How to Fight Dirty in The Fight: Lights Out for PlayStation Move

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On November 9th you will finally have your opportunity to infiltrate the dark under belly of the city streets and fight your way through merciless opponents that will stop at nothing to keep you from being the top bare-knuckle boxer in The Fight: Lights Out.

Only with the power and precision of the PlayStation Move can you truly unleash uppercuts, elbows and even vicious dirty moves like the Bullcharge, Double Hammer and Elbow Hook with true 1:1 game play. But don’t take my word for it, PlayStation’s own Executive Producer, Kyle Shubel gives us a quick jab to the gut when he reveals what you’ll expect the moment you first plunge into The Fight: Lights Out in the video above.

Keep an eye out for Danny Trejo. He’s Duke, your trainer in The Fight: Lights out. Jeff interviews him, and it’s pretty great — stay tuned for that video next week.

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  • If this does well, I hope the next EA Fight Night can make use of the Move.

  • When you see competent players play this game, then it’s obvious that it’s not a bad game like reviewers would have you believe.

    I hope that despite this that the game does well, it looks like a lot of effort went into it. It would be a shame for the game not to sell simply because reviewers don’t know how to play the darn thing.

    It’s not my kind of game, but it looks like a good game.

    Those interested should go on youtube and check the iWaggle video for it.

  • You guys remember Danny Trejo in Heat??
    He was awesome in Heat.

  • I am excited to give it a try. Are there any female characters?

  • 48 TheUndertaker85 the navigation controller does not have motion sensor! So you punch with the right hand and you do what with the left?

  • Reviews aside, the game does look good.

    There’s a few reviews, particularly on IGN, where I think the reviewer just doesn’t know how to play the game or didn’t get into the game and then gave it a bad score.

    I’ll make up my own mind after a demo. I still hope it will be good. I need a good workout game

  • Looks awesome no matter what score the game review nerds gave it. Would love to try a demo of it.

  • nah screw what reviews say, this game looks fun.

  • I’ve been playing it for a couple days, forget the reviews – really. This game is easily a 8 minimum. It has revolutionised the fighting genre for me, every other fighting game now feels weak. If your looking for Wii boxing on the Ps3, your not going to find it here. This is raw, brutal, aggressive gameplay, you need to be precise and start to hone your skills right from the start – I don’t think I’ve ever felt more ‘connected’ to a game. It truly is a brilliant rendition of the art of Fighting. If you miss this your missing out on one of the best titles in 2010.

  • There seems to be a HUGE amount of response lag from all the videos that I’ve seen. The swinging animation of the arms are way too slow compared to how the gamers are actually swinging. A player could throw a punch in less than a second, but the punch animation takes 3. It seems frustrating.

  • I’m definitely gonna pick this one up sooner than later.
    Only problem is I don’t have the Move yet lol. But as soon as I can afford to be splurging on games again, PS Move and a couple Move games are on my list.

    I don’t need the PSEye Camera though since I already bought that around the same time I got my PS3. :)

  • I can assure you their absolutely isn’t any huge lag – I was expecting it but it’s just not at a significant level – about the best 1:1 I’ve experienced. I am a stickler for the nuances – I won’t even play a game if it has screen tearing or pop in. So bad lag would mean sacking the game pretty much instantly.

  • I was going to buy it but due the recent bad reviews I dont know :(

  • Not to sound like a fan boy (I own and play 360 and Wii too), but key review by IGN was a stitch up –
    the reviewer got paid big time by MS, and majority of others have followed the status quo set by them. If you were a reviewer with integrity and played The Fight for a few hours and started to ‘ understand’ HOW to play it, you would give it 7 to 8 without a doubt. Kinect release + The Fight release + big pay off to ensure damage to Move by dirty tricks = Poor score for The Fight. lol. Buy it. Enjoy it. My friend cancelled his order after the IGN review, I told him what I thought of it so he tentatively picked up a copy – hasn’t been off it since!

  • Danny Trejo… seriously? Wow not getting this if that racist is part of the game. Just like I didn’t see that racist movie Machete. Lame should have gotten someone better.

  • When I say lag, I dont mean technical lag. I mean response lag. That means that the animation is slower than your arm. That’s from all the videos that I’ve seen. If there’s anything otherwise, I’d love to be proven wrong, since this game does look awesome. Post a vid if you can find a clip without response lag.

  • @ Rbrtchng
    the “lag” you see is down to the stats, a new fighter with no skill ups fights like a oldschool robot, but after you have a few speed skillups and have learnt a few of the dirty moves that goes away (also best way to skillup is speedbag by far) i think they did this to make sure new people online dont get hammered by people who can fight in RL tbh.

    My character is like 30’s skill points across the board and is pretty quick but there is still a slight delay in the punching but i have only played about 5 speedbag training excercises so i really need to get more points, but have done 2 locations and the 1st row of the 3rd, probably 3 hours playtime since i got it and thats only because my arms are perma knackered lol :)

  • also i 100% agree with maxxan, there must have either been a bung given somewhere or the reviewers who slated it have arms like curly straws. its terrible when a game gets negative press because it was given to a guy who just cant play it…

  • You know…after reading through a few of the people comments here, I’ve decided to give this game a shot. Hopefully it wont let me down. Maybe if there are “issues” with speed etc. that will be patched in the days/weeks/months ahead. You have my $40. Thanks guys/gals etc.


  • Good one Glody – The Fight deserves attention – it’s a great game which shows total finesse compared to the Kinect ‘fighting’ game.

    Rbtrchng- k, I know what you mean now, but I can’t say that it effected me in game at all, and as adders stated it looks like this improves – perma knackered? I haven’t been able to play it for the last few days because I went way to Rocky! It’s some serious work out.

  • @28 thx for the iwaggle3d website…great site!!

  • Well a couple weeks later, I feel like the controls are decent… takes getting used to but definitely needs to be tweaked a bit… I see the more you build your character, the controls DO get better.

    Hopefully a patch can address various issues… I feel like I’m swinging correctly and I’m not connecting at times. Other times i’m spot on… It can be frustrating… still and enjoyable game. Worht the $40 I threw down on it…

    but man I’ve never sweat as much playing a video game as I have with The Fight. Its a great way to get some extra exercise for any of you lazy peeps out there. ;)

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