LittleBigPlanet Update: Bounce Pads, LBP Bloggies, LBP2 Beta Update

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LittleBigPlanet 2

Greetings Sackfolk! Tons of cool new videos to share today, starting with a new LittleBigPlanet 2 featurette.

Featurette: Bounce Pads

Many of you wanted to see more uses of the new Bounce Pads in LittleBigPlanet 2 and in our latest featurette, we highlight its use with a little creation of our own.

If you missed it, check out our Grappling Hook Featurette, and for the future, let us know what else you want to see.

Coming Soon: New LittleBigPlanet PSP Story levels courtesy of our fans!
We can honestly say that we didn’t see this coming! Introducing Kindred, “a collaborative project that introduces a brand new story level series to the PSP community.”

LittleBigPlanet for PSP: KindredLittleBigPlanet for PSP: KindredLittleBigPlanet for PSP: Kindred

Kindred is a completely new storyline developed by some fabulous Creators over on LBPCentral. In addition to the teaser trailer, we love the mini-marketing teaser posters. Find out more at their main page.

To the Kindred team: amazingflyingpoo, Arrestor/Maboe84, BlueBulletBill, CyberSora, Domick12, Fastbro, jeffcu28, Lleonard Pler/Lleonard, salieri/SalieriAAX, Spark15, Taffey/tsr13, VelcroJonze. That’s quite a team you guys have assembled! We’ve come to know your talent and individual styles through all the community competitions, and some of you have already received Sackies from us for your hard work. We look forward to seeing this project when its done.

Introducing “LBP Bloggies”
Thanks to our friends at Sony Electronics, we’re rolling out little series called “LBP Bloggies”. Recently, with a Bloggie HD in hand at our recent LBP2/PAX Community Corner, we wanted to showcase all the cool games/levels that were being made from our hand-picked community Creators. Here’s our first showing off Morgana25’s simple, yet beautifully designed PAX maze level. (…please excuse my high-pitched nasally voice…)

More PAX/LBP Bloggies to come, and stay tuned for opportunities to join our LBP Bloggie team.

AND FINALLY…LittleBigPlanet 2 U.S. online beta
Good news…the 2nd phase of our online beta will be ready next week. This phase will be a small phase, with invites going to a special mix of LBP contributors, DLC owners and PlayStation Plus members, so be on the lookout for an e-mail soon with your beta code. Don’t worry: there are more beta phases in the works, so if you don’t get in next week, we’ll keep you posted on following phases.

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  • 1st! i liek the bounce pads!

  • There’s a lot of betas going on. I’m a DLC owner and a Plus member so I have a chance.

  • Bounce pads look cool.

  • Moderated again?? Sooory for my overenthusiasm but this is LBP2 news!!! And for once I was first here lol.

  • Oh yeah, I could get in this beta too possibly since I bought the metal gear pack for little big planet, and am a PlayStation Plus member!

  • Can’t wait! I’m kinda glad it got delayed, since it will allow me to play the other games coming out. LBP2 will eat all my free time!

  • Please tell me the pinball machine-type level in teh first trailer will be in the retail game. Or at least released as DLC, I really want to play it!

  • AHHH Can’t wait for this game!!
    Are you guys going to do the “LittleBigBillboard” like you guys did with LittleBigPlanet 1?
    That’ll be awesome!
    Place some in Chicago Please!!!!

  • I was really bummed, but glad, that LBP2 got delayed. Bummed, because I was really looking forward to playing it. Glad, because that’s $80 less that I’m spending next month, and gives me slightly more time to save up for it.

  • were those led screens in the bouncepad trailer created in game?!

  • Well I am PS+, and have bought every DLC except heavy rain and white knight…

  • Do I get a code for contributing to the SackBoy art post here on the blog? If I dont PS Plus Here I Come! I also have the CE pre-ordered.

    Email: [DELETED]

  • LMAO! The bouncing pad video is hilarious!

  • If you’re a owner of a few pieces of DLC, Plus member and contributor does that increase your chances of getting one?

  • Wow, PS+ is getting a lot of Beta love now. hope i get into this beta too!

  • Nice. January can’t come fast enough.

    I have Valkryia Chronicles 2 to hold me off until then.

  • I got all the DLC I could get my hands on for LBP1 (save for the pest control outfits) and I also have a PS+ membership so hopefully I get into the beta!

  • Thanks for putting up the video guys :) Had a blast at PAX!


  • I’m gonna have to get creative with the level creation system hmmm….

  • i have plus and dlc hopefully i get in this awesome beta

  • i really hope i get the beta i pre-order the collectors edition and have almost all dlc

  • Looking foward to the beta! Hope I’m selected. Collector’s Edition for me in January!

  • I like LBP, but I’m not expecting to get in cause I’m only a PS+ member.

  • Bounce pads look awesome! I own a quite a bit of the DLC, but don’t subscribe to PS+.. Hopefully, I get into the beta, been supporting LBP since day one.

  • I hope i get a beta code I am a playstation plus member, bought a lot of dlc for LBP, bought LBP the first day it came out for ps3 and psp but for some reason i think i might not get one.

  • when I read the title I was excited because I thought there was going to be a limited edition version of the new bloggie that was LBP themed, that’d be sweet…

    LBP2 looks amazing, can’t wait!

  • I wish that in LBP2 that when you are in creation mode you can use a mouse and keyboard support to help speed up creation of things greatly

  • Check it out! In the Kindred Prologue video, go to 2:09. I’m on the top of the scoreboard and felling proud about it too. :D

  • If you have the GOTY wich includes a lot of the DLC does that count? I do.

  • Thank you!! I have been crawling the net looking for info on the U.S. Beta for awhile now. Glad to hear it’s finally ready. I will be anxiously checking my inbox next week. :)

  • Awesome new trailer! And cool new Bloggie feature too!

  • Hopefully mexican PS+ members will get the chance for this one…

  • Any chance, that LBP 2 beta is coming to Europe as well?

  • I’m hoping to get into that BETA as I have 2 fully designed levels that can only work in LBP2. (the 2 levels are of the same story) And I need to know the capabilities of the AI-sackbots and if they can be interchangeable with human players.
    Either way I’m totally looking forward to January!

  • Hey, I’ve done most of those things. Beta here I cooooooooooooome………!…..?

  • Please Mm, STOP!, you’re doing my cravings worse LOL.

  • i had the dlc back in the day and i’m a ps+ user.
    if i get to help test cool, if not oh well.

  • I really hope I get in. I’ve never been in a BETA except for ones that were posted on the PS Store for everyone. But those were FPS’s. I love LBP and still play it to this day.

  • That light board behind Sackboy when he first got into the bounce world–can we do that in LBP2 or was that added in in post production on this vid? Animated full color lightboards would be AWESOME!

  • First, I want this game as good as possible so MM take your time and don’t go crazy with anxiety.
    Second, I understand you can make your own music in the game. Is the music in this video made in game or an actual track? Because i liked it a lot and would enjoy having it.

  • It’d be crazy if I got into this beta and then the Killzone beta and I’m already in the AC beta…I wouldn’t know what to choose..

    Also, I don’t know if it is technically possible, but maybe it would be cool if developers gave beta invites to players who’ve achieved platinum in the previous iteration of a title. Just a thought, I don’t have a platinum in LBP anyway.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for next few weeks.

  • Wow LBP is just looking better and better, cant wait to try the beta, cant wait to play the game!

  • You know, now would be a good time to be a PS+ member. No really.

    Also, about the posters, I thought one of them meant PopCap-based costumes (ZUMA!). Oh well, we can still dream.

  • What dlc do i have to own?

  • Awesome! Can’t wait for the beta! You guys should make a Grabbinator Featurette next! :)

  • Dag nabbit! Why don’t they ever reply on LBP 2 stuff? Grrrrrrrrr!

  • I really hope i get into this. LBP is my all-time favorite game and it would be really disappointing if i didn’t. Good Thing i bought most of the DLC :)

  • @45. All of it.

  • You have to hand it to Mm, they know how to put out some GREAT advertising and info on their game. This seems to be the only Sony exclusive with real passion and creativity behind their marketing team. Look at GT5, we’re 3 weeks away from launch and there is NOTHING on this blog or any place with people out front giving people info and hype. Just silence. So strange. Anyway, I cannot WAIT for LBP2! Looks soo good!!

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