Coming to PlayStation Plus: Shatter, Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus, and DYNOGEMS

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Update: The PlayStation Plus MAG DLC discounts will be coming soon, but will not be included in the November 16 PlayStation Plus update.

PlayStation Plus

Hi everyone,

With the holidays quickly approaching, the PlayStation Plus team is working hard to deliver some great content for you to enjoy. We kicked it off yesterday by offering exclusive bundles for God of War I and God of War II that included skins for God of War III. On November 16, we’ll continue to deliver classics for all PlayStation Plus subscribers to enjoy.

PlayStation Plus - Shatter Oddworld Abe 1

Kicking off this update is Shatter, a unique puzzle game that received great scores from both IGN and GamePro. Not only does Shatter deliver amazing gameplay; it is also known by it’s brilliant soundtrack. Also, for those that picked up Abe’s Oddysee on our October 19 update, be sure to visit the second chapter from the developers at Oddworld Inhabitants, Abe’s Exoddus. These two titles are a great way to get prepped for the remake of Stranger’s Wrath. Included in this update is a free download of DYNOGEMS and sales on PSN games. Finally, for gamers in Canada who are looking to add some peace of mind to their gaming console, we will be discounting a 2-year PlayStation Protection Plan for Canadian PS3 owners on November 16. Click here to learn more about the PlayStation Protection Plan.

As always, here’s a friendly reminder to pick up the content that will removed from PlayStation Plus, including free downloads of Burn Zombie Burn, Abe’s Oddysee, and Bloons.

Also, our introductory offer is still available. For a limited of time, subscribers of a full year of PlayStation Plus will received a free three months.

PlayStation Plus Highlights for 11/16:

Free Games
Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus

Discounted Games
Landit Bandit (50% off)
Hustle Kings (50% off)
Crash Bandicoot 2 (50% off)

Discounted Add-ons/Offers
PlayStation Protection Plan – 2 years (25% off) (Canada Only)

Free Themes
Magic in Technology (Free and exclusive to PlayStation Plus Subscribers)

Last Chance, Get Them While You Can – Coming down on November 16:

Free Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers
Burn Zombie Burn
Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee
Bloons – Minis
Killzone 3 Beta Theme
Wise Father Theme
Halloween Theme

Discount Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers
Everyday Shooter (PS3) (50% off)
Everyday Shooter (PSP) (50% off)

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  • Shatter?!?! YESSS!! I’ve been REALLY close to getting that game like… six different times. Can’t wait!

    I don’t care what anyone else says….with all the stuff I’ve gotten from Plus it adds up to like over a hundred dollars already. Plus KZ3 beta.

  • so glad I held off on Shatter. Looks good

  • When can we expect the Burn Zombie Burn item for PlayStation Home from last month? No one has gotten it yet.

  • this sucks , shatter for the psn game, i will never resubscribe to PLAYSTATION NEGATIVE AGAIN

  • Shatter is awesome.

    PS+ not so much.

  • Shatter is a good game, too bad I already own it. :(

    The only games Plus offered that I didn’t already own is Mushroom Wars and Burn Zombie Burn.

    Still happy with my subscription, just hoping the following months will contain some newer games.

    I pretty much stopped buying anything new off the store for fear they will be offered later down the line or get a price drop at some point.

  • Way to bait me on the Oddworld sale two weeks ago…

    Anyway, this is a pretty good update with Shatter. Also looking forward to getting Crash 2 half off.

  • ugh… I need to stop buying PSP Minis, cuz u guys manage to release the one I JUST bought the week before on PS+ for free… this was the case with Echos and now DYNOGEMS.

    on a side note, glad to see we get both Oddworld games now, idc what anyone says, they were cool games.

    “Finally, for gamers in Canada who are looking to add some peace of mind to their gaming console, we will be discounting a 2-year PlayStation Protection Plan for Canadian PS3 owners on November 16.”

    u poor Canadians… they are ALWAYS giving u guys stuff last… it seems Japan gets it first, then UK, then US, and Canada dead last… here’s an idea, Sony. let’s not play favoritism anymore, ok?

  • MAG DLC … Sweet ! I take it MAG – Escalation Pack wont be available this week

  • awesome deal on the 2 year warranty extension, glad I waited for it. I just ‘upgraded’ to a 250gb slim when my old 60gb launch console started acting up.

    I already have all the other free or discounted games, except maybe Hustle Kings. i may try that out.

  • Once again the free game is one that I already bought at launch because I wanted to support the developers.

    Come on, Sony. Give us something at least somewhat new. Then I wouldn’t feel so bad about dropping $50 on this “service”.

    • Hi Ar4chNova89 – You should suggest on PS Blog Share some upcoming titles that you’re excited about that should be offered at a discount to Plus.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  • Even MORE Oddworld for me? Why thank you, don’t mind if I do.

  • lol more stuff i already own…

    Maybe ONCE during this year you’ll give something i didnt buy day one.

    • Hey rbanke – You should put a list of titles you would like to see offered on Plus on PS Blog Share. Not saying they’ll all happen, but we’re listening.


  • Shatter… great, another game I already own.

    I wish I hadn’t spent so much money on the PSN before PS+. I guess I’ve learned my lesson and will be spending much less from now on.

  • Just too bad almost all the so-called free stuff we download
    from ps+ becomes unplayable when it expires. Unless we
    continue to renew our subscriptions for as long as we play on our ps3’s.

  • I find that there is something quite contradictory about PS+. It is target at hardcore PS users but at the same time it offers a lot games that hardcore gamers would already have. And in case you subscribe, should you stop buying stuff as they come out to wait for discounts/free offers?

    I think PS+ would work much better if it offered $50 credits to be spent on discounted items of your choice. Or if it was some kind of fidelity/reward club, like club nintendo.

    Sony should think of ways to motivate gamers to play their PS3 and buy its products and not creating confusing options are not really rewarding/satisfying, specially for their most committed fans.

  • Sad, every free PSN game offered since the start of PS+ I already own, lol.

    I guess if I quit buying them at full price I will eventually see one that I don’t have. :)

  • Quoting KidCommando (message #6):
    “I pretty much stopped buying anything new off the store for fear they will be offered later down the line or get a price drop at some point.”

    Sony, this is one of the issues that will only get worse with PS+. Your core game buyers, that typically buy things the day they release, are now going to stop buying anything until they are given at a discount (or free) through PS+. This has to hurt sales a lot more, than say, giving PS+ users a blanket 5-10% discount on everything.

  • what up with this!!!
    i got Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee for free with PS+ but since there was no notification about Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus and it was on sale at the same time i also picked it up.
    i kinda feel riped off now
    PS+ need a longer notification period, just two weeks ahead isnt enough and especially if this happens

  • PlayStation Minus continues to live up to its high standards of quality content.

  • Grace…

    your offering PLEASES me…

  • What do you know, they’re giving away for free a game that was just on sale for half price within the last couple of weeks! Great way to avoid having to give out too many free games. How about a credit for loyal PS+ subscribers who splurged on your sales a week before you decide to offer them for free?

  • Warning to anyone considering picking up Crash 2 for half price! If this pattern continues, it’ll be the free PS+ game next month. :P

  • i did the same thing KongWen

  • Sweet, Exoddus will go nicely with Oddysee. Squeaky wheels front and center as usual. Personally I’ve been treated really well by ps+ so far. Without adding anything up pretty sure I’m in the green as far as value vs price. As with anything new its got its up and downs.

    I also own Shatter already, but I’m not complaining, I like that game. Anyone who has + but hasn’t had a chance you may find it really fun.

  • do you sony exec’s really read blogshare? i mean there are a ton of good idea’s on the blogshare but i’ve yet to see sony really go and try and make these things possible. i.e. cross game chat, where i believe sony should just say they if their really working on it or not, i mean no need in stringing along consumers either you’re bringing or you’re not, anyway I guess referring to the blogshare will be the new reply to shrugging off the PS3 consumers to the land of the unheard pretty much.

  • any update on the new 3d oddworld

  • I was wondering how long will you be able to get the extra free months of PS+? Because I do want to get it just have not gotten around to buying that yet. Also I know if after you are done with PS+ all the free stuff you can’t use anymore. But what if at a later date I pay for PS+ again will I be able to play those games again?

    Because I would like to know this before I spend 50 for PS+. Also if it is not to much to ask please think about more PSP stuff for PS+. Because I use that system a lot more. So if there was more PS+ things for the PSP that would be a great help. Because I buy so many games for my PSP.

  • Sad to me that I’ve bought all the cool PSN games PS+ has given out for free thus far. >< At least some cool PS1 games that I've never bought are popping up as well.


  • Holy Shatter! The way Colin (from IGN) goes on about Shatter this might be the best game we could hope to get for free. Score!

  • I was worried we were going to continue to get games I’m not even remotely interested in going forward. So glad to be getting shatter.

  • To continue what I was saying in message #18 above, offering discounts on new things helps with word-of-mouth advertising… Perfect example was last week’s ‘Undead Nightmare’ release. As a PS+ user, I was able to buy it for $7.99, when all my other compadres were dropping $9.99 on it. Even though it’s a measly 2 bucks, they were jealous and asking how I got my discount. A few more of these discounts on NEW “in demand” content, and the jealousy would get the better of them, and you’d have a few more subscribers. Honestly, a 5-10% discount on anything, and everything, would instantly make PS+ a no-brainer for any core gamer.

    A perfect comparison would be the ‘Amazon Prime’ service. I pay a yearly membership fee to get free 2-day shipping, or $3.99 next-day shipping, on ANYTHING I buy on Amazon. They don’t limit which items I can get this shipping deal on, and it gets me to buy through Amazon a lot more!

  • WTF? Isn’t Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus already FREE for Plus members? So you are giving a FREE game that is already FREE?

  • Isn’t Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus already FREE for Plus members? So you are giving a FREE game that is already FREE?

  • colin (IGN) is going to flip

  • Every month that goes by is another month that im still happy i didnt purchase PS+ for content that i would have wanted but had already bought.


  • If you’re looking for requests here’s my list of PSN games I’d like to see: Fat Princess, Gravity Crash, Mega Man 9/10, The Last Guy, Comet Crash, Echochrome, flOw, Madden NFL Arcade, and any PixelJunk or PopCap stuff. Of course that will only give you about a year’s worth of releases and I’m sure PS+ will go on indefinitely I assume. Unless they start to recycle titles that have already gone free in the past (Best way to upset customers IMO), I can only assume a lot of these will eventually go free.

  • @32 That was Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee which is the first game. Exoddus is the second game.

    Anyway will give Shatter a try.:)That game looks great.

  • New releases are never going to show up on Playstation plus. That’s like complaining Netflix updates have moviesyou already purchased at retail.

    It’s always going to be luck of the draw if you already own the content outright or not. Nobody is going to put a new release on there ever. Well, Sony might throw you a bone once with some random internally developed down the road but don’t expect Shatter, Lara Croft, or Deathspank calibur stuff to show up there day one.

  • @32 Abe’s Exoddus is the sequel.
    Abe’s Oddysee is the 1st game.
    Thats on ps+ now. The sequel is what up next.

  • Question, why should any of us have to suggest new and upcoming titles we would like to see discounted on Plus? It seems like its always the obvious things that Sony overlooks. I would think that discounts on Dead Nation, echochrome ii, PJ Shooter 2, explodemon, and Under Siege would be appreciated without question. If these things have to be suggested by us, I have to wonder what kind of planning, if any, is going on behind the scenes. Do we have to suggest Plus exclusive PSN features too? Because auto downloads, which is cool, seems to be the only one.

    • Hi KwietStorm- Thanks for the titles. We definitely have plans but we’re still open to feedback and suggestions. Thanks for yours.

  • Lol…. 90% of the movies on netflix are B movie garbage.

    LOL… I still luv netflix tho… no stinking commercials 4tw!!

  • uM, EXCUSE ME, Speaking of BLOG SHARE. I posted an idea yesterday, and it is no where to be found. Now I also looked at the “other similar” Blog Share Ideas, but none listed, have what I proposed. Yet it is STILL not posted.

    My idea is:
    Me, like many others do NOT own a PSP, yet many PSP Demos that get put on the PSN, are only for PSP Users.

    PS members who do NOT own a PSP, should be allowed to download that PSP Demo, and play it on their PS3. That way, we can get a feel for that PSP Game, and in turn, gets us into that game, and would make those who do NOT own a PSP, now start considering buying a PSP because that is the only way to play those PSP games.

  • I really want to be a Playstation plus member, but you guys are doing nothing to make it worthwhile to me. The free games and discounts are worthless on old content as I’ve purchased literally every game I want and some I didn’t want but made an impulse buy anyways.

    Until you start offering discounts or free games on games the day they come out, I will never sign up for it as I’ll never have a need for it.

  • And to continue my previous post, #42, if they made that for JUST PS+ members, all the other NON PS+ members will be fuming.. OH WELL LOL

    It’s a great idea, and I HOPE they add that in, in some way or another!


  • Is there any chance we can get some psp items in thePS+?

  • games i wish to see for ps+
    any of the twisted metal games
    any of the final fantasy games
    any of the crash bandicoot games
    spec ops
    trash panic
    marvel vs capcom 2
    crash commando
    Bionic Commando: Rearmed
    star wars dark forces
    battle tanks
    bejeweled 2
    beyond good and evil
    plants vs zombies
    prince of persia classic
    rag doll kung fu
    super rub a dub
    wolfenstine 3d

  • What happened to the PS1 Japan imports? They used to be a weekly thing and PS+ users got a discount. This week didn’t have any and next PS+ update doesn’t have any.

  • Looks like a decent update, I look forward to it, its all games that I don’t have (I already had Burn Zombie Burn before the last update). I almost bought Abe’s exodus from the 15th anniversary sale after getting the first for free, good thing I didn’t.

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