ZEN Pinball’s Haunting New Paranormal Table, Free Codes

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Hello PS3 fans! Halloween is one of the best times of the year. Scary movies, bountiful piles of candy, crazy drink concoctions — and we can’t leave out the costumes! May we also suggest the new Paranormal table for ZEN Pinball which is out today on PlayStation Network? If you downloaded Zen Pinball for free from PlayStation Plus (offer still live until October 19th!), this is a great chance to expand your table collection.

Paranormal is creepy and freakish, full of weird creatures and Twilight Zone-type weird events. Also note we’ve gone flipper ballistic, and built 10 flippers in the table. Yes, Paranormal features 10 flipping flippers, the most ever in a pinball game! You must be asking yourself what 10 flippers looks like on a pinball table? Check out the trailer above to get a firsthand look.

Zen Pinball Paranormal table PS3

Zen Pinball Paranormal table PS3 Zen Pinball Paranormal table PS3

In the spirit of Halloween, we are inviting you to trick-or-treat early on our Facebook Page. Simply post your favorite scary movie title of all time to our wall, and we will select ten winners on Thursday, October 21. We know it’s a hard choice, so we’re giving you a full day to mull it over. By the way, my favorite scary flick of all time is The Ring, I don’t know what could top it.

Let us know if you have any questions and as always, thanks for your support!

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  • ok free its me

  • yay free table!

  • free? I have all the tables I suck at this game but it’s still fun. Nice that it’s free, thanks

  • My favorite horror movie is The Thing because it’s a classic

  • Scariest movie = Sex in the City 2

  • I don’t think the table is free. He was talking about PSN+ subscribers which get the FULL GAME for free, not the DLC. Someone correct me if I’m mistaken on this as I wouldn’t mind a free table since I’ve purchased the rest.

  • I agree my favorite movie is “John Carpenter’s, The Thing” the scene on the couch is classic. I’ve seen that movie dozens of times and it still gets me.

  • New table isnt free.

  • @4 and @5

    Post on their Facebook page, not here.

  • John Carpenter’s The Thing and Juan Antonio Bayona’s The Orphanage hands down.

  • @rongey420, I think people know to post on Facebook they’re just adding to the conversation here as well (which is what I did)

  • The remake of Invaders from Mars (1986) use to scare the crap out of me when I was younger. Great flick!

  • Guys, I don’t think the table is free, the game is free for PlayStation Plus subscribers. It’s most likely $2.50, which has been the price for every other table released (and they’ve all been worth the price).

    Also, there’s no point in posting your favorite movie here; you have to post it on Facebook.

  • Where are people getting the idea this is free? You may wish to carefully reread the post.

  • Friday The 13th Part II, was 7-8 when i first seen it did’nt sleep for the next year or so… :P

  • yep table isn’t free :(
    oh well PS+ update should be good today…

  • New PS+ subscriber here. I leave town for a few days today, but I have the auto download feature on and I have Zen Pinball as a subscription benefit. Will my PS3 snatch this free table for me while I’m out of town?

  • Everyone. Yes this is for FREE Paranormal Codes. Zen will be giving away 10 FREE codes for the Paranormal table. Click on link for proof (it is a picture of there facebook).


    So please..let’s end this discussion. Also, who cares if people post what scary movies they like on here? We should be encouraging it! Like I previously said..it’s all about Invaders From Mars!

  • Wow, not only did we get a great free game for PS+, but now a chance for some free DLC for the same game. The board looks epic, and I already left a little ol’ comment on Facebook. Fingers crossed!

  • Scariest Movie: The Obama Deception

  • downloading the game from ps plus section now

  • i will never jump threw hoops for a chance to win 1 of 10 1$ codes

  • I’m going to write up my review of this table tonight, it has a lot going for it. Definitely on the tough side though!

  • Two or three bucks is a great price for a new table. This is the best pinball game I’ve played, and the more tables, the better, so long as they’re of high quality. It’s nice to not have to spend $5-10 or whatever on a new game for each table, but instead a couple bucks to expand an existing one.

  • @19
    scariest movie: The Night of the Fox News Zombies-
    they rise from their couch to mindlessly to invade the internet and reiterate the talking points spoon fed them by their leaders regardless of how asinine those points may be into completely unrelated threads.
    That movie still gives me nightmares.

  • Awesome!! I’ve purchased all tables thus far for Zen Pinball, I really can’t get enough of the game. Keep up the great work, guys! And I suggested Cabin Fever as my favorite movie over on FB. LOL

  • Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to point out that PS+ subscribers can still get Zen Pinball for free today. However, the add-on tables (such as Paranormal) aren’t included in that deal. You’ll have to win a code in the drawing if you want it for free. Good luck to everyone who’s entering!

    For scary movies, it’s tough to top Aliens.

  • scariest movie. GROTESQUE

  • This game is the best DLC for Plus so far IMO. Very addictive pinball action.

    • Thanks! We really let our imaginations run wild with this table. I think it is some of our best work so far.

  • I absolutely love Zen Pinball – especially the Mars table. Is there any chance that you will release a table with an underwater sci-fi theme. I’m thinking something alomg the lines of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, etc?

    • Those are some excellent ideas. We have a white board chalk full of ideas. It is always hard to decide what to do next!

  • I really like zen pinball. Ive been interested in the other DLC tables. I am glad there is still support for this game. Now just make a few tournaments! (although I am sure to lose, there are some crazy good players online)

  • I really enjoy this game, NEVER thought I’d say that about a pinball game! XD When I see it in my game list or see a blog post about it I always have to fire it up to play for a bit. Great game and it’s so cool to see the game continue to get support like this. Really makes me want to support you all!

  • So you can’t get this free??

    I’ve bought Zen Pinball way before PS+ started offering it, and I bought pretty much every table :(..

    Give us a free table!! XD

  • I will get this. The 10 flipper thing looks fun. Although I think it would be cooler if it was licensed, like the awesome Street Fighter one, it would be cooler. Evil Dead pinball with Bruce Campbell voice clips would be awesome!!!

  • Great to see more content for this great game! You guys seem to put real effort into your add-ons, adding fun new trophies and imaginative twists on the existing gameplay. This makes it totally worthwhile to play and pay for. (Unlike, say the add-ons for Magic Orbz which are just stale at this point.) Keep up the great work!

    I only wish the music and sound effects were bluray-quality (24bit and/or losslessly compressed). any improvements on that front with this new content pack?

    It would be really cool to see some more franchise tables, like for Brutal Legend, Sam & Max, The Matrix, Jurassic Park, and/or Harry Potter.

  • Just watched the video and thought to myself “Ok, some monsters… seems a little blah”… Then the video shows the Haunted House back flippers and my mouth dropped wide open! WHoA!

    I don’t have the time to try and catch a free code, gotta play it the second its up!

    PS – Continue the Amazing Work!

  • Scariest movie Eat Love Pray haven’t seen I herd it’s bad and scary.

  • I downloaded Zen Pinball from my + subscription and I like the idea of a horror themed table, I’ll check it out!

  • when will the store be updating today? id like to plat new vegas but i gotta get that KZ3 theme first

  • TROLL 2…


    European PSN+ keep getting Free PSN games and Free DLCs – just last week they got all of the FALLOUT 3 DLCs for free.

  • I still can’t find this on the Store. I’d like to play this table but it’s not there.

  • Mirrors 2

  • That’s ridicolous! What about the normal member who bought ZEN Pinball.

  • Wait, so isn’t this released today? I’m looking at the PSN store and it isn’t there yet. Will we be able to buy this table at some hour today? (It’d be great if you could tell me when) I’m really looking forward to it!

  • i’ve been waiting for the playstation store to update all day, this is ridiculous i’ve been refreshing non-stop to get well, you know what im looking for, cmon sony, I have to go buy the games that have been released today… like update the store so i can go to the real store.

  • the human centipede {first sequence}

  • i like shawn of the dead & scary movie lot of tv show eps i can think of but too many.

  • The Shining

    creepy identical twins

    lady in the bathtub

    pleasuring pig!?…………………..?

    ….need I say more

  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre. RicPo420 the store updates 5pm local time. So do your thing an check it tonight.

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