The Shoot for PlayStation Move Hits on October 19

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Our development teams have been hard at work creating new motion-control experiences for the PS3 and I’m excited to share that the latest PlayStation Move exclusive is blasting its way onto the scene later this month.

I’m proud to announce that the official North American release date for The Shoot is October 19!

The Shoot for PlayStation Move

The Shoot for PlayStation MoveThe Shoot for PlayStation Move

In just a few weeks, The Shoot will cast you as the ultimate action-movie hero. Using the PlayStation Move motion controller, you’ll be able to blast through five action-packed movie sets in this over-the-top arcade shooter. Impress the director with your accuracy by building up combos to activate special powers that will help you take down targets and inflict maximum destruction in your scenes.

Take your experience to the next level by picking up the Shooting Attachment at the same time as The Shoot. Specially designed for arcade-style shooting games, the Shooting Attachment lets you hold your motion controller like a pistol to allow for more intuitive target shooting. Just snap in your motion controller, take aim and get ready for an even more immersive gaming experience.

PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment

PlayStation Move Shooting AttachmentPlayStation Move Shooting Attachment

Be sure to check out The Shoot and the Shooting Attachment when they hit stores later this month, and show us if you have what it takes to be an action movie star!

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3 Author Replies

  • Groovy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can’t Wait.

  • Seeing as my birthday is in October, I think I’ll definitely be treating myself to this item!

  • Needs to support 4 players.

  • Looks fun, been waiting for a new Move title to be released… will there be a demo or any game footage before the release? I am interested but i’d like to at least see some new in game footage, but a demo would be awesome.

    • There is currently a demo for The Shoot on a demo disc that is included in all Move bundles and will be released on PSN in the near future as well.

  • Price?

  • Hi
    can i also use the ” Shooting Attachment” for egoshooter ? like call of duty, MAG (is required for PS3 move) ?

  • Is this shooting attachment will be available in ALL BLACK color in a nearest futur?!

  • @EpaoL
    Yes! you can use it for “MAG”, but dont know about COD…

  • @Forever_Blake
    attachment will be around 20$

  • @Cyb3rfr34k-iso

    so it sounds well ;) can’t wait for it

  • interested in the shooting attachment for MAG

  • My birthday is that same day!!!! lol i think i know what i want…and its funny because im born in 95′ just like Playstation

  • I would love a bundle with the PS Move Gun attachment and The Shoot together. That would be sweet

  • How i reload in MAG using this?

  • My friend just picked up the PS Move and said it’s fantastic. I’m ever so close to picking one up myself. The problem is, I want to wait for a bundle that excludes the PS Eye because I’ve already purchased that. Any word on a bundle such as this? Maybe one with the PS Move and the Navigation controller combined?!?!?

  • Demo was really fun.

  • Agreed that this looks fun and cool! I would also like to see some videos though. I like the gun attachment cant wait for this.

  • OH YEAAAA! I have been waiting for this after playing the demo its talor made for the move! Hopefully we will buy it cuz its only fourty bucks and the devs will add on more levels??? wink wink

  • @spunnups, I bought one move controller, but want to buy one more. I have the same wish to have a move bundle with the PS eye. I am really surprised by there is no such offer at the moment :( Sony common where is your rationality?????

  • The Shoot Demo is hot. I will be picking this game up as well and the shooting attachment.

  • I’ve played the demo, but it seems to work more like a pointer than a light gun, as in the movements are represented well on screen, but it’s hard to get the game to actually aim down the “barrel” of the Move controller.

    Is it just me, or is anyone else having problems with aiming the Move controller?

    I’m just wondering if the problem will still exist with the gun attachment.

    That being said, it is still much easier and faster to pull off headshots with Move than with DS3

  • that gun is well COOL ;P It’s like something out of TimeSplitters games ;P
    Hmm…if only there was a ‘TimeSplitters 2’ PS3 MOVE game…1 of the BEST 4 player off-line FPS ever… :(

  • @17 Maybe you could just buy the bundle and sell the Eye

  • @ 8 & 10

    How is it not gonna work? if it is just a piece of plastic??
    you can use it with sport champions if you want…jus incommfortable

  • Can you turn off the aiming thing? Make you aim manually? that would demonstrate how accurate the move is, as well as making a fun game funner.

  • its gonna be my first rail shooter i going to pre-order soon.

  • I am so gonna get this on day one. But why red and white? Why not black?

  • will probably get this but I kinda wish it had a spot in the handle for the direction controller. would have made it more useful in more shooter games *shrug*

  • Two Words: Time Crisis.

  • I really loved playing the demo the first time, it was SO MUCH FUN! Problem is, ever since that first time, it has become absolutely impossible for me to play it. I’ve started experiencing “wandering cursor” issues to the point where almost anything is unplayable with the Move, especially shooting games, given how important an accurate cursor is. Someone on the net has put up video of this here:

    I have no idea whether this is a hardware or software issue. Please understand that I want nothing more to have fun with a functioning Move controller. I had been looking forward to this game GREATLY! Is it simply a demo software issue? If so please confirm this to me, if not please pass this along to the right tech guys so that all of us affected might have a chance to receive a fix.

    Thanks you.

  • Demo looks pretty good and was decently fun. Graphics could have been better looking. The cutout cardboard look just doesn’t impress me.

  • cant wait!!!

  • Is anyone going to fix the html on the Costume quest post?

  • Does this have online co-op?

  • Are there face buttons on the gun itself. Or are they only on the move stick?

  • This shooting attachment looks inferior to the others on the market. You also can’t use the nav controller too on this.

    I’ll be waiting for a more professional attachment, for those hardcore gamers that want the move for Killzone 3.

  • I really enjoyed The Shoot demo on the move demo disc, so I plan on picking it up, I’m undecided about the shooting attachment though, the move is comfortable as it is.

  • Insta-buy for me, plus two of those shooting attachments, which I tried at PAX. They felt AWESOME.

  • loadstone07, its not about looks, its about FEEL and FUNCTION, and the Sony attachment is perfect, not imitation junk meant to catch your eye like the competition.



  • Time Crisis would love this

  • I actually like this game more then i thought i would. I will be getting 2 of these attachments for Time Crisis and may get Shoot later down the road.

  • I tried the shooting attachment at the Toronto Preview Event and i must say it felt good but my finger got more tired then using the move itself.

  • is this aslo for canadians plz say yes! :D

  • READ THIS: You should be able to play a one player game, and choose to use two move controllers (with two gun attachment accessories of course if you choose), so you can play one player using a gun in each hand… Similar to Scud on the Sega Saturn.

  • OHNOES!! So we’re getting TWO Move-enabled arcade shooters on the same day (Timecrisis being the other one). How am I supposed to choose one over the other?! ARGH!

  • too bad this wont work well for shooters since the attachment is pointless if the game uses the face buttons.

    if your holding the gun as a gun you cant use the face buttons <,< i think socom uses them and mag uses them so far , we either need another attachment that extends the buttons to other places or some way to not use them

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