Dead Nation: Weapon Upgrades Trailer, Armor Upgrades and a PS3 Theme

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Zombies, zombies everywhere. They’re coming from above you and below, they’re coming from all sides. So how are you supposed to fend off the increasing hordes as you progress through Dead Nation? Upgrades!

In Dead Nation’s action-packed levels, it’s crucial to collect as much cash as possible from the undead hordes and trunks of vehicles. Once you find a Weapon Shop, you’ll be able to cash in your loot and purchase more ammo and, most importantly, weapon upgrades. Increasing the power and firing rate for your default Rifle can be the difference between life and (un)death, especially since it’s your designated fallback weapon and the only gun with unlimited ammo. The SMG and Shotgun also benefit enormously from power and firing rate, helping you annihilate dozens of ghouls at a time. You can also upgrade ammo carrying capacity and clip size for most weapons, while power weapons such as the Blade Cannon feature special weapon-specific upgrades.

What’s more, you can also upgrade deployable items. Grenades can have a greater blast radius, flares can burn longer to make for an even more useful diversion, and mines can be infused with multi-stage explosive charges to keep the pain coming. You can also increase your carrying capacity for these items – if you’ve got the cash!

You’ll also come across armor pieces hidden throughout the environments of Dead Nation, so keep your eyes peeled for golden crates. Armor pieces can be mixed and matched, enabling you to customize your character’s attributes at Weapon Stores in between levels. Want to be a melee master? Select armor with a high Strength rating. Want to shrug off enemy zombie attacks? Max out your Endurance rating. Prefer to rely on evasive maneuvers? Choose armor with high Agility. You can mix and match to specialize in one attribute or become a Jack of all trades, so the choice is yours!

This week on the PlayStation Store, we released the City of the Dead theme for free. Hope you all enjoyed it! Keep your eyes on the Store next week as the Dead Man’s Hand dynamic theme is coming out on Nov. 2nd for North America. You can pick it up for $2.99 but we’re giving it away for FREE for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Enjoy!

Dead Nation Dynamic theme

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    When is this game going to be release?

    • Dead Nation will be releasing post-Halloween. The folks at Housemarque are working hard to make the best possible game. They’re in the final stretch and are perfecting the gameplay, upgrades and implementation of online co-op. The visual effects have come a long way in the latest build and you’ll be impressed with what you see — Super Stardust HD fans will be really happy with the number of special effects and physics Housemarque have crammed onscreen at one time.

      The next thing you’ll hear from us regarding Dead Nation is a PSN release date. :-)

  • I bet instead of announcing a release date, they’re merely going to say, “Dead Nation comes out…TODAY. Go download it from the store now!”

  • The theme looks pretty sweet

    can’t wait to get this!

  • I like how we have the release date for the theme…. So umm, when is the GAME coming?

  • Can you say Overkill!

    I was excited about this game, but I am starting to burntout on it. (and it is not even out)

    Just give us a release date

  • Missing the Halloween Release date?! :(

  • Such a huge Stardust fan here, not knowing when this game is coming out is killing me. Throw us a bone, guys!

  • WOW! Thanks for the FREE Theme, but I would love to know when the game is coming out!

  • Thanks for the PS plus love. Hope you guys offer a PS plus discount at launch too. Then it would be a day 1 buy for me. Otherwise I might have to wait it out til it does come on sale or free for PS subscribers. Sorry but I gotta try to get as much out of this membership as I can being how it hasnt been very beneficial to me so far except for themes and avatatrs.Game looks fantastic though!

  • Cool, free stuff :)

  • Hey guys i got this crazy idea. lets release Dead Nation after October for some strange stupid reason. seriously why is this game not released yet or even in this month.

  • WTF Sony???!!!!!!! When the hell are you gonna tell us a release date for GT5???!!!! It was bad enough it was delayed from its Nov 2 release date, but at least don’t keep the fans waiting in the cold and not knowing what the heck is going on!!!

    You guys are just treating the fans like nothing then!

  • Missing the Halloween release date is kind of disappointing. If you were worried that you’d be competing with Red Dead Redemption’s Undead Nightmare, fear not. There’s plenty of room on my HDD for zombies.

    The videos and themes are unnecessary at this point. A demo would be much better if you can’t release it soon. I played the beta and it was great, so I can’t wait to play it some more, even if it’s just a demo.

  • off topic

    Can people push for this feature to be implemented on the PSN. Sorry that it is off topic, but I Sony really need to do something about this.

  • SONY

    I am getting a little jaded by your broken promises. I know it isn’t the developers fault (well, maybe with GT5/PD it is) but PLEASE stop over-hyping your games. I was literally ready to buy a dozen PS3 games these season, and the majority were delayed, and I just didn’t have to heart to purchase the ones that weren’t. THIS IS AFFECTING CONSUMERS.

    That is all.

  • Amazeballs. I want this game already!

  • I was hoping for it in time for all hollows eve, but now I am saddened.

  • its a day one buy for me

  • Seriously. With the GT5 release in a blackhole, and no indication of when this is coming out – wth is Sony playing at?

    If this is some nutball attempt at marketing, Sony should realize that ‘teasing’ only goes so far in being effective at building anticipation. After a certain point, it becomes a negative factor and detrimental to marketing a product. This game is starting to get there, especially with the missing out on Halloween blunder. :\

  • Cant wait for this game to come out. When is it releasing?! I was hoping around Holloween but that was a no go.

    thanx for the free theme! =)

  • Release date.

  • Damn I can’t wait for this go up. And another dynamic theme free for me! Please release this soon lol!

  • is this game coming out next week on the PSN?

  • Thats cool, c’mon guys I want that game nice and polished! I played the beta and loved it, I know it will be awesome! Stay strong!

  • Would’ve made sense to release it this week… you know… Halloween Weekend and all… :/ I’m all for “making the best game possible” or whatever, but if your release date was sometime close to Halloween, don’t you think that you could’ve maybe said: “Oh, why don’t we work on it a little more and get it out for Halloween!” I fell in love with this game when I first saw it… but now that it’s an after Halloween release- it doesn’t make much sense to get it nor does it make much sense for it to cost that much… you could’ve gotten maybe $10 out of me if this were before Halloween, but now, since there isn’t much incentive to pick it up, I’d expect around $5 (And yes, just that one weekend make’s that much of a difference because it make’s no point to play a Zombie game in the middle of Thanksgiving and Christmas- unless you come out with a Christmas themed Zombie game… Oh, now that sound intriguing doesn’t it? A bunch of zombie reindeer!)

  • Yea PSPlus and free awesome themes :D

  • can you at least give us a time frame so basically your saying sometime this holiday season we can expect the game. MAN :(

  • Thanks for the Free Theme for PLUS members. Very happy about my subscription, by the way. This game will be a day one buy for sure!!!

  • I loved the beta earlier last month and look forward to that free dynamic theme until the game is released.

  • Are there any plans for there to be a zombie game with the normal 3rd person/ 1st person action perspective? There are already a few games available on the PSN with this topside view and I don’t really see how one can get immersed in a zombie game where you can only view everything from above.

  • I just recently picked up a 3D TV and your SSHD and love the 3D implementation to the game. Will Dead Nation also have a 3D mode on launch or will there be a patch later down the line?

  • When first announced, I thought this was going to be another generic top/down shooter. But, lately, these videos have really swayed me. I’ve gone from skipping to buying day one. Kudos to the team for knowing how to successfully build a fan base and making, what looks to be, a pretty fun experience.

    Now I just have to wait (im)patiently for the release…

  • Day one buy, No doubt about it. From what I’ve read and seen it looks like they crammed so much content into this game.

    HouseMarque, You got my money.

  • Sweet stuff, a free dynamic theme.

    The BETA was damn good, I’ve got to say. And now that they’ve confirmed online co-op, it’s pretty much a steal at any price.

  • So the more I see on this game the more I am salivating for it.. I’ve been playing the crap out of burn zombie burn and this looks miles better.. I don’t like how on burn zombie burn you have such a small limited area to move around and you get swarmed so easily… This game is going to be sweet..

  • This game looks nice but reminds me a lot of Zombie Apocalypse. It’s hard to say if I’ll be picking it up at this time but the trailers for it look awesome.

  • There’s gonna be unlockable Home content from this game?? I mean a cool zombie suit or clothes from the main characters???

  • I hear Dead Nation will have a Platinum Trophy. Is that true?

    If it is, then day one! I mean, It must be quite the big game if it has a platinum trophy right? like Wipeout, Warhawk, etc. How big will the game be when I Download it?

  • This game is looking too good…

  • Day One for sure!!!
    It would be cool if we could pre-order PSN games and get incentives like retail games

  • Wait, so you’re saying the graphics/physics effects have been ramped up even MORE? I played a beta build from a while back, and it was already extremely impressive.

    Hyped for the release date/price announcement. (Hint, $15 would be awesome. I know $10 is impossible with a platinum, $20 is too much)

  • will the game support 3d like superstardust HD?
    at launch or patch?


  • I’m expecting a blast from this one. I’ve been waiting for this baby for a looooooooooong time already!!

    Oh… a free dynamic theme. I hope it’s worth it. Anything in store for your PS Rewards Beta?

  • david bulll i love you

  • Every time I see a Dead Nation headline, i get so excited! I cannot wait for this game… I showed my friends and they are all getting it to… I don’t want to ask for to much, but maybe after release have 3-4 player co-op? I have 3 good friends, who i play everything with… and were always looking for new games we can all play together.. but like I said, I just want the game !!

  • b-r-i-n-g i-t!!! Can’t wait for this to come out…

  • Release it already!! :D

  • Dead Nation = Gran Turismo 5

    Enough of these trailers, I just want a release date. I know, we’ll know “soon”. That’s all I’ve heard for 3 months.

    Truth be told, this won’t be released til sometime in January or February.

  • hopefully coming soon means…. Nov….. 2nd……. Pixel Junk Shooter 2 can be in Dec, this game is more exciting!

  • Dead Nation is looking great can’t wait to download it.

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