Time Crisis: Razing Storm – Bullet Time with DeadStorm Pirates, Time Crisis 4

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It’s scientific fact: Adding pirates to anything increases its fun factor exponentially. It holds true for Time Crisis: Razing Storm, the new PlayStation Move arcade shooter collection that packs more play modes on one Blu-ray Disc than most games manage in three sequels – in this case, DeadStorm Pirates and Time Crisis 4. We caught up with Localization Producer Ted Tsung to learn more about what Japanese gamers call “Big 3 Gun Shooting.”

Let’s start with the titular Razing Storm, which replicates Namco’s trigger-happy shooter in its full arcade glory. Using the PlayStation Move, you and a partner tear terrorists to tatters with SMGs and riot shields and blast massive robot bosses with rocket launchers. This PS3-exclusive edition adds a new off-the-rails Story campaign where you can freely move using an analog stick FPS-style, as well as throw grenades, swap weapons, and engage in mission objectives. You’ll also find a new eight-player online deathmatch mode, as well as the pass-and-play Sentry mini-game where you take turns sniping escaping prisoners.

Time Crisis: Razing Storm Interview (Gameplay)"

That’s just Razing Storm. Also included is the separate arcade game DeadStorm Pirates, which ups the awesome significantly with its blistering, carnival-ride pacing and campy Pirates of the Caribbean pastiche. The variety is impressive: One minute you’re propelling cannonballs at menacing ghost ships, the next you’re blasting bats on island rapids or frantically steering your ship away from the grasping arms of the Kraken. DeadStorm Pirates strongly emphasizes two-player cooperative play, and both players are encouraged to concentrate fire on tough armored enemies. Other times you’ll spin the ship’s wheel, using circular motions of the PlayStation Move, to dodge wrecked ships and over-sized octopi.

Time Crisis: Razing Storm Interview (Gameplay)

An arcade-perfect version of Time Crisis 4 (Read more here) is the icing on this thousand-layer cake. As with The Shoot, the games in Time Crisis: Razing Storm are compatible with the PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment, though for Razing Storm you’ll want to use a two-handed grip so you can hit the Move button to deploy your shield. GunCon 3 is also fully supported, as is DualShock 3 if you’re brave.

What do you think of Time Crisis: Razing Storm? Which mode is your favorite? What controller scheme are you using? Leave your comments and questions below!

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  • I have never played a time crisis game before. This has me intrigued.

  • All three games are great, Dead Storm Pirates is crazy I have been having a blast with that, I just picked up two Sony shooting attachments, let me say this, your wrist will thank you if you get these, keep up the good work guys and gals and keep ’em coming!!!

  • I love time crisis to death, but I think I’m waiting on the price to drop to 30 and my bro to get a move controller too. We were an awesome team in the original arcades :D

  • Needs Navigation controller as cover/reload button instead of move.. less than comfortable having to hold the move in the gun attachment with two hands..

    or better yet.. incorporate the “G Action” into the arcade mode.. so that all you have to do is point the gun up to be in cover..

  • Do want!

  • I picked this up day one and love it! DeadStorm Pirates is amazing! Worth it just for that. Really wish that they will patch the arcade versions of Time Crisis so i can use either a controller or nav controller to hit a face button to go into cover, don’t like having to dual grip my Sony shooting attachment just to reload. Awesome deal though!

  • Is there a co-op on this game? and if there is, can i use the MOVE and the other one the GunCon that i have from the previous TIME CRISIS that i own? Pls. respond Thanx A million.

  • I rated this low because of what #4 said.

    It is awful that I have to reach all way on top of the gun peripheral and have my hand in that uncomfortable and unnatural position. The solutions is simple in theory, let a navigation controller button influence cover. This way with my Precision Shot 3, I can have my non-trigger hand in a comfortable position in the foregrip and I can use that pop out of cover.

    If that change gets made, you’ll have a purchase from me for both Time Crisis and a Navigation Controller. Make it happen! Please?

    • We wondered about this too, but it’s largely a non-issue. You can either pop the Move out of the Shooting Attachment and use it that way, or use the two-handed grip — it’s far from inconvenient.

  • @7

    Yes there’s coop in all 3 games on the disc. You can have one player use the move and another use the guncon as well.

    As for this compilation, picked it up day 1 and can’t shut it off! There’s soooooo much gameplay packed onto this disc, well worth the money and a perfect title to showcase the Move! Time Crisis 4 is the one I’ve been spending the most time with (got all the trophies except for the hidden ones)! Anyone that owns a PS Move needs to buy this game now!!!!

  • Wait so this is time crisis 4 with DeadStorm Pirates? Is DeadStorm Pirates a separate game unrelated to time crisis?

    • It’s Time Crisis 4, Time Crisis Razing Storm (which has multiple modes – the Arcade version, a full on FPS, and a sniping game), and Deadstorm Pirates, which is a Japanese arcade game.

      So yeah, a lot of stuff.

  • Is razing storm and time crisis 4 different games?

    • Yup — Razing Storm is the latest arcade game, Time Crisis 4 is the predecessor (and has really nice graphics, btw).

  • Wish the original Time Crisis on PS1 would get remastered with move support for the PS3

  • The individual you were interviewing mentioned that I would need the navigation controller for this game? Is that a must?

    • This would be for the Story mode and online multiplayer in Time: Crisis Razing Storm, the single-player FPS games. You don’t need a Navigation Controller, you can use a DualShock as well.

  • I am gonna pre order it soon.

  • Got both the Shoot and TC Razing Storm. I already own and played many many hours of Time Crisis 4. I have on order “the Peacemaker” gun from Speedlink. I love lightgun games and I’m also looking forward to Dangerous Hunts next week.

    I’ll comment on a few things. Deadstorm Pirates is great, I’ve played it with the move and the Guncons. The accuracy is roughly the same with both. I like holding the gun in my hand better. But I have a hard time with the wheel action scenes with the Guncon. The wheel scenes seem much easier and straight forward with the move, but I’m still learning. Deadstorm is a blast with two people. It really feels like your at the arcade. It feels like House of the Dead mixed with Time Crisis at sea. The calibration isn’t always perfect and I sometimes have to help my kids aged 9, 7 and 7 when they try to set it up. The Guncons are easier to set up.

    TCrisis Razing Storm (Arcade mode), is fun but the levels are WAY to short. I liked TC 4 (Arcade mode) much better. I’ll comment more after I play it a little more.

  • I also agree that the cover/reload setup is horrible. No one has ever seemed to have a good solution to this. Your hand always ends up unnaturally holding the controller, come on someone has to have at least an idea for a solution.

  • this game iz just gunna be sooo epic!

  • Is all the content from Time Crisis 4 standalone bluray game in this game. It had a few shooting minigames and its own first person game.

  • It’s time to invest in PS Move son.

  • It’s just a sort of remake of Crisis zone for the ps2. Granted the game was pretty fun. Just to let people know that lots of gon con/ ps move games were off rails shooters.

  • Interesting indeed…(should be $40 however, as most MOVE games are this price)


  • Looks good. But why no online co-op? Why MOVE specific games are not supporting online modes?

  • Who cares about Time Crisis? Get Scamco to port over Tales of Vesperia and Graces already

  • I must say , I’m impressed. That looks like a lot of fun. Good ol’ Arcade times :D

  • I’m picking this game up because it looks more fun than The Shoot.

    Any chance of a future Time Crisis game incorporating an underwater sci-fi combat motif?

  • who a pac man shirt.. jeff and sid finnaly got beat inthe kool shirt wear warz. Not to mention how the dev guy was looking away and killing A.I galore and sid died in the game and the dev did not..

  • So much love on one disc. Bluray FTW!

  • Yes Sid this is definitely on my radar. Especially since I have all the versions of the Guncons that have come out still. I challenge both you and Jeff to a battle…

    The Blog Stalker

  • Well, looks like 100000000% more on-the-rails shooter games since the release of Move. (I’m sure something can somehow be considered at least a small percent on-the-rails; we’ll just use that for the multiple.)

  • Can you guys at Namco try to get rights for the House of Dead and bring the series over to thet Ps3 with native move intergration? Or at least talk something into Segas’ head.

  • So I e-mailed Namco about the issue of having to dual grip the gun to play the arcade versions of Time Crisis and not being able to use the nav or Dual Shock 3 controller to cover/reload. Here’s what they had to say:

    “Thank you for contacting Namco Bandai’s Customer Support Department.

    Deadstorm Pirates and Time Crisis 4 only support the use of the Motion Controller itself. Razing Storm supports both the use of the Motion Controller and Navigation Controller at the same time. However, Razing Storm’s Arcade Mode doesn’t support the use of the Navigation Controller. Only the Story Mode or the Online Mode will support the use of both the Navigation Controller and the Move Controller. Unfortunately there are currently no plans to release updates or patches for this title. ”

    So there you go. We just have to deal with the inconvenient dual grip if we choose to use a shooting attachment. I love the game regardless though. This won’t discourage me from enjoying the game, just would’ve been a nice added touch is they fixed this issue. Now back to gaming!

  • lol at the way they are holding the guns

  • this actually looks really good. I picked up a move controller on a fluke, now I might have to go pick up another one so my kids can play this together.

  • I have to say, picked this game up on release, because the shoot was not in any of the stores here in Canada for some reason, I am glad i got this instead, I was going to pick up the shoot first and this later, this is much better, 3 game sin one, and the pirates one is a very pleasant surprise! proabbly my favourite of the 3

  • @Sid’s Reply to 8

    You may not think it’s inconvenient, but having to hold the gun with my off-hand thumb wrapped around the top is uncomfortable and annoying.

    And the reason I got the gun attachment in the first place is because I find the tilt in my wrist uncomfortable to keep the controller pointed at the screen when using just the move controller.

    I am happy to hear that the issue at least crossed your minds, but am disappointed that it sounds like there won’t be a solution, because that really is a deal-breaker for me on this one.

  • Will there be a demo?

  • Is this a $60 game?

  • Ha, nice to see you play Time Crisis Razing Storm Jeff. I wish the game was at the PS Move even in DC, but oh well. Would have loved to play it, but I just got the game on Tuesday. So far I’m really liking it.

  • I love light gun games, but probably won’t be getting a Move until around Christmas. I hope this is still around then, because I really want it.

  • I wish this was in a bundle instead of Sports Champions :(

  • So with the online component that uses FPS controls, is there multiple maps and game modes you can choose from?

    • I believe there are several online modes — I think it’s deathmatch, team deathmatch, and an objective-based one. And I know there are multiple maps.

  • Great hope Rambo arcade game is coming home too

  • REALLY wish you could use the nav controller instead of holding the gun with two hands. I don’t understand why that is not an option. I mean, how hard would that have been to implement?

    Could have made the game so much more immersive. Isn’t the the point of buying the gun attachment in the first place?

    just stupid.

  • why doesnt the nav controller have a square or triangle buttons??
    I found that wierd, if theyre gonna reuse the same buttons in both left and right controllers than atleasr include them all…

    anyone try tc online death match?? i cant get a full 8 ppl to join?

  • On the original Playstation, I had a MadCatz steering wheel plugged in as well as the Guncon for Time Crisis. I used the accelerator pedal for the reload/cover function. It worked like a dream. Over a decade later, they cannot get this simple function to work?

    Also, Namco give us a new Point Blank already.

  • I agree… Having to use two hands with the gun accessory is rediculous. Fix that in a patch, and maybe ill buy.

    You could use a DS3, nav controller, or even another move controller (u wouldn’t need to point it at screen, just use it for the move button for cover, and use the gun move controller as a gun)

  • Awesome, another great reason why the PS MOVE rocks!!!

    I will be getting this game along with two gun attachments.


  • Do I have to insert a quarter when I die?

  • I already have Time Crisis 4, and the additional FPS mode included with it would play great using the MOVE controller. Will there be a downloadable patch available for the Time Crisis 4 disc featuring MOVE compatibility?

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