Standalone 320GB PS3 System Available Soon

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PlayStation 3 320 GB

Hi Everyone! With all of the great new movies, music, TV shows, games and game demos being distributed over the PlayStation Network, it became clear that we needed to offer PlayStation 3’s with larger hard drives to store all of the media for our most active users. Back in August we announced the availability of a new 160GB PS3 system for $299.99 (MSRP) as well as a 320GB PS3 system bundled with a PlayStation Move motion controller, PlayStation Eye and copy of Sports Champions for $399.99 (MSRP). Many of you asked if you can buy the 320GB PS3 system on its own and we’re very excited to announce that we will begin shipping the standalone 320GB systems today to your local retailers.

The digital distribution trend is undeniably gaining momentum, and we here at PlayStation are committed to providing you with the hardware you need to support as much downloadable media as possible. The 320GB PS3 system, which will retail for $349.99, has the largest storage capacity of any next-gen console and will continue to provide the same high-quality gaming that PlayStation fans have come to expect. For only $50 more, you get twice the storage capacity of the 160GB system.

With popular downloadable PlayStation Move games like Tumble already out and PSN exclusives like echochrome ii, Beat Sketcher, PAIN, and Dead Nation on the horizon, there are more options for downloadable content now than ever. But advantages of more storage on your PS3 doesn’t stop with the great games; blockbuster movies and hit TV shows are available for download on PSN and viewable in HD on the only all-in-one gaming and entertainment console that boasts a Blu-ray player. Enjoy!

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  • Does this mean bigger IS better? It’s HUGE, I’m sooooo jealous!

  • so i got the camera, sports champions and one Move controller for an extra $30… nice..

    anyway, know that its not really 320gb… its closer to 300gb since the system files take up a nice chunk of space on that drive, so once ya power on, go check the system hard drive specs… kinda misleading if you ask me…

    i had a 60gb and that was massively under-sized so i put a 250gb in that one… tho it died… twice… YLOD.. my new system better last cause i wont be purchasing a third one..

  • GT5 release date?? >:(

  • Cool but i already upgraded my PS3 to 640 GB 3 Months ago :)

  • You cannot buy music off PSN, liars

  • make one with 1 TB, that will be cool

  • i have a first generation ps3 with a 500gb

  • got 80g that i upgraded to 640g and a 2tb external full of over 700+ movies so far ^_^

  • @lyfestory: No… the system is not taking the extra chunk of space for system files. When you buy a 320GB PS3, you are actually buying a 298GB PS3. It all goes back on the manufactures of media using a decimal base to sell their products. In other words those 22GB you thought are being used by the system don’t actually exist. By the way someone that pointed out about a PS3 with 1TB. You would actually only get a 931GB. Yep, 69GB will be not be present and you can’t really say that 69GB is being used by the PS3 for system files can you.

  • its like that for all hdd on w/e .. pc’s , ps3’s
    Everything that uses hdd… its always less then it says on box/package whateva no biggie ;]

  • Wouldn’t mind getting the standalone 320GB or the Move bundle…I just wish it had built-in wireless N! I have an Xbox360 as well, and downloaded the Enslaved demo for both consoles. I have both consoles online wireless & it took about 10-12 minutes to d/l on my 360, while it took over an hour on my PS3!

  • DIDO!!!

    “All PS3 needs is a redesign with USB ports on back for the Eye.”

  • Good point i think it’s time SONY upgrades the PS3 to wireless N for the new models.

  • 802.11n would be nice, but probably won’t come til a PS4 is announced. More USB ports would also be good, but only if they support third party devices, like headphones. Speaking of which, does anyone know if their newly announced headsets, the DR-GA500 model and DR-GA200 model gaming headsets are PS3 compatible, or are they just for PC gaming?


  • all this high tech stuff and no wireless camera that stinks cord to short

  • I just don’t get why can’t it be sold $299.99? The size difference is double the space and it’s only $50 more? That doesn’t seem right since I could get 500GBs or more for that extra $50. Just do the right thing Sony, make 320GB the standard like 250 GB Slim is the standard and make a 120GB Arcade model for $199.99.

  • If my Launch 60GB with a 500GB dies this is a given, I should be able to get by with 320 GB … I have more stuff on my PS3 than I need to.

  • just came from bestbuy and they didnt have this one so i didnt buy .

  • ok Im going to cry in a corner now, after I bought the 160 one!!!!!

  • Sony, I want more games like Castlevania Lords Of Shadow and Bayonetta ! Please ?? Pretty please. Japanese intelectual properties are much superior gameplay related. We need more games like those.

  • its so super easy to change out your hdd for a huge one and its cheap…. all ps3 are designed so you can do this. sony even provides the instructions on their website. I myself have 640gb internal and 2tb external (and yes i use it, as my ps3 is my media hub with over 700 movies, tv shows etc. and growing everyday). you can get a huge hdd for ps3 for well under $100… it takes less then 10 minutes to install does NOT void your warranty.

    sony designed your ps3 so that you can. and as i already pointed out provides online instructions. lots of good video on youtube also ofcourse that walk you thru this simple procedure as well. so dont go out and buy a new ps3 just for a bigger hdd if you already have a ps3 that is working fine. it would just be a huge waste of money and much more…. resources.

  • Just got “Inception” w/Leo dicaprio on my
    hdd last night and ‘Resident Evil Afterlife”
    both very decent movies, especially enjoyed “Inception” ^_^


  • only thing I hate is i bought a original PS3 60gig for $699 and now for even cheaper i could have gotten one with tons more memory dont get me wrong i love my Org. 60gig but i wish i would have it with the lot more memory.

  • lol…nobody knows how to read?

    @74 You can put a bigger hdd in your original 60gb… up to 750gb..
    you dont have to mod anything it slides right in. Sony designed it so customers could do this. They even provide instructions.

    I mean god, its so simple an 8yr old could do this. -_-

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