Time Crisis: Razing Storm – Bullet Time with DeadStorm Pirates, Time Crisis 4

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It’s scientific fact: Adding pirates to anything increases its fun factor exponentially. It holds true for Time Crisis: Razing Storm, the new PlayStation Move arcade shooter collection that packs more play modes on one Blu-ray Disc than most games manage in three sequels – in this case, DeadStorm Pirates and Time Crisis 4. We caught up with Localization Producer Ted Tsung to learn more about what Japanese gamers call “Big 3 Gun Shooting.”

Let’s start with the titular Razing Storm, which replicates Namco’s trigger-happy shooter in its full arcade glory. Using the PlayStation Move, you and a partner tear terrorists to tatters with SMGs and riot shields and blast massive robot bosses with rocket launchers. This PS3-exclusive edition adds a new off-the-rails Story campaign where you can freely move using an analog stick FPS-style, as well as throw grenades, swap weapons, and engage in mission objectives. You’ll also find a new eight-player online deathmatch mode, as well as the pass-and-play Sentry mini-game where you take turns sniping escaping prisoners.

Time Crisis: Razing Storm Interview (Gameplay)"

That’s just Razing Storm. Also included is the separate arcade game DeadStorm Pirates, which ups the awesome significantly with its blistering, carnival-ride pacing and campy Pirates of the Caribbean pastiche. The variety is impressive: One minute you’re propelling cannonballs at menacing ghost ships, the next you’re blasting bats on island rapids or frantically steering your ship away from the grasping arms of the Kraken. DeadStorm Pirates strongly emphasizes two-player cooperative play, and both players are encouraged to concentrate fire on tough armored enemies. Other times you’ll spin the ship’s wheel, using circular motions of the PlayStation Move, to dodge wrecked ships and over-sized octopi.

Time Crisis: Razing Storm Interview (Gameplay)

An arcade-perfect version of Time Crisis 4 (Read more here) is the icing on this thousand-layer cake. As with The Shoot, the games in Time Crisis: Razing Storm are compatible with the PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment, though for Razing Storm you’ll want to use a two-handed grip so you can hit the Move button to deploy your shield. GunCon 3 is also fully supported, as is DualShock 3 if you’re brave.

What do you think of Time Crisis: Razing Storm? Which mode is your favorite? What controller scheme are you using? Leave your comments and questions below!

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  • Would like to add my voice to the “please give us cover with the nav controller or dual shock” choir. All due respect, but it’s definitely not a “non-issue.” It’s quite inconvenient; both my shoulders are aching after only half an hour, and I’m a fit guy. I’m also a day one buyer of every Time Crisis and, sorry to say, this and Dead Space Extraction are the only reasons I bought a Move. I really hope they fix this in a patch. Should we be posting this on Namco’s forums?

  • Hi SCEA crew.

    I had played the Demo of the Razing Storm and I have a suggestion to Namco. I know it is awkward sending it through here, but I bet you guys have a more ease way to speak to Namco than me.

    So, here the suggestion, and please, if you agree and are going to say something to Namco, give some feedback through here or my email.

    If we are using the gun attachment, it is really annoying we can’t go all like cowboys with only one hand because of the need to push the move button for shield. Well, I have the easy solution. Please ask Namco to use the internal gyroscope, and when we want shield we simply turn the gun in a 90º angle. Simply imagine, we can maintain the cross-hair in the screen, and have the shield without having to put ourselves in a awkward position. Is really easy, just point, start shooting, and when you need shield, turn your wrist.

    Could you kindly send this is information to Namco. I really like the game, especially playing with my wife. But that little issue with the gun attachment is really a big annoying issue. And a simple update could make us all happy.

    Thanks in advance SCEA crew.

  • This game really does need cover switched to the Nav controller, really was thinking of getting this but with the controls the way they are, no chance! I played the demo and hated the controls!

    Update in a patch and I’ll be back on board.

  • Please fix the reload feature in all modes (aim offscreen to reload) and then I’ll buy the game.

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