PlayStation Network Regular Scheduled Maintenance

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PlayStation Network will undergo maintenance tomorrow, October 28. Maintenance is expected to start at just after 7:00 am Pacific and will last for several hours, until approximately 3:30 pm Pacific. During this time, users won’t be able to access the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home or Account Management, and may encounter difficulty while signing in to PSN.

Please stay tuned to the PlayStation Twitter feed for a notice when PSN is fully back online.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

UPDATE: The maintenance window has been completed, and all is back to normal. Thanks for your patience.

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  • sony make signing into 2 psn ids into the system and not leave it up to the dev we r gettin screwed on blk ops bc ps3 doesnt have it made into the system they leave it upto the dev

  • Can still play online?

  • Maybe they can fix the broken NBA 2K11 in the process……the game is broken!!

  • NVm 2nd and 3rd

  • nvm 2 5 and 5

  • update on the way lol

  • stand up with us other ps3 owners and stand and tell them we want them features like 360 is gettin with blk ops

  • :P I’ll still be able to play online. I hope this is for new features.

  • didnt they just do a maintenance?

  • Thanks for the heads up. I just wish you guys would pick better time frame for these maintenance so East Cost users don’t get screwed

  • Well I’m glad for the maintenance, it always seems to make things run smoother. It is an odd time frame though, maybe, there is another update coming.

  • Stop complaining noobs if you forgot there something cool to come today and this does worth a little time
    @6 there is…
    GM Team
    I assume system update is coming in hours from now? otherwise you won’t be able to use new feature on hardware God bless Tech Team

  • Guess I will pick up the Undead Nightmare 3 pack tonight, instead of tomorrow afternoon/night with heavier traffic due to it being down all day!

  • What a terrible time. Why not from 11:59PM to 7AM? Grr…

  • does this effect netflix now that there is no disc?

  • @Arcadian_Rebel: What a horrible night to have a curse.

  • YES! Now I won’t have any distractions from exam studying!!!

  • @ BloodyCow

    That’ll learn ye fer living on the wrong coast! Everything’s better over here, including our people, minimum wages and accents.

  • lets hope if there is a new firmware update that we get some nice features added on.

  • Do you think for the next firmware update you can add the ability to sort games on the XMB in alphabetical order? I like that I can separate games by format, but it only allows games to be sorted by creation date or recently played. Alphabetical order would really make me happy because I have a lot of games to scroll through and I would know exactly how to get to them quicker.

  • I think this is for the Playstation Rewards program that was mentioned, but it could also include support for the rumored Playstation Phone that is to hit store shelves later this year or early 2011.

  • @17

    Unfortunately, PSN maintaince have never stopped me from playing on exam nights..
    if not, i’ll be roaming the ps blog/forums -.-

    ..yes, I have an exam tomorrow/today in 5 hours :D

  • This is obviously for the PSN Rewards program they’re rolling out.

  • 8 and half hours for what Update? Be nice if they Updated Home to a new version as well…

    After all who cares about whats on the XMB Menu… The only Important thing that really matters here is HOME!

    Nuff Said!

    By: DCS

  • 10:00am eastern to 6:30pm eastern. That’s a long time….

  • @19 Insidious.. you already can sort games in alphabetical order. You simply hit TRIANGLE when on the game in the xmb menu, go to information and album name. Then name it same name as game (or w/e you want). Do this for each game then group content by album with SQUARE button. Presto all games in xmb menu alphabetized. They dont need to and it in an update, its always been there. ^_^

  • thanks for the heads up

  • I’m going to sleep this one out (I work grave shift and its my day off so I can sleep lol). But if its not up I will play WoW or TF2 on my PC.

  • you guys should do these things tues, wed, thur.

  • @1 i think that option has been in the system since the launch of LBP. its just that no devs have used it yet thats all. i could be wrong.. but i am pretty sure they added that in a fw around LBP’s launch

  • Why don’t they do this maintenance overnight?

  • that’s a long update? and in the middle of the day no less? perhaps you need your full crew on this update to get us some new fancy bells and whistles for the holiday season….. the rewards program for sure… but what about the new “Sony Internet TV Blu-ray Disc Player” that you have? me thinks you will be adding that Google TV feature to your other “Does everything Blu-ray player” i’m just sayin…. that would be a very nice christmas present for the PS3 world and one that would make up for all the exclusive game delays that have been pushed beyond the holiday :-(

    Google TV on PS3 is only a matter of time…….

  • they need to update the web browser .my ps3 freezes too much on the web. update the web browser sony.

  • patrick thanks for the heads up.hopes everything goes smoothly as planned :0

  • Cross game chat would certainly need quite a server maintenance overhaul (hint hint sony)

  • maintenance could be for firmware 4.0… I noticed Sony Usually Jumps to the next big numbered firmware around PS3 Birth Day… I wont be surprised if the ps3 goes to firmware 4.0 before the big release of black ops and for ppl that dont update firmware it will most likely be included on black ops disk just like Modern Warfare2

  • Again a update ??

    Why do these updates always have to be in my free time.
    I get off at 5 (gmt+1) and that’s when the update starts and it doesn’t end until 1:30.

    and if this was the first time.. but it’s not.
    Please circulate the times you update psn. Now we europeans are always the ones who get the worst downtimes.

  • why are people talking about an update, the post is about maintenance?

  • Will I be able to use netflix?

  • Didnt we have maintenance on Tuesday already?

  • @nhf4life Reading is fundamental. Try it sometime.

  • For update 4.0 please give us party chat and cross game chat.. please thats all the ps3 needs is better communication while playing a game

  • it’s maintenance…not an update…u ppl r SLOW!!

  • @Patrick Seybold
    Hey can you guys talk to the people in Netflix App development for PS3 and see about creating a patch so future scheduled maintenance periods don’t interfere with my netflix viewing. I’m able to get into the application after letting it fail signing into the PSN twice, but it shouldn’t require the PSN at all to sign in nor deal with a failing condition that makes the interface go a bit nuts after the second fail and straighten out after a minute.

    I’ve gotten it to work, but it’s just annoying that a service that isn’t dependent on PSN at all is being mildly effected by the PSN being down for maintenance.

  • Seriously, you guys are so fail at notifying users of “Maintenance”. The “other” guys notify the community at least a WEEK in advance, you guys… a few hours. Completely absurd considering your user base, company size, and money.

    Learn to treat your customers with a little respect and maybe they’ll do the same to you in return. Until then, SCEA is a joke.

  • I too am getting tired of these inconveniences. Why didn’t you do this during the late night/early morning. How am I supposed to watch Netflix. How will I ever get to Rank 1 in Split/Second.

    Your PSN is slowly becoming annoying like iTunes!


  • Never mind, my Netflix works just fine! I forgive you.


  • Bring on the Rewards!

  • i was wonderin why i couldnt log in .. thank you for this post :)

  • SCE is a bunch of amateurs, announced when its already underway is utterly useless. Its painfully obvious to all there is nothing “regular” or “scheduled” about this so called “maintenance”. Lack of explanation why is even more buffoonery. BTW, it isnt about new firmware. Taking down all of the NA PSN servers is NOT required to put the update file on the servers. No its just another massive screwup Lithium & Sony have made in the home update and crashed the servers yet again. When / if its ever admitted to they’ll just hide behind the BETA tag once again and try (but fail) to shift the blame onto us the users. SCE, its long past time to either get home working properly and remove the beta tag or can it & refund the money people have spent there. 2 years of this useless garbage is inexcuseable.

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