A Closer Look: Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition and PlayStation Move

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Recently we had the PlayStation Blog team into our office for an in-depth demo of how the PlayStation Move motion controller works with Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition. Check out the video below to see how these new controls work.

For those who don’t know, when the PlayStation Move controller became available, Capcom released a free update for Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition owners that implements new control options into the game which provide a more immersive and intuitive experience. Now you can use the PlayStation Move controller to aim with ease as you take down the hoards of Majini that have taken over Kijuju.

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition for PS3 and PlayStation MoveResident Evil 5: Gold Edition for PS3 and PlayStation Move

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition is available in stores now and in addition to the entire Resident Evil 5 experience, the Gold Edition includes two new episodes, four new costumes, an online Versus Mode, and a newly reworked Mercenaries Reunion mode. The PlayStation Move motion controller works with all modes.

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  • pitythefool came up with the best idea, I would seriouly pay $5 for an ‘upgrade’ to gold version and have it downloaded and just put the standard version in to play.. that’s an amazing idea, if the programming can’t be done to make RE5:SE work with move, but I refuse to buy the game again, I bought it close to release date, this is what i get for giving my money early before any of the DLC was created, if it wasn’t for people like us that supported the game when it first came out, there would be no DLC and therefore no gold edition, I think you need to rethink youre strategy on this one

  • Done beat the game I bought it when move came out and it works so much better. I used a different control scheme then the one you picked. I did do a test me and my cousin played splitscreen I had the move with the nav controller he used dual shock. Neither one of us had ever played the game before. He was doing much better then me at first with the DS3 but after about the 3rd level I was matching his accuracy by the end of the game I was the top player. Also the swipe for knife and the shake for reload is awesome don’t care what anyone says it works great. I got platinum trophy on this game all with the move controller. I then tried to play the game with the DS3 and hated it.

  • I have been playin RE5 with move with a buddy online for the last week or so. It’s a blast.
    If you got the move….got get a copy of re5 ge now!

  • RE5 is greatly improved using Move, I highly recommend it.

  • Bogus for early adopters. I have the original with all the DLC. Sad that I can’t use the Move on my copy even though it’s essentially the exact same game. Can’t justify buying the game a second time when I’ve already paid upwards of $90 for the original + DLC. Capcom just got a -2 on my popularity chart.

  • pitythefool852 is totally on target. The serious RE fans and loyal supporters are the early adopters and the one’s who have already paid full price for the standard game and the dlc. The biggest fans are the people getting shafted in this whole situation. There truly should be an option for an “upgrade” for a minimal price (if any) for those original edition owners.

    Sad that the Collector’s Edition is actually inferior to the Gold Edition. More proof that collector/limited editions are just crap and cheap ways to make a buck.

  • I have RE5 Collectors Edition and platinum it. Great game best with a friend in co-op. I have the Playstation Eye but no move controllers. This game has been the big temptation in getting a move but $90 for the wand and navigation controller and a $39 game is a hard pill to swallow. I see a silver lining is that the extra content in the gold edition. I have held off getting the DLC because of the Gold edition move support. Help

  • why couldn’t it be L1 or L2 on the navigation controller to aim and shoot with the T button on the move controller but no u have to shews the worst control to keep me from playing the RE sires

  • Uh huh, yep, I don’t believe that the regular RE5 couldn’t have Move functionality. I know Capcom’s track record and they’ll try to squeeze every little penny they can get out of a game, that includes making people buy the same game TWICE (like SFIV and SSFIV, why not just make SSFIV in the first place?).

    Ah well, not really that big of a deal. I have RE4 for Wii and its 10X than RE5.

  • *10X BETTER than RE5

  • will you guys at least consider making it compatible with the normal edition? im extremely bummed that it wasnt for the normal edition of it

  • Wow I was gonna buy move to play this game not knowing it doesn’t work for regular edition. Thank for this article saved my money.

  • I really enjoy the Move, and was considering this game. However, I just don’t like that I don’t get to use the trigger to shoot the gun. If the customizable controls were patched to allow some of the user-submitted control schemes seen here, I would buy this game.
    Otherwise, the game looks like a lot of fun. Also, don’t mind the complaints about not being able to aim while turning around. That isn’t something a person would normally do with a gun, so I wouldn’t expect it from the character in the game.

  • good but when are you guy’s going to release a patch for the glitch where resident evil 5 gold edition has “corrupt data” really its pissing me off, i can’t go thru a freaking level without worrying that the game is going to have corrupt data and start all over.

  • Will there be a demo released to demonstrate RE5 GE’s move functionality?

  • Ya demo would be nice!!

  • For all you people complaining about how it doesn’t work on the original version of RE5 read Matt’s response to post 4! I’ve read all the posts here and there’s some many people repeating the same question over.

  • ok, i love the game. but the move controls are lousy. i bought the official gun attachment, and its useless with this game. what are the chances of a more customizable control scheme? this game would be the ultimate if you could shoot with the gun attachment, im very disappointed at i haveto play The Shoot to use my gun peripheral.

  • I like how you noted that if you haven’t played the game, it’s a great buy. Same with Heavy Rain. I’m sure I would enjoy both with the Move had I not already played through them. :/

  • Thanks for the Move implementation! My funds are really tight right now otherwise this is precisely the excuse I was waiting for to pick up RE:5! Hope it hits Greatest Hits status so I can afford it sooner than later!

  • @67, quit sucking up to Capcom. You’re reward will only be Super Street Fighter Turbo IV with a new stage and two new characters and will cost $30 (and did I mention you can only get those characters and that level from the game itself, NO DLC).

    Capcom doesn’t reward their true fans who buy a game when it first comes out. Instead, they make us buy a whole other edition of the game and waste 30 more dollars on a game you already have (but with a few extra features).

  • so can we turn in our old RE5 versions anywhere and get this new version?? cause i got move and the old RE5 and i don’t wana pay another 40 bucks for the same exact game.

  • Getting it

  • This sucks I have PS move and i was really looking forward to playing RE5 with it. but what keeps me from buying a copy of Gold edition is the fact that i already bought ALL the DLCs for Resident Evil 5 I don’t want to re buy everything i already own. why isn’t there a patch coming for the regular RE5? is Capcom being lazy with their programing?

  • Yes, just bought a Move, this really sucks that it isn”t compatible with the origanla, I bought all the DLC, and it just isn’t fair to those the supported the game and DLC, to not get the move controls.

  • Please update reg edition, I have reg and all dlc. so why would I get gold for just move support come on…

  • Let’s solve this once and for all – Part One
    (I hate having to think on behalf of smart people)

    Capcom: Patching the original RE5 for Move just isn’t workable

    Me: I get that, but you must understand that we’re not going to buy the game twice

    CC: I’m sure some peo…

    Me: …Don’t even go there. The simple solution is to create a Full Game Download of RE5:GE. Offer it to RE5 owners as a “Move Upgrade” that would only run with the RE5 disc in-drive

    CC: You’re saying that we should compile the whole Gold Edition for download, test it, just to have it downloaded by a handful of RE5 owners

    Me: You’re missing the big picture, Capcom dude. Once you’ve got the RE5:PSN Edition compiled, you can sell it on PSN too.

    CC: You mean we can sell the game through PSN to new users as well as patching the original version for free?

    Me: Better… you can sell the game on PSN as well as SELLING the patch for $5 or so.

    CC: You’re starting to make sense here…

  • Let’s solve this once and for all – Part Two

    Sony: Sorry to butt in, but that’s a lot of bandwidth we’re talking about. Who’s going to pay for that?

    Me: Whassup Sony dude, I was just going to call you about this. Like I said before, we’re selling the patch. Back to you, though… Have you guys noticed that Move launched with just one Third-Person Shooter, but fans of the game can’t use Move controls on it. Kinda missing out on the core market, there.

    Sony: Capcom explained that to us. It’s impossible to patch.

    Me: Yeah, I get that, but a Full Game Download would make a lot of sense. Firstly, a ton of RE5 fans would buy Move just as an excuse to play the game again

    Sony: We don’t know that for sure, and who’s to say that there’s a market for selling this Full Game Download

    Me: That’s where you come in. Remember inFamous on PlayStation Plus? Check out my plan in the next post:

  • Let’s solve this once and for all – Part Three

    The Plan

    Capcom compile a downloadable version of RE5:GE… RE5:PSN
    RE5:PSN is sold as a full price full version, and as a reasonably priced “Move Upgrade” that requires an original RE5 disc to run
    The original RE5 is patched so that, if RE5:PSN is installed, it will load that instead of the original RE5

    RE5 fans and early adopters rejoice

    Sony then offer the game to PlayStation Plus members as a Full Game One-Hour Trial
    Plus members who own have RE5 on disc and download the trial get to keep the “Move Upgrade” for free, even after the trial expires.
    Sales of RE5:PSN are stimulated by other Plus members who go on to purchase the full game after the trial, making this version financially viable to Capcom

    Sony Win – More users will purchase both Move and Plus, and the current TPS void in the Move library will be properly filled

    Capcom Win – They can make more money on RE5, whilst improving their image by showing that they listen to their core supporters

    The People Win – We all get to enjoy a little Move Multiplayer Mayhem on RE5

  • Let’s solve this once and for all – Part Four

    Sony: Those are some nasty DRM licences you’re asking us to write

    Me: Not really. Just patch the original RE5 so that it can directly access the resources on the RE5:PSN PS+ Trial HDD install. Without the disc, the Trial Version would be locked like any other expired title. The problem is not programming, the problem is time. You guys had better get this done quick. The Holiday 2010 launch window is pretty tight, and you want to get it out before the new TPSs come out Q1 2011

    Sony: What if we’re too late? We don’t want RE5:PSN to eat into sales of Killzone 3 or Socom 4

    Me: That’s why you and Capcom should have thought of this six months ago. I can’t do all your thinking for you. Just try to get it done fast!

  • I call BS the original “can’t be patched for move” Having bought original and some DLC this is a slap in the face. Capcom, between copy controlled saves and this BS & SF you are going to have to work hard to get much $$$ out of me in the future. Hmmm dead rising 2 just dropped down my playlist. Enough stuff to play these days its pretty easy to skip decent games and have plenty to play anyway. Time to get your heads on straight Capcom :(

  • just make the game compstible with the gun attachment

  • Please swap the Trigger and Move Button functions… I want to aim with the thumb button and shoot with the trigger.

  • WEll… This sucks. I was planing on getting playstation move because of RE but I have normal one.Now I’m not going to even bother getting ps move.

  • make this compatible with the gun attachment!

  • This is horrible, Capcom really messed up the controls, RE4 on Wii did it better for crying out loud.

    Issues listed and detailed here in first post.


  • Yeah, I’ve been wanted to play RE5 since move came out.

  • i bought all the add’l dlc for RE5, how come i’m not eligable for the move functionality? This is the one thing i wanted to buy a move for, and i have the repurchase this game? That’s unfair. Total dealbreaker for me for the move.

  • I just read capcom’s official reason for not incorporating move support to the non gold edition. I’m pretty insulted. Memory allocation can be modified through a software update on RE5 non-gold. It’s bizarre and insulting to claim that only the move edition can support move. I’m sorry I can’t support this.

  • If the code is so different how is it posible to play online between regular and GE? lieing again Capcom?

  • while ive been waiting for a patch for the controller layout, ive been playing ” the shoot”. loved it at first, but the accuracy and consistency of the gun is ridiculous. im talking way off. you can be aiming the gun at something and the reticule is 3 inches to the right of wher you are aiming. god, what a waste of money this move was. 2 games, 2 controllers, and i dont like any of it. comeon capcom,patch the game already.

  • i am getting ps move as soon as possible and this will be the first game i get for it. haha

  • haha? you just wait until you play with that control scheme. x and L1 to run, that ruins one control type. it is seriously in need of a major overhaul.

    maybe RE5 platinum will have updated controls that are actually half decent to play with. rolls eyes.

  • RESIDENT EVIL 5 NEEDS TO FIX THE DAMN CURSOR IN THE MIDDLE RESET. Im sure that most of you people end up holding the controller in an awkward position because we are not always pointing at the middle of the screen. Sony give us the always in the screen cursor mode.

  • No responses , no explanations, does the move just suck?

  • my question is if i buy that gun attatchemnt that was made for the game “Shoot” will it work with resident evil or is it too awkward?

  • No it will not work, I was hoping that it would.

  • Still no update, :(

  • Just got the Sony gun :)
    BUT this dosnt work with the game, no guns work with the game.
    Capcom is shiøøøøøø.
    The way the use the move controllers is unreal. Pull the trigger and You aim???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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