LittleBigPlanet Update: Bounce Pads, LBP Bloggies, LBP2 Beta Update

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LittleBigPlanet 2

Greetings Sackfolk! Tons of cool new videos to share today, starting with a new LittleBigPlanet 2 featurette.

Featurette: Bounce Pads

Many of you wanted to see more uses of the new Bounce Pads in LittleBigPlanet 2 and in our latest featurette, we highlight its use with a little creation of our own.

If you missed it, check out our Grappling Hook Featurette, and for the future, let us know what else you want to see.

Coming Soon: New LittleBigPlanet PSP Story levels courtesy of our fans!
We can honestly say that we didn’t see this coming! Introducing Kindred, “a collaborative project that introduces a brand new story level series to the PSP community.”

LittleBigPlanet for PSP: KindredLittleBigPlanet for PSP: KindredLittleBigPlanet for PSP: Kindred

Kindred is a completely new storyline developed by some fabulous Creators over on LBPCentral. In addition to the teaser trailer, we love the mini-marketing teaser posters. Find out more at their main page.

To the Kindred team: amazingflyingpoo, Arrestor/Maboe84, BlueBulletBill, CyberSora, Domick12, Fastbro, jeffcu28, Lleonard Pler/Lleonard, salieri/SalieriAAX, Spark15, Taffey/tsr13, VelcroJonze. That’s quite a team you guys have assembled! We’ve come to know your talent and individual styles through all the community competitions, and some of you have already received Sackies from us for your hard work. We look forward to seeing this project when its done.

Introducing “LBP Bloggies”
Thanks to our friends at Sony Electronics, we’re rolling out little series called “LBP Bloggies”. Recently, with a Bloggie HD in hand at our recent LBP2/PAX Community Corner, we wanted to showcase all the cool games/levels that were being made from our hand-picked community Creators. Here’s our first showing off Morgana25’s simple, yet beautifully designed PAX maze level. (…please excuse my high-pitched nasally voice…)

More PAX/LBP Bloggies to come, and stay tuned for opportunities to join our LBP Bloggie team.

AND FINALLY…LittleBigPlanet 2 U.S. online beta
Good news…the 2nd phase of our online beta will be ready next week. This phase will be a small phase, with invites going to a special mix of LBP contributors, DLC owners and PlayStation Plus members, so be on the lookout for an e-mail soon with your beta code. Don’t worry: there are more beta phases in the works, so if you don’t get in next week, we’ll keep you posted on following phases.

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  • i hope people treat it as a real beta and not as a way to play the game early. betas are for testing bugs, that make the game run better, keep that in mind and it should come out as an even better game

  • I pray I get in the beta :)… I’ve been dying to play this game :)

  • Sony knows how to pick music for their trailers! name of song plz

  • If we have playstation plus, what else do you need to get the LBP 2 beta? please respond.

  • I own almost all LBP DLC and I used to be a PS plus memeber until it expired. :( I really hope I get in that beta! I try to contribute all I can. I mean I’m only sackboy XD

  • OMG coolest LBP Trailer EVER. That was insane!!! Now I’m even more excited >8)

  • Well rocco1197, “This phase will be a small phase, with invites going to a special mix of LBP contributors, DLC owners and PlayStation Plus members”.

    I hope that clear everything up.

  • Awesome bounce pad trailer! =D
    Now you guys should make a sackbot featurette!

  • Good news for PS+ members
    Bad news for non-PS+ members

    I don’t have PSN money to get that. So, I’m not a PS+ member and that sucks for me.

  • Looking amazing.

    i am a PLus member so hopefully i have a chance to play the Beta.

  • beta next week = fail

  • OMG THERE ARE PINS ON LBP2? (sorry for caps just a little excited/surprised) Look at 1:05 on the last video/littlebigbloggies video it says in the bottom left corner “pin earned 5 multipliers”

    Does this mean pins will be on lbp2?

  • I love you guys. Seriously, the Kindred team is going nuts over this. It’s so exciting! I mean, MM acknowledging us was one thing… but THE PLAYSTATION BLOG?!?!?! :D

    You have made my day!

    – BlueBulletBill, on behalf of the Kindred Team

  • They need to fix this site. The videos completely messed up the page. I couldn’t view anything beyond the second video. Ihad to get on my iPod to view the rest of it and post ths ciomment. Anyway,can’t wait for the beta.

  • This is great news all around. I’m looping the video as we speak. I went all out for the Collectors edition. Mm is at the top of their game risking everything on an entirely new “kind” of IP. Curiosity, wonderment and a means to create it, is the best thing Mm has done for mankind. with that said, i hope to see you all in the beta. good luck

  • LBP is the awe of awe!

  • Someone tell me the music on the bounce pad one please!

  • U.S. beta, huh?

    I’ll be waiting here in Canada for the next phase.

    …Winter’s aren’t THAT cold here.

  • I really hope I get in the beta!!! PS Plus users are really getting what they deserve. Dead Space 2 beta, AC:Brotherhood beta, LBP 2 beta and KZ3 beta.

  • i have the game of the year edition and all the level dlc and i’m a playstation plus subscriber and i play lbp1 nearly every day AND i preordered the American lbp2 collectors edition on the same day it was announced even though i live in Canada since i didn’t want to have to wait. if i don’t get in…

  • Hope I get in the Beta.

  • Tears of joy!!! I can’t wait. Of course I am still spending more than a few nights, all night, creating stuff in LBP. With LBP2 life as I know it will end.

  • i think dat waz a GREAT innovation!
    hopefully lbp getz tonnes of facebook,myspace,twitter,flickr,bebo and ps home support X)

  • Everyone wants the Beta, guys, but not everyone will get it. That`s the way it goes, so please stop asking for it and claiming YOU should get it over everyone else just cos you bought this or have that. Mm is in control, not you, and they`ll distribute the Betas as evenly as they can. And if you don`t get it, be happy for those who did cos we`re all LBP fans here.

    Let`s also hope those who get the Beta know what a Beta is and what they`re supposed to do with it, and not treat it as a regular demo and just play it. Report the bugs, test things out, etc.

    I don`t watch the vids cos I find them to be a tease where I can`t play the game til Jan. Is there anything we can actually play with to tide us over til then, especially where only a select few get the Beta? Are there gonna be anymore new costumes on LBP soon, its been ages since the last Marvel set was out. Even LBP on PSP has been silent but at least that`s getting new levels now.

  • My comment didn`t show up? If it does sorry for repeating myself.

    I don`t watch the vids cos I find them to be a tease where I can`t play the game til Jan. I`d rather have something we can actually play with, like more costumes on LBP. It`s been ages since we got anything new on there. I mean, Halloween is coming up, how about another Monster Pack? Like a giant bat, or Classic Horror Movie Killers like Freddy and Ghostface. And not just have the same free Pumpkin Head like you did the past 2 years in a row…More new animal costumes would be even better!


  • the data on my psp for little big planet became unreadable, please hope the next psp doesn’t suffer the same thing this is not even funny

  • Will there be beta for everyone soon? it seems kinda rude to leave out newcommers for beta.

    I can see giving early beta for fans/ps+ members since they are fans and the reason why this game is being made/they paid for PS+ and there contracts state they get beta, but leaving out people just because they are new seems kinda rude, and a bit of a turn off in my point of view.

    Granted i only played the psp version of LBP, and i would really like the ps3 version (but whats the point if LBP2 is coming right around the corner) but being treating like im not a fan just because i dont own the ps3 version/contribute a ton of content just seems wrong.

    So hopefully there will be beta for new people like me.

  • Looks Great!

    Now if only I can get a “Pull for friends” switch…

  • Yay for epic opening theme!

  • @19 and dead space 2 beta ( would rather have lbp 2 beta though ( I wish dead space 2 wasnt through psn messages though and had a code because i got a message twice)

  • @77 BUY PS PLUS its worth every cent

  • @ Mark
    Waiting SUCKS!! Pre-ordered the CE the day it was announced! January cannot get here fast enough to suit me!!

    I would love to be on the Bloggie Team :-D
    Would it help if I begged…lol

  • YES!! FINALLY the US beta. Man, I love Mm.

  • @ iTofuMan

    “and i would really like the ps3 version (but whats the point if LBP2 is coming right around the corner)”

    Really? In case you didn’t know… all the prizes you unlock and all the DLC will be imported to LBP2 if you have it. That’s MORE than enough reason to get LBP! Not to mention the GOTY edition is so very cheap!

    On a side note, i would LOVE to get in the beta. I didn’t realize these had “phases” That means more chances :D
    I’d love to get in for the Beta Vest and I’d hunt down a bug for the Bug Blaster suit! I want all the DLC! >.<

  • I can help a lot if I get into the beta . I can spend a lot of time testing and reporting . LBP is a blast

  • :D U.S. Betas next week!

  • “Why would they ever make a LBP2!? Who would buy it when you can make your own levels”

    There is a time I would have said “totally!”

    …but… of course MM managed to blow my mind open with the direction they took LBP2. It looks amazing!

    I can NOT wait to get my hands on it.

    I wish I was the lucky type to get a beta.. but I won’t hold my breath. I can’t afford Plus, and I’m not all that great at making levels. :P

  • I got a beta code today thank you MM and Sony <3

  • how can i get the demo at all? need more information ppl….

  • i have made a series in LBP 1, “stein’s fully map part” 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    does these levels get on LBP2?
    will i get LBP2 BETA at all?
    AND MM
    so as Sony
    i JUST REALLY want this Beta guys…. this games rocks my socks off!!
    theres ANY way???? :)

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