Dead Nation: Weapon Upgrades Trailer, Armor Upgrades and a PS3 Theme

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Zombies, zombies everywhere. They’re coming from above you and below, they’re coming from all sides. So how are you supposed to fend off the increasing hordes as you progress through Dead Nation? Upgrades!

In Dead Nation’s action-packed levels, it’s crucial to collect as much cash as possible from the undead hordes and trunks of vehicles. Once you find a Weapon Shop, you’ll be able to cash in your loot and purchase more ammo and, most importantly, weapon upgrades. Increasing the power and firing rate for your default Rifle can be the difference between life and (un)death, especially since it’s your designated fallback weapon and the only gun with unlimited ammo. The SMG and Shotgun also benefit enormously from power and firing rate, helping you annihilate dozens of ghouls at a time. You can also upgrade ammo carrying capacity and clip size for most weapons, while power weapons such as the Blade Cannon feature special weapon-specific upgrades.

What’s more, you can also upgrade deployable items. Grenades can have a greater blast radius, flares can burn longer to make for an even more useful diversion, and mines can be infused with multi-stage explosive charges to keep the pain coming. You can also increase your carrying capacity for these items – if you’ve got the cash!

You’ll also come across armor pieces hidden throughout the environments of Dead Nation, so keep your eyes peeled for golden crates. Armor pieces can be mixed and matched, enabling you to customize your character’s attributes at Weapon Stores in between levels. Want to be a melee master? Select armor with a high Strength rating. Want to shrug off enemy zombie attacks? Max out your Endurance rating. Prefer to rely on evasive maneuvers? Choose armor with high Agility. You can mix and match to specialize in one attribute or become a Jack of all trades, so the choice is yours!

This week on the PlayStation Store, we released the City of the Dead theme for free. Hope you all enjoyed it! Keep your eyes on the Store next week as the Dead Man’s Hand dynamic theme is coming out on Nov. 2nd for North America. You can pick it up for $2.99 but we’re giving it away for FREE for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Enjoy!

Dead Nation Dynamic theme

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  • glad to hear you were improving visuals , i’m highly interested in this game . but the last video i saw of it didnt really impress me . like the zombies getting blew up and they all go stiff as a board and fly into the air in unison . i’ll be looking for this .

  • release date please

  • I know that the developer hoped to have this out before Halloween. Also most of us respect the work they have done on Stardust. How much time and how many resources were taken away from the Dead Nation project to convert Stardust to a 3D title before the SONY CES 2010 3D booth?

  • I think Capcom (Dead Rising 2) and Team 17 (Alien Breed) took my business away from Dead Nation due to the many delays of this title.

  • I soooooooooooo cant wait for this game! I think I cans agree we’ve all been waiting for this one. Big thanks for adding online co-op!

  • @54 Good point.

  • Looks like alien swarm with zombies.

  • I cant wait for this game to come out. it looks awesome and its right up my alley for games. And if its a DLC game ill love it even better. i wish ALL my games were just “ON” my PS3, just like all my movies and music.

  • I love zombies! I can never get enough. I can’t wait for this to come out. It looks great.

  • Will this game have a 3D mode like Super Stardust HD has? I would love to be able to have another 3D game to use on my new 3DTV. A zombie killing one at that.

    Also, will there be Custom Soundtrack support?

    Lastly, will you be including some cool live FMV footage in the game as seen in the trailer? I’m a sucker for the FMV intro’s to games of old (3DO era). I would love to see one get included in the game for the beginning. :D I hope you have time to answer my questions.

  • i suppose a post halloween release is ok, woulda sold a ton if it was pre halloween tho. oh well still a day one for me,and thanx for the FREE theme!

  • I hope this game comes out soon. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this since I seen the trailer at Gamescom in Playstation Home. I got the Standee and the framed poster. I just need the game :-) Also, is there a demo being released for this game?

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