Medal of Honor Gets Hot (Zone)!

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Medal of Honor Hot Zone DLC

It’s been a few weeks since Medal of Honor launched, and thanks to our fantastic PlayStation fans, things have been a great success. Now that you’ve had time to get used to the game’s multiplayer offering on the PlayStation Network, I think it’s time we let you in on a little secret: there’s more. While you may already know that Clean Sweep is coming on November 2 (free for everyone who activated their Medal of Honor Online Pass), what we didn’t tell you is that a whole new mode dubbed Hot Zone is coming to the PSN on the same day.

Coming to the PlayStation Network for $9.99, Hot Zone is a king of the hill-type mode where two teams tussle over a single objective within a map. As long as you hold the Hot Zone, you gain points which go to your final score. Unlike other game modes, maintaining control on the Hot Zone is the only way to earn points, so while laying down suppressing fire and taking out enemies coming your way is certainly a good thing, these kills won’t earn you any extra points.

Medal of Honor Hot Zone DLC

The pacing and overall feel of the new mode is different as all players will be surrounding a single point on the map, making for some frantic and fun firefights in this new multiplayer mode. But what about the maps themselves? This is why the Hot Zone content pack also comes with four maps: two new maps, Hindukush Pass and Korengal Outpost will add a new flair to the proceedings, while redesigned versions of the Shahikot Valley and Helmand Valley maps will bring a fresh angle to some familiar environments.

If that’s not enough for you, we’ll be hosting a Game with Developers session on Sunday, November 7 from 1pm to 4pm PST where you’ll be able to chat with the Medal of Honor development team, ask questions and let us know what you think of the new modes. All you’ll need to do is send a friend request to any of the following PSN IDs and join our sessions in progress. We’ll be accepting any and all friend requests until we run out of room, so be sure to send your request early!


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4 Author Replies

  • awesome! i actually just picked this game up yesterday and am very impressed with it so far!

  • Awesome!

  • interesting concept. it sort of borrows from MAG in the sense that it takes teamwork and objective participation to earn points.

    but i hope the communication in MoH is being worked on, i sometimes can go entire matches without hearing anyone and its not due to lack of mics.. there just seems to be dead communication for periods of time.

    and i’m still getting frame rate drops when psn friends go online.

    access to the xmb, which is used to invite friends during gameplay needs to be faster as well. it takes to long to access and maneuver through the xmb.

  • This is what this generation is all about, charging for game modes that should have been in the game already. Two new maps and the other two are redesigned. Was there not enough space on the bluray for this game mode?

  • A bit off topic.

    Will the HD version of Medal of Honor: Frontline be released as a downloadable game from PSN?

  • obviously they want money. but i agree with you pointblank

  • PointBlank771 makes an excellent point.

    there is a dicount to ps+ members for the red dead revolver dlc, can we expect this to get a discount as well at least to ps+ members?

    9.99 is a bit high..

  • When are you going to patch this game? I bought it day one and the online was just terrible. The game freezes for 3 seconds every time one of your friends signs on or off, I get constant disconnects, and the lag is just unbearable.

  • not going to waste my money on something that should be free

  • 9.99 OMG…
    the game is already $69…
    here we go again…if not Activision, it’s EA…

  • and this new online pass is a joke

  • How about fixing the bugs in the game and then we can talk DLC. Hit detection is horrible.

    The game has a lot of potential but I can see it was rushed. BFBC2 runs a lot smoother.

    If you guys cant fix the bugs ill just save my money for Black Ops DLC.

  • :O it should be free to those who have online pass or vip whatever… … mmm well maybe you should release a video so we can check how it works..

  • I was fine with EA charging for things that you could unlock without paying money by putting in some time, but this DLC 2 weeks after launch is complete garbage.

    There is NO WAY this wasn’t complete by launch or couldn’t fit on the disc and if it couldn’t fit on the disc, then it should have been put along with the online pass for no charge.

    EA used to be a great company, but every move you make just makes you more and more of a joke. It’s sad because I was kind of liking the NFS demo, but if I’m only going to get 6 cars and 3 races and have to pay $10 a week after launch to keep playing then I can’t continue to afford that. So please, stop with the crap EA.

  • you already sell us online pass for $9.99 thats the idea for us to buy new for $59.99 you guys crazy trying to charge us another $9.99 for hot zone just a game mode? now i have a reason to trade this in, dont look like the online pass was any good to begin with its like you guys trying to kill the game off more

  • Id go black ops anyways, This game had deceiving hype! I don’t own a Playstation anymore but I’ve played MoH and must say it’s not even close to giving Cod players a reason to switch over.

    1) Hit detection is “retarded” at best most of the time.
    2) Graphics are worse than bfbc1 (comparing by date released)
    3) HUGE lack of maps/guns/add-ons (should’ve gave way more)

    4) This game cost $74(taxes included) and you didn’t give anyone who bought it a reason to keep it? low amount of maps, game modes we have already seen, low gun count, mic screw ups, oh how about when i tried to join a game and waited 20min for it and was put back at tittle because i joined a game that had just finished and the server couldn’t load the not map for me?

    Over all it’s a rental for someone to get trouphies and not a game I expected DICE would ever make.. I’m truly disapointed

  • EA really dropped the ball on this game. I mean 4 player teams is bad enough, but you can’t even get all 4 on the same side. Paying for DLC weeks after release is nuts. I am trading this in real soon.

  • sum people are so stupid cuz they think the game is bad since theres only like 2 or 3 maps for multiplayer so they return it…but this shows that theres gonna be like 7 more maps or something. ya this sucks that we are puting a tone of money into this..but i think its gonna be awesome after the expansions since there will be a ton of maps and game modes.just imagine how many expansions they might have by the end of this year.

  • Also for the people getting mad at EA – EA is a publisher not the DEV team! DICE made this game so flow your comments acordingly .

  • @dono5061 – that is foolish to say because look at ANY other shooting game not only do they come with more map they also have more game modes and more guns – DICE rushed this out so they could promote BF3 (not bad company) and make some extra money to fund more projects through EA.. simple as that

  • Swwwwwweeeeeeet

  • Man what a crap, charging 10 bucks for it. This game is allready low on maps and other stuff. Dont get me wrong, i like the gameplay and its a fun game. But its really shallow. Even when i unlocked the veteran guns i had to swap between the guns too see the difference between them. This gamemode should have been free, and the maps alsow. Or at least half the price. -_-

  • Yea before you start slinging DLC for $9.99 you should start knocking out the bugs. Whats the point of having ranges on the weapons if 1 shot from a sniper rifle across the map wont kill someone but then that person can pick you off with an MP-7? There are too many bugs in this game as is to start dropping expensive DLC that should have been in the original version to begin with.

  • $9.99 for a king of the hill mode?

    oh yeah im so glad i pass this game, what a ripoff

    online pass, lol what a way of milking

  • What a ripoff, I’m glad I passed on this game. MW2 > MoH

  • Honestly This is a joke, $10.00 For a game mode thats prob. already on the disc… A joke…

  • DLC already, did you ever consider making the campaign more than 4 hours or are you just worried about raking in the cash on a mediocore at best game

  • Hey guys, can we expect any kind of Double xp/points for MOH in the future?

  • Maybe fix the online experience before you offer DLC. This game feels rushed out and unfinished and now you want to add on more maps/game types. Fix the problems before adding more. Game is a huge disappointment.

  • Well, alot of negative comments, maybe understandably with no response.
    I just got the game so can’t comment too much for myself, but maybe Eduardo can comment on what future plans, or additional maps are expected for free with the “online pass”. Or even in regards to their frequency of release. It seems like people also complained about technical problems so maybe some communication on a title update would be appreciated. I do think $10 sounds a little high, but I doubt that will be changed. Maybe you can offer it at a discount of $5 for the 1st week or two. EA should try to build good faith with fans especially right before Black Ops is released.

  • i want to buy it!!

  • this game is really bad, poor development skills are shown in this game.

  • Does it add in any new trophies?

  • Yeah right. $9.99 for some placebo DLC that should have been in the retail release already? Please. You should working to polish the uneven product you’ve already released, rather than layering on the *meh* experience at a premium.

    It’s just too bad that MoH could have distinguished itself from the competition by opting for more of a Burnout Paradise support scheme. Unfortunately, you guys are trying to emulate CoD way too much in this regard, and given that this franchise still has a long way to go to reach that level of loyalty, this simply fails.

  • Game is awesome, yes the campaign was a little short, but this series has been dead for how long not counting the jokes for wii. This game was trying to see if fans would still go for the game. Yes the maps were a little glitchy along with the hit counter. But this game was trying to give you a feel for team work and not have you be a one man team with six other people who play on your team but work for themselves. The game wanted to deliver the Speed of cod with the Strategy of Battle field. Maybe the game is a little broken and the Dlc might already be on the list. Besides when you play cod you’ll what play it for three weeks then throw it down complaining that all people do is camp.

  • I’m looking forward to this new mode + maps, funny how so many are griping rather than cheering to see new modes and maps out. Infinity Ward gets away with charging $14.99 for four new maps and no new modes, guess it’s a double standard.

  • Mr.Vasconcellos and the entire DICE Developement Team:
    Are you guys out of your mind, this game was advertised as one of the greatest FPS games this year, to let us down by your careless act of delivering an unfinished product. Have you guys checked the EA forums lately? How many customers are complaining about the same issues and the only thing that your team come up with is a “FREE” DLC and a $9.99 DLC. My question to you is, should you be concerned about the thousands of customers that paid for a unfinished game with dozens of bugs and come up with a “patch” to fix it or ignoring our requests for the gain of profit? You should consider privileged that thousands of people decided to spend their hard earned money in your product to get ripped off by your actions. Remember you are not dealing with young teenagers all the time, there is an adult gamers community out here that we love to play as well!

    P.S. Please don’t delete my message just because I didn’t used the words “sweet”, “awesome” or “interesting” for a game that is far from that.

  • Usually I dont waste my time signing in to comment on articles, but with this I could not help myself. Look, you guys have a sub-par game with limited number of maps and game modes already, and to charge any amount of money for a new game mode is ridiculous. I can understand paying for maps, but a MP game mode??? Get real, Im through with DICE and EA, EA is just getting worse with this BS, Madden BFBC2 MOH all just getting to greedy. You make enough money with the 59.99 price tag on the game, DLC should be worth the money, and I dont see a new “king of the hill” game mode being worth 9.99, so ya Eff off

  • Multiplayer for this game is a flat out joke. I feel for the people that are going to spend $10 to be sniped before they even aim down the sights in an elimination match.

    If this game ever gets patched so that people don’t get sniped as soon as they spawn, and camping isn’t served for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I’ll consider coming back to it. It will also have to cost less than $30, because that’s all it’s really worth anyhow.

    Get to work on un-campifying the multiplayer in this game, DICE. And good luck.

    P.S. I traded my copy of MOH in for The Shoot. Not a single regret was had during the transaction.

  • Agree with Doc @ #38. And, at this stage there should be free DLC in conjunction with getting the servers running properly(holy still-getting-killed-after-going-behind-cover Batman!), fixing hit detection, adjusting some OBVIOUS balance issues with weapons, addressing the spawn issue…..stuff like that. Nothing needs fixing you say? How about “snipe/chain score/mortar/snipe/chain score/mortar”, *leaves server*…repeat.
    How about: The Hot Zone pack contains these new maps, which will be also available in all the other game modes, and the inclusion of the Hot Zone Mode. Even if it was $4.99 after shelling out $60-70, seems a bit much. Come on guys, you have plenty of time to right the ship on this one.


    Party/Playgroup chat does not work while in a game! The only way my friends and I can talk is bypassing the playgroup altogether and use the Join feature off the friends list.

    Using this work around will do for now, but if this doesn’t get fixed, I won’t be playing when Black Ops comes out… please don’t make me do that. I’d much rather play this game!!!

    Btw – any chance you guys plan on allowing users to exit a pre-game lobby without having to wait for the game to start? So damn frustrating to only have an option to leave the game while it’s active.

  • Ironically enough, I agree with everyone. This game does have some merits, but overall was a disappointing experience. The hype that surrounded this game is what got my money,I was in search of something ‘new’. After completing the campaign in one sitting disappointed, I was certainly looking to find that the multi-player would make up for it. Not So. I am an old BFBC player and even 4 years ago Dice was doing a better job. I used to anticipate EA releases as ,in my eyes and tied with Ubisoft, offered some of the best content. I felt like I could rely on them for delivering a great product. I no longer feel this way, and will be much more hesitant to full price purchase/pre-order ANY game in the future. As far as the DLC goes…you won’t see any more of my money.

  • Hey I dont have MOH yet I was thinking of getting it but reading AOLT comments about this game doenst seem worth buying. is this game worth getting? If it’s really bad EA should be giveing the DLC For FREE. I Think is funny you have these “BIG” name Game maker’s 1-4 should able to make the most realstic GAME EVER!!

  • So i might get the dlc later after black ops and acb come out. BUT i do love this game.


  • Hey Eduardo…how about commenting on 99% of the comments that think charging for DLC 2 weeks after release is a joke or the online issues and the numerous bugs…and not just agreeing with the handful of people that simply post sweeeeeet or awesome……enough with the ego stroking…

  • Glad I canceled my pre-order for this game.
    I’m surprised they’re not replying.
    Most game companies don’t listen anymore these days because the majority buys it anyway.

  • The hit detection is pretty bad. But it seems to me the M60 has the worst hit detection. They should fix the problems with the game first. The PC has already gotten two patches. WHERE’S OUR PATCH?! As for the Hot Zone mode it should be free to all who have the online pass.

  • Fix this Funking game first, then i THINK about getting the DLC.

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