Dead Space Ignition on PSN Tomorrow, Free with Dead Space 2 Pre-Order

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Hi everyone, today we announced that Dead Space Ignition will be available for download starting tomorrow, and it will be completely free for anyone who pre-orders Dead Space 2. This makes the launch even more exciting for us, and I’m happy to have the chance to tell you more about it.

Ignition_Key Art

When we created Dead Space we wanted to establish a living, breathing, and terrifying universe. As we built this universe, we used the comic series and animated feature to expand the core story from the game. We’re taking this to the next level with Dead Space Ignition.

We’re excited about Dead Space Ignition because it brings the franchise to downloadable arcade games for the very first time, with a completely new experience. By combining interactive comic storytelling with three unique arcade games, we can tell a new Dead Space story in a fast-paced, accessible manner.

Before Isaac Clarke begins his adventure on The Sprawl in Dead Space 2, a Necromorph outbreak occurs, and Dead Space Ignition lets you witness the horror first-hand. And you’ll be able to choose your own adventure along the way, as Ignition offers four unique endings.


You’ll play as Franco Delille, an Engineer on The Sprawl. Along with his partner Sarah Andarsyn, he’ll travel to multiple locations trying to contain and survive the Necromorph outbreak. At the end of each story segment you’ll need to complete one of three different hacking games in order to progress.

These three games are called Hardware crack, System Override and Trace Route. Hardware Crack is a puzzler where you must align lasers to complete circuits on a grid, using items such as reflectors and projectors in order to crack through broken control panels. System Override turns tower-defense games on their head, and places you on the offensive. Send your viruses into the system to override the core, timing your attacks to defeat the antivirus and take control of the system. Finally, Trace Route is a sidescrolling race where you run your electrical signal through the system, avoiding security hazards and racing against countermeasures to access the core.

Dead Space Ignition for PS3

Dead Space Ignition for PS3Ignition_System Overide

By playing Ignition, you’ll be rewarded with unlocks in Dead Space 2, so you can give Isaac a bit of an edge – and trust me, he’s going to need it. In addition to several helpful items, you’ll unlock the exclusive Hacker suit and a matching Hacker weapon skin for Isaac.


The story, the hacking games, and the exclusive unlocks for Isaac make Ignition a great way to experience the events leading up to Dead Space 2. However, as I mentioned earlier, the most exciting news about Dead Space Ignition is that we are offering the entire game for free to anyone who pre-orders Dead Space 2. So if you are a Dead Space fan, it’s pretty much a no-brainer.

Dead Space Ignition is available tomorrow on the PlayStation Network. We’re really excited to see what all of you think!

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  • Hey I’m from the uk and was wondering if we get the codes if we pre ordrered dead space 2?if not, then unfair.

  • the only question i have that i cant find the answer to is what stores are doing thing?

    once i know that then i know when to keep my eye out from when they give out the cards

    and if i miss out i will still pay the 5 i just love the story that they made for this game

  • EA Store knows nothing about this. Don’t even bother trying to talk to them.

  • @Rich Briggs

    Cool. Hopefully we’ll hear more about Extraction. As it is one of the main reasons I purchased a PlayStation Move in addition to Killzone 3, Socom 4, and The Fight Lights Out. I <3 Sony Exclusives.

  • Rich thanks for the info, I’m assuming the EA Store is participating in this pre-order of an EA game. My other concern now is the Extraction piece of this….there was and still is only 1 version of DS2 for sale on the EA Store site ($59.99) is this version (the one I ordered on 5/24) the version that will come with extraction?

    This is what my live EA agent is telling me right now, apparently they don’t have a clue either:

    “Harris: As the game is yet to be released so you have to wait for the release of game and at that time you will get the game with the pre-order items”

    PLEASE REPLY thanks :)

    • Hey MonkeyGibber, the way to get Extraction is to pick up the Limited Edition of the PS3 version. That will be available at the same price, but for a limited time. So if you have pre-ordered then you should be good. I can’t absolutely guarantee that though, as it will vary from retailer to retailer and I’m not sure how many copies of the Limited Edition are being made. But pre-ordering is obviously going to give you the best chance. As for Ignition, my understanding is that your agent is correct – the EA Store is sending out the code for Ignition when they ship DS2 to you.

  • Gamestop knows nothing about it either

  • Funny stuff, EA store has no idea…oh well. :

    ME: OK so you are telling me I can’t get this pre-order code to get this download tomorrow until Januray when the game comes out?

    EA STore: Exactly

    ME: So why is this pre-order bonus available tomorrow if nobody will have the redemption codes until January?

    EA Store: I cannot confirm at my end that any such bonus is available tomorrow. Right now there is no such information .

  • @EA

    Wing Commander Reboot Please!

  • Is Gamestop one the the “participating retailers?”
    Cause I just called them, and the guy had no idea what I’m talking about.
    So it would be nice if this was cleared up.

  • Thanks for the info about Ignition! I’m wonder how this new pre-order bonus works out for those who have already pre-ordered, though. I pre-ordered Dead Space 2 directly from the EA Store months ago (yeah, I’m a big fan ^_^), and obviously this bonus wasn’t available then. Will those of us that pre-ordered the game also be getting this bonus (as well as whatever happens with Extraction)? Or will I have to cancel that pre-order and re-pre-order DS2?

  • LOL…more funny EA Store chat stuff:

    EA Store: What you want me to do ?

    EA Store: I have told you that we have no such information with us

    Ea Store: There is no point to further discuss the issue

    ME: I don’t know…lol. I guess I’ll have to wait and see if i get a code from someone or not. Thanks, I guess. :)


  • Wow. That’s a nice incentive for pre-ordering beforehand. I got to check if the rave card will be available tomorrow or later this week. I’ll download it but won’t touch it till I complete Dead Space. I haven’t beaten it yet but I’ll be working on it till January.

  • Rich, this is in no way the worst blog post. It’s actually one of my favorites in a long time. Thanks for the info.

    You’re a lovely person for making this offer available.

  • I got some info but it is not as helpful as I hoped. I went to a Gamestop store and DS:Ignition is in their computer; however when I asked them to print out code receipt, it said the name of the game but no code. I called Gamestop Customer Service and they said the code will most likely be emailed to all those that preordered for the system the preorder was made on. The offer is good for Euro game stores such as Play; and in the U.S., the offer is good for retainers and Gamestop only.

  • Retailers* (sp)
    And for those lucky enough to get into DS2 multiplayer beta, it is very fun. Issac is still very slow but that may be due to his suit. And the controls are almost, if not exactly, the same as DS1.

  • So the BluRay movie thing was a prequel to the original, and then this game is an interquel to Dead Space 2?

  • No one seems to answer me, but is the unlockable content going to be available for the PC?

    It seems like with dead space 1 and two, you guys totally ignore the PC buyers with any addons >:[

  • Too late to get an answer….will Amazon have codes or just LameStop?

  • Just a fair reminder about those asking about the limited edition of Dead Space 2.

    All copies of DS2 at launch are going to be limited edition. So unless you hold out say 6 months, you should be good. The developers mentioned this more then a few times.

  • will ignition unlock the hacker suit for multiplayer too? :)

  • Hay guys,
    Is this Free offer available to pre-orders in the UK?! As I pre-ordered it with Game here in the UK

  • i pre-odered the game but they got my e-mail account written wrong, will this affect my elegibilty in being able to play dead space ignition?

    • I would call the store back and make sure they have your name correct – and the correct email. As long as the code wasn’t already sent to the incorrect email I would think they would honor this – there’s no reason not to.

  • Are pre-orders of the Dead Space 2 Limited Edition eligible for this offer??? :D

  • Hey, I was wondering how we would get a code if we pre-ordered online from a site such as Amazon or the EA Store?

  • cant play disc based cause of fallout 3. so im stuck with only psn games. this is a definite for this week for me. cant wait till tomarrow. but first gotta finish out deathspank since im so addicted.

  • I got a question… I know you have told us to check with the retailer that of whom which we pre-ordered DS2 from and ask if they are participating in this bonus offer, but do you have a list of some of the major retailers that you know of that are definitly participating in this event, (like Gamestop :]) that would be most awesome and really solve a lot of peoples confusion, Thanks :)

  • @24..SCEA covers North America…this blog is for North America.

  • One thing that sucks about this is, If you have it pre-ordered from Gamestop, you have to wait until Dead Space 2 comes out to get the Code to get DSI from PSN. they wont give you the code before that unfortunately.

  • hi devs or anyone else that knows please respond to my questions really fast. I have not preordered yet so if I preorder tomorrow from gamestop will I still get the codes?

  • HI. I just recently pre ordered dead space 2(which im pumped for) for xbox 360. I ordered it from the ea store and i was wondering if i would still be able to get a code for ignition? I live in canada and i was wondering if that would mess with me gettin the code in any way? Thanks

  • Hey Rich,

    Just wondering whether this will be available here in canada?
    If so which retailer should i use? EB/Gamestop,, Best buy,etc.?

  • Ok so where are the retailers that are doing this in Canada? I already preordered at GS so im hoping that it does it.

  • I pre-ordered in online at, not in person at a physical store. My receipt of the transaction has zippy about a code.

  • I pre-ordered from GameStop. Is it true we have to wait until the game comes out to get the code? Your post says,
    “Oct 11
    Rich Briggs’s Avatar
    Dead Space Ignition on PSN Tomorrow, Free with Dead Space 2 Pre-Order

    Posted by Rich Briggs // Producer, Dead Space 2

    Hi everyone, today we announced that Dead Space Ignition will be available for download starting tomorrow, and it will be completely free for anyone who pre-orders Dead Space 2.”

    If so, the post about being able to get the code for the download if you pre-ordered is false advertising.

    • Hi Poohfan, the codes are arriving at most retailers this week. So as soon as you pick up the code you can download Ignition.

  • Went to gamestop today, got a code on my receipt. Followed the instructions and go to to redeem, but it says to come back tomorrow 10/13

  • Hey Rich Briggs, you said Ignition is $5 but the PS Store says $9.99… …

  • lol i thought we where going to get a code right after pre ordering , i just called my local gamestop and found out omg so i have to wait until Jan 25 to play Dead Space:extraction awww hell…….”Altman be Praised “.

  • why is Dead Space: Ignition listed for $9.99 on the PS store, you had said that it would be only $5…

  • I found out some stuff today (some here, some at other sites, some by myself):

    This morning — I just called my local GS and I was notified that they don’t get sent “rave cards” anymore since the codes now print out on the receipts. I asked if anyone pre-ordered today and got their code on the receipt, but nobody did (pre-order today that is). Will it be me?

    Before Noon — Just fired off an e-mail to Games Stop corporate:

    There is a lot of confusion regarding the “Dead Space: Ignition” rave cards (or codes on receipts) that should be available for pre-ordering Dead Space 2. “Dead Space: Ignition” dropped last night on the PlayStation network and will drop tonight on the Xbox Marketplace. Representatives at EA specifically stated that they weren’t going to release “Dead Space: Ignition” until the participating stores (Game Stop and Amazon) had the codes in place.

  • I just called my local Game Stop……and they’re clueless. I don’t want to have to buy it for 400MS points just to play it when it comes out tonight when I’ve got a code entitling me to get it for free for pre-ordering.

    After Lunch — I called Game Stop Corporate and the customer service agent checked three different sources and said that Game Stop IS NOT one of the retailers supporting this…….

    This is odd since I’m now seeing reports that codes are appearing on GS receipts today AND is now populated with instructions ti check back 10/13.

    This Evening — Went to Game Stop, pre-ordered, no code on receipt. The shift manager had to do something in the system to print me out a code. The code ended up being only 16 digits (4 sets of 4) instead of the expected 20 digit Xbox code. Evidently, the 16 digit code entered at will give me the 20 digit code, but only when the clock hits 10/13/10….

  • On 10/13/10, said 16 digit code (referred to as a “redemption key”) has to be entered here –>

    If you’ve pre-ordered it already with Game Stop at the store, call them before they close (@9pm) and they can produce a code for you and read it over the phone (it produces a unique code every time they do this).

    If you’ve pre-ordered it already with Game Stop online, then call their customer service number (1-800-883-8895) and see if they can’t e-mail you a code (they had to do this with me with my scorpion rig for DS1).

  • Dead Space Ignition was incorrectly listed at $9.99 today on PSN. The correct price of $4.99 is now active!

  • Has anyone got any pointers for the “hardware crack” game? I’ve got a PSN player already playing and they are clueless.

  • Hey Rich, thanks for replying to my post #55 To summarize, my 5/24 pre-order may or may not get me the limited edition with extraction and the publisher of the game (EA) is not going to send me a code for ignition until january when the game comes out even though everyone else can pre-order it now and get a code.


  • I have my code from gamestop and go to the site and it says to come back 10/13/10? That is today right? When will the site be updated? The codes from gamestop will print on receipt when the sales associate punches in a code and checks if you have game reserved. Is there going to be a collectors for this? Please tell me yes!!

  • i got my code from a GS email and it said to get an offical one at another website.. so i got it and it unlocked 2 items for me… dead space ignition full game unlock and dead space ignition demo.. i did the full game unlock but nothing happened it just said it was installed.. now im downloading the demo maybe i think that the demo is the game and the unlock just unlocks the entire game in the demo.. its a 3 hour download so i think im right!

  • Free stuff? Where do I sign?

  • I have not preordered Dead Space 2 but Dead Space Extraction coming with it and this is mighty tempting. Although a interactive comic is kind of meh. Giantbombs QL didn’t really make me want it either.

  • In regards to this:Free Stuff Friday: We’ll be giving away 20 copies of Dead Space Ignition shortly. US only, I’m afraid. Bone up here. How would I get in on this?

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