A Closer Look: Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition and PlayStation Move

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Recently we had the PlayStation Blog team into our office for an in-depth demo of how the PlayStation Move motion controller works with Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition. Check out the video below to see how these new controls work.

For those who don’t know, when the PlayStation Move controller became available, Capcom released a free update for Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition owners that implements new control options into the game which provide a more immersive and intuitive experience. Now you can use the PlayStation Move controller to aim with ease as you take down the hoards of Majini that have taken over Kijuju.

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition for PS3 and PlayStation MoveResident Evil 5: Gold Edition for PS3 and PlayStation Move

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition is available in stores now and in addition to the entire Resident Evil 5 experience, the Gold Edition includes two new episodes, four new costumes, an online Versus Mode, and a newly reworked Mercenaries Reunion mode. The PlayStation Move motion controller works with all modes.

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  • Looks awesome! Will there be any demo? Any news on a new Resident Evil?

  • The Move works great with RE5:GE. It’s a lot of fun and I use the Dual Shock in my left hand without issue. Lot’s of fun and a natural fit with the game. The aiming is precise and it really pulls you in to the game. Love it!

  • Look nice, but it’s now enough for me to go buy the Gold edition of the game. I have the regular version with the DLC.

  • Why doesn’t the move work for resident evil 5, not gold edition… so early supporters of the game get screwed, I’m not going to go buy the game again because of a new control scheme, thats retarded

    • If the update could have been made to work on the early edition of RE5 we would have made it do so. Unfortunately how the game allocated memory to the processors had the be reconfigured to make the controllers work, and that couldn’t be done with a simple update. With Gold Edition we were able to make the necessary accomodations.

  • Why not use L2 on the Navcon to bring up aim mode and use the trigger to shoot? Seems the Move button would’ve been perfect for a large, easy access button to bring up the oft-used menu.

  • i bought all the dlc BEFORE the ge came out and honestly, it sucks that you have move control only for ge. why would i pay 60$ even after i have all the dlc and stuff? i think you shoulda made it for everyone, not just ge.

  • As much as I would like to play RE5 with my Move controller, I feel completely screwed over for buying the original edition the first day it came out…

  • I would like to know why the player is forced to “activate” his gun with the trigger button(Aim mode”, and shoot with the move button? This is just counterintuitive and makes playing the game with the PS Move more disjointed than necessary.

    Even if that is the case, why now allow the player to just remap the buttons as they see fit? I would love to be able to activate “aim mode” on the DS3/Nav Controller and use the Move with the shooting attachment.

  • I totally disagree. Trigger button to aim and Move button to shot is a awful setting to use with the gun accessory for Move controller. FAIL!

  • Please add some new button configs for move, run with L1, aim with L2 and shoot with the Move trigger at least.

  • What happened to the RE5: Gold Edition that already have the Move patch on the disc without downloading a patch? I remember Sid mentioned it in a post.

    • New versions of the game out now, with Move branding on the box, will already contain the PlayStation Move support update.

  • Like most fans I own the original copy of the game and won’t be picking up the gold edition just for move controls. Might have been worth checking out if they included a patch to update the original. But as it stands I’ll wait until Resident Evil 6 to play RE with move controls. For those that haven’t played RE5 picking up the gold edition is a no brainer. The game is pretty decent, the story is good. Just wish the game was scary. I’d say this was the most mild of the RE series as far as intensity goes. The developers need to take a look at Dead Space and bring back the intensity of being hunted. Also bring back the zombies, these infected/hybrid monster tentacle things just aren’t scary.

  • The “Shake to do Something” DOES NOT WORK!! and is lazy development

    You could have used used the Playstation Eye to do 1:1 tracking for knife movement. This would have enabled 1 hit kills and more accuracy when saving your partner from Zombie attacks

    You could have
    1) Press the move button to go in and out aiming mode
    2) Pull trigger to fire
    This would have enabled the shooting while moving mechanic.

  • EDIT
    You could have
    1) Press the move button to go into aiming mode
    2) Pull trigger to fire
    3) Press the move button again to go out of aiming mode
    This would have enabled the shooting while moving mechanic.

  • Played it and love it! Good work Capcom!

  • That’s legit, I can’t wait to get Playstation Move, definitely going to be the best personal Christmas gift :)

  • I got RE5GE and I would rather use the trigger to shoot

  • You could just have the aim button mapped to L1 or L2 on the Nav controller & then shoot with the right trigger. Wasn’t it like that on the Dual Shock 3 anyways? L1 aim & R1 shoot. I don’t see why it couldn’t still use that Gears of War style control scheme with the Move.

  • Capcom sucks. I’ll never buy a game upon release from them after this and SSFIV. There’s absolutely no reason why this couldnt be patched into the original.

  • So, is the gold edition also compatible with the Sixaxis? Could one play the game either way if they wanted to?

  • i wish they would package this for a 100 bux the 2 controllers an the game……not sports champs an the ps eye…….lol i already have the eye an i want the nav controller but oh well maybe they’ll think of that one of these days

  • ^LokeSTL

    Yes the Gold Edition works with both.

  • There needs to be more button schemes, like L2 to aim and T for shoot, the current button scheme is not fun!! Please sony, make capcom fix their mistake!! This game would be especially fun with the move if it worked with the gun attachment

  • @sxpacks
    You’re spot on.
    As stands,.. the current mapping makes it impossible to use the move control with a gun case. …. which in turns leaves me a little empty :(

  • there needs to be a demo that supports the move like what they did with heavy rain with the dual shock I didn’t really like the demo but with the move the demo is a lot more fun

  • I’ll like to play this, but buying Move bundle($100) + RE5:GE($40) + Nav controller($30) + Extra move($50) = $220 just to replay a game i’ll already replayed about 10 times? that is not a good deal and most move games are average looking at best.

  • Sadly I wont be experiencing this because I refuse to buy the Gold Edition when I have the original collector’s edition and all the DLC. I’ll be waiting until I get Dead Space Extraction to buy Move.

  • Would like to play it, but I am not going to re-buy the game just to play with Move controls. Sorry.

  • I purchased the original version at full price, now have Move, burned that I can’t use it with my copy.

  • Lower the price of the Gold Version to a reasonable point and allow T to be the shooting trigger, and allow the person to turn while aiming and we might have a deal… otherwise, this is a rip off and tacked on.

    • The game is $39.99 right now, which is a really good deal. Its the full game plus four new costumes, an online Versus Mode, and a newly reworked Mercenaries Reunion mode.

  • RE5: Gold Edition—-EU citizen here, Q I cant find the game in Sweden its sold out! Not even GameStop has it ! How can i get a game if i cant buy it ? GameStop in Sweden told me that they can only get copies of the game for the xbox 360, thats hardly any use for me is it!?

  • I have to say at first I was surprised by how well it worked but the more I played, the more I realized it doesn’t feel as accurate as the Wii (are we allowed to discuss this? haha :P). Yes, the functionality is there but the controls feel more sluggish in comparison. I’ve tried to see if anyone shares my issues but everyone says it works perfectly. Upon closer inspection, something people may ignore due to the fast paced nature of the game, is that the pointer is not 100% accurate at all. Leaving the Move on a steady surface, the pointer is very shaky. I’ve tried everything, from recalibrating in-game, on the XMB, changing my camera from one place to another, removing any objects that may cause intereference and even exchanging my controller. The issue is still there and for a game that needs to be precise, especially when it comes to headshots to quickly dispose of your enemeies, it is very annoying.

    Overall the experience is still enjoyable but I hope this is only limited to certain software (I notice the game in The Shoot, Tumble, echochrome ii demo) or that a firmware update in the future can fix this issue.

  • I’ll buy this when T is trigger. Hence the ‘T’.

  • this is a huge rip-off to everyone that purchase the original with all the DLC….Told you guys Capcom will find some way to rip you guys off.

  • @34: Not really a rip-off when they were upfront about it.

    *andnotasinglecarewasgiventhatday.jpg* toward motion controls. Biohazard 5 worked fine with a normal controller.

    However, it pees all over Wesker, ruins a primarily singleplayer series with forced co-op and a braindead AI partner.

    Next time Capcom, leave Jun Takuchi and Inafune locked in a basement and give the series back to Mikami.

  • @bloody cow.. I dont think its a ripoff. becuase there might be a patch inthe near future .. But this title is stand alone ps move title/ the other might can get a patch . we will have to wait and see what happens..

  • I think it’s neat, I sold me RE 5 original edition, for the Gold Edition, it’s pretty fun using the move controller, the only thing, I think it would be easier if during the giant fight, you didn’t have to use the analog stick to aim, I think it should of been the same way as the rest of the game.

  • The controls feel okay to me, because I’m a veteran of Biohazard 4 Wii Edition, which has pretty much the same control scheme.

    I’ve got Gold, I like the controls, so I should be happy, right?

    Thing is, Capcom, there’s this little thing that bugs me…

    I fully understand how it would be a hell of a job trying to retrofit Move code into the older code of RE5 Standard Edition. It’s okay, I would never expect you to reprogramme the whole thing…

    …but you guys KNOW that you could offer Gold Edition as a Full Game Download, which would only run with the Standard Edition disc in drive. Hell, you could even charge a $5 “upgrade fee”.

    I’m good, I’ve got my game, but if I had Standard Edition +DLC, there’s NO WAY I’d pay full price to add Move controls to a game I’ve already bought. The people who bought RE5:SE are your loyal fans, and I bet loads of them would pay $5 for an excuse to play the game again with new controls.

  • Yeah I think the overall impression is that all of us day-one buyers have been screwed by capcom. I don’t see how the programming for one game could be so fundamentally different from its re-release that move isn’t supported. I bought the collector’s edition and all DLC packs that came out. Good to see us loyal supporters are left behind.

  • After this whole “only gold edition is move enabled” situation.
    I’m NEVER going to buy a NEW capcom game ever again until they start to get their stuff together. Sorry.

  • By the way, any chance of Biohazard 4: Move Edition

    HD graphics, Leon S Kennedy, scary villagers…

    Number 5 looks great and all, but I would honestly still be playing the previous game on the other console if it hadn’t died on me. Number 4 really set the standard for scary games, and the weird motion controls just added to the scariness.

    I honestly think that tiptoeing through the village in Number 4, not knowing when the next half-dozen villagers would come limping out, was scarier than the 9000 villagers that attack you in the first level of RE5.

    It’s like the movies, the more zombies come, the less scary it gets

  • RE5 GE with Move suport Only on Playstaion 3. The The best version of RE5 on the market One of many resons the PS3 is better than the Xbot. Thank you capcom and Sony for making this posible:)

  • @WindedHero

    It’s all about the game compile. Standard Edition was made before Move, and uses certain memory resources that Move requires. Gold Edition doesn’t have the same problems as it’s based on an entirely new compile of the game.

    Re-writing the Standard Edition code for Move wouldn’t be impossible. The problem is that the code edits required would run through the whole game, so the patch download would be so large that you’d might as well just download the Gold Edition.

    Which leads me back to the point that I raised above…

    —Why not offer Gold Edition as a download?—

  • Would love to play this game with Move but see, like many others I supported Capcom on day one. That will never happen again.

  • Use L2 trigger on the Nav controller to aim
    Use the TRIGGER button on the Move controller to shoot.
    Or set the Move button to go into aiming mode without having to hold it down. Then hit it again to leave aiming mode. Come on how can they not do this setup?

  • @Capcom

    I hope that, unlike my better half, you understand why we are criticising you.

    It is constructive, and it is only because we care.

    Seriously, if this were Left 4 Dead, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

    It’s because we love Resident Evil so much… obviously not enough to buy the game twice, but enough to get upset when we don’t even get the opportunity to upgrade the game for a small fee.

    It’s a little bit crazy that we live in a world where Sony can remotely upgrade a HDMI 1.3 socket to 1.4 with 3D support (I’m still amazed that they managed it), but you can’t offer a download of a game that you’re selling in the shops to the people who’ve already bought the game and DLC

  • Of course they can do it, they just won’t.

    Offering a full game download would cost them development, testing and bandwidth money, and we’re not worth it.

  • Thanks for not giving the update to us, your loyal costumers that bought the game when it was released (some even the CE) and all the DLC. This, the Vs mode, the clothes for SF4 and SSF4, etc. along with your.This new policy of not caring about your fans has saved me some bucks as I stopped buying anything from Capcom (even when you tempted us with some sweet deals on the PSN and iPhone’s Apps store). Capcom is on a downfall, stop trying to screw us

  • Already own RE5 & Move. Won’t be buying this, why don’t you patch it for move support?

  • I was hoping for a more technical description here. I’m actually interested in how RE5:GE handles the aiming using the Move, as it appears the glowing orb on the Move isn’t even needed.

    I usually hold the Move under a coffee table while playing the game, way out of view from the PS Eye, and the aiming reticle still moves. This tells me that RE5:GE only uses the accelerometer to determine the reticle placement.

    The question is: why even bother lighting up the Move if that is the case? Is it there just to help support the accelerometer aiming when it is viewable from the Eye?

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