PlayStation Network Regular Scheduled Maintenance

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PlayStation Network will undergo maintenance tomorrow, October 28. Maintenance is expected to start at just after 7:00 am Pacific and will last for several hours, until approximately 3:30 pm Pacific. During this time, users won’t be able to access the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home or Account Management, and may encounter difficulty while signing in to PSN.

Please stay tuned to the PlayStation Twitter feed for a notice when PSN is fully back online.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

UPDATE: The maintenance window has been completed, and all is back to normal. Thanks for your patience.

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  • you people make me sick !! always crying about something that you have no control over !! do you really think sony cares about your inconvenience ? get a life !!!!!

  • My Thoughts Exactly #12,#22,#24,#36,#39,#40,#41 !!!!

  • @43 We know its maintenance. But we already know what this maintenance for it’s obliviously for firmware 4.0 sony updates it’s firmware to the next tier every November around the time the ps3 released (birthday)

  • @51, grow up & get a life already. Paying customers with legit concerns are none of your biznit. You tell us to get a life while your a foaming at the mouth troll fanboy. Open the window & hear the sound of the world laughing at your childish antics.

  • I luv SCE n all of “us” fans and users!! It’s great to see all the knowledge, money and time we devour for entertainmet! I just luv it!!

  • Don’t annoy America with downtimes at peak time. That would create world war 3…

  • I think its bull S*%$! It Just happens when I about to buy the NEW Red Dead Undead. NOOOO I want to play AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!

  • Gotta admit, from a network admin perspective, horrible timing for a maintenance. Come on PSN NOC, get ur shiz together!

  • @FormerPSfan u need 2 get the hell out of here

  • @IceMan_516 i didnt kno that…i have so many ideas for an update they shuld hear me…in-game video chat,party chat,auto-sync trophies,dual account login,in game music,implement home into the xmb somehow,instantly opening a message once it appears in the corner, and so much more :)

  • off topic tho lol

  • @ FormerPSfan open your eyes and see how much of your time you waste , trolling a blog of a product you dont even like . Theres this thing called “Move on !” . you dont like the ps namebrand …. and i can respect that . but creating an account and comeing back to that brand you don’t like ????? that’s just creepy . time to regain some control over your life , dont you think ?

  • @ FormerPSfan … u suck!! go back to xsuck

  • @Sony @PlayStation sent a PlayStation Rewards Beta‏ invite to my banned account, darkfennec. Please resend it to my current, darkfennec69.


  • how about fix the hackers/cheaters/USB cheaters/ Glichers / Make it so we can report them do something . Im about to see my PS3 and games because of this stupid crap. I might go to Xbox where it has a good cheating firewall where i wont have to worry about it.

  • I’m having problems with adding $20.00 network cards. Is anyone else having the same problems. My cards are activated from Shopko. I live in Idaho. If anyone knows a quick fix please let me know.

  • October 30 already and is PSN still down?? i cant contact the dragon age servers to install my already downloaded free add ons…. anybody knows how to go around this?

  • november 1st but I can’t sign in to my PSN account. I’ve contacted SONY but no progress until now. what is the problem?

    I can use my web browser, the download background also don’t have any problem, even I can’t go to Life with Playstation

    But I can’t sign in to my account.

    I’m using PSN Asia-Indonesia

  • I don’t think PSN is back to normal, PS3s are having trouble connecting to wifi

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