Coming to PlayStation Plus: Shatter, Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus, and DYNOGEMS

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Update: The PlayStation Plus MAG DLC discounts will be coming soon, but will not be included in the November 16 PlayStation Plus update.

PlayStation Plus

Hi everyone,

With the holidays quickly approaching, the PlayStation Plus team is working hard to deliver some great content for you to enjoy. We kicked it off yesterday by offering exclusive bundles for God of War I and God of War II that included skins for God of War III. On November 16, we’ll continue to deliver classics for all PlayStation Plus subscribers to enjoy.

PlayStation Plus - Shatter Oddworld Abe 1

Kicking off this update is Shatter, a unique puzzle game that received great scores from both IGN and GamePro. Not only does Shatter deliver amazing gameplay; it is also known by it’s brilliant soundtrack. Also, for those that picked up Abe’s Oddysee on our October 19 update, be sure to visit the second chapter from the developers at Oddworld Inhabitants, Abe’s Exoddus. These two titles are a great way to get prepped for the remake of Stranger’s Wrath. Included in this update is a free download of DYNOGEMS and sales on PSN games. Finally, for gamers in Canada who are looking to add some peace of mind to their gaming console, we will be discounting a 2-year PlayStation Protection Plan for Canadian PS3 owners on November 16. Click here to learn more about the PlayStation Protection Plan.

As always, here’s a friendly reminder to pick up the content that will removed from PlayStation Plus, including free downloads of Burn Zombie Burn, Abe’s Oddysee, and Bloons.

Also, our introductory offer is still available. For a limited of time, subscribers of a full year of PlayStation Plus will received a free three months.

PlayStation Plus Highlights for 11/16:

Free Games
Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus

Discounted Games
Landit Bandit (50% off)
Hustle Kings (50% off)
Crash Bandicoot 2 (50% off)

Discounted Add-ons/Offers
PlayStation Protection Plan – 2 years (25% off) (Canada Only)

Free Themes
Magic in Technology (Free and exclusive to PlayStation Plus Subscribers)

Last Chance, Get Them While You Can – Coming down on November 16:

Free Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers
Burn Zombie Burn
Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee
Bloons – Minis
Killzone 3 Beta Theme
Wise Father Theme
Halloween Theme

Discount Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers
Everyday Shooter (PS3) (50% off)
Everyday Shooter (PSP) (50% off)

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  • Thank you for making Abe’s Exodus free for PSN+ subscribers. This will make for game #2 that I didn’t already own that I actually want to play. THANK YOU.

    I might consider Landit Bandit as well.

  • Wow, a free game that I don’t actually own already. While it’s nice to see the free stuff coming up, most of them seem to be older titles, which is understandable. I would, however, like to see more Plus discounts for new release games like Hoard, which for me was just a tad too expensive.

  • Grace, please be aware that just like post #42 describes – none of the ideas that I’ve posted on PS Blog Share are ever to be found. So I no longer waste my time posting ideas to PS Blog Share.

    Here are my recommendations for free games for PS Plus subscribers:
    1) Pain
    2) Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (HD)
    3) Star Wars: The Clone Wars (HD)
    4) Sub Rebellion (HD)
    5) Minority Report (HD)
    6) Red Faction 1 and 2 (HD)
    7) Spiderman 2 (HD)
    8) Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy (HD)
    9) Snowblind (HD)

  • @Kristi Fernandez I’d love to post ideas to the PS Blog Share. In fact I have tried 3 separate times. Each time there was no similar idea, and each time my idea never showed up.

  • at 46, great games, heres hoping for more great content. dont listen to all the haters plus is a great deal. keep up the great work sony!

  • Sweet! Been waiting for Shatter. To be honest I have gotten more than my moneys with PS+. Keep up the good work Sony!

  • I swear these PSN games are coming out just for me. Before getting PS+ I owned the following: Flower, Super Stardust HD, Echochrome, PixelJunk Monsters, and PixelJunk Shooter. Each PS+ game has been something I don’t own, and all of them (save for Burn Zombie Burn) are games that I wanted to buy but didn’t. Good stuff.

    Speaking of PJS, any word on how PixelJunk Shooter 2 is coming along? A discount on that opening week would be fantastic. Same goes for Dead Nation. Any release time frame for either game?

  • Shatter…YES!!! Was so hoping for that one. The PSN games from plus so far (Wipeout, Zen Pball and now Shatter) are the best thing for me from the program, only 5 months into the plus program so its looking like a great deal from my perspective (since I didn’t already own these games). Really looking forward to what else is coming.

    But I have to say, the PS1 games don’t age well at all, the ones I’ve played kinda suck and with just awful controls (syphon filter). Hopefully + will give out Symphony of the Night sometime or maybe MGS, which I suspect both still play great.

    Plus started out kinda meh, but is really coming on strong the last few updates…sony is learning, can’t listen anymore to the spoiled impatient contingent.

  • What are the chances that we get PSone titles Die Hard Trilogy, MDK, Soul Blade, Return Fire, and Loaded? Besides a handful of classics, the catalog doesn’t represent the original PlayStation very strongly.

  • shatter being added to ps plus has for me put it over the top for being worth it. i’ve been looking to get it and luckily the rest of the ps+ games i didn’t already buy, aside from wipeout, and the dynamic themes and kz beta help too. i think people would be really receptive to discounts on new psn games too, instead of just old ones. i’m sure everyone loved the discount on red dead undead nightmare (including me) cuz it was a surprise to people who were already planning on buying it (and also the god of war dominus pack). PS+ users would take that over free old games any day i would think (even if the discount is small). my list for future discounts on games would have to be:

    1. DEAD NATION (of course)
    2. JOURney
    3. Back to the Future!!
    4. beyond good and evil hd
    5. enslaved 3D dlc pigsy’s perfect 10 (please support 3D)
    6. oddworld stranger’s wrath
    7. rayman origins
    8. strongbad episodes
    9. trine 2
    10. x-men the arcade game

    also keep the dynamic themes coming!!!!!!!! PLZZZZZZZZZZZ :)

  • How about game trials for recent games? i.e have a game trial that of a game that released a week or two before

  • And I still think we should have the option to decide what gets downloaded by the automatic download option

  • We shouldn’t have to post an idea in PS Share… how about having a weekly vote for PS+ members only on what we want to have?

  • That blows chunks. I caved in and bought shatter 2 weeks ago. I didnt’ think it would ever come to plus. I learned my lesson….

    Great game though!

  • Give us DLC! Come on EU gets $50 worth of Fallout 3 DLC and what do we get, squat.

  • hey kristi . are you new to the blog.. great to see you here posting like so..

    Also i woulds like to suggest to take some game dlc off the psn store to buy if there servers are down and none can get online to play them ., for example ” strangled hold.. the servers are down or no more its no point of buying the dlc for it.. also a price drop for older psp games would be nice, samurai showdown collection needs a price drop 9.99$ would suffice. thank you 4 listening and your time

    mcbutzz78-vp of psn legionaires group

  • Also if possble i would like to see a plan like netflix for psn movie section , so many movies of your choice per month for a price or combined with psn plus sub.. I think the psn movies area could use a lil more life..

  • Meh, more games I already bought at full price are being given free, and at discount prices, but yet nothing NEW for me to grab….yet again.

    I just love being a launch console owner! Standing in line 24 hours just to have GameStop tell me they didn’t get more than 2 consoles in and I was person no. 3 standing in line. Waiting 4 days after launch just to get my console from them. Using my console for mainly Folding @ Home for the first year I owned the system due to barely any games coming out, and buying another 60gb PS3 just to game on. Becoming a Gamer Advisory Panel user and then being a Day 1 supporter of PlayStation Plus full year subscription, and do you know what this has all granted me?

    Answer: A Dead 60gb Launch PS3 console (from Folding @ Home 24/7 for the Gamer Advisory Panel) in which I cannot even get some kind of discount on getting fixed! Sony wants to completely screw me on the price of repair. $180 to fix a console I paid ~$650 for just for F@H.

    Now my main gaming PS3 60GB unit is also showing signs of failure with screen flickering, and it will also die soon.

  • Sweet, another Oddworld. Sadly I already own Shatter but I suppose that’s how it goes. Double sweet, Crash 2 half off….luckily I only bought Crash 1 and 3 so far.

    I am pleased indeed with my PS+ subscription. Especially since I just became poor after buying it. So now I still get content for free. Woot!

  • continued…

    Do I get any discounts for being such a hardcore PS3 supporter? Nope! Will I get my PS3s fixed anytime soon? Nope! It looks like no matter how much I support Sony’s console, I’m still getting stuck with the bad deal. And when my main PS3 dies on me, which should be soon from the way it’s been acting, what do I do then?

    This whole PS+ thing is a joke for people like myself. It nets me nothing new, and gives me no discounts on repairing my broken PS3 systems. After the 1 year is up, I don’t see myself renewing this unless something drastically changes for the better for us Launch console owners.

    • Sorry to hear that Thrill_Kill. You definitely will get discounts and free stuff from PS Store as a Plus member. The discount on the two year protection plan, making it the same price as the one year plan sounds like something that you might want.

  • @7, @19, @22, I am totally with you on the lame sale schedule. They gave us the first game for free, so I assumed that if we wanted the sequel we would need to buy it. And it just so happened that the sequel was on sale! So guess who bought a game that became free not even a few weeks later? We did!

    I actually thought I was getting a deal on by buying Exoddus on sale, but apparently I was dropping unneeded funds.

    I actually don’t want to buy ANYTHING from the store now, thanks to this little fiasco. Who knows, maybe God of War: Ghost of Sparta will go on sale just after the preorder bonus ends. Nobody knows what kind of curve ball they plan on throwing us next, in order to make us feel feel like we’re completely WASTING cash on things we’re entitled to weeks later.

    It’s not like other games where the sale occurred a while after, so at least you feel like you paid extra for “early access”. Not in this case. Here, I have paid for a game that I haven’t even had a chance to play because it’s only been 2 weeks. And I still needed to beat the first one.

    It’s incidents like these that make us loyal buyers NEVER want to purchase anything until it’s GUARANTEED that it won’t be on sale for a long time.

  • I really don’t know if I want to spend money on anything now. Either I waste money on PS+ trying to get free games, or I waste money on sales for games that become free through PS+ a week later. It’s a lose-lose situation, and it is really irritating.

    These are things that we really can’t “suggest” through the PS Share system. What do I say? “Please tell us 2 months in advance what games are going to become free so I don’t technically pay for the same game twice?” Yeah, that won’t work.

  • Yet another game I already own. Like MANY others have mentioned, PS+ won’t have many re-subscribers unless you start offering games most of us “hardcore” owners don’t already own, the same group you are supposedly targeting. How about anything not two years old??? I understand we’re not getting anything new but it seems you guys take the greatest hits that most people already own and then offer them up. I own every game you guys have offered up, why should I pay another $50 yearly for a glorified dynamic theme service. You need to start offering more, the auto-download feature is a complete joke.

  • Yes! I was hoping that Shatter and Oddworld 2 would make it.

    Some other games I’d like to see on PS + are the ordinal Söldner-X and Bionic Commando Rearmed.
    The PSone Final Fantasy Games, and also the DLC add-ons for the PixelJunk games. =)

  • You should give PSPlus people Dead Nation… that would have been one hell of a surprise on the account that it’s brand new. That or a hefty discount on it. You really should think up something for Thanksgiving though. Oh, and some new avatars would be nice ;)

  • Plus NEEDS more free or % off dlc! UK plus members got ALL of fallout 3’s dlc ($50 worth) for FREE! All we continue to get are gimmicky games with very few exceptions of unique and wanted games (since we mostly get discounts on older/popular games most have already purchased). Please sony, break out of the mold!

  • I might stop buying new games from now on because every game I bought in the past is being offered for free. PS PLUS service does not work out for long time, loyal, hardcore gamers who have been buying all these great games at launch. Please don’t offer free games that were on sale just a few weeks ago.

    Sony, please improve your PLUS service by offering better value for people who have all these OLD GAMES and minis, avatars and themes should not count since they don’t do much for gaming. Also improve your discounts because they are not really discounts. If this was a report card I would give you guys a C-

  • thank you again PS+ is great

  • @Kristi Fernandez

    So does that update on the MAG DLC mean the discount will be before the 16th? Interdiction already has a 50% discount for Plus. I just want to know if the bundle will be 50% off or if only Escalation alone will get a discount. If I could know if the bundle doesn’t have a discount I can go ahead and buy Interdiction.

  • What is the point of the PlayStation Protection Plan when Canada already has Sony Care, which lets us extend our warranty by four more years, for a total of five?

  • I’m really beginning to enjoy being a PS+ subscriber. Thanks, Sony!

  • ok the mag dlc thing is confusing this week interdiction is 50% so what are these discounts and where’s escalation and the bundle

  • Thank you so much for replying to some comments. It’s nice to know you guys actually care about our feedback, If you can keep it up I will officially be completely happy with plus.

    Anyway I’m so excited for shatter, I meant to buy it several times but always forgot about it and spent all my money. Another great update, thanks.

  • Finally a Crash Bandicoot 2 sale. Its been forever since we’ve got that discount on the 3rd one. When is the first one going to be on sale so I can buy all 3? Those 3 should’ve been the last 3 ps1 free games for plus users. I love that series. I like the updates on upcoming content. I just wish it was a little further in advance as there are a bunch of things I would like to purchase, but fear once I do, they will go on sale.

  • I’m thrilled with Shatter being free but I’m disappointed that we are getting a second Oddworld. You should space out games from the same series so that we can get more variety.

    And I said this in the PS Store update post but I’ll say it again… Please give us some free DLC. Why can’t we get the MotorStorm: Pacific Rift or Killzone 2 expansions? With sequels to both coming out soon, I can’t imagine these things are selling that well anymore. And how about the Fallout DLC that European PS+ subscribers get? How is it that SCEE can pull it off, but SCEA can’t?

    I signed up because DLC was originally advertised as a monthly feature. All we’ve got so far of any significance is the Warhawk map packs. Please, give us some new DLC.

  • ehh nothin too amazing.. already own shatter.. i hate the mini game’s .. already own crash 2.. PS protect plan is useless to me because my system is old now

    but abe’s exoddus will be a nice add to my ps1 classic’s

    whats the next lineup of beta’s and game trials .. thier the things us PS+ members want most!

    hope FF14 is in the mix! .. or are we gonna go through years of delays like we did w/ 13.

  • i hope you guys really find out how to change the game trial timer cuz its a waste of time and bandwidth to download a 6-7 gb game and play it for 15-20 mins then exit have it expire even though you dont use up the other 30-40 mins

    i already own tomb raider and infamous on disc so i cant see if you change it till the next game trial comes.. if i dont already own that too

  • My 154 cents…

    Possibly the best update ever for me!

    Free stuff:
    Shatter $7.99 – my first PSN game from Plus!
    Oddworld:AE $0 – bought it a couple weeks ago in the PS15 sale. This is a bit of a kick in the head.
    Dynogems $1 – I usually value minis at half price.
    Magic in Technology $0 – Pleased, but wouldn’t pay for it.
    Total free stuff: $8.99

    Landit Bandit $5 – Cool!
    Hustle Kings $5 – Cool! My 5th Move-enabled game.
    Crash 2 $3 – Cool! More content for my PSP.
    Total discounts: $13

    So for this update, my 154 cents gets me $21.99 worth of free stuff and discounts which is a return of 1,428% Clearly excellent, but giving Abe’s Exoddus for free immediately after it went on sale is no way to win any love from Plus members.

  • a batch of games given every week ^_^ ..i barely have enough time to finish the previous week’s batch of xD

  • @88 Your figures dont take into account the fact
    that those are the amounts of money you’d pay
    to own that stuff. But you dont own ps+ free content.
    Its leased.

  • How about these for free or discount on PS+

    Joe Danger
    Tomb Raider Underworld
    Namco Museum

    Peggle Nights

    GAMES I’d Just like to See on PSN:
    B-Boy (the PS2 game)
    A revamped Jet Moto (HD)

    Services available:
    DirecTV DVR playback

  • lol… we already have netflix and hulu+.
    what do we need crappy directtv for? lmao

  • @90: It’s “leased” only in the sense that I have to renew (which is a no-brainer when I look at the “would have spent” cost). But I would look at the renewal fee as being $50 spent for Year 2 content and $0 for Year 1 content. So basically it’s a free lease renewal on previously acquired content.

    This is as good as “owning” unless Plus gets discontinued at some point. But if that’s the case, I’d hope Sony would make some sort of offer where we can cheaply buy out our old content.

    If you want to use a “lease” as corollory, think about what happens when you lease a car. You make your payments continually and get a new car every 4 years but you have to give up the old one at the same time. Plus is like a car lease where you get to keep your old cars in addition to getting new ones.

  • FINALLY!!! An awesome update for me! The other updates have been good but I’ve owned almost everything. With this one, I can pick up Shatter, Hustle Kings and as a Canadian, receive buy the Protection Plan! Thank you very much, Grace! :)

  • I know on one will read this, but it’s worth a shot.
    It seems PlayStation Plus is aimed toward Sony’s most dedicated gaming community members. The problem is these people buy games.

    The reason they dislike PlayStation Plus is because the service provides free content they have already bought.

    Instead of giving PS+ members old content, give them new content for free, like dead nation, and pay for it by using ad space…like SPRINT’s RAG DOLL KUNG FU.

    My christmas list has Dead Nation on it, and I don’t care who pays for it (Sony, Advertisers, Parents, Siblings).

  • Aside for the horrible Mini that I’m not even bother to download this week offer is actually pretty good but as many people have said, and this is only a suggestion, this pattern will only affect your sales SCEA; look I was going to buy Shatter about a month ago and I didn’t ’cause I tought “What if is given away on Plus on the next weeks?” and guess what, it will be

    It’s the same reason I haven’t bought games like Super Stardust HD or Fat Princess and will most likely not buy Dead Nation upon it’s release despite how much I want it because I don’t wanna get burned paying the full price to see it a couple weeks later on sale or for free, I think that instead of the current way Plus has you could implement something like a 10% refound on whatever content we buy, not only will it work for us but you wouldn´t be missing so much money of the others who thinks as me

    P.D, Thanks for the replies Kristi at least we now fell as if someone is actually paying us attention

  • Hello,

    I have a suggestion to help people who are getting Irate about the fact that they already bought the free games at full price before they went on sale on PSN+: Throw a coupon once every few months for 15-25% rebate on the PSN product of their choice.

  • Shatter I already have and Abe’s Exoddus I got for the 15th anniversary sale so I am a little annoyed by the choice of free games for plus this time.

    May I suggest Street Fighter 2 HD Remix is offered free sometime in the US since EU had it free a while ago? I never got it since SF4 came out but it would be a nice game to give to people. And if you really want to make people happy how about giving us Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light sometime? Is that game too new to be offered?

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