Medal of Honor Gets Hot (Zone)!

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Medal of Honor Hot Zone DLC

It’s been a few weeks since Medal of Honor launched, and thanks to our fantastic PlayStation fans, things have been a great success. Now that you’ve had time to get used to the game’s multiplayer offering on the PlayStation Network, I think it’s time we let you in on a little secret: there’s more. While you may already know that Clean Sweep is coming on November 2 (free for everyone who activated their Medal of Honor Online Pass), what we didn’t tell you is that a whole new mode dubbed Hot Zone is coming to the PSN on the same day.

Coming to the PlayStation Network for $9.99, Hot Zone is a king of the hill-type mode where two teams tussle over a single objective within a map. As long as you hold the Hot Zone, you gain points which go to your final score. Unlike other game modes, maintaining control on the Hot Zone is the only way to earn points, so while laying down suppressing fire and taking out enemies coming your way is certainly a good thing, these kills won’t earn you any extra points.

Medal of Honor Hot Zone DLC

The pacing and overall feel of the new mode is different as all players will be surrounding a single point on the map, making for some frantic and fun firefights in this new multiplayer mode. But what about the maps themselves? This is why the Hot Zone content pack also comes with four maps: two new maps, Hindukush Pass and Korengal Outpost will add a new flair to the proceedings, while redesigned versions of the Shahikot Valley and Helmand Valley maps will bring a fresh angle to some familiar environments.

If that’s not enough for you, we’ll be hosting a Game with Developers session on Sunday, November 7 from 1pm to 4pm PST where you’ll be able to chat with the Medal of Honor development team, ask questions and let us know what you think of the new modes. All you’ll need to do is send a friend request to any of the following PSN IDs and join our sessions in progress. We’ll be accepting any and all friend requests until we run out of room, so be sure to send your request early!


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  • Thanks for the new mode sounds cool but need TO

  • Screw you guys and your selective response to messages. Fix your broken game before coming here peddling for money. So much things wrong with MoH, if I wasn’t a first day buyer you would have never gotten my money. Way to drop the ball on this and good luck selling Medal of Honor 2.

    Your game offers nothing innovative of different than what out there and to top it off it doesn’t even work sometimes. Way to rip off other games out there and failing hard at it. I’m more than a buyer with remorse here, I’ve made it clear to all my friends to STAY AWAY from your game, you deserve no support for such crap product. 45 friends on my list only 3 have your game and these are all people who love FPS’.

    My friends IRL I have told the same and they are happy I saved them $65. I’m on a mission to stop the sale of crappy games development from leaving store shelves. APB anyone?

  • I’ve been one of the strongest supporters of DICE but I must agree with most of the other comments. Withholding maps like they did with BC2 to give the illusion of free dlc is one thing. Withholding maps/modes and then charging for them is something completely different. I like the game a lot (minus spawn-snipe-die) but it leaves a lot to be desired in the quantity of maps/weapons/modes and trying to charge for something that should have been in the game leaves a very sour taste. no thanks.

  • Wow, glad I didn’t buy and support this game. I am also not buying Black Ops because of this crap.

    Both of these franchises are recycled rotational crap.

  • I absolutely love this game im addicted but it gts boring olayin the same maps so i cant wait for the first map pack XD

  • Will the new maps be playable in the old game modes (like Team Assault) or just in the ones being added?

  • Lame…….

  • A new meaning to the term highway robbery…But I kinda liked the sp as well. No Not shelling out any dough for a game mode

  • BC2 never had as many modes and maps as MW2 did, but that was fine. Each map had a considerable amount of environmental damage so BC doesn’t offer as many maps, but makes up for it in offering more dynamic maps.

    With MoH, there are about 5 modes right now, 8 static maps (if you only play certain modes that cuts it down to 4) and a considerably small number of distinct guns (veteran skins/and enemy version instead of burst variations) than MW2 or Dice’s previous game, BC2. Seems a bit early to start charging for more when so little was provided to begin with.

  • I always read this blog but rarely ever comment. However, I have log to comment on this travesty. As many others that have posted, this game is very broken & unfinished. You advertised one thing and sold us another. This game has no true focus, it all over the place. I can’t believe I spent $70+tx CAD for a single-player game that I finished (on hard) in 4 hrs and a multi-player game that I maxed out in 3 days, and that was so frustrating with the lag; terrible hit detection (cover is meaningless); limited voip chat; spotty friends party mode; shoe box sized maps; horrible spawn system; over powered sniper rifles; unbearable framerates (especially when engaged in a CQC gunfight) and overall not a good experience. I feel obligated to persevere though the whole mundane experience because I dropped all that $$$ down on it and didn’t want it to be somewhat wasted.

    I do thank you for one thing, from now on I will never every buy on hype & impulse ever again. I will wait to see what mess lies in the forums before my next EA purchase. BTW, it’s funny how the facebook page, forums have been shutdown for this game LOL!

  • I had reservations about another MoH game, I never liked the “WWII” settings. I have been playing this since release, & I know that I hate just as much as anyone that the campaign is very, very short, but I have enjoyed it. Put 4 more hours on the PSN for $10/$15, I may jump on that. I have put many hours in the multiplayer, it is fun. I was burnt out on MW2. I wont buy the $10 king of the hill add on, but hey, Im in Plus, give me a discount! I’ll keep playing, bout to platinum this joint! I am excited about Black Ops, the co-op, the split-screen! Some co-op in MoH would’ve been nice, also. Either way, thanks for the experience. It is a fun game to run through. Either way, killing AQ is a great past-time!! LOL

  • Any news on a patch for this game? Because it does need it.

  • Another thing I forgot to mention… I’m utterly amazed that EA/DC/DICE stood by this game before release singing it’s praises, but after release you all vanish into thin air, with the exception of a few twitter posts and a statement here & there pedaling the dlc!

    I’m amazes that you guys don’t stand by your product, you don’t even acknowledge the concerns of the majority of your community. Instead you choose to ignore them and pretend it’s just business as usual.

    I’m a 41 year old IT professional and proud & stand by my work… it’s seems that kind of mentality is dying out and it’s all about the doe-ray-mees at the consumers expense.

    It’s going to take a huge crash in the gaming industry (like the 80’s) for things to change in general, hopefully then, the quality of products in general will rise again!

  • Let’s keep my comment simple.
    Sorry, not buying. Too less for too much that should have been in the game already.

    Now don’t say this all wasn’t planned and developed yet ’cause you’ll be lying if you do.
    2weeks after release? I mean come on. What a greedy ripoff.

    I stopped buying this kind of DLC some time ago. Back in those days I did buy DLC but have come to the conclusion that 95% of the DLC’s just weren’t worth the money.
    To make me buy DLC you have to convince me again that it’s worth and this definately isn’t.

  • sorry danger close i got rid of this game, the online ranking system made no sense to me whats so ever

  • @ 15 wait what $10 week for NFS Hot pursuit?

  • Any chance of making maps work in all modes? I know that Combat Mission is something completely separate, but shouldn’t all the maps work in all the other modes? Generally map packs just add maps that work in all existing modes.

    This sounds cool, was just wondering…

  • This is kind of garbage is making me think really hard now about picking up NFS:Hot Pursuit – a game I was sure I would buy.

    The way EA is now nickel and diming the gaming public is a sad trend and needs to stop.

    I know I’ll be thinking long and hard about anything with the EA name on it…

  • Sorry but this is NOT worth $10 Especially after all the great content Rockstar just gave me for RDR at a $10 price point….

  • totally awesome game reminds me of socom,combined assault..the only thing i think should be changed to make game amazing is to have the snipers actually use the reticles on their scopes,long shot aim high..close shot hold dead on..this will seperate the good shots from mediocre…again thanks for awesome game

  • Im not getting it. 10 dollars for a new game mode and 2 new maps, and we thought Modern wardfare 2 was ripping was off

  • well i guess i can look forward for other FPS games that aint broken..

  • 1 game mode for $10? are you joking? i don’t usually post, but this is absurd. $10 for a game mode plus 3 totally new maps, yes, for sure that’s worth it. maybe even 2. but, for just a game mode, that should have already been part of the “free” update? no way. the content is lacking as it is, you should be making up for this with a megaton of “free” content updates.

    the higher ups at EA are killing MOH as a franchise. i feel bad for danger close and DICE and their families. killing off their future livelihoods to make a quick buck to ride off of the MW2/modern day FPS tide is bad. it’s simply bad longterm business.

  • Welp.

    Bye Bye Bye EA.

    no more support from me.

  • this fame is awesome!! i luv it. the only problem i have wit the game is when i join wit a party. the game break the party nd send us 2 different games or team. but its ok 4 me. THANKS 4 THAT GLORIOUS CAMPAIGN.

  • Companies like EA and Activision are charging $10-$15 for nothing but shi-.

    Obviously the Testers working for these Companies don’t do their Job, to be honest every time I buy a brand new game DAY 1 it always seems to be bugged or glitchy. Patches shouldn’t be a requirement for a release of a game.. Get your head out of your a-, we can wait for games if it means better quality.

    Is mass producing Blu-Rays really that difficult?

  • LOL He won’t be coming back. :D

  • The audacity of you clowns knows no bounds. You charge $60 USD for a game that would have felt stale in 2005 then you have the nerve to release a DLC pack two weeks after release. At least you waited a few months before peddling it for BFBC2.

    If the marketing strategy at EA and Activision is to dump mediocre titles and sequels out yearly, all the while nickel and diming your consumer base until you frustrate them out of the market completely then my all means full steam ahead.

    Bottom line the only $10 that should be changing hands is EA handing it to consumers who unfortunately purchased this overpriced blue coaster.

  • The audacity of you clowns knows no bounds. You charge $60 USD for a game that would have felt stale in 2005 then you have the nerve to release a DLC pack two weeks after release. At least you waited a few months before peddling it for BFBC2.

    If the marketing strategy at EA and Activision is to dump mediocre titles and sequels out yearly, all the while nickel and diming your consumer base until you frustrate them out of the market completely then my all means full steam ahead.

    Bottom line the only $10 that should be changing hands is EA handing it to consumers who unfortunately purchased this overpriced blue coaster.

  • heh online pass are here to stay now ps been hacked and am sure you all use random key gens anyway

  • @80 You must not do your research. First of all, MoH isn’t hackable because it requires the newest firmware (read the news). Secondly, random key gens don’t work on MASSIVE STRINGS of letters and numbers. It is simply impossible to “guess” a legit key code, using a “generator”. Get out of the thousands you dummy.



  • Oh, now it works. After I scream at the comment box. I wish my properly formatted comments would post.

  • Beating a dead horse at this point but here it goes. I like this game, I’m good at it and it’s fun but it was a let down, I was an evangelist for this game to my friends and now I look like a douche. Paid DLC 2 weeks after launch on a incomplete game = epic fail DICE. Will be playing Black Ops, not buying DLC.

    P.S. Campaign was an EPIC Win

  • This is the new trend in the gaming/greed industry.

    How to milk your customer base for every penny.

    Do you see what they are all doing!? They know they can’t charge $70.00 or $80.00 for a game, so they remove the maps and other items from the release and sell them for extra profit later making it look like “Oh, look what we’ve got here for you, something special!”

    The sad part is that we will continue to buy the DLC’s and provide them with more incentive to do more DLC.

    Soon we will pay for the game, we will pay for DLC’s, we will pay to play their game online in multi-player mode, and we will pay MS even more on top of it all (in the case of Xbox customers).

    Look how fast they are announcing this and haven’t even fixed any of the many problems with this mediocre at best game.

    Where will it end? Ha, it’s just getting started!

    Very sad.


  • saynotodlc dot webs dot com

  • Thanks, but no thanks.

    This should have been included in the game that released a mere 3 weeks ago. I’d prefer you patch the game instead of asking me to pay $10 for something that should have been included day one.


  • Yes, and some more to look at before charging for DLC:
    -Game frame rate issue and or crashes
    -emptying nearly full rounds or one blast from shotgun, just to watch enemy run THROUGH bullets to knife you
    -Some rounds get shot ONE TIME,THE WHOLE ROUND, and die. Others you shoot like normal and have a chance to make it.
    -Rocket launcher doing ZERO damage at times, then multiple kills others
    -Enemy head squarely on red dot, and no kill.
    -Clear explanation on bullet damage to factor 100%. i.e., with given perks, and damage differential should take no more than 5 bullets to get a kill(depending on setup), yet you need a half a clip.
    -Don’t get me started on the 870 or TOZ’s non spread factor, and it should be a kill, within range. Not talking shotty sniping, just CQB.

    ..on and on….

  • I’ve been having fun with MOH and I think it’s a good game (say, 7/10), but the content included in the disc is quite shalow, even in the special edition which is what I got.

    I also have Battlefield Bad Company 2 which, by comparison, is a much, much better game. Even though it didn’t have many maps when it launched, those were patched in along the weeks after the release through DLC (either paid or through online pass), which I think was a good way to keep the players coming around and enjoying the multiplayer

    However, charging $10 (1/6th of the game’s price) is a RIDICULOUS move by EA/Dice/Danger Close. Compared to the content given by other games through DLC (Wipeout HD, RDR, GTA for example), this is just pathetic. This DLC should be priced at $3.99 at *most* and free for all special edition owner.

  • Regarding the bugs, the game does have many connection issues, sometimes with too much lag, and it takes far too long to load (even after installing some 4GB on your HDD). This game should be patched before more DLC comes out. If in December more DLC are announced and no updates, patches and fixes come around I’ll be gladly trading this game in for Heavy Rain or GT5, in spite of how much I waited to play it, and just keep playing BFBC2 instead which is actually deep, fun and pretty much bug-less.

    If you play BFBC2 regularly feel free to add me on PSN.

  • I’m so P*SSED OFF right now with EA and this stupid online pass thing, I’m ready to break this piece of crap into tiny pieces and mail it back to EA.

    After playing online since release, I’m getting stuck on the “Validating online pass” screen since this morning and now I can no longer play online??? I entered the stupid code on release day when I received my copy, so I paid $70 CAD for an online game I can’t play…. GREAT JOB EA/DC/DICE!!!

    My PSN profile comment is now; MoH=TURD,DON’T BUY
    90 PSN Friends and only 3 people have it, many have messaged me about it and I’ve told them the straight up truth!

    “Gameplay is good, but plenty of bugs, lag, framerates KILL THE FUN!

  • i never ever pay for any DLC no for PS3 or Xbox nothing nada, and is no for the money it just this is ridiculous what they are doing 10.00 for 4 maps and so on

  • Why is everyone saying COD will be better? It hasnt even come out yet. And even though MoH has some bugs, all other multiplayer games to do. Give DICE a chance to fix them before you start complaining. Im happy with Moh. I dont have to do deal with people rushing aroun getting knife kills, since they get destroyed. And I am sure that in CoD, I would bet getting picked off by UMPs while sniping, just like in here.

  • love the game :) been a fan from frontline
    and im so glad u redid the game for medal of honor
    love the singleplayer and multiplayer i took 2 days off work just to play it :)

  • Hey EA/DICE, thanks for a great game in my opinion. Sad that y’all had to change Taliban to OpFor. I’m in the Army and I’m upset that people today can’t accept the reality of things today. But great job. You’ve got my thumbs up. Can’t wait for the release of the DLC packs. And hopefully be able to play a few matches with you guys on Nov 7. Only thing that really disappointed me was the lack of private online matches, and taking out the lean, prone, and slide functions from multiplayer. Those made for some exciting moments during campaign. They need to be added to MP.

  • I’ll be glad to get some new maps. Thanks EA. I like the game and I know a lot of the bugs will be addressed in time, so bring on the new game mode and new maps. I’ll getting the new DL on day one. Tier One Baby Oh yeah

  • I was seconds away from buying the online pass until I found the Hot Zone content is charged! I didnt get the game new so I dont have the “VIP” code, I assumed with this code everything you would be releasing would be free to people that have this. I actually searched stores locally to find a Limited Edition BFBC2 disc so I didnt have to pay you $15 for the pass after paying $54 for the game used. I dont play that game now because of your horrible team setups. I had COD MW and MW2 and have preordered Black Ops, yes I hate the campers but I suck it up, play again and beat them. Im positive this stupid rc-car unlocked with 3 kills is going to infuriate me. I dont buy and DLC for any of the COD games, even when it was $7 each and I surely wont pay you $10 for *special* map packs when you already want $10 for this *vip* pass.

  • why havent i been added from the ea gamers tags i sent message to all 7 and only 1 is full please advise love the game

  • yeah every game has bugs first day settle down

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