ZEN Pinball’s Haunting New Paranormal Table, Free Codes

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Hello PS3 fans! Halloween is one of the best times of the year. Scary movies, bountiful piles of candy, crazy drink concoctions — and we can’t leave out the costumes! May we also suggest the new Paranormal table for ZEN Pinball which is out today on PlayStation Network? If you downloaded Zen Pinball for free from PlayStation Plus (offer still live until October 19th!), this is a great chance to expand your table collection.

Paranormal is creepy and freakish, full of weird creatures and Twilight Zone-type weird events. Also note we’ve gone flipper ballistic, and built 10 flippers in the table. Yes, Paranormal features 10 flipping flippers, the most ever in a pinball game! You must be asking yourself what 10 flippers looks like on a pinball table? Check out the trailer above to get a firsthand look.

Zen Pinball Paranormal table PS3

Zen Pinball Paranormal table PS3 Zen Pinball Paranormal table PS3

In the spirit of Halloween, we are inviting you to trick-or-treat early on our Facebook Page. Simply post your favorite scary movie title of all time to our wall, and we will select ten winners on Thursday, October 21. We know it’s a hard choice, so we’re giving you a full day to mull it over. By the way, my favorite scary flick of all time is The Ring, I don’t know what could top it.

Let us know if you have any questions and as always, thanks for your support!

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  • *open,open,open* stoopid store…):

  • Thanks Zen. I’m absolutely buying this table… I don’t have the patience to wait for the giveaways :D

  • I’ve gotten every table for Zen Pinball as they were released, and I’ll get this. $2.50 is always a fair price.

    Too bad the contest is on facebook, and not here. I wouldn’t be waiting until Thursday to see if I won anyway, buying this tonight!

  • Have had this game since day one and love it and all the DLC.]

  • Wait. I was on PSN Plus Section in PSN Game Store, and I don’t see that as a free full game. Now it retails for $9.99? I thought I could download it for free UNTIL PSN Store update with its latest contents sometimes at four, five or six p.m.?

  • Hey im a new + member as of just now. i tried downloading the game but the store still charged my wallet. What can i do?

  • Cool game. I love the MARS table a lot :P

  • Next table should be like the classic baseball tables I’ve played. Those machines are so vintage, but with the one flipper hitting the ball like its a bat, that’s really cool.

    Could Zen Pinball even change it up like that? I really do think a sports theme should be next. The previous tables are great, but enough with the fantasy. Time for some non-fiction tables! Get the license to the old Williams tables!!!

  • I say Ju-On creeped me out something fierce.

  • i tried to post it on his facebook like u guys said so, but for some reason i couldn’t. since everbody else is posting it on here so will i… tales from the crypt: DEMON NIGHT is on of the best best scary movies hands down.

  • it is also my favorite

  • The scariest movie I ever saw was back in the 80s, called Mausoleum.

  • So, I hadn’t heard anything about Zen Pinball being free for PS+ until today, and as soon as I got home from work I went to the Playstation store to take advantage of it – and it looks like it’s already been taken away. This is me: :( :( :(

    So I’ll just have to get the demo and maybe spend $10.

  • This game has confusing trophies o.o

  • Guys, Zen Pinball is well worth the $10. Just buy it already!

    This new table is a lot of fun so far! It’s one of the easier ones so far, but I really love the design. The playing field in the backglass is even better than I’d expected it to be! Great work, guys, still lovin’ the DLC!

  • i bought every table, you should just give me this 1. as a gift & no i’m not on the plus thing (never wil). you can send me a code via email. thanks :)

  • 28 days later

  • You guys should do a God of War table.

  • The remake of The Ring? Are you 12?

    If you don’t know what could top it, I’d suggest renting the original Japanese version.

  • My fave scary movie is THE SHINING! That movie had it all, Gore and more important A great story! Others o like The Original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, OG NIGHTMARE ON ELMSTREET and all those TROMOVILLE movies like TOXIC AVENGER! Prsce

  • Oh BTW Zen pinball is great but how about some classic real life tables? Some that come to mind are: The Addams Family and Cyclone. Especially Addams Family though as that was one of my face tables ever! At least mimic the design if u can! Thanks!

  • when we will get a bundle with all the dlc tables at a discounted price? :p

  • pleasuring pig!?……

    Deliverance, squeel!!!!!

  • Well, this is without doubt the best table Zen has ever produced. And furthermore this is even better then Pinball Dreams Graveyard table, and IMO that was one of the finest video game pinball tables ever created… Way back in the 90’s.

    Zen, you’ve outdone yourself. this is pure class, professional, slick looking and fantastic fun and anyone who doesn’t own zen pinball, get it then do yourself a favour.. Get this table to go with it. 10/10.

  • Sorry, I meant Pinball Dreams – nightmare. Graveyard was the name you light up on the table, still a great pinball table however for its time – well and truly beaten now…

  • I’m curious as to how much longer Zen will be supporting this game? Any ideas as to how many more tables are in the cards?

    Will there be any cross-over between the new PinballFX2 games, i.e., will tables developed for that game make their way over to the PS3 or vice versa?

  • When can we expect another table based off of an existing game license like you guys did with Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2?

  • Loving this table by far its the best dlc.

  • cool i have plus but to bad table isnt free oh well hopefully i get invited to killzone beta monday

  • though my ps3 got ylod so no killzon e beta gettn new ps3 next week though

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