Blacklight Tango Down Infiltrates PSN Tomorrow With New Features

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Hey everyone, in honor of Blacklight: Tango Down’s launch on the PlayStation Network tomorrow (10/26), we’re pumped to share with you a brand-new, exclusive gameplay video and a piece of never-before seen concept art.

Blacklight is a fast-paced, action-oriented, first-person shooter that takes place in 25 years in the future. In the game, players take control of an elite covert ops team that is sent after an American Colonel and his personal Blacklight team. As players progress through the ranks, they will unlock new items and attachments to add to their fully-customizable weapons, giving them literally trillions of weapons combos to play with and endless hours of combat.

While Blacklight has done really well over the summer, we’ve worked on some serious improvements and new features for the PlayStation Network version of the game. In addition to being fully-updated, the PlayStation Network version will include the brand-new ‘Join in Progress’ feature, that allows players to instantly join the online action without waiting for an intermission. Up until now, players had to wait until the end of a round, or start a new game. ‘Join in Progress’ has been our number-one most asked for addition to the game, and it makes the experience a lot more smooth.

But there’s more! We’re also adding a new map to the PSN version of Blacklight called ‘Crossover.’ This map, available only to PS3 gamers, will take them into the financial district right as it transforms into a war zone. We hope you enjoy the game and hope to see you in the combat!

Blacklight Tango Down

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  • @ #1 it wasnt a timed exclusive, it was sonys QA testing that took this long

  • The good part is those 2 guys that kept asking about this can finally shut it and go enjoy it.

    The bad part is they’ll be the only two playing against each other online since no one else wants this anymore XD

  • im buying this game tomorrow, this game will keep me occupied until blackops

    MOH Fans: im sorry i got rid of this game the 2nd day of owning it. the online ranking system makes no sense whats so ever

  • BOOM!!!! That just happened!

  • Don’t buy 360’s sloppy seconds people! This is a disgrace! I hope no one buys this on PS3…..spend your money on something better then this crap!

  • I really hope that there will be a decent amount of people to play with online. It takes some of the good COD features, but doesn’t seem to have any of the bad ones. Besides, with almost 35 days online in MW2 and COD4 combined, I’m pretty much sick of the series.

  • Also, this wasn’t a timed exclusive. Zombie Studios just had trouble programming it for the PS3, and then there was some mix up with Sony. Don’t skip out on a good game just because it came out on the 360 first. Try out the demo at least.

  • I have a copy of the Blacklight one off with your signature on it!

  • LOL terrible aim speed on the 360. 360-exclusive for six months AND you announced a sequel after a week of the 360-launch.

    Only total morons would buy the PS3 version.

  • This game looks better than MW 2

  • Yeah, too late guys. MOH two weeks ago and COD two weeks from now, who picked that date. I know it was a 360 exclusive, but wow, terrible timing. I wanted to play this way back when it was announced, but I couldn’t, not my loss.

  • Im sorry but… if this game would of came out a few months ago… day 1 purchase. I rather keep my $14.99 since these servers are going to be dead pretty fast.

  • Plus, why would people buy a MAG like game when they can just get MAG. The better of the two. Like everyone else I have Blackops pre-ordered, so sorry try harder next time.

  • Had to go elsewhere to find out about the game. Seems solid at a good price from everything I’ve read. One of the worst trailers of all time. It had to be on purpose. I refuse to believe that humanity is that lazy or stupid.

  • If this game was released a bit before or during the summer than it could have been a hit. But instead it’s coming out when there’s a bunch of better FPSes. Sorry but no thanks.

  • I am playing MOH and KZ3 Beta right now, and in a few weeks I will also be playing Black Ops. So I am full on FPS. Maybe next year…. Nope Brink beginning of next year, then infamous 2, then Killzone 3, then LBP 2. Crap…. who would buy this game when you have all these AMAZING games coming out… I do not have enough money now for all of the games i just mentioned let alone a PSN title that the programmers had trouble making for the PS3. Sounds like a bug fest waiting to happen!

  • I won’t buy any timed exclusive games.

  • G4 said this game is only good for when your waiting for AAA games to come out. Well the AAA games are right around the corner so there’s no use in spending $14.99 on this placeholder. Not this year and not next year either because of all the delays into next year makes 2011 seem like overkill. Sorry guys it’s WAY too late, because this game is basically obsolete on PSN. We don’t want it.

  • Its going to be a try before I buy, but I have to respect the developer for showing up/responding to this Zombie Studios hate fest.

  • I saw a couple of videos on and it seemed like a nice little pick me up type of game. I think there was some extra content for the wait time, not sure. I’ll be sure to purchase it sometimes this week.

  • what time does the psn store update e.s.t.?

  • Why are idiots sitting here complaining about the killzone 3 beta?
    And this game looks like crap honestly. What was the point of the video? To show off the environment or to show how “good” it plays? Because you did nothing but get hit by a train and walk up the same stairs with the same shotgun twice. Bad game is bad

  • @ 60

    i agree but funner than MW2 online!

  • I’ll be buying this.
    Because it looks fun, and because these people commenting are all being gaping a-holes.

  • Just to clarify, I did purchase the game but the 20 min demo was not enough to discover all of the bugs listed above. I would like and believe I am entitled to a refund.

    A person would not go into a store and purchase something that is broken. The situation is no different here. I would not have purchased the game had I known it was broken. I would like a refund please and thank you.

  • Well, It definitely has been a tough room. I will at least download the demo and check it out for myself. There are a lot of FPS and I don’t believe they have to be unique to warrant as a viable game, but the in progress join is pretty cool. Thanks for bring us some info, more game play video would be nice, but a demo is just as good.

  • To the creators of blacklight I like the game. Its great. The mics seem not to work in some games and there should be a way to fix the many lags and a party up system where a clan can get together and play on the same team instead of having to do private matches and playing against each other and actually getting out there and playing other clans. Also think about getting this game onto it would be great and it would prob replace medal of honor cuz there is no private on medal of honor.

  • Downloading now. To the developers, just remember….haters gonna hate.

    Now to see if it was worth the money….

  • Seems pretty fun. Not loving the life bar. Not enough use of Augmented Reality for a game that uses it as the tagline….Batman Arkam Asylum used it more effectively. Weapon “upgrade” system is kinda neat. Overall, liking the weapons. Single player experience is marginal, but I’ll likely see it through to completion….more than I’ve been able to say for some things put out by MUCH bigger names. Like the character design. Like the price. Servers were quickly accessible on a late Sunday evening….more than I could say for MGS:Online, among others. Needs more “network warfare” elements added in…do some research into real life network warfare and add it into the sequel…hunting “power canisters” is kind of inane.

  • [cont.]

    Quit with the goofy names like “hyper reality visor,” and make the factions less symmetrical. Perhaps have offscreen “support centers” which control each side’s computing cloud, and make player actions effect how available they are. Add in satellites and UAVs for futuristic atmosphere. Graphics are better than expected, but animation is close to the uncanny valley in a way not seen since Quake 2, or perhaps more suitably the recent Greg Hastings Paintball 2, title. Easily dealt with though buy using the HRV…which annoyingly must charge even after a very brief usage.

    Overall, I like it. I suggest it to the haters, but I expect a more mature game out of the creators for the sequel.

    3 of 4 stars.

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