The Shoot for PlayStation Move Hits on October 19

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Our development teams have been hard at work creating new motion-control experiences for the PS3 and I’m excited to share that the latest PlayStation Move exclusive is blasting its way onto the scene later this month.

I’m proud to announce that the official North American release date for The Shoot is October 19!

The Shoot for PlayStation Move

The Shoot for PlayStation MoveThe Shoot for PlayStation Move

In just a few weeks, The Shoot will cast you as the ultimate action-movie hero. Using the PlayStation Move motion controller, you’ll be able to blast through five action-packed movie sets in this over-the-top arcade shooter. Impress the director with your accuracy by building up combos to activate special powers that will help you take down targets and inflict maximum destruction in your scenes.

Take your experience to the next level by picking up the Shooting Attachment at the same time as The Shoot. Specially designed for arcade-style shooting games, the Shooting Attachment lets you hold your motion controller like a pistol to allow for more intuitive target shooting. Just snap in your motion controller, take aim and get ready for an even more immersive gaming experience.

PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment

PlayStation Move Shooting AttachmentPlayStation Move Shooting Attachment

Be sure to check out The Shoot and the Shooting Attachment when they hit stores later this month, and show us if you have what it takes to be an action movie star!

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3 Author Replies

  • This game is looking pretty zany and fun, plus the Gun accesory looks delightfully nostalgic and retro.

  • this looks nice, but i want a rifle not a pistol. i found one on amazon but want to know if Sony will make one??? hand guns are just not as good as rifles.

  • My father’s actually been waiting on this one, asking when it’ll be coming out. This is one of the few Move games in 2010 that actually seems to be well executed.

  • I really enjoyed the demo. In fact, it’s about the only demo I did enjoy for the Move. I am definatley picking this up. I wish there was a package deal with the game and the gun though – that would have been sweet.

  • Any idea when its comming to Europe?

  • isnt time crisis coming out the same day?

  • I liked the demo very much, except for one thing.
    Please do something with the “ballerina spin” (activation of slow-motion effect).

    Let me just swap hands behind my back, or something more sofa friendly. :D
    I don’t care if it’s a flick of the controller or a button press.

    Buying it anyway, my family had fun with it, too.

  • hey can i charge my move motion controller with the cable of dualshock 3???

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