8th Annual Gran Turismo Awards at SEMA in Las Vegas on November 3rd

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The Gran Turismo Awards are back for an eighth year, ready to crown a new performance vehicle with the honor of getting digitally recreated in a future edition of the Gran Turismo franchise. The awards event will be held Wednesday evening, November 3rd at 9:00 pm at The Joint, located in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. In addition to the awards ceremony, music acts Thirty Seconds to Mars along with DJ Diplo will play individual sets to help celebrate the evening in style.

Thirty Seconds to Mars

The Gran Turismo Awards at SEMA recognizes the best vehicles in five different categories: Best Hot Rod, Best Asian Import, Best European Import, Best Domestic Automobile, and Best Truck/SUV. After the five category winners are judged, one winner from each category is selected on performance and style by leading automotive media. From there, it falls to Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi to select the overall GT Awards “Best in Show” winner. Walking the show floor, Kazunori-san views each of the category winners and selects a vehicle that best represents the Gran Turismo brand; one that will be immortalized as a fully playable part of the Gran Turismo franchise for millions of fans around the world.

Morrison corvette - 06 winner in game

In addition to the music acts following the awards ceremony, guests will have a chance to check out and play Gran Turismo 5 prior to launch.

Transcammer 09 winner

For those of you in town to attend SEMA, come on by with your badge to check out the awards event and a great show. We look forward to seeing you Wed evening!

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  • FatLeadFoot wrote:

    This will be a great event in Vegas but shame on you Sony. Good thing I’m not the boss or you’d all be looking for jobs on Monday. I’ve never seen a company with such disregard for their customers in my life.

    Why is it that Sony has such “disregard for their customers”? O.K., sure, the GT series is a great one, but SONY – don’t let your head get too far up in the clouds – the air is thinner there and thoughts start to become illusions.

  • Well, already end of October, where’s that release date?!
    I’m pretty sure you were talking about an other October, is it 2012 or 2016 ?! 32nd January 20XX ?!!!!!!!!!!!! COME ON !

  • AGNT009 wrote this on a forum which I won’t give name:

    Sony was a no show for news at a convention we all had our hopes on.

    Whats starting to boil my blood now is the lack of ANY information. Would it kill them to just be honest with us? Release something saying they are still working on a hack solution, may have it solved by X date, we have burn time booked on Y or Z dates, and if we meet those windows, A or B will be possible release dates. If today they foresee that they wont make 2010, then just tell us. They are going to deal with an angry mob anyways, but why make it worse by saying nothing, and then we are celebrating New Years STILL without a game, or worse, no release date. Its unprofessional to the highest degree.

    And I’m going to take a shot at Kaz right now too. If he cared about us so much, he would make Sony allow him to keep us more updated on the progress of whats really going on. “Just wait longer” doesn’t cut it Kaz. And now that Oct came and went, and Sony lied to us again, SOMEONE needs to come out and start fessing up instead of leaving the LARGEST gamefan base ever in the dark. Sure we all say we want to cancel, yada yada, but

    Read part 2 ( unable to paste full comment cuz too long )

  • AGNT009 wrote this on a forum which I won’t give name:

    PART 2

    …thats fools talk. But that they seem to know that, and know they can STILL yank our chains, and that pisses me off. Kaz’s great work is being utterly tarnished with this mess. Its going to take several months of gameplay before the sourness of this leaves our minds. If someone finds a huge flaw in the game after all this mess, heaven help Kaz then. Is THAT what Kaz wanted the day he finally released his Mona Lisa? I think not. Step up Kaz! We CAN handle the truth. Its better than being kept in the dark. Maybe this delay is out of your control now, but this lack of honesty and no communication IS something you have control over if you throw your weight around at Sony.

    I was thinking, to make up for this mess, they should be releasing new info about the game daily. I know some people like a surprise, and seeing as how we still wouldnt have the game, maybe thats more torture. But, I want the info, something to keep my mind off this bullS*** caused by hackers, or so they say…

  • “Walking the show floor, Kazunori-san views each of the category winners and selects a vehicle that best represents the Gran Turismo brand…”

    1: It is beautiful, powerful and the top in it’s class.
    2: Everyone sees the trailer arrive, but they leave the car inside indefinitely.
    3: Everyone wants to know when they can see it for themselves and get no answers.
    4: The clutch is just like the game…every one knows it’ll work but they just aren’t sure when or how to release it.
    5: All the car enthusiasts spend their money on the competition who DID show up in time for the show.

    The saga of Kaz and KAZ NOT continues.

  • Sony: lets get the customers pumped up and excited by delaying gt5, theyll get so excited everyone gonna line up on the release date

    customers: im gonna buy hot pursuit instead

  • WTF is going on!!!

    Had a 9 player LAN party booked in with all the boys on 6th Nov which has now gone to pot. How can we plan LAN parties with a Communications Strategy as weak is Sony’s…!!!…

    Going to have to Play NFS – Shift at the LAN party now :(

    Thank you Sony, thank you very much…

  • I want Alex Armour, Manager Public Relations to stop playing Forza 3 and get moving on getting some comms out to the Public!!!

    Side note; Angry Birds RULES!!!

  • Award Show… F#$@ YOU Kyamiguchi!!!!!!

    If this game does not get released before 2011, then I’m going to make it my mission to write “F#$@ YOU” on every form with GT5 or PD mentioned in it without all that fancy dollar signs and number symbols. I am sick and tired of 5 years of BS.

    Kyamiguchi is the worst business man ever in the world of business. I was in high-school when this game first begun productiong and it seems that nothing has changed. I am in a bachelor of commerce program now and can tell you that Kyamiguchi never took a business program in his life. His business model is to make the game perfect. Are you KIDDING ME! Nothing is perfect, just look at my grammer. My high-school computer engineering and programming teacher told me that you can always make your programs better. The hard part is knowing when to stop. You don’t see Mac or Windows working on there OS until they have every imaginable feature included before they release it. They make a decent OS then they upgrade it with new features. Build on the original product like any normal software developer keeps the consumer interested in the product for a longer period of time.

  • In the world of downloadable content, PD could easily have called ‘GT5 Prologue’,’GT HD’ and only have had one title for a game that could transform from year to year. Producing add-ons that cost something like $20. That way, instead of getting revenue from only the game that is so called ‘perfect’, PD could get more money from add-on features, cars/tracks, while at the same time pleasing their customers and keeping them interested and invested in the game over a LONGER PERIOD OF TIME.

    BUT NO! Kyamiguchi thinks it is a good idea to cancel a release date (if needed or not) and have a GT award show to rub it in their fan base’s faces. Have you ever heard of CRM!?!? It stands for ‘customer relationship management’ (google it) because your doing a horrible job of it.

  • Having an award show is the worst thing they could have done to their consumers. Referring back to CRM, that I mentioned earlier, I am sorry, but an award show does NOT satisfy the majority’s needs or wants! I have sat on the side-lines thinking that PD knew what they were doing. Their business management is crap. Someone please buy them out, when they go bankrupt, and save their amazing developers from unemployment because they are true artists; really amazing.

    Odds are, GT5 is a great business FAILURE!! It may be a great game if we ever find out BUT still will be a failure. Shame on you Kyamiguchi!!! I had so much faith in you. PD’s debt must be so high and because they don’t believe in financing their marketing department. (Except to make stupid 2min videos only for the PSNetwork) The game will never be heard and therefore not enough sales to cover their fixed costs. They need to advertise to none PS3 gamers since all the potential buyers out there don’t all have PS3s. Think about it.

  • I’M NOT DONE YET!!!!!

    Don’t get me wrong, I have been a playstation fan since day one and have two original 60gb ps3s. I hate xbox. Playstation is the only console that I will buy. I’ve had every version of GT, even prologue, which really is just a $60 demo. I love GT so much that I am risking my PSN Account from getting banned for this comment (Tough Love I Guess) I will be getting any GT game that they release (haha release) in the future, because they are quiet amazing games, but they are over doing it and everyone’s expectations won’t be met because Kyamiguchi said that the game will be perfect. A little of a big statement don’t you think? Everyone is expecting the GOD of all games. PD is just tricking everyone into thinking it is. I’m sorry again to burst your bubble, but it is called ‘game reviewers’ and they are going to rip you up for it.


  • THE RELEASE DATE IS NOVEMBER 24!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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