Standalone 320GB PS3 System Available Soon

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PlayStation 3 320 GB

Hi Everyone! With all of the great new movies, music, TV shows, games and game demos being distributed over the PlayStation Network, it became clear that we needed to offer PlayStation 3’s with larger hard drives to store all of the media for our most active users. Back in August we announced the availability of a new 160GB PS3 system for $299.99 (MSRP) as well as a 320GB PS3 system bundled with a PlayStation Move motion controller, PlayStation Eye and copy of Sports Champions for $399.99 (MSRP). Many of you asked if you can buy the 320GB PS3 system on its own and we’re very excited to announce that we will begin shipping the standalone 320GB systems today to your local retailers.

The digital distribution trend is undeniably gaining momentum, and we here at PlayStation are committed to providing you with the hardware you need to support as much downloadable media as possible. The 320GB PS3 system, which will retail for $349.99, has the largest storage capacity of any next-gen console and will continue to provide the same high-quality gaming that PlayStation fans have come to expect. For only $50 more, you get twice the storage capacity of the 160GB system.

With popular downloadable PlayStation Move games like Tumble already out and PSN exclusives like echochrome ii, Beat Sketcher, PAIN, and Dead Nation on the horizon, there are more options for downloadable content now than ever. But advantages of more storage on your PS3 doesn’t stop with the great games; blockbuster movies and hit TV shows are available for download on PSN and viewable in HD on the only all-in-one gaming and entertainment console that boasts a Blu-ray player. Enjoy!

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  • awesome now make one with less memory and put it for 200 dollars lol

  • Since My ps3 is so obviously about to die I might pick this up….

    If I could copy my copy protected saves and continue playing my ps2 games!!!!!

  • Sony makes it so easy to upgrade your HDD too, so there’s always that route too. All PS3 needs is a redesign with USB ports on back for the Eye.

  • Pretty decent value.

    Even though you could theoretically buy a 160GB PS3 and buy a 500GB hard drive from some manufacturers for the same price as the 320GB standalone unit, this is a great deal for those who aren’t handy with electronics and don’t wish to risk damage to their console with their own negligence in replacing the hard drive.

    Besides, there are some 320GB hard drives that are priced the same as the $50 difference between the two standalone units.

    As long as Sony keeps giving us value, the majority of us will continue supporting!

  • can you do us a favor and tell Treyarch to add Dual PSN-Sign ins for Black ops as well? it looks like they havent responded since we all found out about the lack of Dual PSN sign-ins for Splitscreen Multiplayer…

    Im mean really, this ability has been around since Resistance 2…

  • Um couldn’t I just get the $300 console and then buy a new HDD for like $20-30? I really wish Sony had a Hardcore version of the PS3 with a 200-300gb SSD, draft N wifi, 5 usb ports, 1 USB/eSATA hybrid port, carbon paint job, all for about $500. I think that would really excite the fanbase. Maybe SSD is pushing it but everything else can be added for little cost. In fact PS Share here I come.

  • So I guess you are discontinuing the 250GB version?

  • I agree with nino, they should def look into a cheaper model with less capacity for people that simply use it to play games. maybe back to the old 60gb? or even 40gb?

  • Does it have 4 USB ports????? I can buy a cheaper system and upgrade the HD for less. Thats why I still have my launch 60gb (now 1TB) and wont give it up.

  • @thepatriots #5

    Heck yeah! SSD, WiFi n, and more usbs…with at least one in back. Now THAT would get me to purchase a new one.

  • Not to mention the Backwards compatibility!!

    Accidentally hit my previous post out early.

  • Ugh… I’m still short on money…

  • SpyDudeFX | October 28th, 2010 at 7:08 am
    Sony makes it so easy to upgrade your HDD too, so there’s always that route too. All PS3 needs is a redesign with USB ports on back for the Eye.

    Agreed. Sweet deal though.

  • You know I understand that with DLC content increasing at an alarming rate, we do need the extra space. What I don’t understand is why you don’t just keep all systems across the board with the same amount of memory and have consistent price drops (as technology gets cheaper) instead? 160GB would be ample space for most owners and for those who do a lot more downloading, I’m sure those are the people fully capable and comfortable swapping out hard drives. Honestly if I were a basic user, I’d prefer to spend $300 for a 160GB PS3 than spend $350 for a 320GB. It also causes more confusion for many “non gamer” types. What is the difference? Hard drive size. Really? That’s it?

    Money talks. Hard drive size doesn’t. Simplify things Sony. You already did by getting rid of 2 usb ports, flash card readers, backwards compatibility, SACD support, and Linux support. Why not just leave it at 160GB all across the board. No confusion and we all should get price drops at regular intervals as hard drive prices drop. But that just makes sense to me as a consumer. I guess Sony doesn’t run like that.

  • This is cool and all but you guys have way too many SKU’s in retail at any given time.

    And for the love of god up the number of USB ports back to 4 and bring back the multi card reader.

    2 is just disgracefully low and I would miss the memory card reader way more then backwards compatability if my 60gb ever kick the bucket.

  • Cool… I upgraded my 60GB PS3 to a 250GB Drive, over 40 PSN games… tons of music, Video, Demos….. and i still have about 80 GB to 90GB free, depends on how long the videos go without being deleted after watching.

    I might upgrade again later but at the moment im good :)

  • I can buy a 320gig HDD and a $299 PS3 and buy it cheaper than $349. just saying Sony come on.

  • This is cool and all Sony, but unless you start offering a PS3 Slim including Backwards Compatibility, im sticking to my PS3 40 Gig that I bought a year and a half ago.

    Just sayin’

  • False my 750gig PS3 has the largest storage of any console this generation lol.

    Thank you for swappable drives with PC parts Sony :-D now if we could get the ability to add additional ram to speed up the OS for in game functions on future consoles lol. I know hard sell architecturally.

  • @Zombie9 Cheapest one on Newegg is like $44.99 where are you shopping?

    Regardless even if you can get a 320gb 2.5″ Sata harddrive for cheaper it can’t be by much. You may think it’s worth your while to buy it and swap the drives yourself to save what $10 but most people will be like $10 is worth not going through extra effort needed.

    I’d pay $350 for 320gb PS3 instead of paying $300 for a 160gb and buying a 320gb harddrive on newegg, waiting for it to arrive in the mail and going through the trouble of swapping them likely stripping a couple screws in the process all to save $10.

  • Bring out a $199 PS3?

  • @19

    ……….really?…….. a 199 PS3?…… *shakeshead*

  • @19 You think the Ps3 does less than the Wii to be sold at 199$?


    Seriously, your still complaining about the price!?!?!?! Get a JOB you bums!!!

  • Hasnt it been out for while? I guess i could be confusing it with the 250 and the move bundle.

  • I’ll get this. I have a feeling my Motorstorm 80gb could YLOD soon. I’ll sell it and use that money to buy myself this slim for Christmas. :D

  • How many USB ports does this have?

  • Again SCE ignores customer wants at its own peril. This should’ve been launched at the same time as the 320gig move bundle. Most gamers dont want the wii clone known as “move”, its a niche of whats already a niche market. BTW you can buy the cheaper model & replace the drive with something larger quite inexpensively. I did this over a year ago with the larger PS3. The 80gig model I bought was $30 cheaper with the 320gig drive I added than the 160gig PS3 available at the time.

    Sony its time to stop clinging to the buttocks of technology and come to the forefront if your still able.

  • Very nice,i shall pick this up. Also the 250 gig is lowered to $325 in best buy if anyone wants to know.

  • wait you mention those exclusives are on the horizon.

    any dates on?

    echochrome ii and Dead Nation

  • I guess this means still no Classic White Playstation 3? :(

  • Why couldn’t you have bundled a game with it? And why can’t we get the BLUE option like Japan? Otherwise, great move!

  • is it true the ps3 slim 120 gb model doesn’t support a 320 hard drive. I have a internal 320 gb hard drive i want to replace with the 120gb hard drive my ps3 originally came with, but a clerk from a local retailer said my ps3 wouldnt support it.

  • Vu_Prime nailed it on the head. This is just no good. More than the space, a price drop is needed if you’re going to stay competitive.

    And if you expect games like Singstar Dance to work, two USB slots is just plain unacceptable- you HAVE to unplug something at that point: for those using the bare minimum, they have the Eye and their controller charger plugged in. Want to increase the value of the system? Start there. Not that it’ll do any of us any good.

    (For those going to tell me I should’ve gotten the 60GB- I did, and it YLOD’d like many others.)

  • 2 of my playstations died, ylod is a D_BAG

  • A $199 ps3 would be a very smart move that is very doable. You would save money as a consumer since you could always upgrade the harddrive later. They should also add two USB ports to the back of the system.

  • Huge hard drive…more everything on your favorite thing in your PS3 and more sweet memory. Thank you Sony and Playstation 3! We love you! Especially me.

  • Wow….LOL…..Why Pay $349.99 for a 320gig PS3 Slim…..LOL…../ Just Upgrade UR “HDD” like I & 10’s of 1000’s of other PS3 Owners…..
    My PS3 Slim “HAD” a 120gig HDD…..I Purchaced a Samsung HM500JJ for $69.99 Shipped 2 my door…. 2 hours later “BAM”!!! 500gigs!!! Way cheaper than $349.99……”OH” and 180gig’s more…$280 Cheaper…..
    Think About It……
    Just my Thoughts, Hope it HELPS Some Fellow Playstation Friends !!

  • I still have my 60gb HDD installed, though I admit it’s getting close to needing an upgrade. I will just install one myself. But I bought it on launch. I’ve gone 3 years doing just fine with only 60gb of space available to me. It’s filled with PSN games and DLC and of course installed games. I think Sony should focus on restoring PS2 compatibility rather than upgrading the HDD. If my 60GB ever dies on me, I’m going to be extremely pissed and I will probably pay whatever the cost is just to get it repaired.

  • 320gb? Sonys finally caught up to the hdd size my PS3’s had for over 3 years :p

    By the way~

    “With popular downloadable PlayStation Move games like Tumble already out and PSN exclusives like echochrome ii, Beat Sketcher, PAIN, and Dead Nation on the horizon”

    PAIN has been updated for Move compatability as of tuesday, so its no longer on the horizon as its already here :D

  • Be more competitive, Sony. Make it a bundle and I’m sold.

  • You’ve only just started getting 320GB PS3s stateside? We’ve had them here in Hong Kong since summer.

    Next thing you’ll be telling me that GT5 hasn’t been released yet in the US either ;)

    Honestly, bring on the bigger hard drives. My 120GB is nearing capacity after just a few months.

    It’s not like the price point is really unreasonable. $299/349 seems to be the sweet-spot for sales. Still, with the competition bringing out their new camera thingy, it’d be nice to see a Christmas price drop.

    $249/299 for standard consoles would be perfect, and then $349 for the Move bundle :D Too much to ask for? Maybe

  • What Sony is not telling ppl is that anyone can go out and buy a 1000gb Notebook hard drive(hard drives that are for laptops) because they work well, it does for me. now with a 1000gbs of space I don’t what new playstation system they come out with. When they come out with a system that will play ALL PS1 PS2 games then ill go and buy. Until then keep your crappy low gig systems that CAN’T play ps2’s

  • where is the GT5 bundle? thats the only model I care! Seriously, every other region get a GT5 bundle, but not in North America, like what the heck!

  • @44

    “What Sony is not telling ppl is that anyone can go out and buy a 1000gb Notebook hard drive(hard drives that are for laptops) because they work well”

    Dude… that’s actually been a selling point of the system since launch. How are they not telling people that you can swap out the HDD?

    Of course this article doesn’t mention it, because it’s telling us about the new SKU.

    Some people are never happy. Capacities have gone from 120/250 when I bought my PS3 a few months ago to 160/320. A nice jump in capacity for the same price.

    It looks even better when you see that the competition still think it’s okay to ship consoles with 4GB HDDs… FOUR GIG!!!

  • This is the box that my 320gb Move bundle came in at GameStop at launch. When they gave it to me I was like “this was suppose to be the Move bundle”. Then he pointed to a sticker they slapped on it that had “Move bundle” written on it. It did have everything packed in it nicely.

    I noticed on the box when I got it it had the color listed on each side. I don’t know if the boxes for the 120gb and 250gb had that but it seems they are planning on bringing the white PS3s stateside.

  • Awesome. Perfect for my second PS3.

  • i have a PS3 slim 250g n 160g maybe a 320g

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