Dead Space Ignition on PSN Tomorrow, Free with Dead Space 2 Pre-Order

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Hi everyone, today we announced that Dead Space Ignition will be available for download starting tomorrow, and it will be completely free for anyone who pre-orders Dead Space 2. This makes the launch even more exciting for us, and I’m happy to have the chance to tell you more about it.

Ignition_Key Art

When we created Dead Space we wanted to establish a living, breathing, and terrifying universe. As we built this universe, we used the comic series and animated feature to expand the core story from the game. We’re taking this to the next level with Dead Space Ignition.

We’re excited about Dead Space Ignition because it brings the franchise to downloadable arcade games for the very first time, with a completely new experience. By combining interactive comic storytelling with three unique arcade games, we can tell a new Dead Space story in a fast-paced, accessible manner.

Before Isaac Clarke begins his adventure on The Sprawl in Dead Space 2, a Necromorph outbreak occurs, and Dead Space Ignition lets you witness the horror first-hand. And you’ll be able to choose your own adventure along the way, as Ignition offers four unique endings.


You’ll play as Franco Delille, an Engineer on The Sprawl. Along with his partner Sarah Andarsyn, he’ll travel to multiple locations trying to contain and survive the Necromorph outbreak. At the end of each story segment you’ll need to complete one of three different hacking games in order to progress.

These three games are called Hardware crack, System Override and Trace Route. Hardware Crack is a puzzler where you must align lasers to complete circuits on a grid, using items such as reflectors and projectors in order to crack through broken control panels. System Override turns tower-defense games on their head, and places you on the offensive. Send your viruses into the system to override the core, timing your attacks to defeat the antivirus and take control of the system. Finally, Trace Route is a sidescrolling race where you run your electrical signal through the system, avoiding security hazards and racing against countermeasures to access the core.

Dead Space Ignition for PS3

Dead Space Ignition for PS3Ignition_System Overide

By playing Ignition, you’ll be rewarded with unlocks in Dead Space 2, so you can give Isaac a bit of an edge – and trust me, he’s going to need it. In addition to several helpful items, you’ll unlock the exclusive Hacker suit and a matching Hacker weapon skin for Isaac.


The story, the hacking games, and the exclusive unlocks for Isaac make Ignition a great way to experience the events leading up to Dead Space 2. However, as I mentioned earlier, the most exciting news about Dead Space Ignition is that we are offering the entire game for free to anyone who pre-orders Dead Space 2. So if you are a Dead Space fan, it’s pretty much a no-brainer.

Dead Space Ignition is available tomorrow on the PlayStation Network. We’re really excited to see what all of you think!

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22 Author Replies

  • Should we have received a code from where we pre-ordered?

    • Hey Subbed – I just added a few more details in another post below, but if you already pre-ordered there will be a rave card with a code on it waiting for you, provided that the retailer is participating in the program. Individual retailers will have the programs live at different times, so check their sites or give them a call to check.

  • In my case Amazon.

  • Is this available in Canada? If not, then I’m cancelling my pre-order.

    This type of thing should have been announced MONTHS ago, when die hards were actually pre-ordering. This whole “bonus for pre-orders” thing is getting annoying, since we have to GO BACK to the store, just to see if the brainless drones behind the desk have any clue about this. Which they usually don’t. Which necessitates a THIRD trip.

    Your intentions are good, but your timing and organizing are sorely lacking.

    • Hey Madman – Thanks for the feedback. On a program such as this we had to wait until all of the pieces were in place before announcing it. Unfortunately that means another trip to the store for you, but in the long run it should actually lead to less confusion for everyone – the program is announced at the same time that the codes and the game are all live. Call before you head back in to make sure they have the codes. Thanks again!

  • When is the latest that this offer is available? I want to preorder the game (Dead Space is one of my favorite franchises) but I won’t be living in the same place I am now. Can I order it later (say, in November or December) and still be eligible for this offer?

    • Absolutely. Just don’t wait too long since the rave cards may run out if you do. We printed a lot though so you should be fine in November.

  • I preordered last December from Amazon. How will the codes be sent out? I still see nothing on their site for this promotion.

  • I’ve had DS2 on order from the EA Store for a long time now how do I get this?

  • I preordered last December from Amazon. How will the codes be sent out? I still see nothing on their site for this promotion.

  • So how much does it cost if you haven’t pre-ordered the game?

  • Through who is this offer available, or how do we receive the code? In my case I pre-ordered through Amazon, several months ago in fact.

  • I mean not to be that guy but w/e. This is seriously the second time (in a row i think) that you guys posted Screen Shots of a game coming out with 360 buttons in the SS. Come on, at least pay some attention to something stupid like that. I’m sure it’s not that hard and I understand that (unfortunately) the 360 gets more screenshots of new games then the PS3 version ever does (which is bull and lame). Just, put SOME thought into what you post picture wise at least :/

  • MadmanV10 has very valid points. Good intentions, but how do you possibly hope to follow through with everyone?

  • So I am assuming GameStop will have some codes? This blog post is useless without knowing what retailers will be offering this.

    With that being said, I can’t wait to play this! I throughly enjoyed the MP Beta!!!!

  • Hey is this promotion in Canada? If so, is EB Games a participating retailer? And if they are when can we expect them to have the codes in? Should I go ask if they have one tomorrow, or has EA not sent out the codes yet?

    Can’t wait for Dead Space 2!

  • I pre-ordered with EA on the EA website, how/when will I receive my code?

  • I just got an invite from EA for the Dead space 2 beta a few days ago and it is Amazing! Thank Ea for inviting me!

    how much is this on psn again?

  • I guess they are going to access the governments database to see who pre-ordered the game..?

  • So its just arcade games? Disappointing, I thought it would be like what Dead Rising 2 did in it would be a small episode using the Dead Space 2 engine.

  • @bbonds_007 #16

    Disappointing that you don’t get a game for FREE? For shame…

  • I got mine on pre order at tgamestop. So how we get the code???

  • I pre-ordered dead space 2 a few months back and am wondering how or who to get the code from. But honestly if it’s like $5 then not a big deal but would like to know whats up with the free offer

  • Problems with this post:

    -No details about when we’ll be given these codes if we already pre-ordered or which retailers are offering it or when the offer expires.

    -No details about region availability.

    -No details about how much this costs if you didn’t pre-order.

    -The screen shots are all from the 360 version.

    Awesome. Just awesome.

  • I pre-ordered through the EA store as well. I hope a code of some sort will show up today.

  • They had to know we would all be like… “Ok… So how do we freakin get it?” We have been baited!

  • @whatisdelicious #20

    What do you mean no details about region…this is the PlayStation blog for the US, therefore this is for the US.

  • I have DS2 preordered on Amazon, so will I be getting be the DS Igition code?

  • According to GamePro the retailers that are providing Ignition for free with a pre-order are GameStop and Amazon.

  • hey rich, i’m just wondering if dead space: ignition on PSN for ps3 version and psp version or just for ps3 version only? just curious.

  • @BlindsideDork #23

    Look at all the questions about Canada. It might be the US blog, but there is no Canadian blog so they all just come here. The US blog always reports news about Canada, like the Canadian meet-up on Sept 21, or when they were finally getting a video store, or when they finally got PlayStation Network cards in stores.

    So it makes sense for them to clear up confusion here about whether this is available in Canada as well.


    Finally, thought they canned it. Time to get some exclusives for DS2!

  • What an awesome looking suit.

    I’m definitely getting this.

  • I just pre-ordered from Amazon. I hope to still get it.

  • Maybe we’ll all have to buy it now and then get a $5 PSN voucher when we pick up our copies of Dead Space 2 months from now. Like, we’d enter the code and the system would check to make sure we’d downloaded the game and paid for it.

    I prefer this prospect to going in to my EB games (Canada) and talking to employees who have no idea what promotion I’m talking about.

  • Actually.. my local eb employees are pretty awesome and usually in the know. still though, the thought of having this thing come out of the psn tomorrow and then have to wait for codes to come in to canada or something is sorta a turn-off

  • all i need is a price and im going in!!

    • Hey Whitwhit – If you don’t want to pre-order DS2, you can purchase Ignition for $5. You’ll still receive the DS2 unlocks. Thanks!

  • This is the worst blog post of all time. lmfao.

    Whatever i’ll check EB tomorrow and see if they have their pre-order codes in. xD

  • Looks like a good “pass the time” game, something to just keep busy, depending on length and actual gameplay variants.

    Also, like a couple others pointed out, please take note of what system you’re representing when posting screen shots from your games. I know screen captures aren’t a hard thing to do, so next time, make those input buttons match up with the brand your speaking for/to. Thanks.

  • Eb? Thought gamestop bought them out. All ed by me are now gamestops

  • this looks to be a cool niche game. just enough to keep me involved in the dead space universe until dead space 2 hits. thanks so much for the blog post. what stores offer this for free with a pre order?

  • @34 i still call them EB’s even if they have been converted into Gamestops. It’s just a habit. maybe some people are like me and do the same thing. either way, we know we’re talking about the same company

  • I pre-ordered through quite awhile ago, will the codes be emailed out from them?

  • Ok I need some clarification…. I want Dead Space 2, but was under the impression there were two versions coming to PS3. One of those editions has Dead Space Extraction in it. I go to to Pre-order my copy and they have only one version available on their website which is just “Dead Space 2” which makes no mention of Dead Space Extraction. So where is the hole in my line of thinking here can I just order Dead Space 2 from them, get my Extraction and a “free” copy of ignition? so confused.

    • Hi KazeEternal – No matter which version of Dead Space 2 you pre-order, you’ll get a code for the free copy of Ignition. Extraction is a separate offer that you’ll see more details on soon.

  • Thanks for all of the comments! Here are some responses to your questions:
    1) If you already pre-ordered DS2, you can pick up a rave card with a code from the retailer, as long as they are participating in the program. If you pre-ordered online, then the code will be emailed to you.
    2) The pre-order program and Ignition are both available in Canada. Codes should be arriving this week.
    3) With respect to the timing, we needed to wait until all of the elements, such as the codes, were in place before announcing this.
    4) The program is available as long as the rave cards last. We want everyone to be able to take advantage of this, so we printed a lot, but don’t wait too long!
    This is a new program for us, and we’re very excited. The key thing to remember is that this is available to everyone, not just those who pre-order from this point forward. We wouldn’t leave out our core fans who pre-ordered DS2 early! It’s another trip to the store but I think it will be worth it. Just call your retailer to make sure they are participating and have the codes.
    Thanks again for all of the feedback and for your support!

  • Rich, any reason you’re not answering our questions about how we go about getting this if we pre-ordered DS2 a while ago?

    • Hi MonkeyGibber – Sorry, I thought I was clear about that but must not have been. If you already pre-ordered DS2, you need to call the retailer you pre-ordered from or check their online site to make sure they are participating in the program. If they are, then just go in and pick up your code. If you pre-ordered online and they are participating then the code will be emailed. Thanks!

  • i guess itz another one of those 2d gamez =1

  • So If I pre order this on Amazon, I can get Dead Space Ignition for free right? Will you guys have a Collector Edition?

    Totally, gonna get this. Dead Space 2, Dead Space: Extraction and Dead Space Ignition all together? Man, that’s totally worth $60 and a day one purchase AND a pre order. Awesome!

  • I may have missed it elsewhere, but is there Move support?

  • “… Extraction is a separate offer that you’ll see more details on soon.” Dang, this is why I don’t usually pre-order. Now I don’t know what I’m getting from the Ea store where I pre-ordered DS2. :(

  • aw man i was going to pre-order dead space 2 this weekend.. Is it too late to pre-order and get Ignition for free?

  • It’s a good program Rich and we’re all going to appreciate it.

  • This is awesome but I went to gamestop about an hour ago and they didn’t know anything about it. Said they didn’t have any codes.

    • It may take a few days for some of the stores to get codes, so give them a call back in a day or so to check.

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