nevermind… I have no problems with the blog. I was thinking about

  • So you guys just ignore stuff about various firmware 3.50 problems, yeah? Or have you actually not heard anything (hard to believe) about people’s blu-ray drives being unable to play blu-ray movies and PS3 games without freezing?

  • @Jeff: How do I report a problem with the Playstation website?

    Problem: I’m not able to add DC Universe Online to my wishlist (after I log-in to my account). I don’t get an error message but I get All Pro Football 2K8 added to my wishlist instead of DC Universe Online.

  • Hey Jeff, did you know about the Sly 4 teaser trailer…? :D

  • I had problems logging in here a few weeks ago through Chrome, and asked about it here on the Blog too (thanks Jeff and Sid)

    Deleting the cache brought everything back to normal, and I can now log in properly to all PlayStation sites. I also went through my password list and deleted all PlayStation-related passwords, in addition to cleaning the cache and deleting cookies.

    Well done, Jeff, for finding that The Fight review :) I’m quite suspicious about the other more negative reviews, but I’m not quite ready to lay down $40 on a game with such mixed reviews. Is there any chance of a demo so that we can try it out ourselves? I want to give this one a chance, but there’s no rental stores near me either.

  • [Waves his hand in a way common amongst Jedi]

    Hey Jeff, do you know anything a PSP2 or PSPhone…? :D

  • @Jeff

    Any chance of us getting a video on how to get head tracking working on The Fight? I’ve had no luck in 3 different locations of varying light sources…. beginning to wonder if the camera has just fallen off my TV one time to many lol.

  • Thank you very much, Jeff!

  • I already tried both of those. The solutions that the Knowledge Center provided didn’t help, and the people at the AskPlaystation twitter just plain ignored my questions. I haven’t got the money to send my PS3 in for maintenance, plus there’s no guarantee that I’ll get my own console back.

    I implore you, just look at your own message boards: bit(dot)ly/a1GW2C (replace the (dot) with a . because whenever I try to post a link on a blog comment it always says “Your comment is awaiting moderation” and then it never gets posted.)

    How can you guys just ignore the outcry from your own community, on your own message boards, no less? The least you can do is issue a statement saying that you’re working on a fix for these problems, if not actually release a patch for it.

  • Hey I just paid 30+ dollars for Knights in the Nightmare and went through the whole tutorial(like 2hours) and still am quite confused with the game logistics. I’m not saying it sucks or anything like that, just find I am having a lot of problems picking items from the vast list and making it all come together.
    I really like to control what my character does. With equipping weapons to upgrading and so on.But this game leaves me feeling lost and I feel there really should be more explicit tutorials to walk you through it better. If you know of a site that will help I’d really appreciate a heads up! Thank you.

  • Great articles. I definitely think Sony will overtake the “other system” in a year or two from now.

  • Oh and Jeff my ideas on PS Share are now up. Thanks! Too bad they got down voted into oblivion.

  • I visited the Playstation Lounge opening day. Unfortunately I did not win anything. The last raffle was hilarious. Names had to be drawn 5 times. Id hate to be one of those who won but left early. I’m guessing they did not pick up their cell phones when seeing an unknown number. I suggested that for the next raffle they should have those who are still present re-enter their names into the raffle box.

    “Back to the phone”.

  • @27

    Jeff it looks like you have not played the Sly Cooper Collection! If you scroll to the credits, there is a spot with a lot of question marks ????? Click it, and you will see there is indeed a Sly 4 trailer! It’s is F’in EPIC!! ;)

  • Yes yes, excellent mwahahahaa, here is the teaser for Sly 4, spoilers maybe? Watch at your own risk. It’s received after platinum-ing the whole collection!

  • I’m having Blood Drive Trouble, It won’t let me synch up the trophies.

  • Hello Jeff , i want to know if scea will stop the jailbreak ps3 s from going online . i hate playing against cheats. Can scea console ban them? they are online with the hack and cheating , please put a STOP to them. ty jeff please address this matter to your superiors asap.

  • I’ve found something good!

    I think it counts because Epic Mickey can work on the PS Move.

  • omg tell me anything about sly4


  • Hey jeff,

    iwaggle3d brought up an issue with playstation move. The reticule/pointer will start to drift from where it is being pointed. He said that sony has recognized the issue. Any fix coming? Are we going to need a hardware revision or can it just be patched?

  • also, you guys should check out ps downgrade.

  • So how about a patch for all these blu-ray issues we’re having, Sony? Or are we actually going to have to stoop to jailbreaking in order to downgrade our firmware just to play games again?

  • I’ve seen the Sly 4 trailer 4 times! I am ecstatic!!!!! I LOVE Sly Cooper, and I can’t wait for it! It BETTER be a 2011 release. What do you think Jeff?

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