Celebrating Ten Years of PlayStation 2

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It has been a busy few months here at PlayStation headquarters. We’ve just recently celebrated 15 incredible years as a leading innovator in the consumer entertainment space, launched a groundbreaking new product called the PlayStation Move, and we’re closing in on a truly remarkable year for PS3. While we can probably spend a whole blog post talking about all unbelievable excitement and momentum around PS3, I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge a tremendous milestone today – PS2 hits its 10th anniversary. There is no better testament of our longevity as a brand and our true leadership in bringing forward technology to the masses, than what we’ve accomplished with the PS2. The PS2 continues to be a defining moment in our legacy and we’re so thankful to you, our most passionate and loyal fans who’ve been with us since its inception.

When the platform launched back in October 2000, the industry was forever changed by the introduction of a device that came built in with a DVD/CD player and offered Internet connectivity and online gameplay for the very first time. The PS2 went on to introduce brand new entertainment formats, such as motion technology with the EyeToy and has broken several industry milestones, such as being the first game console to hit 50 million units in North America. PS2 is also solely responsible for bringing to market some of today’s most well known and beloved franchises such as Ratchet and Clank, Killzone, God of War, SOCOM, and Jak and Daxter.

It’s hard to believe that it was only ten years ago that we launched this revolutionary device in North America, and that there are more than 140 million of them around the world today. The best part of this celebration is that PS2 is still one of the most played consoles out there with continued support from the development community, and remains an incredible value for first time gamers and families at $99. Today’s PS2 milestone serves as a great reminder of how far we’ve come as a company and as an industry. To celebrate, we’ve put together a collection of commentary on how incredible this journey has been and how much we are looking forward to bringing many more groundbreaking ways to amaze and delight you.

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  • Always nice to see some PS2 loving. I still play a fair number of classic PS2 games to this day. Here’s to hoping it hits the $49.99 price point someday as the PSOne did. At that price I’d buy my third PS2 just for the heck of it. :p

  • Ratchet & Clank dominated my PS2 like crazy

  • PS2 will forever reign
    but Sega had online multi-player before PS2…

  • Great video and production. Since Mr. Tretton closed the video talking about meeting the fans demands. How about we get cross game voice chat in the next firmware update?

  • sooo many memories i had with my ps1 and ps2 and now im creating alot with my ps3 and psp… i will always buy PS products because i know Sony will always deliver the goods and always give you the most for your money

    thank you sony for being a huge part of my life and ill enjoy your company for the rest of my gaming years

  • Great video but if you all really want to stay relevant sony listen to your consumers by giving us:

    A new and or improved web browser.
    Cross Game Chat.
    And listen to your consumers via PS Blogshare
    how can you say you care about your consumers if you can’t address what the “consumers” want and or desire and just move toward a direction that no asked to directed toward.

  • Now, just announce some more games for the PS2, Sony! Even if you have to localize them all! Come on, you know you guys want to!

  • You know what would be awesome to celebrate?? PS2 Backwards compatibility on every PS3
    do it already sony

  • Jack Tretton, yay for the PS2 continue live in the past SONY you are doing a wonderful job at it. The PS2 had good games like GT3!, GT4, Ico Shadow of the colossus and lots of other grate games. And i was the biggest Sony fanboy from 1997-2010. ( until just a few weeks ago )
    You know I defended Sony removing other OS ( even if i had and did use Linux on my PS3 ) I did spend 800$ on the PS3 on release day because yes i did think the PS3 will dominate just like the PS2.
    It will have lots of exclusive games GT5, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear solid and new IP’s, well yes we got 5 new IP’s But Final Fantasy is not exclusive, next MGS is not exclusive. GT5 is Vaporware and you did lose almost every third party exclusive in 4 years excellent work. So yes LBP is the best new IP you have ( one of the best new games made ) ( uncharted 1 and 2 also ranks high. However 2010 is a massive disappointment removal of other OS, GT5 turned out to be Vaporware only LBP 2 and Killzone 3 is saving you. But yes for all means celebrate the success of the PS2.

  • Happy Birthday ps2 after I picked u up I skipped the gamecube and xbox generation of systems. they could not even compete with u guys.

  • Love my ps2 & ps3 ;)

  • Skims… no freebies… looks elsewhere.

  • Very nice video! i enjoyed watching it. Cant wait for ps4 lol XD

  • @ hush404

    …/Does the same thing.

    What better way to celebrate a decade of the PS2’s success, including the past two years when it had major exclusive hits like………..

    Give me a sec….

    Well, what better way to celebate than with mere words.

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY PS2! You are awesome, and still living in my basement :)

    ***Off Topic***
    Wow, just be happy people. Half the comments are of pure complaints. If you want to complain, or ask for improvements, do so in the Blog Share where it belongs.

  • @MarinoBrea – I tip my hat to you in TOTAL agreement.

  • How about instead of celebrating a console no one cares about – work on cross game chat and better online features of Playstation 3? That might be something to celebrate.

  • happy birthday PS2
    I can’t wait to see what sony they have for us in the future.

    playstation forever.

  • The PS2 is a landmark for me because I’ll always remember it as what I spent my very first paycheck on. I was…what? 16 at the time? Had like…a 500 dollar paycheck from a roofing job. I spent it all in about 20 minutes within cashing it. Got a PS2, Final Fantasy X and the memory card. 8 or 9 years later that very same PS2 still runs great and sits on my shelf next to my Wii and PS3.

  • Congrats.

  • I still remember launch day like it was yesterday. I was hyped beyond belief. I watched 3 guys get escorted out of the mall for being disorderly. Apparently, they did not get the memo that EBGames was selling them to those who pre-ordered only. After about 45 minutes of waiting in line, I walked out with SSX, Madden ’01, and DOA2: Hardcore. Good times.

    Anyway, here’s to an amazing system *tips glass with Ken Kutaragi*

  • PS2 was epic. Sadly the same cannot be said for Delaystation 3.

    All in all, I am still a happy PS3 customer though as a whole.

  • Congratulations!

  • You guys almost made it to the end of the second sentence without plugging the Move.

  • Happy 100 years of Jackie Chan! Thanks for 100 years of punches and kicks and breaking bricks.

  • Really enjoyed watching the video, thank you.
    The PS3 is my first entry to consoles, and I really enjoy it. I use it on a daily basis, and I really love it.

    Long live Sony & the PlayStation brand.

  • This year is remarkable for PS3 for all the wrong reasons: Greed, corruption, open harassment of paying customers, defrauding the fanbase, cyberstalking, sexual predators openly stalking on home, delayed games, many many software bugs, sony marketing trolls posing as foaming at the mouth fanboys, rabid censorship. Unfortunately the PS2 success we all celebrate is in the past as it cannot be repeated on the ps3. yes we all loved the PS2 and hoped PS3 would share that success but its past tense.

  • man i remember my dad asking me if i wanted a 64 instead of a ps. i was only like 6 and i wanted a ps and i am so happy i choose ps over the 64. ever since then i got a ps2 and now my ps3. i love all 3 systems even my psp. sony you guys are truly gold to me and i know my life would be so empty and bland without you. congrats.

  • Remarkable year? for what exactly? open harassment all over psn? overhyped games not getting released on time or at all? openly defrauding your paying customers? How is this remarkable except as a total failure? the answer is obvious, IT ISN’T!!

  • Thanks to PlayStation, VideoGaming can be for everyone, like you say you play uncharted the other one doesn’t look at you like ”eww you play game?” like in the old day, instead he’s like COool

  • @R0n1n_76

    Thanks man, you know I did it because we fans care.

  • Iloved hoe jack t got out the lemio anwith body guard everywhere.. A true boss of bosses..

    My best ps2 story is the day the hdd came out . I got it 1st before everybody did. It was hell of feeling.. I had the baddest ps2 in the city.. I also was the only person online for like 5 hours. and you image that..

    Ty sony and happy birthday ps2.

    mcbuttz78 – vp of psn legionaires

  • how* not hoe,, my badd typo** limo*

  • Playstation is one of the best entertainment system you can ever find now. SONY…YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy Anniversary!!

  • happy birthday playstation 2,but what happened 2 the playstation 1’s birthday.

  • PlayStation for eva lol XD

  • ahhh another jack tretton wall o’ text :P

    i did read all of this one though. congrats sony.

  • If you would anything possible for us then why don’t you make Party Chat/CrossGameChat possible?

    Or it isn’t possible?

  • GTA 3 HD? j/k. PS2 started alot. PSone was ground breaking, but the Ps2 was the foundation though. I love the metal gears, the GTAs, the Smack Downs, the Good of Wars, the GranTurismos, the Socoms. Genius.

  • PS2 is the granddaddy of all game systems! Happy B-day old friend!

  • Happy birthday ps2! Great job Sony!

  • PS2 ftw!

  • the ps2 is not doubt the console that had more games on its heyday than any other console.however,despite its huge library the ps2 couldnt enjoy the massive library of rpgs that the japanese had.and i feel that because of this anniversary that sony should lift up their restrictions that they had on jrpgs so that the fans of the genre like yours truly would have the opportunity to enjoy all the goodness that we had missed over the years.

    thus, its my hope that scea doesnt “stonewall” the ps3 localization of jrpgs like they did with its predecessor.

    finally, congrats to all of you that work at scea for the ps2 milestone! :0)

  • Happy 10th B’day PS3, we spent many happy hours together.

  • Happy 10th Anniversary PlayStation 2! I remember when I received my PS2 that year, I was amazed by the graphics and gameplay of each game, as well as the ability to play DVD. It was like 2 for the price of one. 10 years is a while for the PS2, but I think it is time Sony to let it go and when you do, introduce the new hardware backwards compatibility piece for the PS3 when it is ready.

  • 9 years ago my ps2 died 2 months ago my ps3 ….sony can not make any products that last

  • Mr. Jack Tretton, you are a stud!

  • PlayStation wasn’t my first system but the system that I’ve been with forever.

  • aww The ps2: the best and probably last system with awesome jrpgs

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