How to Fight Dirty in The Fight: Lights Out for PlayStation Move

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On November 9th you will finally have your opportunity to infiltrate the dark under belly of the city streets and fight your way through merciless opponents that will stop at nothing to keep you from being the top bare-knuckle boxer in The Fight: Lights Out.

Only with the power and precision of the PlayStation Move can you truly unleash uppercuts, elbows and even vicious dirty moves like the Bullcharge, Double Hammer and Elbow Hook with true 1:1 game play. But don’t take my word for it, PlayStation’s own Executive Producer, Kyle Shubel gives us a quick jab to the gut when he reveals what you’ll expect the moment you first plunge into The Fight: Lights Out in the video above.

Keep an eye out for Danny Trejo. He’s Duke, your trainer in The Fight: Lights out. Jeff interviews him, and it’s pretty great — stay tuned for that video next week.

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  • Mediocre. Hopefully you have developers working on better Move software for future releases.

  • Ok game, but we have to have better games than this if you want the Move to succedd.

  • Nice. I can’t wait for The Fight to release. We already picked up two Move controllers just to be prepared. Will there be a way to share in game accomplishments or photos over Facebook?

    Hopefully the game plays as well as the previews have shown. The Fight could be one of the biggest Move titles of the year if it does.

  • I know it didnt get very good score from reviewers but i dont care, i want to try it myself but from the video the movements seem to be a bit slow. Anyway I’ll buy it soon.

  • “The neat thing, is that it uses two move controllers,” that’s not neat, that’s a large expense for people that can’t afford it. I have two controllers, but not everyone is going to. The price point for the Move controllers really limits the availability to it’s target audience.

  • hopefully a demo

  • KInda makes me think there should have been 2 controllers in the bundle XD

  • Sigh moe money for something that doesn’t look that good XD

  • Uh oh, we already need a waaah’mbulance. The game hasn’t even came out yet and people are bashing.

  • Would definitely like to try out a demo.

  • The reviews haven’t been great so far… so it’d be great if there was a demo so that we could make up our own minds

    I was really looking forwards to this one, so I’m hoping that a good demo will prove the reviews wrong

  • Hip hip hip hooooop gaaaaaaamer!

  • Definitely have had an interest in this one, but as others have noted, reviews haven’t exactly been glowing…

    Prove them wrong with a solid demo next week, and I’ll buy it that day!

  • I wish they showed the full Fight Between me and HipHopGamer

  • I’ve got to say, while the prospect of getting plenty of exercise and getting trophies for it is pretty cool, the color scheme looks worse and worse every time I look at it. Couldn’t have had a fight break out on a basketball court, company picnic or wedding reception (three places you’d really expect them).

  • Man, I really wanted this game to be good. It sounds and looks awesome so far, but the early reviews have me a bit worried. Worried enough that I just canceled my amazon pre-order until some more reviews come in after its release.

  • Hitting the same day as The Sly Cooper Collection, and less than 7 days away!

    Nice! You & Jeff were right when you answered my question about this game’s release a few weeks back. It isn’t far off.

    With both of those PS3 exclusives hitting the same day as Black Ops, it’s gonna make it tough to decide what to play first.

  • This would be better if you had glove accessories that the camera would follow since the gloves would have the little reflective balls like motion capture suits … that way you could reduce some weight and forearm strain from holding the Move…

    • Well, to quote one of Jeff’s favorite titles of the year, “duck tape is your friend.” – Dead Rising 2 =D

  • I played it at a meetup in Toronto. Nothing spectacular, and not very accurate – however that could have been due to the fact that there was a huge crowd and lights flashing everywhere lol

  • You cant trust the reviews from sights like IGN and EUROGAMER because they are run in the US and ENGLAND respectively, and are soley bought subsidiaries of Microsoft due to their advertising on these sights… Games like kenect sports got 2/10 to 4/10 in other sights… recieved a 8/10 on Ign.

  • Wait, “What face do you have?”. Did you really ask that question? The PS Eye is A CAMERA! How about let it take a picture of your face and render it onto the character?

    As others have said, looks mediocre, pass.

  • This will be the first Move only game I’ll buy! Eyepet may follow!

  • if you bundle this cheap with a motion controller, i might get this.

  • Looks awesome! I’ve been waiting for this since Move launched. Looks like i’ll be broke with this and black ops eating through my wallet. Oh well, do I REALLY need to make my insurance payment this month?

    ha ha ha

  • I don’t care about reviews, I’ll be buying this day one.

  • “What’s the FIRST RULE about Fight Club”

    First Rule of Fight Club, Never talk about Fight Club.

  • Danny Trejo? lol
    Machete forever!!

  • you need to go over to and check this game out

  • Was interested but since I read a few reviews I am a little skeptical. Would like to try a demo. I think The Shoot may end up being my second Move purchase after Sports Champions.

  • I pre ordered this and received it today, my lord it makes your arms feel like 10 ton weights after doing the first zone. I think most of the reviewers who bashed this game couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag so ended up with poor results. even with the head tracking disabled because of flicker and background noise on the picture, I personally found the game to be very accurate and a lot of fun for a workout, and a workout it is indeed, could only do 4-5 fights at a time before needing a sit down with sweat pouring off me and sore shoulders and arms!

    There are some annoyances in the game like the superfluous energy bar and “stats” that shouldn’t really be in there at all but they had to make it fair for everyone on-line I suppose, and it gives the game some meat to chew on while you are resting your sore arms :)

    Would recommend this Game to anyone who is looking for a decent fighting game and wants a workout at the same time, yes there is some foibles but it more then makes up for them in other area’s

  • I will continue to see what gamers say about this game before purchasing. I really want to like this game.


  • No. Horrible reviews DO count.

  • I think this game is much better then the Kinect fight game.

  • so all those reviewers gave it a bad review cause they can’t fight at all?
    how sad…
    it reminds me of the god hand incident on IGN and how a reviewer gave it a bad rating cause he couldn’t pass the first level lol

    what’s a matter you panzy reviewers?
    Pushing too many pencils?

  • I got it, played it for 2 hours and my upper body aches like hell, i cant wait to cintinue playing when i get better. Cant lift arms anymore.

  • I don’t think splitscreen multi is a good thing…..
    people are gunna be punching each other after the match haha

  • So lets say between $10 and $60 for the game, assuming you already have one move controller, you have to spend $50 on a second just to play…Then if you want to play split screen you have to shell out one hundred more dollars, assuming that your friend doesn’t already have two controllers.

    I kind of wanted to try this game when I first heard about it, but unless this comes bundled with a move controller at a great discount similar to Warhawk/Socom with the mics I doubt you’ll see very many units shipped.

    Ironically for the same $150 to $200 investment for this game I could get some sparring gear for me and a friend and we can actually beat the crap out of each other.

  • I was thinking bout getting this but I’m not going to since i need a another Move.

    9th is a big day but i dont want not stinking CoD. i’ll wait fro my Killzone, but on the 9th i’ll be getting SLy since i never had the chance to play them and they look fun.

  • This game is getting bad reviews all around.

  • I played this at the MLG event in Dallas tonight and I wasn’t too impressed. It definitely felt more like it was gesture based as opposed to 1 to 1 movement.

    I think I’m going to keep my Amazon preorder since I am only paying $9 for it after credits so I can give it a try in ideal playing conditions. Not sure if I’d keep the preorder if I didn’t have those credits though…

  • @32 of course it’s better cause friend’s like me that have 360 friend’s and I like to yell “pause” at crucial points, just to screw with them. KB gave me the idea

  • i am looking foreword to this game this game looks like a very perise game so if you dont move just right it will not work well but it seems that if you do the right things it will work perfectly. ho and the game is only $40.00 / $39.99

  • interested

  • ill pass… im holding out for mind controlled
    gaming on PS4… woot 2015!! ^_^

  • Who the genius behind the idea that the move just does not need a “Nunchuk” like the wii? I can’t believe you had three years to copy somebody off and you come up this shorts! lolll

  • Scissor punch. It’s all about the scissor punch.

    Worked surprisingly well for me and the guys I watched playing it when you brought it to Toronto.

  • @45 madhi19

    Apparently the genious forgot to inform you of this little accessory:

    Dual Shock 3 can also be used in its stead.

  • Let’s put this game on “Worst PS3 Games List”, please.

    But TBH, this game have some originality than Wii..err, I mean Move Sports.

    I can’t wait for 2011 for really games.

  • I’m stoked for this game…. will be picking up on Tuesday

  • Wow, can’t tell trolls are busy with this post. Looks like they figured out that Kinect really does blow and in retrospect, doesn’t work near how it should or even to the level of the original EyeToy.

    The Move set has a navigation controller. It’s for movement… Ya know, cause it’s good to actually move, not just stand in one place.

    It’s not Wii. Anybody can tell that’s actually tried out the Move and most titles. Sadly, trolls will be trolls. But, you should all feel bettter about claiming the Wii is great while even Wii owners regret making THAT purchase.

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