8th Annual Gran Turismo Awards at SEMA in Las Vegas on November 3rd

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The Gran Turismo Awards are back for an eighth year, ready to crown a new performance vehicle with the honor of getting digitally recreated in a future edition of the Gran Turismo franchise. The awards event will be held Wednesday evening, November 3rd at 9:00 pm at The Joint, located in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. In addition to the awards ceremony, music acts Thirty Seconds to Mars along with DJ Diplo will play individual sets to help celebrate the evening in style.

Thirty Seconds to Mars

The Gran Turismo Awards at SEMA recognizes the best vehicles in five different categories: Best Hot Rod, Best Asian Import, Best European Import, Best Domestic Automobile, and Best Truck/SUV. After the five category winners are judged, one winner from each category is selected on performance and style by leading automotive media. From there, it falls to Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi to select the overall GT Awards “Best in Show” winner. Walking the show floor, Kazunori-san views each of the category winners and selects a vehicle that best represents the Gran Turismo brand; one that will be immortalized as a fully playable part of the Gran Turismo franchise for millions of fans around the world.

Morrison corvette - 06 winner in game

In addition to the music acts following the awards ceremony, guests will have a chance to check out and play Gran Turismo 5 prior to launch.

Transcammer 09 winner

For those of you in town to attend SEMA, come on by with your badge to check out the awards event and a great show. We look forward to seeing you Wed evening!

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  • Give us a date at SEMA? That would be nice.

    Looking forward to seeing this years winners.

  • Thumbs up if you think it’ll be released somewhere around 2011.

  • Honestly, don’t make a blog about Gran Turismo unless it contains a release date. Thats all anyone wants to know right now. I think I’ve counted MAYBE 3 comments that haven’t mentioned they want a release date.

  • Or you mean the GT5 next delay date?

  • If this game is not released before Christmas it will go down as one of the biggest marketing blunders in video game history. You guys are running out of time, people have waited long enough. Just give us a release date.

  • GT5 fornever.

    Just waiting for the sony trolls to come out with their shill accounts & start screaming at us & foaming at the mouth for being “disloyal” or “go back to xbox”, actually we should at least they have racing games. I could almost feel bad for the trolls, almost, after all after GT5 & even PS3 is long in the past what will they have to do? NOTHING!!

  • Damn, look at all these XBOX TROLLS! SONY, it’s time to whip out the BANHAMMER on these FOOLS.

    Btw, incase you morons forgot, unless you want a BUGGY/GLITCHY game, there’s always a reason for a delayed release date. Unless you trolls love playing glitch-fest games like Fallout New Vegas, Gears of War 2, etc you all need to calm DOWN.

  • there is still time to put the car in gt5


  • Yamauchi-san! PLEASE you announce RELEASE DATE for worldwide!!! We are so SICK about WAITING for 5 years!!!!!!!!
    RELEASE DATE!!!!!!!!!

  • >See the words “Gran Turismo”
    >Completely ignore all content of the post and beg for a release date

    Stay classy PSBlog.

  • Gran Tomatoes !

  • nice joke

  • Lol I return to post every now and then just to read the comments

  • I always liked the Gran Turismo awards addition to SEMA and the inclusion of SEMA cars in GT5. It’s a really nice concept!

    I hope although, a new release date will be anounced..
    And not only an US one, but worldwide.

  • Instead of wasting money on an awards ceremony, why don’t you guys instead use that money to get GT5 out on time?

  • Posting a blog about GT5 at the end of October that is not the release date? Are you people for real? Are you not aware of how angry and disappointed the fans already are? Is Sony run by monkeys?

    Pull your head out of your arse and give us the bloody date already.

  • This is the real reason that release was delayed. He wouldn’t be in Japan for the release date because he wanted to attend SEMA as he does every year. it was marked wrong on his calender.

    I’d bet last years winner went out and bought a PS3 set-up so that this years attendee’s could play his car in the game, and view the real car at the same time……

  • at least someone will be playing gt5 on nov 3rd.

  • @56 formerpsfan
    Great post I learned there are dumb people in this world.
    GT5 will ROCK can’t wait!! And I will buy day 1 Delays don’t bother me that much just makes for more hype:)

  • nobody cares about this. announce a release date.

  • So they pick a winner November 3. I hear it takes a month to prepare the in game version of a vehicle. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll have some extra staff kicking around to speed up the process? It still sounds like it’ll be December before they announce a release date. Sounds like it’ll be 2011 before we see GT5 to me. I’m almost afraid to buy it now. For full price anyway. I’m worried it’ll be a let down.

  • I think its time for a release date Sony. Personally i don’t see a better place to do it. DO IT!!!



    Way to delay what is probably PS3 most anticipated game.

    You say it’s delayed because they want the game perfect… Haven’t they ever heard of a patch!? Release the game now, patch it to your so called “perfect” later.

    Way to screw up the biggest release of the year…

    Release a demo or something to keep us all from going insane.

  • I had an operation scheduled for 11-1-10 but i postponed it because of gt5 so i think its fair to at least get a release date. I think i speak for everyone in these forums when i say NO ONE CARES ABOUT ANYTHING REFERRING TO GT5 UNLESS ITS A RELEASE DATE. ARE YOU GUYS AND GALS WITH ME? release release release release release release release

  • GT5 was on my Christmas List for several people but you blew it and you screwed me over BIG TIME in the process.

    Get bent.

  • We will be there with the builder of the 2009 GT Award winner Trans-Cammer Mustang shown in the pics. This will be an epic show, and I cannot hardly wait.We leave for Vegas on Monday at 8AM. Our first SEMA show, and I am excited as Hell……………….

  • LOL!! “Congratulations SEMA winner, you great grandkids might see a digital version of your car in GT5 set to be released in 2050!” What is the point of this?? GT5 is in development limbo, delayed without a word as to a possible new release date and everyone is carrying on like everything is normal! XD What a joke!!

  • I think this is pretty cool. The racing community has shown much respect for the Gran Turismo series and their vying for recognition in the franchise. The Gran Turismo series has always stood for excellence.

    It’s a shame that so many people are posting negatively due to their feelings being hurt because of the release date delay. I too love the series and was disappointed at the news. But I looked at it this way: it was done to make the game better and to hopefully increase it’s sales. That would be good for me because the more people who buy this game, the more people I will be playing with or against.

    The awards show is going to be great. Gran Turismo 5 will be even greater. It is only around the corner and it will be with us very soon. I am ready to race. Hopefully you are too.

  • ========================================================================================== RELEASE THE RELEASE DATE ============================================= NOW!!!! ==========================================================================================

  • GT5 is become the new Half Life Episode II. A total industry joke.

  • GT5 is becoming the new Half Life Episode II of the gaming industry. A total joke.

  • The GT Awards Banquet on Friday night will be an amazing cap to the SEMA show. I am looking forward to this as well as the entire show itself. As our group’s leader won the GT Award last year, it is certainly no stretch to think that we will see Kaz, Taka, Taku, Chris, and the rest of their group at some time during the SEMA show.It will give me an unprecedented chance to actually meet KAZ, and nothing can dampen my spirits when it comes to that. I have already met Kaz’s interpreter, Chris, and the Polyphony Digital Modeling Team during their ‘data gathering session” of the Trans-Cammer last December. Just watching that process take place for 7 hours, and being around that stellar group of artists had me “GT High” for months on end. Their attention to detail is second to none. That is why GT5 is so amazing.Cheers

  • Jared Leto, the new face of GT5.

  • This is hilarious, he shoulda just reposted his blog post from 2009! It’s even the same picture of the mustang! LOL!


  • going to be honest i think this is why gran turismo is going to be delayed becuase Kyamiguchi probly wants to add a final car from this show plus they might have ran into one or two problems but so glad it got delayed(get to play black ops a bit before GT5). so yeah cant wait till i get my hands on this one…. ( :

  • Had my paid vacation scheduled for the week of November 2nd, so I have to postpone until the date of…..wait does anyone know when GT5 is being released? What? Holiday release? Wait a little longer? So here is the meeting with my boss.
    Me: Sir I’m going to have to delay my vacation
    Boss: Sure which week would you like than?
    Me: Well all I could tell you is this holiday season can you wait a little longer?
    Boss: (Confused) hmmm ok.
    1 to 2 weeks later
    Boss: So have you decided which week?
    Me: No but I am hosting a party in which my friends nominate and I award a good week to take my paid vacation on.
    Boss: Look I dont care about your party or awards! Just give me a date so I don’t have to count on you for that week.

    So PD we just want a release date not awards.

  • Gran Turismo 5 is so played out now it’s not even funny.

  • my dog was just ran over by a car and I’m still more disappointed in gt5 and how they’ve toyed with us.

  • The blog staff is in a conference room. Yamauchi and translator-san asks the question, “Who wants to post about the GT Awards at SEMA on the blog today?” Rubenstein and Shuman both take two steps back. Poor Alex.

  • Should i care about your stupid award anymore. It is half a decade now and you all can’t release the so people can play it. No more stupid video or anything about GT5 unless it is a release date. Maybe i am at fault by clicking on link for GT5 and making you think that i care about your stupid video and award. I am fed up with you Sony and PD.

  • Saturday and still no release date. I can already see them pulling an “announcing the delay of the announcement of the release date” on us. Steadily but surely GT5 is becoming the newest and funniest joke of the video gaming industry.

  • This will be a great event in Vegas but shame on you Sony. Good thing I’m not the boss or you’d all be looking for jobs on Monday. I’ve never seen a company with such disregard for their customers in my life.

  • For those people worried about the release date… I’ve heard reports that the game is finished, but it missed the deadline by 3 days meaning they now need to find a gap in the Blu-ray production schedule to print the game.

    If this really is the only thing holding up the release date, I’m sure we’ll see GT5 before Xmas.

  • Realese daaaaaaaaaaaate!


  • Well today is October 31st and as a fan of GT I am here to see if will you announce the release date this month as I heard you would… Seems as you won’t. Having played all GT games to date (1 to 4 and Prologue) I can say I am REALLY disappointed on how Polyphony and Sony is treating us. A little respect with the fans would be very welcome. I won’t say I will play other game or change to XBox because there is no game better than GT but I can’t help being really disappointed on how we’re being treated. All we’re asking is more information on when to expect the game to be released. If it is the case tell us it will be 2012 and stick to the date and release it then but let us be informed. Thank you.

  • Can we get on with it? Just release the freakin’ game already! It’s getting pretty embarrassing – not for me, but for Sony.;)

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