Celebrating Ten Years of PlayStation 2

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It has been a busy few months here at PlayStation headquarters. We’ve just recently celebrated 15 incredible years as a leading innovator in the consumer entertainment space, launched a groundbreaking new product called the PlayStation Move, and we’re closing in on a truly remarkable year for PS3. While we can probably spend a whole blog post talking about all unbelievable excitement and momentum around PS3, I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge a tremendous milestone today – PS2 hits its 10th anniversary. There is no better testament of our longevity as a brand and our true leadership in bringing forward technology to the masses, than what we’ve accomplished with the PS2. The PS2 continues to be a defining moment in our legacy and we’re so thankful to you, our most passionate and loyal fans who’ve been with us since its inception.

When the platform launched back in October 2000, the industry was forever changed by the introduction of a device that came built in with a DVD/CD player and offered Internet connectivity and online gameplay for the very first time. The PS2 went on to introduce brand new entertainment formats, such as motion technology with the EyeToy and has broken several industry milestones, such as being the first game console to hit 50 million units in North America. PS2 is also solely responsible for bringing to market some of today’s most well known and beloved franchises such as Ratchet and Clank, Killzone, God of War, SOCOM, and Jak and Daxter.

It’s hard to believe that it was only ten years ago that we launched this revolutionary device in North America, and that there are more than 140 million of them around the world today. The best part of this celebration is that PS2 is still one of the most played consoles out there with continued support from the development community, and remains an incredible value for first time gamers and families at $99. Today’s PS2 milestone serves as a great reminder of how far we’ve come as a company and as an industry. To celebrate, we’ve put together a collection of commentary on how incredible this journey has been and how much we are looking forward to bringing many more groundbreaking ways to amaze and delight you.

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  • Been along for the ride for 15 years now. I look forward to 10 years with the PS3 and beyond.

  • Congratulations! PS2 is really a great console, and many great titles were released on the platform, including both Japanese and American titles.

    Hopefully there will be one day PS3 can play PS2 titles again.

  • This was a cool video, and I had a PS2 for 5 years although it had some problem. But it was a great gaming console. The PS3 impressed me a lot because of all the thing it can do. Long live the Playstation.

  • HAPPY B-DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! But your going to have the PS3 be your main video game sisteom for the next ten years!?!?!? YES!!!!!!!!! Now I will have enufe time to save up for the PS4!!!!!!!! (if thats what it will be called) but Ill be 26 when it comes out… sigh, O well, that means that you will have all that time to make it!!!! Good thing to know that the PS3 has a lot power that needs to be used!!!!

  • idk if this is a copyright infringement but
    microsoft kinect motion gaming is, You are the controller

    wasnt that first on PS2 eyetoy if so, remember PS2 eyetoy, you are the controller thats right move your hands your feet or any part of your body.

  • Happy Birthday PS2!!! Amazing life with PlayStation!! So many years, so many games, so many hours I brought with my PlayStation’s its incredible and i have all PlayStation consoles ;) Thanks Sony for that and i’ll be always a big and loyal fan :))

  • Sega Dreamcast is the better console

  • I remember the first time I saw a PS1. I looked at the gigantic ”power” and ”open” buttons on the console, and at the controller buttons with the brightly-colored shapes on them, and I said: ”This looks like a Super Nintendo for babies. It looks like it was made by Fischer Price!”.

    What an idiot. If I knew then all of the incredible experiences the Playstation brand would bring me over the years…

    I loved the heck out of my PS2 and continue to love the heck out of my PS3 (which still brings new and unexpected features every few months, despite having been purchased years ago).

    P.S.: Loved the clips of good-ol’ Phil Harrison from back in the day. LOL.

  • its been a wild fun ride, iv’e owned PS1, PS2, PSP and now PS3
    and PSMove

    For everyone at SCEA, You guys rock! PlayStation Brand rules!

  • Now all SONY need to do is start putting PS2 games on PSN!!!!

  • i start cry when i see this video
    i spend a lot of my childhood with ps1 and ps2
    it was greet time

  • It was 10 years ago today that PS2 came out. I remember trying to get one on launch. Didn’t get it till about a week or two later. I also remember when they were very very rare to get at first. On EBay the prices were nuts. It’s still one of the best systems ever made.

  • Happy Birthday PS2, you’ve finally served your purpose as a system. Time to pack it in and let us have backward compatibility.

  • i should play some tekken in honor of the all night grudge matches i use to have. congratulations on ten years.

  • Pity you guys have yet to find a way to put PS2 games on PSN, best game I ever played was ICO for PS2,can wait for the HD version.

  • I like this video. congrats Sony!

  • I started out wit a ps1 and then got PS2 AND i still play on it time to time. Now i got a ps3 when it first came out a 80G love it. Happy Birthday playstation thanks for 10 great years .

  • This would be awesome if we got our backwards compatibility back on our ps3 so that we could play our Metal Gear Solid 3 and such games! I am already loyal to Sony for all things gaming but geez, can we please get some ps2/ps3 gameplay back???

  • It was an awesome ten years when I got my ps2. On a side note: isn’t it psn store update day today?

  • The PlayStation brand is important to the video game industry. It is truly the brand where all developers can succeed on it, hence why the PS1 and PS2 got amazing support. Hopefully the brand will be around as long as video games are, for without it I’m worried that the industry would get close to crashing.

  • Wow and we cant get blessed with a new firmware update?? You know one that gives us party chat.. cross game chat.. new enhanced xmb voice messages.. we have been asking for these things for more than a year and sony cant even deliver amd yet i still remain loyal..

  • congrats Sony, you guys have come a long way and I’m proud to say I am one of those dedicated fans you speak of, not cause of the brand but the quality, passion, and care that’s put into your products. Keep the momentum going, thanks..

  • Nice video man!
    Happy birthday PS2!! ^^

  • we love playstation !

  • Now put the BC back in and stop selling us our old PS2 games over again.

  • I get a lot of crap for my fanboyism towards the PlayStation brand. There are just so many memories attached to PS1/PS2 and now the PS3 that I cherish as a long-time gamer. My brother and I grew up split screen, sharing games, co-op. Now miles and hours away from each other we still share that experience on PSN on PS3 every week playing Uncharted 2, Battlefield, LBP and more. I can say with up-most certainty that you guys have 2 customers for life!
    Thanks for everything SCEA/PlayStation

  • Lets celebrate… a GT5 release date plz.

  • what better way would there be than to remake the ps2 graphics emulator and give it to us to ” celebrate the tenth anniversary ;)

  • thanks for the greatest gaming system ever made..
    happy b-day ps2

  • Happy 10 awsome years PS2, Playstation Rules!!!! WOOT WOOT

  • Shadow of the colossus pushed the ps2 to a whole new ground!

  • Love PLAYSTATION!! I have a backwards compatiable PS3, and it now has a 1TB hdd!! Thanks for making it so easy to swap HDD’s!!

  • Jack is awesome and i love the playstation for all its joy it has brought

  • I’d love to join in the celebration. Except I didn’t buy my first PS2 until about three years ago, and the whole unit basically died all at once a little over a month ago. Disc Read Errors, non-functional controller ports, the works.

    And as you could imagine, not having bought it until AFTER the PS3 came out, it’s probably not going to get fixed for a long time, if ever at all.

    So thanks, Sony, for making one of the most fragile game consoles!

  • Happy Birthday PS2.

    Like others have said PS2 was great and the PS3 is just awesome!!!


  • As much as I love Sony, my contention with the article is that the Dreamcast came out 9.9.99 and at least CAME with a Modem.

    I didn’t get the Network Adapter for my PS2 until the Everquest Online Adventures beta (Winter 2002), and I only really used it for the included copy of Twisted Metal Black and Madden (and barely at that; didn’t get Broadband until 2004). It sat unused until FFXI released that Summer.

    So yeah, props to the PS2, the very first system I had during the generation it was released and wasn’t a hand-me-down.

    The first Final Fantasy with Voice Acting, Kingdom Hearts, GTA, Amplitude, Katamari, SOCOM (OMG VOICE COMMANDED DUMB AI TEMMATES!), Metal Gear Solid, Devil May Cry, Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter…

    I could really go on and on about how the PS2 changed the industry.

    Viva La Playstation!

  • wow! it made me nostalgic watching the dual analog-less ps1 controller, because that was the one it came when i first purchased my ps1. can’t believe it has been that long.

    happy anny playstation!

  • Happy birthday Playstation 2!! I remember when my girlfriend (now wife) gave me that beautiful PS2 console and I was so thrilled to play the games that I loved to play! My special memories are from Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 and also SOCOM: Navy SEALs with headset :)…I have always felt a strong loyalty towards Playstation and lately a loyalty towards other Sony products! I thanks you Playstation for bringing all this joy to my every day life :) God bless you!

  • Happy Birthday PS2! Thank you for everything.

    May you revive with the backward compatibility!

  • Im always going to a PLAYSTATION FAN
    For Ever!!!!!!

    I have a PS1, PS2, PSP, and PS3 waiting for PS4

  • Happy B-day PS2
    and PLAYSTATON 15th Anniversary
    also thank you, Jack Tretton for this amazing gaming systems and the Sony Team.

  • Here’s to you, Sony PlayStation (1, 2, PSP, and now, 3) !!!

    Long live PlayStation in my mind and Solid Snake [Metal Gear Solid) in my heart. I will always cherish our 10 years of happy memories, memories that will live forever in my heart. It’s been a great ride [10 years]. Here’s to another 10 years. Life is amazing, for the most important thing isn’t how many breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away.

    The story of Metal Gear Solid took my breath away with its depth and complexity, along with it’s life lessons that teach us how to live our lives, how to have faith and hope, hope that it’s not the genes that we’re born with that determine our character, but our will to achieve greatness that shapes the quality human being that we ultimately become. Thanks Hideo Kojima and Sony PlayStation for the planting (inception) of this idea into our mind.

    We will always remember Sony PlayStation and Solid Snake. Long live both in our hearts!!!
    Kevin Lu [forever loyal fan of Sony PlayStation and Metal Gear Solid series]

  • ill never forget when i got my ps2

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